TJX Contact Information, Email Format, and CEO Email Address

TJX Companies, Inc. is America’s popular discounted retail departmental store corporation headquartered in Framingham, Massachusetts. Company manages a huge portfolio of discounted stores in several major countries through its major subsidiary companies.

Some of the major brands of TJX you may easily relate to, are Marshalls, Homesense, Homegoods, Sierra, TK Maxx, TJ Maxx and Winners. This 33 old renowned chain of stores is currently held under efficient and successful execution of CEO Ernie Herrman. Read more about products and brands in later section of the article.

TJX Headquarters
TJX Headquarters

Global Headquarters Address

The TJX global headquarters address for EAST CAMPUS is The TJX Companies, Inc., 770 Cochituate Road, Framingham, MA 01701 and WEST CAMPUS is The TJX Companies, Inc., 300-400 Value Way, Marlborough, MA 01752.

TJX Customer Service US

T.J. MAXX customer service number for In-store is 1-800-926-6299 and customer service number for online orders is 1-833-888-0776.


the Customer Support number for Sierra is 1-800-713-4534.


The contact number of Marshalls for In-store is 1-888-627-7425 and contact number for Online orders is 1-833-888-0776.


The Homegoods Customer Support number is 1-800-888-0776.


To contact Homesense Customer Support number or contact number, kindly call on 1-855-660-4663.


The TJX Call Centre number for general inquiries is 1-508-390-1000.


The contact number for TJX Rewards Credit Card is 1-800-952-6133 and contact number for TJX Rewards Platinum MasterCard is 1-877-890-3150.


The TJX media relations phone number is 1-508-390-2323.


The investor relations contact number of TJX is 1-508-390-2323.


If you want to contact transfer agents and registrar, kindly call on 1-866-606-8365 for U.S. computershare and call on 1-201-680-6578 for outside the U.S. computershares.

Brands and Subsidiaries

For your entire home furnishing needs, you can visit Homegoods and Homesense exclusive home furnishing chain of stores. Both the retail brands offer products at discounted prices and specialize in furniture, linens, art and decorative home accessories.

The company’s (Homegoods) major brand chains can be seen all over in US along with TJ Maxx Store chain. Homesense chain of stores can be located in Canada and Europe. Winners brand chain stores can also be seen along with above chain of stores.

Popular Departmental Store Brand

Another major retail brand Marshalls retail chain of stores in name Marshall Mega store is one of the most popular departmental chains in US owned by TJX. The mega store offers a wide range of products like apparel, jewelry, footwear, furniture, bedding, beauty brands and furniture.

Coming to next subsidiary Sierra, the company through its 46 retail chains specializes in wide range of different branded products like apparel, footwear for outdoor excursions, fitness equipment, adventure gear, homedecor etc.

Other Subsidiary Companies

TK Maxx and TJ Maxx are another two subsidiaries of TJX. Both specializes in apparel and homegoods. TJ Maxx has more than 1000 retail stores all over America. TK Maxx retail chains can be located at several locations in United Kingdom, Poland, Ireland, Netherlands, Australia and Austria.

Article last re-published on March 20, 2020.

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14 thoughts on “TJX Contact Information, Email Format, and CEO Email Address”

  1. Governor of PA has ordered that nonessential stores close for two weeks due to State of Emergency. Why are TJX stores remaining open thereby spreading this virus?


      • I was unaware of this. My son is a police officer who puts his life on the line every time he goes to work. Can you say the same? TJ maxx is one of my favorite stores. I guess not any more!! Also, racial injustice is just that , racial. Not just black, white, Asian, etc. All races.

  2. Hi.
    I understand and appreciate TJ Maxx being closed due to Covid-19. However, I do undertstand that TJ Maxx often sells hand soap and othwr things that are essential during Covid 19. Perhaps if the could sell on a truck or mini stores for just that could be incredibly helpful.

  3. I feel that in Virginia we need to open up the state together not just regions. The northern part and now Richmond area can’t open till the 29th. Well with other parts of Virginia opening people are gonna travel. This is asking for trouble. In my area Shenandoah Valley Harrisonburg area we have more cases than Richmond so please reconsider opening the state together and not just regions. Thank you

  4. This message is for Ernie Herman, Chief Executive Officer & President. Please not that Marshall store in Mississauga, (Britannia Rd). Staff is asked to move heavy furniture and heavy rack. A few employees (young) got hurt. This is unsafe working condition. If this continues we will report it to WSIB Canada.

  5. This message is for the board of DIRECTORS/ and or Mr. Ernie Herman, I want to acknowledge your letter of responsibility and commitment to the community/shoppers. I addressed Mr. Herman because as I read the letter on the store websites he referred to African Americans as black people, this prompted me to look into how old he was since that is what he called people if color; the correct term is African American and he is old enough to know that. Second, I am huge shopper at most of your stores, not for clothing but for purses, and especially home goods and SEASONAL items. Every year I find myself pulling a store manager aside to inquire why there are so few African American santas/nutcrackers, and usually the ones in store are less than 2 feet, standing next to a 4 foot white santa/nutcracker? This should never be, I have inquired in the all Charlotte, NC stores, and in Rock Hill, SC stores. Diversity issues did not just start, it has always been, because when I shop I should see items that look like me, not buy white and go home and paint to look like me. At the end of closing and cashing out clerk drawers, money is not determined by what color hand it came from; please think harder about providing me the same opportunities you offer your white customers; diversity and size assortment in holiday decor. Thank you

  6. I walked out of my local Marshall’s last week because you cannot go in without a mask. Guess what?? I can order what I needed there from Amazon or run by Wal-Mart. Just prefer Marshall’s, but I won’t be forced to wear a mask. Better open up or keep losing business. I have plenty friends I’ve told and they won’t be shopping either. I’m a healthcare person as well as my husband. I know all the statistics you can spout off. Open the store for mask or no mask. If the people who have a mask on really think the mask works then they are safe shopping around me without a mask. Period.

  7. Hello, I’m very curious about your racial profiling procedures l, and are your employees trained in this area?? You may publish this comment with a answer would be very nice

  8. I am writing to you as a loved one of one of your employees that works in the Minneapolis, MN Marshalls. Your organization either doesn’t care for the safety of your employees or are ignoring all of the activities that surround and go on in that particular location!! I CANNOT believe you pushed the closing hours back to 8PM when THERE IS NOTHING OPEN IN DOWNTOWN MINNEAPOLIS RIGHT NOW!! Last week along there were at least 5-8 reports of gun fire, several attacks and various other incidents within a 1 block radius of the store. This type of activity has been happening since the pandemic began and the George Floyd murder. Now let’s address the employees safety! They are constantly being threatened by customers, drug addicts, thieves and the mentally unstable. The BLATANT theft of merchandise!!! People filling up shopping carts and rolling them up the escalator, taking empty suitcases and filling it up with merchandise and waking out of the store. You have teenagers, young adults and adults who take public transportation and have to circumvent all of the crime that is happening downtown right now to get home!! We make enough as a couple that my loved one can take a Lyft to and from work when I cannot take or pick them up (which we have been doing for months)! Hoping for a quick response and that you seriously take a look at what is going on in Minnesota and act accordingly to ensure the safety and well being of your employees. The media is my next stop!

  9. Hello fellow TJX lovers Happy New Year’s by the way hear me out I love my job don’t get me wrong knowing that we done had covid cases in the warehouse I just don’t understand how we are asked to work mandatory 2 days out of the week with no VTO and stay the whole ten hours unless we use our time which some of us barely have additional to the weekend shift working 12 hours a day do to the 10 hour shift that only has to work 10 hours on our 12 hour shift and all of this during the pandemic/covid 19 i feel as if were called to work there should be an addition to our sick hours, personal hours, vacation days and our no fault do to our time which is given for the days we are scheduled to work instead of the chances of catching anything on a Mandatory day compared to an actual work day

  10. Who made you god?

    For 14 months now we kept hearing about nice catch phrases like “follow the science” and “we follow the CDC guidance” etc.

    This past weekend I went to a Home Goods store with my wife only to find a sign at the door that ALL people MUST wear a mask to go into your store. Both myself and my wife like the good little sheep, are fully vaccinated yet we are required to mask up?

    What happened to……. “follow the science” and “we follow the CDC guidance”

    You can’t pick and choose when you “follow the science” you are not god and you should be running your company as a company and not trying to send political messages etc.

    Having said that, when I saw the sign we both looked at each other and turned around and left. We will take the thousands of dollars we spend in your store every year and go elsewhere. I just hope others do the same to stop and punish the God like complexes CEO and their directors have developed over the past year.


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