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Church's Chicken

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Church’s Chicken Headquarters Address

Church’s Chicken has a good presence in America and many other country locations. In total it has about 1,009 stores out of which 151 are owned and operated by company and 858 are the official franchisee.

Do you need contact details of top level management? You may connect with the top management at Church’s Chicken Corporate Headquarters Address, here is the detail: 980 Hammond Drive, Suite 1100, Atlanta, Georgia 30328.

You may use the given address for all kinds of official communication. The address info listed here is derived from an official authenticated source and can be used without hesitation.

Press Contact

People from Media may get in touch with Church’s Chicken Media Relations team through email. To send your media inquiries, you can use this email address: Please note that the given email address is for use of Media professionals only, non media inquiries may not get any revert on this email.

How to Get a Franchisee

Are you looking for Church’s Chicken Franchise? If yes, you can visit the Franchise link given here in this section. Just click the link and submit details and follow the steps mentioned. Click here: How to Get a Franchisee? You may also paste the link provided here in address bar of your browser.


Church’s Chicken was founded in the year 1952 and is currently under fine execution of CEO Joseph Christina. You can find its stores in these locations- South America, Asia, Europe, North America and Caribbean.

Quick Contacts

Church’s Chicken Headquarters Address 980 Hammond Drive, Suite 1100, Atlanta, Georgia 30328, United States
Press Contact


Church’s Chicken is one of the most popular chain of fast food restaurants in America. The headquarters of Church’s Chicken is located in Atlanta, Georgia. The chain is popular with its trade name Church’s Chicken in North and Central America. Outside North America it is called Texas Chicken or Church’s Texas Chicken.

The restaurant chain is quite known for it specialty – Fried Chicken. Apart from this, it also serves other fast food, french-fries, cookies etc. Church’s Chicken is owned by Friedman Fleischer & Lowe which is a San Francisco based private equity firm.

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