Rocket Mortgage Payoff Address

Rocket Mortgage Payoff Address

How Do I Send Funds For A Payoff?

Rocket Mortgage accepts only certified funds for loan payoffs: wire transfers, cashier’s checks or certified checks. Your bank can help you with sending certified funds. Information on where to send your check or wire transfer are included in your payoff quote. Please include your name, loan number and property address on your payment.

Rocket Mortgage Generating Your Payoff Quote

Once you have the information above, you can give a call and have your payoff quote generated on the same day.

To get started, give a call at (877) 373-7433. After that, you can respond to the interactive prompts with your voice or by pressing the keys on your touchtone phone.

They will use the information above to identify you and make sure they have the correct loan.

Once They have identified your information, you’ll be able to preview your payoff. You’ll also be given the option to generate a payoff quote and understand how long the quote is good for; you have until this date to pay off your loan in full. If you don’t make the payoff by the time the quote expires, you can call in and go through the process again to generate a new quote.

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