McDonald’s Corporate Headquarters Info, Contact Details, CEO Email and More

McDonald’s is a world famous fast food chain, headquartered in Chicago, IL, United States of America. You can buy fast food online on the official website. They accept wide variety of payment methods for your order. You can choose from wide variety of available food menu. They have good presence in most of cities and towns around the United States. Do not forget to use your credit card to earn some points. For more information, you can check your bank’s official website.

In this article, we have provided headquarters contact information of McDonald’s including headquarters address, CEO Email, Corporate Office Phone Number and More. So, let’s see!

McDonald's Headquarters
McDonald’s Headquarters

McDonald’s Headquarters Address and Phone Number

The company is running one of the famous fast food retail chains in the US. They offer variety of value-priced food products. Please note down McDonald’s Corporate Headquarters Address: 110 North Carpenter Street Chicago, IL 60607, United States of America. You can also use this corporate headquarters address as mailing address to send your highest level matter.

Do you have any query which need attention of McDonald’s Headquarters staff? Please note down corporate office phone number 1-630-623-3000.

McDonald’s CEO Email Address

If you are not satisfied with the company’s lower level customer support team, please get in touch with the CEO. Please note down McDonald’s CEO Email Please make your complaint first to the customer support team and other regional managers. Please do not send your complaint or feedback directly to the CEO.

McDonald’s Investor Relations Contact Information

If you are an existing shareholder in the company and have any query then please get in touch with shareholder services company. Please note down McDonald’s Shareholder Services Address: McDonald’s Shareholder Services c/o Computershare, P.O. Box 6006, Carol Stream, IL 60197-6006, USA. This mailing address can be used only for optional investments.

For correspondence and new enrollment, please use this mailing address: McDonald’s Shareholder Services
c/o Computershare, P.O. Box 505000, Louisville KY 40233, USA.

You can also get in touch on telephone, please note down McDonald’s Shareholder Services: 630-623-7428.

McDonald’s Media Relations Contact Details

Are you a journalist, online press reporter, newspaper reporter, or magazine reporter? Looking for someone to talk at the company about press matters? If yes, then please note down McDonald’s Media Relations Email Address Please note that this phone line is available from Monday to Friday between 8am and pm (Central Time).

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Social Media Accounts

They have one of the largest fan base on the social networking websites. You can follow them and like their accounts to get latest updates and news. Please note down verified and official social media links: Facebook Page, Twitter Handle, YouTube Channel, Instagram Profile and Tumblr.

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10 thoughts on “McDonald’s Corporate Headquarters Info, Contact Details, CEO Email and More”

  1. Well………we were excited to try the new crispy chicken burger at our local McD’s
    but were so disappointed. The chicken was NOT crispy…….and only had 3 little
    pickles under a dry bun…………haven’t tried the other chicken sandwiches after this
    disappointing choice………we live in a small town in MN………..hope the company pays
    attention to the little guys out here also so we have a better experience next time.

    Happy Spring!

    • I totally agree with your comment about the “crispy” chicken sandwich, it was very very disappointing. It’s just a piece of rotisserie chicken and tasted pretty bad. I will not try again, they should just stick to hamburgers.

      • I think they should continue to look for more options. Not everyone like or can eat red meet. Not just for the environment but for health issues.

        The chicken sandwich should be GRILLED not FRIED, CRISPY, FRESH, and it should come with mayonnaise, lettuce, red onions, tomatoes, on a fresh bun. It would give it much more taste.

        The fish sandwich should be GRILLED or BAKED not fried with the same ingredients above.

        Most important, all food should me made with LOVE and PASSION.

  2. March 19,2021 7:30 am
    McDonald’s Jacksboro hwy & Ephraim street, Fort Worth, Texas
    I wanted to inform you that there is a gentleman, don’t know his name, maybe he’s a manager..He is the most passionate worker I have ever seen. He’s hard working and truly cares about making customers happy..I am a 66 yr old disabled veteran who has been living in my car for 3& a half yrs. Experience has been devestating..people everywhere look down on you, like your beneth them..they make fun of you or they treat you bad..But when I go thru drive thru every morning..he greets me and serves me with non judgmental eyes.. He shows me respect, like I was somebody.. I have never been treated so well.. This man should be one that would make your company proud..I hope you take notice and do the best you can for him..

  3. I went to Wichita Falls, store # 4591, order 4 combos and nuggets and I received the order, the fries were missing, we had to go back, they ignore me and had to pay extra for the fries. The floor manager, Nora, that the name she gave me did not help me, all se said was you have to pay for the fries because the order doesn’t says combos, and I’ll talk to the girl that the took the order, but that’s it.

    That is a terrible customer service, McDonald’s is excellent in CS. When I called, she said come back and I will give you more fries, that’s all I can do. I didn’t want fries, all I want is the money back in my card, that’s what I told her, I’m in my way to Dallas, I don’t live here. I felt like there was no CS at all.

    Still, it’s not my problem that she got the wrong order and i had to pay extra for her mistake.
    I kindly request that a manager or somebody look into this and take proper action.
    Thank you,

  4. You can’t put a hot chicken sandwich in a sealed bag and not expect the bun not to get soggy. Then the whole sandwich is soggy not crispy.

  5. Very disappointed with the BTS meal. All the hype for the BTS meal showing everything in purple. We ordered four BTS meals thru the McD’s app and everything came in the normal McD’s containers (no purple container and no BTS symbol).The only thing connected to the BTS meal is the sweet chili sauce ( it was very yummy!).

  6. I’m 73, but when I grab a quick lunch, I get a kids meal. This week when I went thru the drive-through, I got the usual kids meal and coke. They always put a toy in the bag, which I rarely look at and toss it in the back. After 4 or 5 toys, we give them to the grandkids. This weeks toy made me see RED. It says it’s Disney “SOUL”, but if anybody could convince me that this is not a subliminal message to little kids about BLM and gays, I’ll eat this toy!! Not going back to McDonalds for anything any more. Cost of everything is going up, you’re hard pressed to find somebody that speaks good English and the food is cool to cold 50% of the time. Oh, and BTW…God said that marriage is between ONE man and ONE woman. And they have taken the colors of the rainbow, God’s promise that He would never flood the world again, and turn it into something bad. Shame on them! I am VERY disappointed in the way this world is going downhill. And now it looks like McDonalds is falling right in line! Pathetic!!!

  7. Why is it most food chains restaurants are open to come in and sit down and eat and McDonalds is NOT ?? I have my own opinion on this. I think they stand behind this stay at home and get payed BULL $HIT . In the long run this is paying off in spades for McDonalds.
    As lone as we set in lines and get our order our food that is half the time is wrong, they wont open the restaurant. They don’t have to hire someone to pay wages ,give benefits cleaning off tables, clean floors , clean bathrooms. I’m sure if pushed they will use the excuse, we can’t get anyone to apply. Gee, they can’t get people to come in and apply, what a win win. OK McDonalds it’s time to stop the BULL $HIT. OPEN YOU RESTAURANTS ! And oh by the way, I really think it’s time to GIVE US OUR REFILLS. The Pandemic is over and that thing about spreading the Covid Germ on a surface is and always was BULL .

  8. I’m not a complainer.
    Nobody likes a complainer.

    For the second (but, I promise, the LAST) time, I waited over 30 minutes curbside for my mobile order (paid for) at the Umatilla McDonald’s. I’ve been at the window now for almost 20 minutes and haven’t seen a single person.

    You’ll leave H A N G R Y!


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