Northwestern Mutual Headquarters Information, and Contact Details

The Northwestern Mutual is a large financial services mutual organization, headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States of America. John E Schlifske is the Chief Executive Officer of this large company since July 2010. The company was founded by John Johnston in March 1857. It is one of the oldest financial services companies in the US. LearnVest, ClientWise LLC, Nm Regal LLC, Mason Street Advisors LLC, Blue Ridge Financial Group, NM Pebble Valley LLC, Lydell Inc. and more are subsidiary companies of Northwestern Mutual.

As of now, it is one of the largest financial services mutual companies in the United States, featured in Fortune 500 US companies. In this article, we have provided important headquarters contact details of Northwestern Mutual including media contacts, HR, general inquiry, and more. So, let’s see!

Northwestern Mutual Headquarters
Northwestern Mutual Headquarters

Northwestern Mutual Corporate Headquarters

The company is based in Milwaukee WI, full contact address is 720 East Wisconsin Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53202 and phone number is (414) 271 – 1444.

General Inquiry Contact Details

For any general question, enquiry, query, or problem, please contact at (866) 950 – 4644.

Media Enquiry / Newsroom Contacts

If you are from media house or news reporter, please call on 800 – 323 – 7033 or email at

Northwestern Mutual Claims Contact Information

The Northwestern Mutual claims for Disability Insurance phone number is (800) 748 – 9493. To Report a Death, kindly call on (800) 635 – 8855. For Long Term Care, please call on (800) 748 – 9493. For Locate a Lost Policy, kindly call on (800) 388 – 8123.

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Quick Facts About Northwestern Mutual

The company is engaged in various financial services products, a quick info is given below:

  • Revenue: US$28.158 billion (2016)
  • Number of employees: 7500 (2017)
  • Founded in 1857
  • Products: Investments and Insurance
  • Net Income: US$818 million (2016)

The company offer various products, some of them are given below:

  • Planning Services: Financial Planning, Business Services, Retirement Planning, Long-Term Care, College Savings Plans, Estate Planning, and Private Client Services
  • Life Insurance: Term Life Insurance, Whole Life Insurance, Universal Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance: For Doctors & Dentists, and For Individuals
  • Other Insurance: Annuities, Long-Term Care
  • Investments: Market Commentary, Investment Solutions, Private Client Services, and Advisory Programs

Article last re-published on March 24, 2020.

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    Dear Northwestern Insurance Company contact:

    My wife and I saw your touching and quite moving TV commercial of the little boy with autism whose mother teams with him to launch a business.

    It is beautiful, so much so that we almost cried, then, quite suddenly, the most baleful, mournful and depressing song verse we have ever heard (and we lived in Nashville for more than a decade) ends the spot.

    That song left us hollow, thinking something terrible must have happened to that precious little boy or his family. Are they OK?

    The song lyrics seem to be crying out “We HAD a dream…” as if that dream has ended. Having taught professional communication for three decades, including ad and PR messaging development, the lyrics hit right at the important closing of the spot–sharing frightening confusion with slamming mixed messaging.

    Are the little boy and his family OK? If so, why would you put such a baleful song and message at the end of this truly beautiful TV spot?

    Frederick Talbott
    VB, VA


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