PubG Corporate Office Address, Email Format and Headquarters Info

PUBG or as the full form suggests PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is popular company which has developed and published the online multiplayer battle royale game. The headquarters of PUBG Corporation is based out in Korea. The company has its US headquarters in California. The complete headquarters address for United States is also mentioned in the coming sections of this article.

PUBG Corporation is a subsidiary company of a South Korean Video Game Company Blue Hole. Are you searching for PUBG General Inquiry Contacts? In this article, we have provided all the important contact information about PUBG like US Headquarters Address, General Inquiry Email, Privacy Policy Contacts, Partnership Inquiry Email Address, Email format used and more. So, let’s get to the details from here!

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Corporate Headquarters Address

PUBG Corporation has a global presence. Do you have a question or suggestion to be presented to higher authority at PUBG? If yes, you can use the US Corporate Headquarters Address of PUBG Corporation to convey your message to the officials. Please note down the complete headquarters address: 520 Broadway, Suite 200, Santa Monica, CA 90401, USA.

You can use the given address information for all kinds of official communication.

PUBG Corporation Email Format | Emails

In this section, we have provided email formats used by PUBG Corporation. You can find here Email Formats along with Example and percentage usage. Please refer the details from here:

Email Format Example Percentage
first_initial last [email protected] 51.6%
first [email protected] 27.4%
first last [email protected] 11.6%
first ‘.’ last [email protected] 5.3%
last [email protected] 3.2%
first last_initial [email protected] 1.1%
last first_initial [email protected]

General Inquiry Email Address

Are you looking for assistance or support from PUBG Corporation regarding your queries? Here we have provided the Email Address of PUBG Corporation Customer Support Team. You can send your queries at the given General Inquiry Email Address: [email protected].

Partnership Inquiry Email Address

Are you looking for collaboration or partnership with company? If yes, in this section, we have provided the Partnership Inquiry Email Address of PUBG Corporation. Please send your inquiries to the dedicated team at this Email Address: [email protected].

Privacy Policy Email Address

Do you have a question or concern regarding PUBG Privacy Policy? If yes, this section is for you. You can send your inquiries to the concerned team through the given Privacy Policy Email Address: [email protected].

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