TLC Headquarters Address


TLC Headquarters

TLC Headquarters, Photo Credit: JOANNE S. LAWTON


TLC Headquarters Address

TLC has a huge presence in United States. It has more than 95 million viewers in United States only. Do you have a concern to share with top level management of TLC? If yes, please refer the details given in this section.

You can get in touch with top level management of TLC at corporate headquarters. Please take a note of the TLC Corporate Headquarters Address: Silver Spring, Maryland, United States.

You may share your concern or suggestions with the higher level officials by mail or through official meets at the above mentioned address.

Ad Sales Contact Info

Do you have an idea regarding programs or content to share? You may get in touch with TLC Ad Sales team if you are interested in Programatic Ad Sales, Digital or in- Air programming content through online link.  Making simpler for you, here we have pasted the link of TLC Ad Sales. Please click here to contact: Contact Ad Sales.

Press Contact

This section is for use and reference of Media Professionals only. You may get in touch with media team for media info or content. Here we have pasted the link for you to contact Media team. Please click here: Discovery Press Web site.

You may also get in touch with the dedicated team on phone, please take a note of the phone number: (240) 662-3709.

Quick Contacts

TLC Headquarters Address Silver Spring, Maryland, United States
Press Contact (240) 662-3709


TLC is a popular US based television channel. It was launched in the year 1972. The headquarters of TLC is located in Maryland, United States. TLC majorly started as a learning channel and showcased educational and learning programs initially. With the popularity of the channel, it started offering content based on reality series including lifestyles, personal stories etc.

TLC is a subsidiary channel of Discovery Inc. the channel is pretty popular in United States, United Kingdom and Canada. TLC supports two audio languages- English and Spanish.

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