Microsoft Headquarters Address, CEO Email Address, Corporate Office Address and More

Microsoft Corporation is a world-famous software company headquartered in Redmond, WAIt is one of the largest software companies in the world. They have a good market share in PC software. To buy Microsoft products online, you should compare prices from various online portals, including the official website,, Target, BestBuy, and others. You can use a credit card to get good redeem points and good deals too. It is one of the best ways to save money while you buy Microsoft products online.

If you are looking for customer care numbers (24×7) from Microsoft to get a satisfactory answer to your query, you have arrived at the right place. You don’t have to worry about authenticity as we have collected these details from the official website only. So, let’s see the headquarters contact info of Microsoft including headquarters address and phone numbers (toll-free number also).

Microsoft Headquarters
Microsoft Headquarters, Image Credit: https://commons.wikimedia .org/wiki/User:Coolcaesar

Microsoft Corporate Headquarters Address and Phone Number

They have a world-class corporate headquarters located in Redmond, WA. Please note down Microsoft Corporate Headquarters Address Microsoft Headquarters One Microsoft Way Redmond, WA 98052, USA.

The mailing address (postal address) of Microsoft Corporation is the same. The company is located in a prominent place in the town and they employ thousands of engineers there.

For any general inquiries about the Microsoft Corp. software products, please dial 1-425-882-8080.

Microsoft CEO Email Address

The current Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft Corporation is Satya Nadella. He is bringing new technology and positive vibes to the company. Please get in touch with him at his email address:

Microsoft Customer Service/Customer Support

If you are a customer based in the US, there are several options to contact Microsoft Inc. If you are looking for the exact customer care number for your query to be solved, contact at the below number:

  • United States Customer Service Phone Number: (800) 642 7676 / (800) 892 5234 (TTY)

Windows and Office Accessibility Support

If you are looking for accessibility support, contact this Phone Number000 800 442 0152 (9 am-9 pm Monday to Friday). This is an important phone line to get accessibility support.

Microsoft Licensing Activation Centers Telephone Numbers

Do you want to activate your Microsoft products? Try to make a call at the below phone numbers including toll-free and non-toll free numbers:

  • Volume License Keys, toll call only: (716) 871 2781
  • Volume License Keys, toll-free call: (888) 352 7140

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List of Popular Microsoft Products and Software

Microsoft is a world leader in PC software including online premium apps too! They have a wide range of products and services, especially for office-related work. A brief list is given below:

  • Outlook, OneDrive, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, SharePoint
  • StaffHub, Access (PC Only), MyAnalytics, Power BI, Bookings, Exchange, Yammer,
    Planner, Outlook Customer Manager, Publisher (PC Only), Sway, PowerApps, Visio, and
  • Office 365 Home, Office Professional, Office Home & Student, Office for Mac, Office
    Home & Business
  • Office 365 Business, Microsoft 365, Office 365 Business Essentials, Office 365
    Enterprise E5, Office 365 Business Premium, Office 365 Enterprise E3, and More

They have worldwide offices including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, and so on. It is also one of the largest software companies in the world.

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  1. Hello Microsoft my name is Craig Sims this is the one of the many times I’ve tried to get help my password is lost and the way you changed the reset process does not work I need to change the phone number that you dial when you do a password reset the system you have now in place tries to send a text to a landline which won’t work can you please help me I can receive email on my old phone but can’t put it on my new phone without the password thank you in this matter

  2. I have been attempting to resolve issues with my new Business Microsoft 365 Account. Tech support kept telling me to log into my account and ask for help there. That’s the problem, I can’t log into that account for some reason. They then told me to call the consumer help desk, and I was like 50th in line for a chat window.
    I have found phone numbers and email addresses on your web page concerning bios for executives. When I click on their picture it “can’t find that page”. Every number I call tells me to “get lost” I can only get support on line. By experience I have spent the last hour attempting that and each support tech tells me they are not able to provide me support.
    Do the corporate executives understand the image their Support is creatine? I have over 50 years in IT management and this has been the worst experience in all those years.

  3. I am 80 years old and I have been trying to recover my account ….about 2 weeks ago could not receive emails or send. I have been to2 computer stores and I myself have sent you at least 10 times the form to recover my account. I would not care if my sister and husband would not have passed away and I have important messages and pictures in my mail. I have been so depressed over this because I have done everything you said to recover and tried to talk and computer just says go to help Microsoft I have don’t that several times. Please help me. Thank you.

  4. I have been trying since January to have beneficiaries added to my Microsoft stock. Computer share has the worst customer service of anyone! Cannot get through on phone and cannot get anyone to respond. Have mailed them everything they asked for. Still nothing! Help!

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    I am the actual designer of the X-Box Brand and a heck load of games across many platforms and games to come among otherthings. Having said, this, a lot of my merchandise have been discontinued, like the Xbox and servers for games I developed software for, heck if any obe play the gsnes I ceeated with online acc3one is litterally play preprogram game with ny input already up load. Microsoft should know by ut is bot litteraly desigbing this stuff, and even if I maje a design or sketch just for fun in gets slapped on a box, if I goofing of on a wepage it ends up in a Magazine.
    Having said that. I need some returns on my invest ents like XBox, XBox 360, XBox 1, and so on even for the HD player exclusively for X-Box 360, that plays my company’s movies and shows i been creating over the past 30 some years now that people all over the world have seen and for the bluray to name a few product I developed. Second, my next designs for my next X-Box which is how the brand name should be spelle, but keeps getting the hyphen tropcated, will have my fine art studio attacthed to it, the one that dies movies to paintings projects and my face on it. What I am stating us not need to see revenue from this stuff and not just a bunch of discontinued merchandise thst I designed and developed the software for floatibg and I not gey any revenue for it. Heck I even developed the MSN Browers all of them so some of the heat from Explorer could die down. Now days I cannot even afford it. I had to shutdown the MSN Chatroom be cause of bugs, hackers, or just plan out weirdos thst kept spawning a chang if my name with increasing numbers added to the end of it msking it impossible ti read text messages. Yes you all are the front man/woman for a lot of my products that PC based products. What I am saying I cannot set around hoping you all contact me so you can send me my checks ar this point. I nred to know when you all are going to start paying me for my work and if you all are going to pay me for my work for my next X-Box that will have my Brand, my online company attachmented to it (Angel-A Production’s Studio Company) and my face of the digital hub. This not joke I need to be getting paid for my work a have seat at the table when or if a 3rd party want to change my products and services, I am not volunteering my services I am a for profit and need to know in writing I will getting paid for my next console designs and marketing for it. I one points on the board for sales going forward and for past sales worldwide. I xannot keep updating this stuff for free at my place where I work. Uou can leave a message at *** ***-**** for how we are going to handle this going forward. Blocking oyt of administration of my own website ir not the solution. By the why, you all shoyld know by now thst I invented the .MP3 and designed the original MP3 Players and trademark look among many other cool and needed technology. Using my material even if it os a short half minute up 3 minute video for an add for products and services i literally created as fine art constitutes using my companies wirk regardless of what it in reference to real or fiction at the time it is create. I hope I di not ne3d to have to bring lawyers into this. Contact me ASAP.

  6. Hi,
    I need to come in contact with someone at your support. it is urgent.
    I have got my account hacked they have changed username and password.
    I have reported this to you without any results.
    I can send you documents with my name, photo of me holding the document.

    I have close friends who just died in Covid and Cancer, it’s important for e to keep these memories from Facebook. Please, please help me!!!
    Best regards,

  7. I have been trying to contact Microsoft for a week now. I never received my package (surface laptop 3 and a surface pen). Microsoft and FedEx both have done nothing but send me through automated systems. FedEx has now denied my claim and told me to contact Microsoft. I’m lost and confused. I spent $1300 and have not received anything or any help. I need information ASAP.

  8. If this is how you treat your loyal customers, you’ll lose them for sure. Your most recent updates have created nothing but havoc and chaos. I’m an elderly person depending on my computer with Windows 10 to keep in touch with family overseas. Your recent May 2021 updates crashed my laptop. I had to pay to have someone come to my home to fix it. I’m on a fixed income and it cost me more than I care to keep my laptop. You’ve lost me as a customer. I’m shopping around for an Apple computer and will advise everyone I know to do the same. By the way, the same thing happened in April 2021 but not as bad. It was easier to fix back then.


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