Investigation Discovery Headquarters Address, Ad Sales Contacts, and Phone Number


How do I Contact Investigation Discovery Headquarters?

How to connect with Investigation Discovery Headquarters Officials? To contact the Investigation Discovery Top Level Management or the Corporate Officials, please use the headquarters address. Investigation Discovery Headquarters Address is 8403 Colesville Rd Silver Spring, MD. The aforementioned address can also be used for sharing official correspondence and important documentation addressing the concerned department or the authority.

Investigation Discovery Headquarters

Investigation Discovery Headquarters, Image Credit: Discovery Inc.

Investigation Discovery Headquarters Address

Investigation Discovery is one of the most popular channels in the Crime Genre and is also one of the highest-rated cable network channels on the basis of viewership.

To connect with Investigation Discovery Top Level Management or the Corporate Officials, please use the given address: Investigation Discovery Headquarters, 8403 Colesville Rd Silver Spring, MD.

The given address can be used for mailing purposes as well as for all kinds of official communication with the ID team.

Ad Sales Contacts

Have you worked with the Investigation Discovery before? If you are an audience and wish to connect with Investigation Discover Team for Programmatic Ad Sales, Digital, or On-Air programs please send your information to the Ad Sales team through this online form. Please click here: Ad Sales Contacts.

The form link shared here is taken from the official website of the company and can be used without any hesitation.

Share Your Tip

Do you have a tip to share with the ID team regarding and the case documentary featured on the channel? If yes, you may connect with the ID team through an online form or the phone line. For Online Form, click here: Submit.

To connect with the channel’s dedicated team and help them achieve the purpose, you can call on the phone, please dial: 1-833-3-PURSUE.


Investigation Discovery was launched in 1996 as Discovery Civilization Network: The World History and Geography Channel. The channel survived through several joint ventures and ownership until it was relaunched with its name Investigation Discovery (ID) in the year 2008.

Quick Contacts

Investigation Discovery Headquarters AddressInvestigation Discovery Headquarters, 8403 Colesville Rd Silver Spring, MD
Phone Number1-833-3-PURSUE

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Investigation Discovery or popular with its stylized logo and name “ID” is an MNC pay television network based in the United States. The headquarters of Investigation Discovery is based in Maryland, United States, the complete headquarters address is also mentioned in the sections above.

The channel focuses on programs based on true crime documentaries owned by Discovery, Inc. Investigation Discovery is one of the most popular paid channels in the United States, especially with women viewers. It has a viewership of more than 86,062,000 American households. In this article, we have compiled important contact information about Investigation Discovery Channel, including Corporate Headquarters Address, Ad Sales contacts, Share content contacts, and more.

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    Some shows you have the most idiotic naive people. They get slapped around, abused for years and do nothing about it. Naive people that ignore such obvious signs of evil living in the house. Or I recall seeing a show where the wife ignores obvious signs. They marry a serial killer and know nothing for years??? How??? It’s Sunday April 30th and the 8:00 p.m. show us a good example. They live with an obvious psychotic David. The father beats the wife up constantly because this David lies about everything and the father believes it. He beats his wife up and she just takes it. Instead of walking out the door. So ridiculous. These people are totally dysfunctional. The woman is a fool. The stepson is a sociopath psychotic moronic killer. The father is a naive fool who beats the wife up believing this psychotic son. Now they found the father dead. The son obviously killed him. Then the brother Thom Schafer thinks it’s natural causes?? Are you kidding me? Another naive fool. The guy David is an evil, sociopathic killer and these people don’t do a thing about it or believe it. The stepmother finally thinks it was David. Dah..,. Of course he killed him!!!! Where do you find these people?

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