FedEx Headquarters Address, CEO Email Address and Corporate Office Contact Information

FedEx is one of the largest courier companies in the US. The company is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, United States. The full name of the company is Federal Express which was used from 1973 until 2000. The stock of FedEx is listed on the New York Stock Exchange with the stock name FDX. The stock price of FDX is US$165.67 as of December 13, 2019. They have a worldwide presence with offices in several countries. The company is lead by CEO Frederick W Smith since 1998.

TNT Express, American Freightways, and many others. So, let’s see the headquarters contact information of FedEx.

FedEx Headquarters
FedEx Headquarters, Photo Credit: FedEx

Corporate Headquarters Address

The FedEx corporate headquarters address is FedEx Corporation, 942 South Shady Grove Road, Memphis, TN 38120, USA. Are you frustrated with customer support and looking for someone from a higher authority to resolve your issue? Please send your letter of feedback to the headquarters of FedEx.

CEO Email Address

Frederick W. Smith is the current CEO of FedEx. He is the founder and chairman of the company. To get the highest level of support from the company for your issue, please send your feedback to the CEO at this email address

Customer Support Contact Information

The customer care support number of FedEx is 1-800-463-3339.

Customer Support Center – Package, Envelope Express Freight

If you have query about packages, envelope express freight for USA and Canada, kindly call on 1.800.GoFedEx / 1.800.463.3339. The Customer Service number of FedEx for US is 1.800.Go.FedEx / 1.800.463.3339.

The FedEx Customer Relations office address is 3875 Airways, Module H3 Department 4634, Memphis, TN 38116. If you are searching for U.S. International Customer Service number of FedEx, then please call on 1.800.247.4747.

The mailing address and office address of FedEx Customer Relations is 3875 Airways, Module H3 Department 4634, Memphis, TN 38116. The U.S. TDD for Telephone Device for the Deaf Services number is 1.800.238.4461.

The FedEx TDD/Hearing Impaired Customer Service Operations mailing address and office address is 3885 Airways Blvd. Module J, 2nd floor, Memphis, TN 38116. The contact number of Hearing Impaired Relay Desk is 1.800.464.0709.

The FedEx TDD/Hearing Impaired Customer Service Operations office address is 3885 Airways Blvd. Module J, 2nd floor, Memphis, TN 38116. If you have query regarding to U.S. Billing, kindly call on 1.800.622.1147.

For FedEx Corp. Revenue Services office address, please use 3965 Airways, Module G, Memphis, TN 38116. For Cargo Claims Inquiries, please call on 1.800.Go.FedEx / 1.800.463.3339  or fax on 1.877.229.4766. The mailing address of Cargo claim is FedEx Cargo Claims Dept., P.O. Box 256, Pittsburgh, PA 15230.

To U.S. FedEx Express Freight Services shipments over 150 lbs., kindly call on 1.800.332.0807 or send a letter on FedEx Customer Relations, 3875 Airways, Module H3 Department 4634, Memphis, TN 38116.

General Inquiries

For FedEx General Assistance, kindly call on 1.901.369.3600. The FedEx Customer Service Phone number is 1.800.Go.FedEx® (800.463.3339).


The FedEx Corp. Investor Relations address is 942 South Shady Grove Road, Second Floor, Memphis, TN 38120 and contact number is 901.818.7200 and email address is

You can contact Computershare Investor Services for overnight delivery through mailing address of 462 South 4th Street, Suite 1600, Louisville, KY 40202. For regular mail delivery, please use P.O. Box 505000, Louisville, KY 40233-5000 this mailing address.

Media Requests and Press Dept. Contacts

The FedEx media contact number is 888.399.5999 / 901-434-8100 for urgent request only. If you are looking for Media contact for United States, kindly call on 901.434.8100.

The media contact for FedEx Canada is 905.212.5393. For Latin America media contact, please call on 786.388.4698. For Europe media contact, kindly call on 32.2.752.7725.

If you are looking for Media contact for Middle East, Indian Subcontinent & Africa, please call on 9714.309.1222. For Asia & Pacific FedEx media contact, please call on 852.2514.0813.

For more details, please visit official website of FedEx.

Fedex Email Formats and Emails

The following are email formats of

  • Format first_initial last, Example: (20.5%)
  • Format first, Example: (11.00%)
  • Format last, Example: (11.00%)
  • Format last first_initial, Example: (9.6%)

Article last re-published on March 29, 2021.

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55 thoughts on “FedEx Headquarters Address, CEO Email Address and Corporate Office Contact Information”

  1. I am Richard Bright Bediaku from Ghana. I have a parcel with your company and it got stacked in France for some time now and no one is giving me the reason why my parcel is not being delivered. I made all the necessary payments. All my customers have found alternatives. You collected money for your services and upon that, I have to lose greatly because I choose to use your services. Is that right? My tracking no is ************. You need to do something to receive the parcel by 21/07/2020. I paid for your services. I don’t think is right for you to make lose this much. I’m not prepared to bear this great cost alone.

  2. I have experienced delays several times on shipments that go to the Olive Branch, MS Federal Express facility. The latest shipment was ordered from I received notification from FED EX that my package arrived at the Olive Branch facility on August 12 and I could expect delivery on August 13. It did not arrive so on Friday August 14 I called both Federal Express and Walmart. Walmart contacted Fed Ex and was assured that my order would be delivered that day, August 14. It was not delivered. I contacted Fed Ex AGAIN and was told that they had until NEXT Friday to deliver my pkg and I would “just have to wait”! I called Walmart and when they contacted Fed Ex they were told the same thing. Thankfully Walmart is considering my order lost and they are sending a replacement order. I made a special request that they NOT USE FED EX because the pkg would go through the Olive Branch facility and I do not want to go through this again! I don’t know WHAT is going on in Olive Branch, MS but there are TOO MANY “delays” after the customer is notified of a specific delivery date. I have NEVER had this kind of problem with UPS or the Postal Service. It is a sad day when the U.S. Postal Service is preferred over Federal Express.😢😡

  3. I use FedEx exclusively, but that will likely change. I placed an order which used FedEx Ground through the Olive Branch hub. When I discovered this I began to worry as I have had very poor reliability through that hub before. I requested that my package be held for pickup at the FedEx Office in Bartlett, TN at 5:44 PM on August 12th. My package arrived at the hub at 2:46 AM on August 13th. It HAS NOT shown any movement since then. On Thursday afternoon, August 13th, I called and was told that there was no information as of yet. I asked to speak to an escalation team member. I was transferred and was told it was still unloaded from the truck, but the new crew would be arriving shortly and it should happen then, but a request as made that the hub manager call me and that would happen within 24-48 hours. I called back 24 hours later and spoke with another escalation team member and she put a trace on this and said I would get a call again from the hub manager within 24-48 hours. She also said she did not see any major delays reported through Olive Branch. Still no call or info. So tonight, Saturday evening, August 14th I called again. I asked to speak to the escalation team regarding the case and the trace. I was told to hold. One hour and 49 minutes later, I hung up and called back. I got the recording and waited for 9 minutes for a human. I hung up and called back. Veronica took my call and transferred me to Mark. Mark said, according to what he was seeing, the package had finally been removed from the truck and was being sent to the station. He said I should expect to see movement and delivery on Monday.

    So, to recap: Package arrives in Memphis on Thursday after midnight. No movement or tracking since then. No guarantee on delivery, no call from ANYONE, multiple hours on hold listening to a lady saying, “Please continue to hold. Someone will be with you momentarily.” Considering the time on hold, that obviously is a mistake!!!!

    Before all the business slowdown, my group has used FedEx exclusively. I have NEVER had a problem with Express, but just the opposite with Ground. If I though going brown would improve, I would change. But I have found it to be undependable too. Sad, but the USPS is actually beginning to look better in light of this…but it still has a way to go.

  4. Attn: FedEx
    FedEx CORPORATE: Rajesh Subramaniam, Frederick W. Smith, Alan B. Graf Jr. , Robert B. Carter, Mark Allen, Jill Brannon and Brie Carere;
    FedEx GROUND: Henry J. Maier, Ward B. Strang, Robert D. Henning

    FedEx should be held accountable for deceptive business practices, taking consumer money for services not provided; (e.g. sending false delivery days that NEVER SHOW UP AND DOING SO REPEATEDLY, non-responsive business phone numbers and without message options). Around 80 percent of the FedEx packages I’ve expected that go through the FedEx Ground facility located at 1544 Old Greensboro Road, Kernersville, NC 27284-8435 were either lost or had delivery issues! “2,759 people-citizens have filed complaints against this FedEx facility in the last 12 months.” FedEx has had more issues than every other carrier USA and international shipping service COMBINED.” FedEx lies when they report they’ll stand behind lost packages; A package of mine was lost, Feb. 2020 this year; it disappeared after reported arrival to the FedEx Ground 1544 Old Greensboro Rd. Kernersville NC facility, NO REIMBURSEMENT OR PACKAGE! …. NOW A CURRENT package is missing after two fake “in transit lies” and a service department who can’t verify it’s whereabouts OR contact facilities or drivers! Non-existent service that stalls 24 hours and doesn’t give a dam about consumer delays or losses. PEOPLE SHOULD ASK WHEN CONDUCTING ANY ONLINE BUSINESSES TRANSACTION, “DO YOU USE FedEx?” …IF SO, TAKE THEIR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE. The hassles, lost money, lost time, and completely unreliable may show up or may not deliveries combined with customer service that can’t locate or help make other shipping options a better choice. I’d pay more to another service just to have the piece of mind that what they’re saying is actually happening and avoid the **** a FedEx package delivery brings with it. (FedEx and BBB case numbers and noted data available that’ll verify all stated in this post)

    • I just had a package delivered to the someone else. FedEx said the seller put the wrong address on the shipping. Now mind you it took 3 customer service calls for some to tell me this. This others didnt say it was the wrong address on the package… anyways I said I have proof of the item I bought and tracking number for the package to show that package was to be delivered to my address. FedEx said well only the seller can change it. I said well then where did he leave my package I’ll go get it. FedEx said oh we can give you the address it was left at that’s a privacy issue… I said um that’s my damn package!!! They said well it looks like the seller probably typed the address numbers wrong because it’s the same city and it’s your street, and the numbers are kinda close so was prob a miss type… I said ok well then that should show you it’s wrong! So where is it then! Oh we cant say… so someone on my street now has the only xmas present my daughter was going to get this year because I’m poor. I gave up half my rent this month to get her that gift because she not doing well so I wanted to give her something great. But thanks fedex for not helping.even tho you had proof that its mine.

      • This disgusts me on so many levels about how much THIS AND MY SITUATION ARE THE SAME. HOLD THESE DRIVERS ACCOUNTABLE. I’ve been a week and a half without my packages with NO intentional customer service help provided to me whatsoever. And now I’m told I NEED TO PUT A CLAIM IN MYSELF after there has been legitimate proof my packages were NOT sent to my house like the “driver” confirmed! I can not believe that these people make serious money off of not even completing the first few words of their job title. I am extremely horrified at the level of indecency this company provides for PAYING customers. I am without MONEY and my items, yet the driver who failed to DO HIS OR HER ONE JOB STILL GETS PAID. This company is incompetent at the highest level possible.

        • I never received my package even though it’s saying it was delivered!!! FedEx should be able to track the drivers stops via satellite technology/GPS. It’s been 3 days and no one has contacted me regarding my package that has 75$ worth of products!! This is beyond crappy service!!!

        • Hi Laura I agree 1000% this is absolutely sickening Fedex treatment of its clients I’m tired of hearing about it .its time to take action to bring change please reach out to all who has experienced there deceptive disrespectful practices that we may start the process

    • I have had the same problem, multiple times, I think it’s astonishing that they are taking people’s money for services that they KNOW they aren’t going to provide and to make it worse, they don’t even warn you ahead of time that services could be delayed!! When you create a shipping label and select PRIORITY OVERNIGHT, standard, etc., they should notify the shipper THEN so they won’t choose to have the pkg delivered by 10:30am. In fact, they should just remove the option for Priority Overnight all together! Conveniently their “money back guarantee” policy is suspended so they’re not out any money, only the customer is. Frederick W. Smith and all the other suits should be ashamed of themselves. To say that they are conducting business in a deceptive manner doesn’t even come close to describe what they’re doing.
      Customers select priority overnight shipping for delivery by 10:30am, then no delivery delay emails are received, package in limbo with no delivery updates and customer isn’t eligible for a refund, what an “INNOVATIVE SOLUTION TO DELIVER THE BEST SERVICE POSSIBLE FOR CUSTOMERS”!!

      • Hello Natalie this is tiresome sickening disrespectful deceptive Fedex regard for its customers please reach out to anyone affected in this manner don’t let it rest until we see change worldwide boycott lawsuit or something has to take place

  5. I was trying to set a delivery date for a package that has a Tracking Number because I will not be here on the day your system says it will be delivered. Your Manage program only works for home deliveries so, too bad for your business customers, they don’t count.
    Secondly, the computer answering system on the phone – what a piece of junk. You can’t speak to anyone; note, the Virtual Assistant is dumber than a stump. The Virtual system asks a bunch of questions then says, “I can’t connect you to anyone,” and hangs up. You don’t have a Chat feature and you don’t have an email service for questions.
    So, in conclusion, FedEx really doesn’t give a crap about the delivery customer – even if they might be a shipping customer in the future. Personally, I would never ship with you now that I know how customer unfriendly your company is.

  6. I will be following this post up with a letter to corporate. I think it is pretty deceptive for your driver to note the customer signed for their package when they did not. I live in an apartment building and he/she left the package outside where anyone could (AND DID) grab it. Had i known the driver would be this careless with my delivery I would have opted to pick it up from the post office instead. I should not have to wrestle my package out of the hands of thieves when a delivery charge was billed and paid. Speaking to customer service I’m told due to the pandemic, there is an allowance for the flexibility of just leaving packages without a signature. You need to alert your customers so that we have the option of using an alternative delivery service that may care a little bit more about purchases actually being received. Your delivery service and customer service were both poor.

  7. FedEx location in AUSTELL GA
    this location is very shady and fedex coprate offices should audit this location. They hire shady subcontractors to deliver packages on Penske rental trucks, check the google reviews on that location if you dont believe me. I’m not sure who is in charge of this location but I do not think the corporate office @fedex Memphis would be happy with how this location is doing business. I’ve had multiple packages costing at or over 1000.00 usd. Show up weeks late half ripped apart and broken, it was obvious that someone at this location is opening boxes to cherry pick what they desire. Please if your in the Memphis office contact me a.s.a.p many people are trying to file class action lawsuits against this location.

  8. I had thought that FedEx was above USPS and UPS in terms of reliability. I had recently shipped an item using the FedEx label provided by an online selling platform and despite its more costly fee, I chose it, thinking it would offer the best service for the price. I WAS WRONG! Both my buyer and I had been alerted of the package’s delivery but it was delivered and signed for at a completely different address AND STATE! The selling platform offered a $200 reimbursement for the “lost” package and FedEx only offers up to $100 unless you purchase additional insurance (which wasn’t even an option for me on the platform). The package is worth 5 times their protection coverage and they’re just saying “Sorry, but it appears the package is lost and we’re unable to retrieve it.” First of all, WHY would your driver deliver it to a different address than what is on the label? He scanned it and clearly was NOT paying any attention to the address on the label he was scanning. I’ve called their customer service for 2 days now trying to locate it and no one seems to know any accurate account of their packages because one minute, they said they had it at the delivered address, then at a FedEx facility waiting for re-delivery, now it is just GONE. This is UNACCEPTABLE, especially if you want people to rely on your service. We pay your absurd price for shipping but we don’t receive the service we expect. Now my package is GONE and I’m out $$$ and I paid for their service! I just got robbed 3 times due to their worthless drivers who are obviously lazy and for all I know, might have scanned the package as delivered and kept the package for himself. I have no respect and trust for this company and sadly, it is the same with the USPS. They are a bunch of liars and thieves who have no desire to do the right thing and they prey on consumers relentlessly. Hoping UPS would be different.

    • Hello Maria this is atrocious I can’t take hearing any more of these stories please reach out to others who has experienced Fedex treatment that we may start a process to affect change don’t let this continue to happen together we hold them liable

      • I totally agree the Troutdale, OR facility is the worst any that goes there is 1 to 2 weeks delayed if not lost even if you paid extra for delivery and you do not get anywhere calling customer service…I am currently waiting for a package that I paid extra for expedited delivery

  9. I have read these complaints and I feel so empathetic for all of you! This is NOT the sort of practice we expect from a company that we all trust and who has been a stable in communities nationwide for generations. I have received the same level of HORRIBLE AND CONDESCENDING CUSTOMER SERVICE from this company and my complaints too have fallen on deaf ears. FedEx, despite it’s mission statement, DOES NOT CARE ABOUT IT’S CUSTOMERS and that fact is reflected repeatedly here. We must use every resource available to us to humble these companies and remind them that we are THEIR CUSTOMERS!! THEY WORK FOR US! WITHOUT US, THEY CANNOT EXIST! Don’t give up. Hold them accountable, leave detailed complaints and contact corporate!! USE DHL, UPS, OR ANY OTHER CARRIER!! DO NOT USE FEDEX

    • Hello sweet Jones like you I’m pissed off and sickened by the deceptive atrocious disregard fedex conveys to customers please don’t let this rest together we can effect change its time for us little guys form a protest reach out to all affected

  10. Why is Fed Ex leaving customer packages in the lobby of their apartment buildings and not delivering to their apartment door? This is unacceptable. I live in Brooklyn, New York and the delivery drivers leave the packages piled up on the lobby unattended.

  11. I have a constant problem with the Fedex location at Gathersburg, MD. Each time, at least 3 times so far, Fedex will claim that an item was delivered but have not been received. A case in point as of yesterday 10/22/2020, I received a notice that a package was delivered in front of my door at 11:00 am. The package was not delivered and there are cameras around and there was no FEdEx truck or reprensentative – this has been going on more than twice now.

    It time the social media knows of this problem from this particular location of FedEx. What happens to customers items? Are they really lost or something else going on from this location? I don’t like to write, but this is too much now with FedEx.

    • Hi Isaac this is a worldwide reoccurring problem its time to take action so that it stops please reach out to anyone affected together we can give them a reality check so they know we matter

  12. I sympathize with all of the prior posts. After our second hour-long customer service call with FedEx representatives regarding undelivered packages (ironically both on Friday nights), we have decided we are done with this corporate entity. How is it possible that FedEx sends email messages indicating a package was delivered to your front door at 4:02 pm when, in fact, there was no such delivery. Their inability to track a package, connect you with a supervisor with any authority, resolve systemic delivery problems from the same warehouse in Colorado, or accept any responsibility for inept delivery service and customer service responses is more than mind boggling. Ultimately, I have resorted to cancelling my order with the merchant and letting them seek reimbursement from FedEx. Maybe if FedEx continues to lose corporate delivery contracts, they will re-examine their business model. I will also write to the corporate office but I am not convinced they care any more than the service centers that place you on perpetual hold. Thank God for UPS who, coincidentally, has never had a problem finding my house or timely delivering a package.

  13. Fedex cannot ever deliver our packages to our house. They leave them at our neighbors. We have put delivery instructions and spoken to customer support who just do not care. Our neighbor has a gate and they just leave it at the gate even in the pouring rain damaging our items or like yesterday throw them into her yard. This is the WORST shipping company. UPS, USPS, and Amazon all get the packages to our front door no issue. We are now going to have to have any fedex deliveries held at a location or make them have it signed for. Its just utterly ridiculous and I wish people would stop using you to ship their deliveries.

  14. Same Here in Covington, Louisiana. Every time I have a Fed Ex Delivery, tracking shows it delivered but it is not here. Last month I had 5 of these missing deliveries, toady it was 3 deliveries. I even had a signature required package that Showed that I signed for it but it was never delivered. I think the drivers are stealing these packages.

    • i had the same problem and the driver looked me in my face and i was on the third flood and signed my name that he delivered the package but it was left down in the breedway 3 floors down which is 38 stairs, senior legally blind and i called and reported him because he does this before and apparently it ok with FedEx because has happen before. It is against the law to illegal sign somebody name and that not be your place to do that. There need to be a boycotte against FedEX and businesses need to included if they continue to use them and know that these are common problems. I am the customer and without me their would be no FedEx.

  15. A package was delivered to my front porch recently that is not mine. I have been trying for days to get a human being on the phone to rectify this situation. I finally got someone today. I was told I had to get the tracking number. I told the person I’m older, not well and it’s very cold out so I can’t do that. I said just take my address and direct a truck here. The answer no matter what is no. I said then this box will sit on my porch til it rots? The answer was, I guess. The nicest description I have for FedEx is incompetent and ignorant. How can you have a delivery person who can’t read? Ridiculous!

  16. I had a package that fedex said had the wrong address on it… when I called 3 times til someone told me that it was wrong. So where they not listening when I said my address? But they said the seller put the wrong address number. I asked where it was left so I could get it. They said oh we cant tell you that, that’s a privacy issue… um that’s my item thank you! The lady even said it looked like they typed it wrong cuz it was the right street and road, but address number was alittle different. I even showed the proof that the tracking number was to which item and to be delivered to my address but still they would retrieve the package nor tell me where they left my package. So someone on my street has my daughters only xmas present this year cuz I’m poor and gave up half my rent just to get her this present. Shes not doing well so I wanted to get her something special but thanks fedex for messing that up…smh.

  17. I need an address to send a bill to for me having to cancel my trip Monday November 23 if my package does not arrive by November 21, was supposed to be here November 20 and the package I need is required of me to leave for my trip on time. When I found out my package was on the wrong truck after contacting customer service the should have called to seaford Delaware facility to send someone to go stop the truck and get my package and have it delivered. The fedex facility always has problems delivering item to Dover Delaware on time

  18. I had a package delivered through FedEx. It was on the way to the airport when the driver lost control of the vehicle and they want me to pay the remaining bit of their medical bills. It is not my fault that the driver lost control of the vehicle.

  19. Well I was looking for information about FedEx Corporate Office and ran into this page. Wow I’m in shock to see that so many complaints there must be some kind of disconnect if this is an ongoing problem. On Dec. 2, 2020 I decided to check because FedEx showed my box being delivered on Dec. 3, 2020 but once I got to the tracking site it said the pkg had already been delivered on Nov. 27, 2020. We were all home NO one ever rang the door bell which I have four of them. When I inquired I was told to call the company (Massey) because there record showed they delivered the box. Well what about my signature they said it wasn’t necessary. What the hell the lazy driver can just stay in the truck and throw it out the window. You have to pray that No one takes it yeah right. The problem is the drivers sounds like X-mas thief and the Corporate Office should be ashamed they haven’t address this . Do they not read comments from customer I haven’t had this problem from UPS but once in 15 years. Everybody there should lose there jobs and do a complete overhaul of the staff including board of directors for not addressing this matter. Shameful

  20. I have always respected the delivery drivers and the hard job that they have delivering our packages until Dec 2, 2020. I was at home sitting in my living room when a driver backed up into my driveway to deliver a package. I waited patiently for the driver to bring the package to my door and leave it but after about 6-8 minutes they were still in the truck. As I approached the front door to go out the driver took off, I thought they had the wrong house so I thought nothing of it until I get an email alert from the company I made my purchase through that the package had been delivered. I Walked outside to find absolutely nothing. I never even seen the driver leave the vehicle so how could a package be left at my front door as the alert indicated. I got on the phone with FedEx immediately and they said there would be an investigation of my claim and they needed a few days to find out what happened. I called 24 hrs later and I still got nowhere with FedEx but was told to give them a few days. It’s now the 8th of December and I called FedEx back and they said the case was closed. I still have no package, no refund of any sort of the item or an explanation. I seen this with my own eyes, the driver never left the truck. I wish I had walked outside while they were here but due to COVID I wanted to respect the driver and not interfere by going out there. I have lost all faith in the driver who claims to have left my package that knows they didn’t. Karma is real and when it comes back around I will not have any sympathy for the driver who stole my package. Your a very selfish person that only thinks about themselves.

    I had ordered some gifts for Christmas and

  21. I got a package today that is not mine. I tried to report it on the website and the ‘assistant tells me I can’t do it online. So I call the customer service number and can’t get the robot to direct me to the right place or even a live person.
    I just picked “claims’ hoping that would get a human and was on hold for eternity until I gave up. Epic fail, Fedex.

  22. I am waiting in my office all day for a package for my company that was scheduled to deliver today by end of day. I have been tracking it all day and it showed out for delivery. At 4:24pm I checked again and the driver had posted at 4:18pm that he “Attempted Delivery, No One There to Accept”. This is such a lie by the driver. My desk is exactly 10 ft from the front door which is in a plate glass wall. When I called to try to get the driver to deliver I got a customer service center rep that would only say how sorry she is and that I needed to be available tomorrow. They do not care about how much money they cost any one else as long as they get paid up front to screw you over. This package costs my company money by not having it on time. This is the totally unacceptable in my company and should be in FedEx. But I guess I care!

  23. Have package spouse be one day delivery and going on third day know to have it delivered to me say driver ran out time and their was driver in my area today did not deliver my package does not make any since it running behind already u make it gets delivered as priority

  24. One of your drivers that serviced Branford CT today (12/18/2020) is a liar and a thief. Sending me and the seller an email message that my package was delivered, which is a lie. After speaking to your Customer Service twice today and complaining to a woman who did not speak English well, causing me to raise my voice is just part of your crappy service! Your driver is a liar and a thief. where is your service to file a formal complaint? Oh, you don’t have time to read our complaints in between counts your $$? I am posting this on Twitter and Facebook, after I file a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau. You need to vet your potential employees. You have no controls in place. This driver is a LIAR AND A THIEF!

  25. I paid for a priority overnight shipment to arrive before noon. If it was not received before noon it would be worthless. It had to be available for a 2PM meeting. I explained the requirement that it had no value of not received before noon. The representative did not inform me that Fed Ex was no longer guarantying delivery. The envelope was delivered at 4:24 PM.. The Had I knowing this I would not have shipped it. I want credit for the appro. $60 I paid

  26. I order a generator FedEx had drop something on
    It or handle it really bad to Damage the generator
    I live off grid I needed my generator my life depended
    On it now I’m left without a generator couldn’t buy another
    One because I had to find means to keep warm I live in the desert off grid and the temperature can get really cold or hot
    Out here FedEx should paid for my generator and I shouldn’t pay over again over there careless handling people’s property
    This has put me in bad precision that generator my life depended on it the refund I had to use it to survive the cold nights to scare to turst fedex again and it was arriving way to late I would freeze 🥶 FedEx you should send me another generator free of charge I needed that generator why should I paid for your mistake when your worker handle my property
    With no care in the world. I am disgusted and turst fedex with getting my property to me safe and sound

  27. FedEx isn’t in the delivery business, are they? They seem to think their in the “we’ll make you come get it” business. That was what I got told after being hung up on twice tonight.

    The best one from years ago was when they left a note on my door saying they couldn’t find my address.

  28. Fed ex has damaged both of my packages and now one is lost and can’t be found after being told that it was found and scheduled to be delivered, they have been giving me the runaround for two weeks! This is ridiculous I will never deal with fed ex again

    • I have been trying to reach fedex to tell them about a wonderful employee. It was pouring rain and live in a cabin in a rural area.I have an extremely long driveway. The delivery man went back and forth to his truck parked out on the narrow road to deliver three big boxes of catfood (each box held three,13 lb bags), another box that weighed 24 lbs, and another small box!! He brought it up all the steps to my porch –with a smile!! This man deserves an accomodation for all he did. I want Fedex to know what a treasure they have working for them! But when Icalled their customer service number, the lady ended up putting me back tothe main menu!! There is nothing on the main menu that references what I need. Five stars for delivery and minus 10 for lousy customer service.

  29. FedEx has the absolute worst customer service matrix that I have ever experienced in my life. Your online tracking system might as well be non-existent because FedEx does not provide actual tracking information whatsoever but rather generalized status that does nothing but trap customers into the realm of unknown, which is precisely how FedEx wishes the system to function.

    What FedEx has created is a message and that message is “STOP BOTHERING US AT FEDEX. YOUR PACKAGE WILL ARRIVE WHEN IT GETS THERE, REGARDLESS OF WHEN IT WAS PROMISED SO SHUT UP AND WAIT.” I continue to receive delays and promises of delivery the following day, only to have that date changed repeatedly without any change in status of the package’s origination or where my package is at any given time. We, the customers, have responsibilities as well and FedEx is but one part of those responsibilities. There’s a world in motion out here and we need information. We need status. We need answers. If you wish to intentionally create and maintain a system designed to circumvent the needs of your customers then I can more than guarantee you that it will reach out and strike your bottom line time and again until you understand that you can’t continue to operate in such a manner.

    I don’t know what incompetent individual that you have named vice-president in charge of package transit, delivery and customer relations but that person needs to be immediately terminated for purposely designing a customer relations system that separates customers from any access to actual logistics regarding package transit and delivery status.

    I will tell you in no uncertain terms that I will never use FedEx for any of my package delivery needs and I will notify vendors who use FedEx that I will not do business with them unless they send my packages by UPS or USPS only and I will also give them detailed reasons for my position on the matter.

    Never before have I encountered such a reckless, incompetent and insulting manner of doing business. It’s time to clean house and get people who think “outside the box” to borrow the adage that is most appropriate here in developing a system that disconnects customers from its services.

    So get with it or get out of business. Amazon is closing on your fast and furiously and you may well find yourself on the sidelines while Amazon creates its own standalone delivery system that puts FedEx in the history books.

  30. Fedex needs to vet it delivery and customer service staff more thoroughly. I had a driver leave a door tag in the courtyard of my building without coming to my door. We are in a pandemic, I am 71. Where else would I be but home.

    Call to Customer Service was no better. Was given a case number that no one followed up on. Called back and got someone who said he was a Supervisor, ( Hi Roy). He told me some story only a 5 year old would believe and when I called him on it, he was rude to me. When I asked to speak with his boss, he said he would talk with her and she would call me with 24 hours…….5 day ago!

  31. GREAT customer support! is what you would like to hear, but unfortunately I CAN NOT!!!
    I have been missing a package for a week now, that was supposed to be a 2 day shipment. yes I understand the weather I bad, but this is nothing new. when I call to speak to a customer support agent, I get “well I have placed a ticket with the local area” get told someone will call me back. NEVER heard from anyone. just tried to call again and asked to speak with a manger hoping they would have better experience looking up or being able to reach someone and I was told that “they are not allowed to do that”, GREAT SERVICE FEDEX!!! then when I asked the last guys name “its Chris, and that is all I can tell you” . then hung up the phone on me. while everyone just sits around and gets paid, nobody cares what we used YOUR service for our items. Customer Service Support, should be just that! not just someone that says “you get what you get when you get it!” Now if I could please talk to someone that will be able to give me different information than what I see when I track my package!
    just awful way to do business!!

  32. I WILL NEVER USE FEDEX AGAIN. I paid $110.30 for a medium size box to be delivered by a certain date. The clerk said the price was high due to covid. My package was guaranteed delivery by a certain date. We are now a FULL WEEK BEYOND THAT DATE AND STILL NO PACKAGE. It was time sensitive hence why I paid that outrageous price. Customer service blew me off and said NO REFUNDS due to weather delays!!!!! Excuse me? That was never mentioned to me at the counter or on my receipt. It would have been there a long time ago if I used USPS or UPS. You will never see one red cent from the rest of my family. You have terrible customer service and service in general.

  33. I am very upset with one of your delivery drivers. I live on a one block Street. The driver turned the corner and drove 45-50 mph to get to the 10th/11th house on the street! Completely reckless, completely disrespectful, and clearly an accident waiting to happen. Wish I had it all on camera, next time I will! Then when I called customer service to report it- all I was asked is my city and zip code. As she Thanked me for my call and was going to hang up, I asked the CSR if she would like to know what street and the time of the delivery. Just incase… they actually wanted to know which driver! Clearly Customer Service doesn’t care, the driver doesn’t care, but I care about the safety of my community!

  34. I have been waiting 3 days to get my 2 tires of 54lbs delivered to a business so I could get them put on so u could have gone on my trip. Customer service can’t do anything for you. NO ONE CAN CALL YOU BACK. I said I would pick them up, I get they are closed because of covid. Fedex is the worst. I got told that they had to schedule 2 drives on the tire to get the 2 tires off, doesn’t make sense they are going to a tire place that someone could help the driver. Then for some reason NO ONE WILL CALL THE BARRINGTON, NJ LOCATION to talk to the manager to get a hold of the driver to find out why and when they are being dropped off. THIS IS POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE, TO STRESS A CUSTOMER OUT. I spoke to a lady that could care less what I was saying in the trace department. Why am I now talking to the trace department, my tires are saying they are on a truck for delivery. The only thing they need to do is get my tires delivered.

  35. Fedex has the WORST customer service I’ve ever experienced. I was on the phone with a representative (Renee no last name) who said she was a manager and very dismissive of my concerns about a package I paid extra in shipping to have come today that won’t be shipped 3 days from now. I could have not paid the extra and have it come the same time. I needed it to come today because I am going away tomorrow so now I have to I am inconvenienced. I am disgusted by your customer service. And I will go further in my complaint. Unacceptable.

  36. On Feb 23, 2021, my package was sent via FedEx Overnight. It arrived in the Memphis, TN Hub on Feb 24, 2021 at 0735. It then stayed in the Memphis Hub until it was scanned a second time on March 1. I have been unable to get anyone there to return my call or answer Customer Support on their own internal message system. No one in Customer Support can contact anyone at the Memphis Hub by phone and they state they have no way to escalate the issue to bring any attention to it locally at Memphis. The package was a working semi-auto pistol with magazine. I have reported the weapon missing to the local Memphis Police department as well as the Memphis Hub Security. I fear that there are individuals in the Memphis Hub that are stealing packages depending on their origin. I will be reporting the weapon missing to the BATF as well in the event it is confiscated in some other area outside of Memphis, TN. I have found many reports on line about packages being “lost” at this facility. Does anyone in FedEx follow-up on “lost” packages? The packages are under complete control of FedEx employees during their delivery process. If they are “lost”, there should be very few areas to investigate as the packages seem to go missing inside FedEx facilities…not on the road between locations. I think with access to the extensive security systems and all the computerized tracking systems in use, I could locate the missing packages or at least their exit point in the system…and the perpetrators. My tracking ID is ************ in case you want to follow-up on this…

  37. You have completely fallen off the cliff when it comes to caring at all about your customers, especially those that are ill, don’t drive, and DEPEND on your company for their medications as well as necessities to live. I am absolutely disgusted by your lack of care for human beings anymore. At one time I held you with the HIGHEST ESTEEM, however, now you don’t care if your customers receive damaged packages, or worse, DON’T EVER RECEIVE THEIR PACKAGES AT ALL!!!! I am disabled and have to order ALL MY PERSONAL ITEMS ONLINE FOR DELIVERY, and when I see a company has used your transportation service, I want to cry as I know there is a very slim chance I will receive my package correct and on time. I have had more issues with your company than I can count, one being an employee stealing package from me, and even though I provided the district manager with proof, he refused to do anything. I contacted the BBB, thinking he might change his mind, but he refused to chastise the employee, who still delivers to my address btw, so you have a blemish on your BBB history because I complained. Someone also keeps changing my delivery instructions to someone else’s information, but your fraud dept refuses to respond as well as EVERY PHONE NUMBER I CAN FIND ON THE INTERNET IN THE US YOU WILL ANSWER, PLACE ME ON HOLD FOR MORE THAN ONE HOUR, AND DISCONNECT MY CALL. YOUR COMPANY SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF ITSELF TARGETING DISABLED PEOPLE!!! I WILL CONTINUE TO CONTACT EVERYONE UP TO AND INCLUDING THE ADA AND EVERY FEDEX PLATFORM TO LET PEOPLE KNOW OF YOUR heinous behavior.

  38. I am now posting the below to all social media and sharing far and wide. I will get my compensation one way or another. This “lost” package will cost you much more than it was worth…

    Response to FedEx when they claimed they tried to contact me and recommend I file a claim on a “lost” package…
    My phone is noted in the case notes along with my email.
    If the package is “lost”, what are they doing to locate the package or determine when and by whom was it removed from their facility?
    I know from talking to local building security, that they have 24X7 security monitoring with video at this facility.
    What security measures are in place to prevent employees from removing packages?
    It was scanned a second time at that facility on March 1 – after I had begun calling about it!
    What happened to it after that scan?
    Who scanned it?
    At what scanning station?
    Where physically was that scanning station?
    Was it an inventory scan or was it being prepared to be loaded?
    Has security at the local facility been engaged to determine any of these details?
    The package can’t technically be “lost”. It had to be removed from the facility if it is indeed not there.
    There have been many reports of “lost” packages at this facility during the last few months.
    This appears to be a systemic issue at this location. All the “lost” packages just happen to be small and high value.
    The packages being “lost” are coming from known addresses of valuable items.
    It’s not hard to see that someone is removing packages from the facility.
    I will continue pursuing this until I get to the bottom of it.
    Please forward this on to your manager so they can bring more visibility internally to what is beginning to look like an organized theft of customer products from your facilities.
    I will also continue to spread the word that FedEx is no longer to be trusted with valuable packages.
    I will, through my efforts, do much more damage to your brand than my one package was worth.
    I will make sure that UPS, USPS and other carriers are selected for service anywhere I can influence that decision.
    There is a problem at the Memphis Hub that needs to be corrected.
    It may be too late for my package (45 Auto Pistol in working condition), but if you don’t do something soon, it will impact your company more than it has me.

    Numbers for the FedEx Hub in Memphis, TN:
    Hub Tracing:
    Truck Dispatch:
    Hub Security:
    Memphis Police Department Close to Hub:
    Call each of these numbers and report your “lost” packages.
    If enough annoyance is applied, they will in turn ferret out the employees “losing” the packages.

  39. Why does fedex not knock or ring doorbell ? I have found several packages on front porch early in the morning. I mean like 5:30-6:00 AM. And i was home all day. Good way to have them stolen.

  40. Am reading a lot of the comments posted to this site. And it’s so true. I have not received many packages that was supposed to be delivered by FedEx. I have canceled my membership with companies because of FedEx. And don’t asked to speak to a manager. I was told multiple times they could not let me speak to someone or they don’t have one. THEY ARE LIARS AND JUST NEED TO CLOSE THEIR DOORS. I hope the media get theirs hands in this. BECAUSE EVERYTHING PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT THEM IS VERY VERY TRUE.


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