Food Network Headquarters Address, Studio Location, Email Address and More

Food Network is a famous American TV channel, headquartered in New York City, NY, United States. They offer unique programs, events, and magazine to the US viewers. In the US, they have large user base with more than 46 million unique web users monthly. They are also publishing popular magazine “Food Network Magazine” with 13.5 million readers. This brand is owned by world famous Discovery Inc. They are leader in real life entertainment around the world.

You can contact Food Network TV Channel, Magazine, and website through their head office located in New York, NY. Let’s see important contact information of Food Network Inc. including headquarters address, corporate office phone number, mailing address, and more.

Food Network Headquarters

Food Network Headquarters

Food Network Headquarters Address and Phone Number

It is located in New York City, NY, United States. You can send your query, issue, problem, complaint, feedback, or suggestion to this Food Network Headquarters Address: The Home of Food Network, 75 Ninth Avenue New York, NY 10011.

You can talk with staff of Food Network for your query or suggestion on their telephone. Please note down Food Network Phone Number (New York Office): 1-212-989-6699. Please call them during working hours only.

Food Network General Enquiry: How do I contact Food Network?

If you are concerned about your subscription status, back issues, cancellation, missing issues, payments, gift subscriptions, billing, address change, or have just general question, please call at this toll free number 1-866-587-4653.

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Social Media Presence and Accounts

They have good presence on all popular social media platforms and websites. You can send them your complaint, suggestion, feedback, and opinion. Please note down their profile links / account links: Facebook Page, Twitter Handle, Instagram Profile, YouTube Channel, and Pinterest. These are verified accounts of Food Network Inc.

Please be careful, do not send your personal details to anyone in the name of Food Network. Please get in touch with only authorized way only.

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Article first published on June 22, 2020.

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10 Responses

  1. Terri Simonson says:

    Please stop airing Comet Ping Pong. He is a disgusting sick man

  2. jamal dillard says:

    I was so offended by the show Amy learns to cook when she used the f word. You are a family directed show. There are children who watch your show. Please do not destroy your reputation as a great shows

  3. David Hayes says:

    I would like to be a guest on Beat Bobby Flay’s show or a judge.
    Ive followed Bobby’s career since he was on Boy Meets Grill.

  4. Brent Wilson says:

    The holiday baking and candy shows suck. Please stick with real chefs and gourmet food. Few find the commercial Christmas baking shows entertaining,,,dumb celebrities and MC’s.

  5. Zina Hammond says:

    Why are the parents watching the kids on kids baking championship.. it’s taking the show away from the kids. Please please don’t do it next season. I have been a fan of this show. Every since the first show. I can’t do this one. Sorry you have lost a fan.

  6. Diana Coggin says:

    I am a devoted Food Network fan for 30 years with 80% of my viewership either watching or being recorded to watch later. However, I do not know who is producing the Martha Rules Chopped competitions but if they wanted to show Martha as a (W)itch and I have supported her in the past…they have surely accomplished that! I am out!! Chopped is about cooking with difficulty ingredients within time constraints. It is not about someone, even Martha, ringing a bell and making “pivoting” the whole point of the show rather than cooking!! When one of the leaders because of his qualifications was eliminated in the first round because the cook to his left had doused the sea urchin in vinegar, the veal was over salted by the same cook and Martha responded that it was a little salty for her when presented by the final winner…”Ya think Martha!!!” Count me out of this stupid show that does not paint Martha in a good light or actually feature mind boggling cooking by the contestants under difficult circumstances. What a disappointment…producers should be ashamed and get a NEW job!!!

  7. Sue Grimord says:

    To Jeff mauro’s new show. Just binged watched it. But don’t let them pick there own stuff, it was more fun when they didn’t know what they were getting, love to see you in Seattle.
    Thanks for reading this. Sue

  8. Karen Baroni says:

    Why not have a real chef like George Stella or Emeril Lagasse teach people how to cook instead of having so many competitions?
    Your most popular chef I enjoy but having him over and over on different shows and repeating the shows for over 10 years is monotonous.
    I would love a low carb show or something new and different for home cooks to learn healthy cooking.

  9. PB says:

    I am highly outraged that on the show ” the Great Food Truck Race”, that the cast is not wearing face masks in preparing/cooking the food they sell during Covid in both the Alaska and San Francisco races. To wear masks during the selling of food, but not preparation or cooking the food is incomprehensible to me. Does the franchise not a feel like they are not responsible to the public at large? Do they not understand their risks and responsibility as a public health care risk? Are they liable for their contribution of spreading of the disease?

  10. Jackie Ruckelshaus says:

    Food network is my favorite go to shows. It’s what I watch almost exclusively. I get the need to include diversity in your shows but Carson Kressley is too sexual and just harassed Bobby Flay on the show. It is inappropriate and I’m tired of seeking no shows tolerate this

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