T-Mobile Headquarters Address, CEO Email, Phone Number and More

T-Mobile is one of the largest mobile telephone operator companies in the world. The company is a subsidiary company of Deutsche Telekom.  The US headquarters of the T-Mobile are located in Washington, US. If you are interested in stocks of T-Mobile you can refer stock symbol TMUS registered with NASDAQ. In this article further you can refer T-Mobile Headquarters contact details, customer support contact, email format and more.

T-Mobile telecommunications and wireless services can be majorly found in Puerto Rico, Europe, US Virgin Islands and United States which is the largest territory of T-Mobile Services. Globally T-Mobile has a base of 101 million mobile customers and if we only take US in account T-Mobile has approximately a base of 81 million mobile customers alone in US. Now, let’s get to the contact details of the company, please refer here!

T-Mobile Headquarters
T-Mobile Headquarters, Photo Credit: T-Mobile

T-Mobile Headquarters Address and Phone Number

Looking for T-Mobile Headquarters Contact Info? If yes, please refer the details mentioned in this section. Here we are providing complete address information of T-Mobile Headquarters, please note it down: 12920 South East 38th Street Bellevue, WA 98006, United States. For mailing and appointments, you can use the given address.

You may also please note down the T-Mobile Headquarters Phone Number: 1-425-378-4000. You may call at this main line to speak to the concerned officer at Headquarters.

T-Mobile CEO Email Address

To get in touch with T-Mobile CEO, you can write to him on his official email. The CEO of the company is Mr. Mike Sievert, he is also heading the post of President of T-Mobile. You can share your concern at T-Mobile CEO Email Address: Mike.Sievert@t-mobile.com. Please contact him for matters that are highly important or need his urgent attention.

T-Mobile HR Email Address / Careers

If you are looking for career opportunities with T-Mobile, you may send in your resume along with the application to T-Mobile HR Email Address: careers@t-mobile.com.

T-Mobile Customer Service Email and Phone Number

Regarding T-Mobile Services or related issues you can get assistance from T-Mobile Customer Service Team. You can call at Customer Service Number: (877) 453-1304 or Toll Free Number: (800) 318-9270 to report your complaint or share your concern.

You can also get in touch with Callie Field (Senior Vice President of Customer Service) by Email, please note down the email address: Callie.field@t-mobile.com

T-Mobile Email Format

Here we have mentioned the Email Format of T-Mobile for your reference, please note it down:

Format                                             Chance

  • {last}@t-mobile.com                     0.62%
  • {first}.{last}@t-mobile.com        92.25%
  • {first}{last}@t-mobile.com          0.43%
  • {first}@t-mobile.com                    3.60%
  • {f}{last}@t-mobile.com                 3.11%

Article first published on December 23, 2020.

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14 thoughts on “T-Mobile Headquarters Address, CEO Email, Phone Number and More”

  1. My name Long Armstrong and I just got a phone service from Metro by T mobile and the phone I got is an oneplus N10 5G. And today the phone didn’t turn on, so I called metro by T-mobile “customer service” if you can call them that. I spend all day over 8 hours speaking with over 7 different Rep. the first one told me to go to the corporate own Metro by t-mobile to get it replaced but when I got there the store rep told me I have to wait for 3 – 4 days for a replacement and it will cost me $21 for them to handle it or I can contact the manufacturer and I did, they told me it will take the minimum of 3 weeks to get it to fix it

    So I call metro by tmobile back and the different rep told me to go back to the store and he will contact the store to let them know that I’m coming. to my surprise when I’m at the store they have no clue what i am talking about and no one from customer service contacted them, on top of that The bad customer service locks my account so no one can not have access my account for 3 days.

    what’s the point of having customer services if they don’t know the answer and make it up as they go along or just lie to the people that called in?

    my phone number *** *** **** that’s not work because my phone will not turn on

    rep. #****** he the one that told me to go back to the store

    rep # ***** told me that my account has been lockup

    1st supervisor # *****

    2nd supervisor # *****

    Can you please help me to get this phone to replace Please please I don’t know what else to do.

    One last thing can you have Tmobile customer service people handle called or teach the people at metro by T mobile because use to have tmobile services and those people know what needs to be done and do their best to have me with I have an issue.

    Metro people are hopeless, what’s the point of having people who can’t think outside of the box when customers call in with problems that’s the reason why we all call in.

    • Hey am so sorry 2 hear that but I feel u I have been MISLEADED/MISGUIDED most of all rob for over $1,300 and was told that they were opening up an investigation and they will get back with me then told me 2 get another line or 2 for $120 a month and 3 days I checked my bank account and over $360 dollars were missing I went 2 the bank 2 day asking were is my money when they told me that t-mobile had took it I cried and I am mentally challenged so I was definitely rail roaded and I Google t-mobile headquarters and I was crying telling the lady what happened and she told me she was transferring me 2 the headquarters team and did the opposite I just couldn’t believe what these people r doing but I SERVE A GOD HIGHER AND GREATER THEN THEM SO RATHER THEY GIVE ME MY MONEY OR NOT THEY HAVE 2 ANSWER 2 THE GOD I SERVE AMD SATAN NOR HIS WICKED SPIRITS CAN STOP ANY OF THEM 4 BEING JUDGE ON JUDGEMENT DAY CAUSE SATAN HAS 1 AGENDA AND 1 AGENDA ONLY KILL STEAL & DESTROY SO I GIVE GOD THE GLORY 4 HE’S MIGHTY AND HIGHER MORE POWERFUL THEN SATAN AND HIS MINIONS/PLATFORM

      • Thank you, thank you so much for your comment about serving a God that is higher and mightier than these thieves at T-Mobile. They will stand before God and give an account for what they are doing. All I can say is God help them on judgment day for fraud

  2. I have one account 2 lines an both lines have been experiencing countless dropped calls texts an internet issues I have also spent countless hours trying to resolve these problems I have had a tmobile representative hangthe phone up on me I have been giving many different opinions I feel that I’ve just been giving the run around I pay my bill have been I don’t understand why tmobile representatives can not be on same page as to helping me resolve this on going delima which has takeinng so many hours out of my time wich I might add I can not get back not to mention the many arguments I an my partner have had over this problem please look into this matter for me.

  3. T-Mobile is the worst experience I’ve ever had in my life I’m 55 years old I come out with the telephones are next tail this service sucks I’m back with Straight Talk phone service that’s off of Verizon towers work perfect T-Mobile and Sprint has trying to done me for money that I don’t owe them like the other people said 12 13 14 hundred dollars I’m not paying nothing you can tell me the court will go to court we’ll get a class action lawsuit against you with all these people that blog about T-Mobile that they ain’t working nothing I’m caring it to Clark Howard channel news team Atlanta Georgia

    • I’ve been trying to get them to honor there BOGO offer. The fine print clearly states that to get the deal you just need to maintain service. When I brought it up with corporate they gave me the run around. Currently I’m trying to get a hold of the legal department. But keep getting hung up on. I only want them to honor the deal. But I feel like they don’t want to admit it because that would mean they probably owe thousands of phones. My fight goes on… I only wish I could of opted out of their arbitration clause. This is most definitely a class action suit.

    • try complain to FTC consumer division and also companied to your state attorney general office otherwise you never gar reply from T-Mobil.

  4. Purchased 2 LG velvets in October. Many problems with both phones. Many, many calls to customer service in Albuquerque and out of the country. Different story each time. Just wanted the money I had paid refunded. They said no. They would replace phones. Sent 2 refurbished phones instead of new phones. One doesn’t even turn on.

    FYI LG no longer making cell phones. Box says they were made in Vietnam.

    I am a retired business owner and a resident of Huntington Beach, California. On April 17, 2021, I went to the T-Mobile store in Fountain Valley, CA to question the billing issues. While waiting in line, I witnessed a customer in front of my complaints about his leasing payments that he has already fulfilled and…..I was so impressed with that young store manager, Mr. Hoa Hang. He gave the irate customer undivided attention, carefully listening to his complaints in a very calm manner. Then he politely explained and offered a solution with alternative options to the customer, and he left the store with a big smile on his face. That is the quality of employees that any employer wants to have.

    Then it was my turn, he greets me in a friendly manner. I explained to him about my problems, the upgrade trade-in promotion was not credited to my account. Mr. Hang verified my identity and the transaction history. He found the record, printed it, made several phone calls, and articulately explained it to another responsible department. Finally, he assured me, the statement will be reconciled within two billing cycles. A few days later, my statement was reconciled.

    The quality of Mr. Hang’s works should be recognized by the top management. Mr. Hang is fully qualified as a Corporate Trainer. He is a great asset to the Fountain Valley Branch and also to T-Mobile.

  6. After trying to contact the propper channel. Sir, today I saw a commercial broadcasted on public network,”tv” that for this one day ,wich is mothers day, your company will promote a trade in of cellular devices to up grade to the 5 g network phones.Weather they had water damage ,cracked screen, or just older models.So long as they were fully functional and had service.And yet ,when I took my phone with its cracked screen in..I was denied .Not only was I denied, I was told by the manager that even if I brought in proof, he still would not honor the advertised commercial. So i then called the corporate phone number listed on the web to speak with someone to resolve the issue.After explaining this delima I got no further with the phone representative than I had with the manager in the store.Now remember this was advertised on television. I then asked to speak to the supervisor for I was still not getting any cooperation .I was asked to be put on hold ,I offered my cell number so that they could do a call back once the supervisor was available. They clicked on me.

  7. Please provide the ceo email of T-Mobile. I am very disappointed and have been not treated fairly by your company. My account continues to get tampered with by your agent with out my knowledge and I am livid. Please contact me back with the corporate number and I will search as well on my own

    • To get in touch with T-Mobile CEO, you can write to him on his official email. The CEO of the company is Mr. Mike Sievert, he is also heading the post of President of T-Mobile. You can share your concern at T-Mobile CEO Email Address: Mike.Sievert@t-mobile.com. Please contact him for matters that are highly important or need his urgent attention.


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