AT&T Headquarters Address


AT&T Headquarters Address

AT&T is a global leader in telecommunication based in Dallas, Texas. We request you to write down their corporate headquarters address: AT&T Corporate Office, 208 S. Akard Street, Dallas, Texas. The company welcomes feedback, suggestions, and queries to its headquarters.

HQ Phone Number

If you are looking for someone to have a good talk on the phone, here is their headquarters phone number (210) 821-4105.

Mobile Phone Helpline Numbers

To contact customer service for your query related to Bill and Account Contacts, please reach out at 611 from AT&T mobile phone or at 800.331.0500 from a non-AT&T number. Please note that the standard rate applies when you call from a non-AT&T phone.

Other Contact Options

If you are looking for a new service, dial their contact number 888.333.6651. To know order status, dial 877.782.8870 (Order status phone). If you are looking for support for travel abroad from AT&T, use this number +1.314.925.6925 (Support for travel abroad phone only).

To get a support number for a disabled person, please use this TTY number 866.241.6567, Voice 866.241.6568 (Disability Resources: TTY ).

AT&T TV Helpline Numbers

If you are an existing customer of AT&T TV, and looking for support for Bill and Account customer service, use this phone number 800.288.2020. For Technical support, use this customer support number 800.288.2020.

If you are a disabled person and looking for a TTY number, use this TTY number 800.651.1111, Voice 800.772.3140 (Disability Resources).

AT&T Digital Life Helpline Numbers

If you are an existing customer of AT&T Digital Life and looking for the contact number of Monitoring customer service, please use this phone number 855.288.2727. To get the latest information about Bill and Account customer service, we strongly suggest using this phone number 855.288.2727.

CEO Email Address

John Stankey is serving as the chief executive officer of AT&T Communications since July 2020. To get the highest level of support, get in touch with the CEO on this email address OR

Please do not send out ordinary queries, normal customer complaints, or similar things. For that, please get in touch with customer support.

Individual Stockholder Contact:

If you have any queries related to stocks of the company, get in touch with the Stockholder Services on this Hotline 1-800-351-7221/(210) 351-3327. Hearing-impaired stockholders with access to a TDD device can communicate directly with Computershare by calling 1 888 403-9700.

Do you have their mailing address? If not, then please note down stockholder services mailing address: AT&T Inc. C/O Computershare, P.O. Box 505005, Louisville, KY 40233. Do not forget to save their email address (this e-mail is for stock-related inquiries only).

  • Computershare: 1-800-351-7221
  • Outside continental U.S. call collect at 781-575-4729
  • Institutional Investors Contacts Email:

Quick Contacts

AT&T Headquarters Address AT&T Corporate Office, 208 S. Akard Street, Dallas, Texas, United States
CEO Email Address OR


AT&T is one of the largest MNC conglomerate companies headquartered in Dallas, Texas. AT&T 5G+ can be a game-changer in the United States. To buy AT&T 5G+ plan/service, visit the store near you. ATT business wireless is also a good plan for small and medium-size businesses. If you are a fan of the Apple watch, you should buy a combo of the AT&T Apple Watch. Don’t forget to use an AT&T Citi AT&T Access credit card to get good reward points.

ATT offers various business internet plans and connectivity solutions.

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    At@t has stolen over 200 dollars from me. I’m disabled I have proff. I been dealing with this situation since March . The stores in Sioux City Iowa are rude kicked me out because thex made me us office phone to call c. S. And I asked whispering to spouse why can’t she call for me I have trying to resolve issue long time. She kicked me out. They stole 65 dollars to hook me back up to acp program and customer serv. Said tht was a no no. They gave me receipt I have bank statements. No one at customer service supervisor s included assist. All forirng people with bad comprehension skills and English. And the Americans steal and don’t assist properly . I want my money back . The phone tht broke was atandt phone noone in town wants to fix they say atandt should fix but they don’t. Big night mare. Been loyal customer for over ten years was lied to they said my credit would improve with prepaid they lied. I’m switching service forever talking to disability advocate or lawyer due to health conditions and inability of staff to show empathy for disabilities . The at and t had made us more physically ill exsasporating health issues.

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    they have charged me for over $400 and now I have to pay, for no reason at all. I know no one in Romania, I have neve3r been to Romania, and I have never called Romania. they are thieves. I will file a complaint because I have never called Romania.

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