Facebook Contact Details, Headquarters Address, and Corporate Office Information

Facebook is the largest and most popular social networking website in the world. The stock name of Facebook is FB which was listed on NASDAQ. The current stock price of FB is US$265.11. The company is lead by Mark Zuckerberg, one of the co-founders of the company. Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes, and Eduardo Saverin were other co-founders. In last few years, the company is facing many controversies about privacy of their users and leak of data.

Many times, Facebook lost their credibility due to user data leak, millions of stolen passwords, and many other things. To gain more business and expansion, Facebook Inc. expanded their business by acquisition of new companies. Some of them are: WhatsApp, Instagram, Oculus, Onavo, LiveRail, servicefriend, RedKix, and more. So, let’s see important contact info. Facebook Inc.

Facebook Headquarters
Facebook Headquarters

Facebook Corporate Headquarters Details

Earlier, Facebook was located in Palo Alto, CA. Due to the requirement of more space and resources, the company moved their headquarters to Hacker Way in Menlo Park. The corporate headquarters address is, 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, California 94025, USA.

Please do not share simple queries or questions through the mail to the company’s headquarters. Please only send very important queries and questions to the corporate headquarters mailing address.

Facebook Press Inquiries

The media inquiries or press inquiries of Facebook email ID is press@fb.com. This email address is only applicable to press reporters, newspaper journalist, magazine reporters, online news portal member, and related persons.

Contact the Board of Directors

If you want to contact board of directors of Facebook, then you can use Corporate Secretary, Facebook, 1601 Willow Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025 this contact address or call on 1-650-308-7300.

Social Media Accounts and Pages

You can get verified social media accounts like FacebookTwitter, and Linkedin here. They are very active on these social media channels. Please like their page on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter to get latest updates.

Quick Numbers

To know more quick info. please see below:

  • Monthly active users: 2.45 billion (September 2019)
  • Alexa Rank: 6 (October 2020)
  • Area served: Worldwide
  • Languages Used in creating platform: C++, D, PHP (as HHVM)

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At this time, following persons are in the management of the company. They are Mark Zuckerberg – Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Sheryl Sandberg – Chief Operating Officer, Dave Wehner – Chief Financial Officer, and Mike Schroepfer – Chief Technology Officer.

Board of Directors

The following persons are in the board of directors in the company. This info is obtained from the official website. The coard of directors of Facebook are Mark Zuckerberg – Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Sheryl Sandberg – Chief Operating Officer, Peggy Alford – Member, Marc L. Andreessen – Member, Kenneth I. Chenault – Member, Peter A. Thiel – Member, and Jeffrey D. Zients – Member.

Article last re-published on October 19, 2020.

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