How do I contact Kroger: Let’s find Headquarters Address, Contact Details and Email Format

The Kroger Co. or simply known as Kroger is a popular American retail company, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. The company is listed on New York Stock Exchange with stock name KR. As on December 10, 2019, the stock price is US$27.87. To buy retail products online or offline in the US, Kroger is one of the best companies which you should consider when make a purchase.

If you are looking for contact us / contact information of the company, you are arrived at the right place. In this article, we have compiled all contact information of Kroger Inc. with important sections, such as newsroom (media contacts), gift cards, customer support, and more. So, let’s see check it out!

Kroger Headquarters
Kroger Headquarters

Kroger Headquarters Address and Phone Number

So, let’s solve your question where is Kroger HQ? The company (Kroger) is based in Cincinnati OH, United States. Please note down Kroger Corporate Headquarters Address (full address): 1014 Vine Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-1100, United States. Please use this corporate address to raise your highly important query only.

To call to the headquarters of the Kroger Inc., please dial (513) 762-4000 (corporate office phone number).

Kroger General Enquiries Numbers and Contacts

You will find everything about Kroger HQ contact information.

If your query is related to Floral, call 1-866-520-0356. You can also get information and raise query By Phone on this number 1-800-KRO-GERS (1-800-576-4377).

If your query is related to i-wireless products or services, please dial 1-866-594-3644. For Gift Cards Helpline, please dial 1-800-576-4377.

For Rewards Debit Cards, please dial 1-877-300-7797. For Nevada Privacy Policy, please dial 1-800-KRO-GERS (1-800-576-4377).

For Coinstar, please note down this phone number 1-800-928-2274. If your concern is related to Prepaid Debit Cards, please note down phone number 1-866-265-8419.

For My Prescriptions services, please dial 1-855-489-2502.

Kroger Media Contacts

Please note down important Kroger email addresses for media houses. Please note that these email IDs can only be used for media related queries. If you are a person from media house including online news portal, newspaper, magazine, or freelance journalist, please find below contacts of media team:

  • Media Relations Department Phone: 1-513-762-4000

This is a huge media contact list, please find below:

The Kroger Co. – General Office

  • Address: Kristal Howard, Head of Media Relations/Corporate Communications
  • Office: 513-762-1304
  • Email:

Felix Turner, Atlanta Division (Georgia, Eastern Alabama, South Carolina)

  • Call: 770-496-7547
  • Email:

Eric Halvorson, Central Division (Indiana, Illinois, Eastern Missouri)

  • Call: 317-579-8222
  • Email:

Erin Rolfes, Cincinnati/Dayton Division (Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio; northern Kentucky, southeastern Indiana)

  • Call: 513-782-8745
  • Email:

Amy McCormick, Columbus Division (Central and Northwest Ohio, West Virginia)

  • Call: 614-898-3256
  • Email:

April Martin Nickels, Dallas Division (Texas, Louisiana)

  • Call: 469-645-7920
  • Email:

Teresa Dickerson, Delta Division (Western (Memphis) Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, western Kentucky, southern Missouri)

  • Call: 901-765-4385
  • Email:

Sheila Lowrie, Dillon Stores Division (Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska)

  • Call: 620-669-3116
  • Email:

Vanessa Rosales, Food 4 Less Division (Central and Southern California, Greater Chicago)

  • Call: 310-884-4813
  • Email:

Jeffery Temple, Fred Meyer Division (Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington)

  • Call: 503-797-3830
  • Email:

Pam Giannonatti, Fry’s Foods Division (Arizona)

  • Call: 623-907-4980
  • Email:

Sparkle Anderson, Houston Division (Texas, Louisiana)

  • Call: 713-507-4809
  • Email:

Erin Grant, Jay C Stores Division (Indiana)

  • Call: 502-423-4969
  • Email:

Kelli McGannon, King Soopers/City Market Division (Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah)

  • Call: 303-778-3251
  • Email:

Erin Grant, Louisville Division (Kentucky, southern Illinois, southern Indiana)

  • Call: 502-423-4969
  • Email:

Michigan Division, Rachel Hurst

  • Call: 248-536-1523
  • Email:

Allison McGee, Mid-Atlantic Division (Virginia and West Virginia)

Melissa Eads, Nashville Division (Eastern and Central Tennessee, Northeast Alabama)

  • Phone: 615-871-2503
  • Email ID:

QFC Division (Washington, Oregon), Kelli McGannon

  • Phone: 303-778-3251
  • Email ID:

Ralphs Division (California), John Votava

  • Phone: 310-884-4820
  • Email ID:

Roundy’s & Mariano’s Division (Wisconsin & Chicago), James Hyland

  • Phone: 414-231-5728
  • Email ID:

Smith’s Division (Utah, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming), Aubriana Martindale

  • Phone: 801-974-1242
  • Email ID:

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The Kroger Email Format

Are you looking for email format of Kroger? If yes, then you arrived at the right place. This email format can be used as employee email format, company / corporate email format, staff, and other. Please note down email format for the Kroger at given below section:

Kroger Email Format
Kroger Email Format

Please do not use to send out emails to the Kroger as we do not able to find out that email ID anywhere on the website of the company.

Kroger CEO Email Address

If you are not satisfied with other executive with your query, please get in touch with the Chief Executive Officer of Kroger Inc. Please note down email address of Kroger CEO:

Article last re-published on September 18, 2020.

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9 thoughts on “How do I contact Kroger: Let’s find Headquarters Address, Contact Details and Email Format”

  1. I am writing to simply state our opposition to the store closing (Middle TN Blvd., Murfreesboro, TN) at the end of February 2021. We have shopped there for years, and in your past surveys, have always responded that we could continue to do so even if another store came to town. In short, if the store does close, the seven of us will not grace the doors of another Kroger, but will take our business elsewhere. Thank you for YOUR loyalty, which has not been reciprocated.

  2. I was just at the #884 location Kroger 921 W. Holmes road lansing Michigan 48910. Only 1 cashier on lane 11. Only 1 cashier running Uscan. Only 1 customer service representative in the customer service box. I went in at 3:38pm. Did not get serviced and out of the store until 4:45pm. Whole time I was in line waiting for service. Started off in the customer service line. Woman named Brittany was working the customer service counter. She chose to do a bank order and close customer service down. So i called to inquire where the customer service person was. She said 10 to 15 mins wait. I called back 15 mins later was told again 10 to 15 mins more. So the guy behind me called then a very hyper upset woman 6 customers back in line behind him called and the line began to get irate.. I gave up and got into a line of 36people for lane 11… I had 2 paczki packages and $25 in bottle return slips. There’s no reason for it to take from 3:38pm til 4:45pm to get serviced. I even told the customer service representative that I had a baby in the car. The other employees kept stating that they cant help things go any faster because their hours were cut an people let go… if you do not have the adequate number of employees or the adequate allotment of doled out hours for your employees…. why is this location still open and operational? The influx of customers to that location warrants adequate amount of workers and adequate hours. I used to work at that location and it is ridiculous what has been done to it now…. a riot almost broke out at that location today February 23rd of 2021.
    You guys might want to figure things out and fast….

  3. I need to talk to someone about the Kroger pharmacy in Richland MS.. here lately it is taking longer and longer to get my prescriptions. Today I dropped off three prescriptions at 10:30am and was told it would be 4pm before I could pick it up.. mind you, my husband was in the ER last night with a kidney stone, so the meds were for that (severe pain). At 5pm I was in line at the drive through, I was there (first in line at the window) for OVER an hour.. when I finally received the meds, they had JUST filled it 3 minutes before..
    this is absolutely uncalled for. My husband had been at home in severe pain all day because they “couldn’t” fill his prescriptions this morning..
    I will be moving my entire family ( 7 members) to a new pharmacy. This Kroger used to be wonderful, friendly, caring and quick. Now it’s a joke.. and judging from conversations with several others that were in line (inside and out), my family will not be the only ones leaving.

  4. To Whom This May Concern
    I’m writing this to make you aware about Robert Unanue of Goya Foods.
    I’m feeling should STOP selling his products in your stores.
    He is just like the My Pillow Guy Mike Lindell.
    Robert Unanue is a disgrace to our country, and promotes false lies and information regarding the presidential election.
    He recently said at CPAC that Trump is the legitimate President.
    If you know he is believing that lie that is it has been proven wrong by every court and countless recounts why do you retain him.
    If he believes that, then he also associates himself with white supremacy.
    I’m saying stop selling Goya Foods in all your stores. He is a detriment to our democracy.
    Boycott him now.
    Ron Osborn

  5. Krogers delta
    5079 Bledsoe rd
    Bledsoe, Tennessee.38141
    All I can say is this has to be the worst place of business I have every tired to contact they list phone numbers but they don’t work I’ve call corporate office they can’t even contact this branch what in the world is going on here if I was in charge of this their would be some serious action going on I would not stand for this someone needs to get this together terribly business employees can do what they want what’s really going on here

  6. I am writing to express my disgust about the Kroger located in Hartland, Michigan. It has been going downhill for a long time. Products are being eliminated, to the point where there isn’t sense in even shopping there anymore. I plan on transferring my prescriptions to Meijer so I can one-stop-shop. In addition to products being eliminated, the store is not the cleanest. It is a small store and can use some serious help!

  7. I wish to comment regarding the Kroger store at 3675 E. Broad in Columbus, OH. We are living in a senior community, and rely on online shopping. I must say that their delivery service is at best , uneven. Only this morning I ordered rather early, reserving the 8:30 two hour slot, and not long after received the message that our order would not arrive until noon. Since that time, no other word.
    I will not go into detail about standard items not being in stock, but that is a very real problem. I really think we may have to sign up with another company.

  8. tried to fill out a fuel point –asked for my Kroger ID # why–bought groceries and wanted extra points for fuel–do not know my ID–so I lost the fuel points I tried to get—not that much but to many questions and not easy to fill out—customer # I got is *******0658–did not work–

  9. I don’t know who to contact so I hope this message gets to the right person. My comment is for the Kroger store in Rolla, Missouri. I started working for Instacart and I was a nervous wreck my first order at Kroger. One of the employees, Frank ( don’t know his last name) helped me through the entire process. If it hadn’t been for him, I would have been completely lost! He was kind, patient and walked me through the entire process, he even opened a register to personally check me out so that he could walk me through the steps. This young man is always so kind & helpful with all the customers he interacts with. Always with a hello when you walk through the door and I have been shopping there for over 30 years. He deserves some kind of acknowledgment for his communication with the costumers! The young man is fantastic! The Rolla, Missouri store has many helpful employees. Today, I had 3 orders with Instacart and the girls at the register were so helpful and patient with me as well. I didn’t do my order right and they helped me through it. A BIG shoutout to Kroger in Rolla, Missouri! The employees are great!


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