AT&T Headquarters Address, and Headquarters Contact Details

AT&T is one of the largest MNC conglomerate companies in the United States. The current CEO of AT&T is Randall L. Stephenson since 2007. The stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange with stock name T. The stock price is US$27.26 as of October 19, 2020. The current CEO of AT&T is Randall L. Stephenson in May 2007. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, United States of America.

DIRECTV, AT&T TV NOW, WarnerMedia, AT&T Communications, AT&T Mexico, Xandr, Cricket Wireless, Vrio, AT&T Labs, Pacific Bell, and more. There are more than 251,000 employees in 2019.

AT&T Headquarters
AT&T Headquarters

AT&T Corporate Headquarters

AT&T is a global leader in telecommunication, the company is based in Dallas TX. Please save their full corporate headquarters address, 208 S. Akard Street, Dallas, Texas. This corporate headquarters can also be used to send out feedback, suggestions, and your queries.

If you are looking for someone to talk on phone, here is their head office phone (210) 821-4105.

AT&T Mobile Phone Helpline Numbers

To contact customer service for your query related to Bill and Account Contacts, please reach out at 611 from AT&T mobile phone or at 800.331.0500 from non-AT&T number. Please note that, standard rate applies when you call from non-AT&T phone.

Other Contact Options

If you are looking for New service, here is their contact number 888.333.6651. To know your order status, please call at 877.782.8870 (Order status phone). If you are looking for support for travel abroad from AT&T, please use this number, +1.314.925.6925 (Support for travel abroad phone only).

To get support number for disability person, please use this TTY number 866.241.6567, Voice 866.241.6568 (Disability Resources: TTY ).

AT&T TV Helpline Numbers

If you are an existing customer of AT&T TV and looking for support for Bill and Account customer service, please use this phone number 800.288.2020. To get Technical support customer support number, please use this suggested number 800.288.2020.

If you are a disabled person and looking for TTY number, please use this number TTY 800.651.1111, Voice 800.772.3140 (Disability Resources).

AT&T Digital Life Helpline Numbers

If you are an existing customer of AT&T Digital Life and looking for support number of Monitoring customer service, please use this phone number 855.288.2727. To get latest information about Bill and Account customer service, we strongly suggest you to use this phone number 855.288.2727.

CEO Email Address

John Stankey is the current chief executive officer of the AT&T Communications. He is leading the company since July, 2020. To get the highest level support, please get in touch with the CEO on this email address OR

Please do not send out ordinary queries, normal customer complaint, or similar things. For that, please get in touch with the customer support. For further contact information and CEO details, please check AT&T CEO John Stankey profile here.

Individual Stockholder Contacts / Stockholder Account Correspondence / Inquiries:

If you have any query related to stocks of the company, please get in touch with Stockholder Services on this Hotline: 1-800-351-7221 / (210) 351-3327. Hearing impaired stockholders with access to a TDD device can communicate directly with Computershare by calling 1 888 403-9700.

Do you have their mailing address? If not, then please note down stockholder services mailing address: AT&T Inc. C/O Computershare, P.O. Box 505005, Louisville, KY 40233. Do not forget to save their email address (this e-mail is for stock related inquiries only).

  • Computershare: 1-800-351-7221
  • Outside continental U.S. call collect at 781-575-4729
  • Institutional Investors Contacts Email:

Social Media Accounts and Pages

AT&T have their own verified social media accounts and pages. Please check this Facebook, Twitter Handle and Instagram Account for more. Do not forget to follow them on those accounts. Please avoid exposing your personal details on public platform when you share your question / issue.

List of AT&T Wireless Plans

The company offers various wireless plans for the customers in the United States, such as Unlimited Elite, Unlimited Extra, and Unlimited Starter.

Home Services

They offer various popular home services offered by the company, such as DIRECTV TV, AT&T TV, U-verse TV, Home Internet, Fiber Internet, and Access from AT&T.

Article last re-published on January 5, 2021.

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  1. AT& T located in Darien IL has several unpaid invoices for False Alarm Fines, Nobody is responding to our inquiries or paying the invoices. Please advise as to avoid additional fines and fees for late charges.
    You may contact me at or email me with advisement.

  2. I support your decision to suspend political funding to those that opposed President Biden’s rightful election. I trust you will continue to operate and donate with an eye towards a moral and just future. Thank you.

      • BRAVO! FYI! Did you know that AT&T’s Trade Name has been stolen by illegal immigrants in FLORIDA and also have been d/b/a NEW AT&T MOBILITY PCS, LLC? That is why all of their customer service representatives have very heavy and distinct foreign accents! They moved all of their offices to TEXAS in 2011, but have failed to report any and all changes to the various STATE GOVERNMENT AGENCIES having the Authority to issue a LICENCE to conduct a BUSINESS. The agency you need to contact is the REGULATORY COMMISSION for your area. If you recall they demand arbitration by lying in their welcome letter and failing to inform a customer that it’s optional. You can take them to SMALL CLAIMS COURT and sue them for breach of contract or you can do what I’m planning to do. JUDGE JUDY will retire her current TV COURT this year to begin a new TV COURT SHOW Titled: JUDY JUSTICE. If there is anyone on this planet who will publicly humiliate them and rake them over the coals for their bad behavior it’s JUDGE JUDY! Come prepared! She’s a stickler when it comes to CONTRACTS, RECEIPTS and PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE! Above all DO NOT change your story on the witness stand or get overtly emotional. The goal is to win the war these thieving heathens have declared. To do that you fight one battle at a time and paint yourself as honest and having a working knowledge of COURT ROOM DECORUM. That is the sign of TRUE “passive resistance” and yet maintains the concert of being “actively involved” without stooping to their level and making one criminally culpable. Don’t stop there! CRUCIFY them in the COURT of PUBLIC OPINION by contacting the NEW YORK TIMES and pitch your STORY IDEA to them! Enough letters to them could go viral and then do the unthinkable PRAY to GOD against them! If KING DAVID could then we can! It is after all is said, done out of pure hatred of the GOD of ABRAHAM. JEWS and CHRISTIANS everywhere are under attack from BIG BUSINESS. I hope this helps a lot of people. Maybe we’ll meet on JUDY JUSTICE.

    • Personally speaking, no major business conglomerate should ever be allowed to make any type of donation to a political party; most especilly to businesses who are headquartered in forein countries and/or staffed by non-AMERICANS that simply do not comprehend basic ENGLISH and who are prone to all manner of criminality, debauchery and depravity! Every last one of them do not live in the USA, HAWAII or ALASKA! I believe there is a way to legally put an end to the travesty of injustice that many AMERICANS have endured and suffered since the landmark decision which forced AT&T to diversify in the name of FREE ENTERPRISE. From that moment on heathens from every country in the world have taken our jobs, stolen our land, homes, subjected our children to endless hours of profanity, portrayed all black women as prostitutes, white women as whores and native Americans as murderers! They have promulgated these hideous lies and instilled hatred of one another with their malicious and vile propoganda for no other reason, but absolute world domination! I challenge every red-blooded citizen in the USA to send them your turn off your TV’s, and send back to them their computers and cell phones a/k/a worthless “chinese made” DUNG, FECES, FILTH, GARBAGE, MANURE and TRASH along with a two-word note that says “Adios Amigos!” Then send a letter to the WHITE HOUSE that says: “We don’t need new jobs! We had good jobs which were exported “over seas” and “off shore” while importing their people of ill-repute! Give us our jobs back! Return our homes and land to us and ship them all back to their country of origin! That is how to make AMERICA solvent again! Get back to the basic belief in GOD and restore the RIGHT to publicly worship, praise and mention the Names of GOD and JESUS CHRIST or see what GOD can really do with earthquakes, tornadoes, tseunanis and volcanic eruptions the likes of which have never been done before! Nor, will they ever be done again! In plain ENGLISH – BOYCOTT all things made by those Nations and their native peoples who choore to violate our LAWS and take what was never theirs to have! That’s how you save the USA!

  3. Hello,

    I am needing to send in a Verification of Employment. Can you please help me with a Contact to HR/Payroll? Thank you!

  4. Iv been on and off the phone for 11 hours in the last 3 weeks with all of at&t helpers and been thrown around and pushed away but what they dont understand is I have lots of recordings of how rude some of the employees are and having someone in my house that didnt say whom the service was for wow my roommates let them do it but when I called back to get service wow only if you knew how it went!.!.!!!!!

  5. I was called a “BITCH, twice, by an ATT corporate store manager.

    He also stated to me he would “Call Police and LIE on you and have you ARRESTED. “

    Thankfully, the 8 police officers were sensible and level-headed and immediately saw this manager was setting up a BLACK WOMAN to be brutalized by police over his LIE.

    I am DONE with ATT, as well as 14 of my family members.

  6. I live in Hutto Tx and AT&T has been saying high speed is coming. Oh yeah..when? There are NO available providers other than Viasat and Hughes which charge $120 a month for 250G of data

  7. At&t needs to stop lieing to their customers. I tried to by phones and a plan all at once and it said it was going to be around $650. Then I had to call them, to find out that now the bill in over $2000. Truly unbelievable how on the at&t website the phones and plan were around $650 then all of the sudden it’s now $2000. That’s some scummy bullshit if I have ever seen it. Fix your company.

  8. Just leaving you with a note of interest. You do know that another price hike for ATT TV now will only move consumers to the free services Xumo, Tubi TV and Pluto TV. All of those services have almost the same (and more) stations that we already watched on ATT TV now. We will be cancelling your service on April 14, 2021. We haven’t watched the service in over a year, since we now watch Xumo, Pluto TV and Tubi TV. We currently have Netflix and will be subscribing to HBO Max for $15.99/mo. That will bring our monthly bill to $28.98 per month. A huge savings for a retiree.

    I hope you can see how we would have liked to stay with your program, but the massive saving we will be incurring has made our long thought out decision complete.

    Now that Starlink is in our rural area, we will also be cutting the DSL (Despicably Slow Latency) to be able to stream more than one device at a time.

    Thank you for your time and for the past years with a small semblance of a connectivity.

  9. I have never had a problem with at&t phones or service. Until now! Made my payment in February then could not receive or send texts. I called customer service they did their trouble shooting thing and said they were sure it was fixed. It was not. So three days ago I called customer service again a supervisor worked with fixing it had me take sim card out. Then he did some trouble shooting again and again said should be able to work now. However it did not. I made payment yesterday and phone rings can’t tell where or who is calling to answer. Still can’t text and can barely get a call out. Something needs to be done. I am at this very moment waiting on representative of at&t. I think these representatives not purposely but phone acted worse after every call to them. I really think that as a paying customer, that AT&T should fix it. I do everything on my phone. Work. Looking up things, googling parts for my husband’s business. I think it only right and fair to provide me with a new phone.of equal or better quality, with 2 months of service and same number. Thank you so very much, for your ty and I will continue to be patient but please let’s get this resolved. I really like at& get good service everywhere.i would really hate to have to go with a different company.

  10. I have been a customer for over 30 years with AT&T. I cannot express how disappointing and downright insulting it is to be a AT&T customer right now. I manage large service desks in India, Mexico and the US. I would simply not have a job and my company would be out of business if this is how we treated customers.

    Here are just a few of the wonderful support issues I have dealt with this year alone and some of the typical things that happen on nearly every call I have to make to AT&T:

    “Normal Support Experience”:
    Earlier this year traded in a phone on a rebate for a guaranteed $300 rebate. Filled out all the forms on the AT&T site and sent in trade-in. After 4 months of being told wait until next billing cycle, I spent 18 hours over a 2-day period getting transferred from team to team, being lied to about issues being escalated and called back and finally being told by a manager in the Loyalty Group there was nothing that could be done and not escalation point past her because the rebate was not in your systems. I called the President’s office, was directed to Executive Support and it was resolved in 10 minutes.
    Anytime I have to call in for any change, update, correction, etc. it is a min of 4 hours being transferred between groups, hung up on, told would be called back and that never happens.
    Expect 3-4 transfers every time you call with a possible hang up here and there. Having to repeat the situation every single time only to be told I was with the wrong group for help.
    Your support teams operate in silos and you NEVER get the same answer twice. Some have different access to your account than others and only the Loyalty group seems to be able to help but even their help is limited when you have to rely on totally incompetent agents, systems that have major issues and processes that are in no way customer friendly.
    Anytime there is an issue and most of the time the issue is because of an AT&T mistake, the ENTIRE burden of navigating the maze of support, having to take time to work the issue and taking steps to fix it are TOTALLY on the consumer. It always you have to do this and you have to call this group and you have to pay that now, but will get it back in several billing cycles from now. Its never, that the issue will just be taken care of because AT&T made the mistake.
    It’s common to be told to go into the store to have an issue fixed and when you get there they tell you to call to have the issue resolved.
    You should evaluate your offshore support model with the money you save with offshore resources I would think you are losing more business than you are saving.
    Revamp your entire support model to make it customer friendly and provide systems that allow agents to have the right tools to provide a good customer support.
    If AT&T’s strategy is to make it so painful that you are purposely ending your consumer side business, then you are doing a GREAT job at that. Just look at your reviews and rankings.

    Current Issue:
    March 5th:
    Went into a local store to add a second line to my wireless account for my son.
    In the store I was told it would be $20 to add the line with no other fees.
    While the second line was added I was told by the store employee that a previous second line I had on the account that was at least one to two years ago was never cancelled and that I was being charged for it since it was only in a suspended state. But that would need to call to have that fixed.
    Knowing I had to call to get the suspended line issue reviewed, I waited a few days to have the time to deal with it and to be mentally ready to deal with the incompetence and horrible experience I knew was coming.
    While I was waiting on free time in my busy work schedule to be able to call in during the day, I receive a bill for $339. I immediately called as I was only expecting a $20+ taxes increase based on the sales guy in the store telling me that.
    March 10th:
    I called in and upon review of my account, the sale guy had kept my original wireless plan on the account which was $75/mth and then added the new multi-line plan which just had my son’s number at a price of $110/mth. How that made any sense is beyond me.
    I was also able to verify that I had not been charged for the two-year-old second line even though it was in a suspended state, so again, the wrong info from the store.
    The agent I worked with canceled my original wireless plan and moved my number under the new multi-line plan telling me in a couple of billing cycles I would get the refund from the original wireless plan being canceled. I have no doubt getting that refund will be yet another future issue I will have to deal with.
    During the time to get the account wireless plans setup correctly, I was transferred multiple times and hung up on once.
    March 12th:
    After that experience I simply had enough with the time, emotional energy drain and lack of any true customer experience and I decide after at least 30 years or more of being a customer I was done.
    I had two different accounts with AT&T. My current home is an apartment (Austin, TX) where I had both my wireless and internet on the same account. I had a second account at my house where my ex-wife is living where I had internet only. I called in to start canceling services where I was able to at the house (Cedar Park, TX). I am stuck here at this apartment with your service for internet, but that will be the only service I will end up with when all this is done until I move.
    So I called in to cancel the account with internet service at 308 Angus Drive. I was once again transferred a couple of times. In working to cancel that account and service, I made it a point to ensure the right location and service was being canceled. I was assured it was.
    Sunday, 3/14:
    I wake up and my internet is off. I knew immediately what had happened. The agent canceled the wrong service and location. I called in to have it turned back on and after several transfers repeating the issue I was told that the group that could turn it back on did not work on Sundays. That I, the customer, would need to call back in on Monday morning to get the issue resolved.
    Monday, 3/15:
    I called at 8:30am. I was instructed on a previous call to say that I wanted to cancel my service and the call would route directly to the Loyalty Group. On the first call today the Loyalty team agent at first told me that I needed to talk to another team that handled combined accounts with internet and wireless. She also gave me their direct number for future reference. While waiting on hold to be transferred to this other group I called that number direct and got through right away so I hung up with the first agent. Having to repeat the issue again, the second agent told me that he was not the right group but would try to help me.
    He reached out to some other group to turn my service back on and was told it would be a min of 24-48 hours. UNACCEPTABLE! I told him to start escalating and to call in again because you will probably get a different answer and he did that. He came back a few minutes later and told me the internet would be turned back on in 2 hours.
    The internet did in fact come back on in 2 hours so that was resolved. But, I knew that my account would be a total disaster after going through all of this so I called back in to check on the status of how my account was combined, the billing, discounts etc. I had also received an UPS shipping notification of new equipment being shipped to me (what a waste of investors money in your company that your systems ship out equipment to have a service reinstated).
    While working with the Loyalty team we were able to confirm that part of my wireless account looked right with both phones under one multi-line plan for $110 a month (not the $20 increase I was told). But that because the internet was created under a new account it had not made it through the system to be able to look at the entire account to ensure all the right discounts and promotions were being applied.
    I mentioned that you guys were shipping out new equipment and that once again I, the customer, would have to take time to go return that to UPS. She said she would call tech support to see if they could stop that shipment.
    While I am on hold my internet service was terminated when they went to cancel the shipment.
    I am now still on hold and your internal teams are telling me my service cannot be restored until the 18th. I instructed them to do whatever was done earlier today to get my service turned back on in 2 hours.
    I am being told your systems continue to show the date of the 18th and I am asking to escalate this issue.
    I have now been on the phone on this last call for 2.5 hours with no end in sight to have a mistake made by AT&T fixed. If you add in the time from the previous issues I outline in this email, I am probably about 12-15 hours on the phone trying to get AT&T mistake corrected.
    I am speaking with a manager named Cory right now, but doesn’t sound like there is going to be a quick resolution.
    This is where things stand right now. If this was just a one-off experience, I could understand. But, this is the NORMAL experience you get with AT&T support. As I mentioned, I run service desks in India, Mexico and the US. I would be FIRED for providing this level of support to our customer base. I have always been a huge supporter of AT&T and have been a customer for 30 years or more. But you have now lost me and I will ensure my company slowly phases out all AT&T circuits where possible. This service is so bad, it’s almost like it’s a comedy now. Do you guys even care this is going on? Look at your online reviews with the BBB. What I am saying is what happens every day with AT&T support. I am not able to fully move to another provider here at the apartment, but if I was able to I would already be gone.

    In 2020 and now into 2021, I have probably spent over 60 hours or more on the phone with your support. I expect my internet to be turned on immediately, not on the 18th. I expect some sort of financial compensation on my bills for my time away from work having to navigate your horrible customer support processes, being lied to repeatedly, being hung up on during transfers, going without internet access because of AT&T’s mistake and having to use my hotspot eating up my data for the month. Your support is not improving, it is getting worse. COVID is not an excuse anymore. If you have any pride in your company to provide your customers a good support experience, whoever is in charge of that should be FIRED and your entire support model should be restructured.

    Please let me know a time that I can call to speak with you directly. But, this is the background. I am still on hold right now trying to get my internet service on. 2 hours and 30 minutes.

    • OH MY GOSH!!!
      I have been having the same issue and I’m so glad to see someone actually that the time to write out this issues that so many of us have. I have ended up loosing a job due to this issue because it required soo much time, its a real inconvenience. The one thing that blew my mind now today as i sit on the phone yet again, on hold after 2 hours of being on the phone, i reached a supervisor, who of course was no help and i barely could understand her but when it came time to fix the issue she was absolutely no help, over talked me the entire time, even attempted to make it as if i were being dumb. What blew my mind was when i asked for the person above her and was told ” i am the boss, there is no one over me or that i report to.” I was hung up on smh!!!

      • Same here. Also with Asurion. What happened to compassion, respect, and curtesy for each other! Sad world we live in today

  11. Mr. Stankey,
    We, my husband and I, would have been customers for 50 years in 2022. We can no longer stay with a company that lies, cheats, overcharges, and treats customers the way I have been treated the last two days. Just want you to know a company is no longer a company without customers and unless I was lied to yet again, as of first of May I will no longer be a customer.

  12. Mr Stanley It is sad day to find out that although we were lied to to avoid giving us our trade in credit just to make a sale and talked about behind our back being called idiots think I’m losing my baby (Store) for some idiots. The trade in department said it was impossible for us to miss our trade in deadline since one was never created and asked to do a 3 way call with the Att store and even as they were told to just create a trade in they refused and said they had no idea what they were talking about, mind you this is the company who takes ATT trade ins. Was told call Loyalty Department because the manager said he do nothing for us even after we had a family member attempt to kill them self.

    • I had a similar situation, I dropped off my phones at post office. I kept my tracking information. From October 2019 -February 2020, I called several days spoke to several people no resolution. I was disconnected several times and they said they couldn’t locate my phones I traded. I had to open a case with Better Business Bureau (BBB). Corporate contact initially assigned was so rude and closed my case,I had to reopen my case through BBB again and was assigned someone else. What happen to CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

  13. I have spent over 20 hours dealing with a porting issue since Nov 2020. My husband and I have lost time with our children on Saturdays and evenings to try to get help. Friday I took a half day off to try to find a resolution only to be transferred and hung up on. I left work at 1:30, sat in parking lot at an AT&T store for 2 hours just so he can tell me he cannot help me because a “back office” has an active ticket open. I then called the service line and called numerous times finally at 09:30 pm I threw in the towel. Sir after a long week of work is this how you would like to spend your Friday?

    During a pandemic we have been paying double because of this porting error. Twice I have been told by two different reps to port our lines to a different carrier aka AT&T’s competitor for 60 days then we can port again to resolve this issue…. How does that sound like a solution? How could I trust that a new porting representative would handle this request successfully? Who would continue to pay the AT&T active dummy lines with installment plans?

    My husband and I transferred to AT&T from T-Mobile because of network, and in all honesty network is better.. SERVICE DEPARTMENT and model is a nightmare!! The worse I have seen, from any client service model! Reps pass you between team to team with no resolution drop calls to wait 20mins +. How unacceptable! This is a porting issue, then this is a loyalty issue. Then managers of client loyalty team close tickets with no resolution #.

    Not one representative has taken ownership over my issue or tried to find a reasonable solution. I know exactly what happened and so does every rep I spoke with but not one person can help me. Where do I find help ? Last ticket created on Saturday, manager was supposed to call me back but closed case without any phone call or notification after I had explained I do not want to call and wait on hold again. I thought this time I had got someone who could help. Only to discover they had too closed the ticket without resolution. Today another manager Jesus said I am not sure what to tell you but I can create another case to see if the IT will process it this time!!!! Who handles these cases and how do I get this resolved? In a pandemic I have had to pay double what I should. I cannot switch carriers, what will happen to my installment plans, I cannot afford devices all at once or items will hit my credit report. Such a difficult situation for me..

    I would like for you to review my calls with service team, then review the notes. All I want is to cancel the 4 dummy lines and be reimbursed what I have paid for them since November. I am not sure how this is such a difficult request. I have no problem with network or paying the installment plans. I have lost so much time and money with this AT&T porting mistake.

    I appreciate your time and consideration on this matter.

  14. I cannot believe that you’re company is wanting me to pay a 200.00 deductible on a phone I already have insurance on this is insane what’s the point to have insurance then???

    • The insurance has nothing to do with AT&T. What do you mean you cannot believe you have to pay a deductible to file a claim. You pay a deductible when you make a claim with car insurance, home insurance, health insurance and so on.

  15. The WORST customer service I have ever encountered ..

    It is April 1st –
    The issue started March 13th and i’m yet to find a solution.

    The postpaid connection never happened on the 13th ..
    The change was from a landline to post paid wireless ..

    We waited until the 16th but recieved no phone connection (no service) ..

    So the store switched us to prepaid ..

    Now they try to charge for those 3 days where we had ‘ NO ‘ service ..

    Every time I’ve called, they have changed us from department to department .. but nothing ever gets done ..

    Better Business Bureau must hear from this.

  16. I was promised for switching Over a $200 gift card in January never received it. It is April called representative who was at my house, (twice)

    he does not return calls.I also was told my bill would be $66 a month it was for the first month and then it went up to 83.55. Called AT&T several times been on the phone for over two hours and I only had was a simple question , if I was told $66 and I’m paying 83 there’s a $17 difference could someone please tell me what it is and no one could give me a direct answer I would never recommend AT&T!,,

  17. Will have i have agree with everybody the service you get from AT&T customer service and including the team from office of the Presdent. Will i been fighting with AT&T for 1 year now, i have email the CEO to now i blocked my email. Where we leave was told we have 4G service and we only have 3G service, we have avg 31 drop call a day, but they want me to pay for 4G service, so i was laid to store when we switched carriers. i been on the phone daily and all they want to do tranfer you to another dept and have go thought everything again. then Monday April 5 i call the guy told me that his manager would call me back, will that never happen, day by day i get little madder since they don’t want resolve our issue. AT&T board of director need take hard look at the staffing issue and leardship team, and they really need to here from the customer how pay there salery the real issue.

  18. AT&T is too big to honour their employees assurances, and fail to address the most simple of errors by “blaming” the customer.
    I was followed by an AT&T employee telling how great the service is now (except for their internet).
    In telling me this he saw I was a Paramedic, and began bragging about AT&T helping us in times of need.
    Then he shows me the “ad” for a new phone @$10 month but by the purchase time downgrades from the newest to an 11.
    He then promotes the cost factor is less than TMobile (my carrier) BUT $65 ($10 more) with new phone. Ok. New phone (although an 11) I will go $10.00. more.
    First BILL higher; well they charged for the “free” switch from TMobile. They charged “unknown” fees. They charged taxes. I call and am told ALL AT&T one line accounts are $90 – none of the discounts apply. You will get billed $90/mo for this $65 account. So now it is $25.00 more and can go up/down with hidden fees that raise tax.
    SECOND BILL; discount of ONE MONTH for phone. I speak with Pablo in writing he assures all is fixed, and that ALL discounts promised are applied.
    THIRD BILL, now there is again no $10 phone add on (see their ad is still live on their website), and there are fees making the bill $90.
    THIS IS BAIT AND SWITCH BUT ALSO OUTRIGHT LIES. I could afford $65 but not $90 and who knows what fees resulting in increase taxes per month.
    THE PRESIDENT NEVER RESPONDED to emails, call messages left or email.
    I CANNOT get internet (GPS) in many areas of town (BUT AM PAYING MORE)
    I CANNOT use phone in some areas as well (BUT AM PAYING MORE)
    I reported to BBB, they said “not unusual”.
    I reported to FtB; they said “we hear this a lot but they do not respond”.
    So what is a customer to do?
    WELL buy no food to pay this phone company who is OVERCHARGING and LYING. Pablo swore I would not pay more than $65 per month as well.

    • It specifically states in his contact info “Please do not send out ordinary queries, normal customer complaint, or similar things. For that, please get in touch with the customer support.” Did you seriously think the President of a 266 Billion dollar company is going to respond to your email?

  19. Hi, 
    I have been using the Internet and TV service for my home for the last few years (7-9 years) and your company has charged a fee without my consent. For example, I didn’t ask for a Protection plan to my account but you did without my agreement and I have been paying 10 dollars every month.  I also asked for 5 DIRECTV receivers when I switched over from Comcast to ATT but your company activated 6 receivers and have been paying 7 dollar every month.  I called ATT and spoke with representatives a few times to get my credits back but they asked me to wait then hung me.  :(.  I thought that a big corporation wording is more trustful and based on a contract agreement to charge customer services fee but your company didn’t :(.  I hope to bring my attendance to post my concern here and hope some Sr. Executive members can step in to help out.  I am also planning to ask BBB to step in to help me out in 3 business days.

  20. Please help me find/provide a contact information for Human Resources Department I need information regarding a pension plan I’m a former employee Thank you.

  21. Thursday 4,29,2021

    Dear Sir,

    I hope that this email finds you and yours in good health

    I have been an ATT customer for over ten years. I find that the service provided back then was of the best. I’m writing you to notify you that the service provided to a grand fathered account is as horrible as can be. I have processed an upgrade with the next program with all the devices that i have on my account on November 11,2020. The offer I received by text was received on 10/15/2020: Happy iPhone Day! reply yes to receive a call tomorrow to get up to $800.00 off your Iphone12! Pick up available at AT&T Middle Island near Rite Aid.

    I upgraded three phones. Since the iPhone 12 Pro Max was not available for delivery, I waited a month for the new phone. When the phone finally arrived. I was provided with a return label and was advised to use it and return the old phone I had, witch was the iPhone 8+ . I spoke with your customer service, billing department, wireless mobility and Technical department numerous times for the credit of $800.00 to be applied to my account for the trade in and have been bounced around from department to department and was given so many different information and resolutions that have gone no where. I was told that the Next trade-in credit would typically be applied to the account within one to two billing cycles. We are now at four billing cycles since that upgrade. I still have no resolution to my upgrade. While I had a tracking number for the receipt of the old phone, I was made aware that the phone was received in the wrong warehouse, but would not cause an issue, since the offer has not been applied.

    I am bringing my complaint to you as a long standing customer that this conduct is unacceptable. I have been a customer for more than ten years, as I mentioned earlier and have a grandfathered account with you. I have recommended costumers to your company and feel that this conduct is uncalled for and request that you please bring your attention to the way promotions are processed and that the consumer is able to enjoy the benefits paid for. I have always paid my account and processed upgrades throughout the years. I just simply find the service provided unsatisfactory. So I bring my concerns to your attention in hopes that a resolution may occur.

    Please accept my regards and I sincerely hope that my request is reviewed and my concerns addressed.

    • “I have been a customer for more than ten years, as I mentioned earlier and have a grandfathered account with you.”

      What grandfathered plan do you have? One of the requirements for trade in promotion you requires you to be on a new unlimited plan. If you are not, the you will not get the promotion.

  22. Humbly, this USPS postal service customer asks that you evaluate the entire USPS system for complete implementation of 5G in the entire USPS system and USPS overseas.
    Humbly, please give AT&T 5G feedback to this USPS postal service customer.

  23. After been given the runaround for 6 Months .. Good Riddance ATT ..
    Hello Xfinity and I LOVE my new provider
    Less money and more selections 🥰

  24. I agree they are supporters of the ANITFA grp crimmals rioters destroyers idiots over their own workers in Houston Tx. They are nothing but liars and killers and destroying innocent people but yet if they complain about the workers.. AT&T takes their side instead of their tech workers!!!!! Boycott AT&T!!!!!

  25. Supportors of the Antifa grp instead of thejr own tech workers …whats with that management of houston tx???????? A grp like that and you believe their lying cral over your techs??????? Antifa grp Supporters!!!!!!!!

  26. ANITFA grp supporters!!! Im going to help this AT&T tech with a lawyer to fight for
    His reputation over the crappy ANITFA grp lies!!! And you AT&T believe their crap over your own techs!!!!!

  27. Mr. Stankey,

    5 Phone Lines

    In December 2020, an ATT call center rep phoned me with what seemed to be a very good offer to switch to ATT from my existing carrier of 12 years T-Mobile.

    The offer was for 250.00 USD per each phone line I brought over to ATT with my own device.

    The stipulation was that I needed to pay at least one bill before receiving the gift card(s)

    I have spent over a total of 7 hours of phone time with multiple departments including twice the Loyalty/Rewards department which hung up on me today after being on the phone with them again for 52 minutes before being suddenly connected to a new rep who needed me to repeat all the information that I’ve previously shared

    with two other reps during this call. This particular rep out of the blue told me that his unit is only a processing center and that my claim is now over 120 days old and is void even as he sees the notes where I had been calling every month to resolve this matter and get what was promised.

    I have called back each month and was told to wait 5-7 days for a manager to return my call with a resolution which never happened.

    This has been the single worst experience of my life thus far and I was warned to never use ATT service but I did a try and as a shareholder with 30k invested my goal was to support with my money as well.

    Please advise how to correct this awful onboarding experience.

    Thanks in advance.

    Eric Banks

  28. just wanted to inform that my services was spend today because i did not have the money to pay to day 5/11/2011 i spoke to 3 CSR and that i will get pay on 5/14/2021 i make the agreement to on said day well the told me no that i have pay the due palace and i understand that and that how pay 45.00 activated PHONE are you out your mind for 3day have Waite get charge …..WELL AT&T you SUC* AND SERVICE BAD going with t-mobile BYE

  29. Hello my name is Maria Urzua,
    I really would like to get this issued fixed since it’s been 5 months now . So back in 11/26/20 i ported 2 lines from t-mobile. Because At&t representative offered me a good deal if I was interested, which was if we ported any lines from another carrier each line would receive $500 per each line that was ported . So I convinced my 2 daughters to move from
    t-mobile to AT&T and they were going to send them 2 visa debit cards right after the lines were imported. Obviously they never did , so I called , chatted with the representative and one would say one thing and the other something else . But at the end they would say give it a little more time , or we’ll take care of it , i even have a case opened. They were supposed to send me a email in March with the options of how I would like to get the visas and nothing!! And today I chatted with an agent and he says it wasn’t valid ??? So now I’m pissed off because they’re basically saying I’m screwed and got lied too by all these different agents ??? That can’t NOT be possible!!! I need this take care of ASAP !!! I have waited long enough and have spent a lot of my time trying to get my 2 visas I was promised!!! I will not sit here and just let everything slide !! They need to get there bs together!! I know for sure they have proof , they just want to get out of it if they can !!

  30. Why are you cutting the dividend that so many people rely on to live!!!!!!
    I have held AT&T stock for over 60 years. I was taught as a child to eat peanuts before selling any AT&T. Where is your concern for stockholders?

  31. Just a little over a month ago on Mad Money, the CEO said the dividends were safe. Now this week it’s a different story. My retirement income was somewhat dependent on my 7K shares of T that I have purchased over the years. It’s time to sell and take my loss. IBM here i come! Not only am I selling my T but I’m going to change phone providers the 1st of the month. Hoping other T holders will do the same. I always said to hold T until I die. Oops! that was last week!
    Cya “T”

  32. have been an ATT customer for more than 20 years. The reason I am contacting you is in hope that you may be able to help me. I have been getting the runaround from customer service since April..I am having a serious issue with number sync not working on my galaxy watch . I have spent so many hours over the last 6 weeks trying to get the issue fixed. Each time I call I spend at least an hour talking with multiple people who say they will call me back with a solution, I never get a call back.
    I even went to our local ATT store and they say they cant help. I am paying monthly for the service to use my watch for calls when my phone is not with me as I need this ability for my job.

    I am just so frustrated that I have made so many attempts by calling to find someone to help an the hours of time on the phone is crazy.

    The last rep I talked with told me just use the bluetooth feature only and not worry about number sync. He said apparently you can’t have that service anymore. He also said that my other choice is to buy a new watch. Samsung looked at my watch and said the issue was on ATT end.
    Being a customer for 20 plus years and this is the customer service I have received makes me wonder why I have continued to pay for services and this is the customer service I am receiving in return. My bills are always paid on time. I am confident someone at ATT has the ability to help with this issue but just not sure who or how long I have to keep calling till I can get it resolved.
    I have done some research online and see there is a big issue for others with numbersync.
    Will this ever be resolved for us….. the customers. But we continue to pay for a service that does not work properly.

    Thanks for your time.Sorry to trouble you but I am just desperate at this point .All I want is for my services I pay for to work properly

    Wendy A. Lara

  33. John Stanley is a miserable CEO. I control more then a million and we can’t wait to replace him. He is not qualified to run this company. Just look back and see what he has done. A group is being formed to change him.

  34. I just want somebody…anybody to be held accountable for the very poor customer service and the lack of knowledge of the employees of Digital Life. It’s amazing how quick they are to take your money but when help is needed…It is the worst. Shame on you AT&T. Your company would be nothing without customer so treat us as if we matter because we do. I have been trying since October 2020 for Digital Life to get my account right and it is now May 2021. Why is it so hard to file a formal complaint? No one will share a name, address or phone number so that I can…Shame Shame Shame. I guess the service is this way because AT&T no longer exist and the Company is really SBC and they just dont give a S**T!!!!

  35. Just sharing a recent experience

    Attempted Solutions- 6-14 of them -Jun 4th 10:30am to 12:30pm-No Resolution.
    I called 001-***-***-**** This is the number to call while in Mexico. (Not Free)

    The first person out of nine of them I called-I expressed that I was being charged international rates -He replied that “you don’t charged” when calling a 800 number from your AT&T phone-I reminded the person that my phone is inoperable, that is I am calling from my girlfriends phone on Verizon -and to connect I had to agree to pay international rates.
    After being on the line for 15 minutes-I was told I needed to be transferred-I was transferred, then asked the same questions and then transferred again, then the call was dropped.

    I called back again, and again this process lasted for just about two hours. The last person I spoke with was supposed to ship me a replacement phone, I expressed over and over that I used my phone for work. That I need it at my door when I arrive back from Mexico, today June 4th, regardless of the cost and that I am willing to pay for the shipping. Cristal-said she would check with your boss, then you guessed it -put me on hold yet again, when she came back, she said her boss said no. I asked to speak with her boss, then the call was dropped. I had to leave the resort to head to the airport. She had my email, my girlfriend’s cell phone number-I did not receive a follow-up call, no shipping confirmation that I was getting my replacement phone. Nothing-While on my flight-I paid for internet service logged on to AT&T to check for updates-Nothing

    I understand that none of the people I spoke with, nor AT&T make Samsung phones, it is not anyone’s fault my phone got a firmware issue that gave it the Black Screen of Death. However, it should not take 11 people, saying “I understand”, who could not or would not listen and help solve what seems to be an amazingly simple issue. The customer’s phone is broken-Get the man a new phone, Today.

    You do understand that once whenever that happens-That by some miracle I receive the replacement phone, and I pay for my girlfriend’s international calls I made to AT&T, I will be firing you guys.

  36. This was all the (NO) help I have received:
    Ms. Curry President of AT&T? Called to HELP me and never returned a call.
    I have received no help, no calls back (even though promised a call back) to resolve my internet issues and I am still paying for for services they are NOT providing. I spoke with 7 different people on Monday, June7th, kept giving me different numbers to call and transferring.

    I am a teacher and just need my internet to work. I work very hard and I can’t afford to pay AT&T for extremely poor quality service.

    I was told by the technician that the tower placed in our area was put in a valley and only provides for a few people. What were they thinking placing a tower in a gorge? Someone did not do their homework.

    I am sure many people in the 37705 area would appreciate AT&T to step up and correct this issue. Many students would benefit from the tower being relocated or another placed on HIGHER Ground.

    Mrs. Pope

  37. I can swear I payed these clowns in full in march i payed $290 and that same day i thought why not just finish off all of it so that way you do not have to owe anything so i payed onther $245 same day about 3 weeks ago they send me a bill for $490 wait I payed everything off the second payment of $245 was to someone in your offices in Tennessee she said I wont owe a dime then she my plan to a $ 50 flat monthly I do not use the apps you got in there I do not use much of data is have high-speed internet at home I looked at my bank statements all payments are on there so wtf is the issue so the bill is up to $570.67 for what its straight up robbery and the phone been payed for fully its fucking LG valvet cost when i bought it with plan $500 ok so they network locked it no worries doctor unlock is on that part but at&t bunch of crooks man they know what they doing


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