Lowe’s Corporate Office Address, Email Address, and Corporate Office Information

Lowe’s Companies, Inc. is one of the FORTUNE 500 home improvement companies with headquarters based out of Mooresville, North Carolina. The Company operates a chain of retail stores in United States, Mexico and Canada and is serving millions of customers per week in the above mentioned areas.

The Company is US’s second-largest hardware chain and was founded in the year 1946 by Carl Buchan and Lucius Smith Lowe and is currently running under excellent execution of CEO Marvin Ellison. After pioneer company – HomeDepot, Lowe’s companies holds the next position of largest hardware chain network in US.

Lowe's Headquarters
Lowe’s Headquarters

Corporate Headquarters Address

The company has a wonderful corporate headquarters building based in Mooresville, NC. Please take a note of corporate headquarters address of Lowe’s, 1000 Lowes Blvd., Mooresville, NC 28117, US. Please do share your thoughts, and views with the corporate headquarters.

Investor Relations

The Lowe’s investor relations contact number is 800-813-7613 and fax number is 704-757-0576. The office address of Lowe’s is Lowe’s Investor Relations Dept, 1000 Lowe’s Blvd Mail code: NB3TIR, Mooresville, NC 28117.

Media Inquiries

The contact number for media inquiries is 704-758-2917 and email address is PublicRelations@Lowes.com.

Customer Inquiries

The customer inquiries number is Lowe’s is 1-800-445-6937 and email address is CustCare@Lowes.com.

Community Relations

The Lowe’s community relations phone number is 704-758-2917 and email address is Community@Lowes.com.

Influencer Project Ideas

The Lowe’s Influencer project ideal email address is Influencer@Lowes.com.

Story Idea

For story idea, kindly email at OpenHouse@Lowes.com.

Customer Inquiries

For customer inquiries, you can be cal at 1-800-445-6937 and email at CustCare@Lowes.com.

General Enquiries Support

  • Call: 1-800-445-6937
  • Repairs, Warranties & Protection Plans: 1-800-775-6937
  • Sales: 1-800-465-6937
  • Lowe’s Credit Card: 1-800-444-1408

Please visit the official website https://www.lowes.com/ to get the latest news, and updates.

Lowe’s Email Format and lowes.com Emails

Please note down the email format of Lowe’s | lowes.com email format below:

  • Email Format first last, Example johndoe@lowes.com (31.9%)
  • Email Format first ‘.’ last, Example john.doe@lowes.com (21.3%)
  • Email Format first, Example john@lowes.com (10.6%)
  • Email Format first_initial last, Example jdoe@lowes.com (10.6%)

Achievements and Recognition

The Company is one of the leading retailers of home appliances and improvement chains over approx. 2000 locations majorly located in US. From decoration to repair, Lowe’s caters to all the home improvement needs of households and institutional consumers through their range of 34000 products. The home appliances products of the company are sold under these major brand names – Kobalt, Garden Treasures and Blue Hawk.

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Lowe’s Companies Inc. also bagged Energy Star awards for 8 consecutive (from 2003 to 2010) along with Four Energy Star Partner of the Year awards for informing and enlightening consumers and employees about benefits of energy saving techniques and products.

In the year 2010, Lowe’s became the first winner of the Energy Star Sustained Excellence Award in Retail, the company was applauded for its commendable contribution towards promotion of energy efficient products and reducing hazardous emission of green house gases.

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14 thoughts on “Lowe’s Corporate Office Address, Email Address, and Corporate Office Information”

  1. I would like to have a local builder here in Pensacola construct a screened-in section on my rear deck. I would like them to use the translucent plastic roof coverings you use in the construction of your Garden Area spaces. Can you please let me know where and from whom this material can be purchased.

  2. Well I ordered two chairs 5-6-2020 they arrived at my Lowes 5-14-20 and guess what I still don’t have them and no one knows where they are. I have talked to 3 diff. employees they all say they have been delivered to the store but it is now 5-20-20 and still don’t have chairs. What is going on? I am going to try and paste my order from my email from you.

  3. I want to send a letter or email to your CEO to give him details about how badly Lowes performance has become. My awful experiences include: online to store ordering (3 stores), shipment delay notification overload (and no way to save a backordered item unless I wait 45 minutes to talk to your customer service folks), incorrect inventories and in-store locations on your website, departments in the store where the phones are turned off (I know because I was ringing it and went to the store, guess what, the phone in the department wasn’t ringing), totally mismanaged carpeting measurement services, and finally an installation department that lies to consumers. I’ve been very polite in my dealings with your employees, because I know the awful service I received was not their fault. After these inexcusable customer service experiences, I will retire my Lowes credit card. But I’d much rather tell all the details to your CEO, so please send me his contact information. Thank you.

  4. Hey Lowe’s- I have upgraded all my tools to the 80volt system except for the chainsaw I was to get it this Fathers Day to complete my set. The 80volt system is by far the best battery system out there. Now Lowe’s is not carrying the chainsaw but pushing the less powerful 40 volt system. I’m really disappointed in the bait and switch tactic after I have invested so much money to convert all yardwork over to the preferred 80 volt system. Should I now go to ACE or HD for advice? Disappointed in Jacksonville Florida !

  5. After a visit to your store in Erie Pa. in Milcreek I will never shop at another Lowe’s again. I wanted a veterans discount and showed my veterans card and they wouldn’t give me a discount. I used to spend a lot at Lowe’s but never again. I will make sure I let a lot of people know how you treat disabled vets. I wanted a pressure washer and wound up leaving it at the cash register. I will always have Home Depot where they treat vets a lot better..

  6. Recently I could not purchase hardware items made in U.S.A. all available was American Valve 3/4″ made in China and National Hardware / 5/16″ stainless steel shackle made in China, as a veteran I will only purchase Items made in U.S.A. in the future. Please remove all China made products and put Americans back to work.

  7. Good Evening,

    I ordered a screen door for my backyard in the middle of May, 2020 and it is now the end of June, 2020 and I have never received the door. I am not one to complain, but in this situation things need to be addressed in reference to management, communication, and customer care.

    May 14- I had my doors measured by Hometown Installation (recommended by Lowe’s)

    May 15- I ordered a door from Lowe’s 7441 two notch road, Columbia, SC 29223. The associate who sold me the door was very professional and helpful. I wanted to make that clear.

    May 22- My door was shipped to the store and I was given an install date of June 3. Somehow between May 22 and June 3, my door got broken.

    June 3- I received a call from Hometown Installation and the installer told me my door was broken. I do not know why I was not told until the date of my install about this.

    June 4- my door was reordered I was told. Then I received a call from Hometown telling me I had a rescheduled install date for June 6. I knew that was false because I was just informed it was reordered.

    June 6- There was no door delivered to my house. I knew that would happen.

    June 9- I received a call saying a door would be delivered to Lowe’s on June 17th. Ok cool. I am a very patient person. I said thank you.

    June 18- I call Lowe’s because I did not hear anything on the 17th. I asked for the store manager and a woman answered. She told me she could not see any information about my door which I told her was supposed to have been delivered the day before. Ok. She also told me the was no ETA from Hometown Installation either. Ok.

    June 19- Marissa called me( I think she works between Hometown and Lowe’s) this is her number so you can tell who I am talking about 336-658-6517. What she tells me is mind blowing.
    *she says there are two damaged doors at the store on two notch rd
    *she also says she can see where there are four ordered doors but has no ETA on mine. She also says to me (there are no doors in stock anywhere) Makes no sense right. How are there no doors in stock but my door was reordered on June 4th? I explained to her everything I have learned so far and I even wanted an explanation as to why a door was reordered, but there are none in stock. She says she will email the higher ups to find out more information. That is the last time I hear from her in over a week.

    June 22-I get a call from Ashley(Hometown) and she leaves me a voicemail saying she wants to schedule a date for re measurement. Why would my door which was measured in May and ordered and then was shipped and then was reordered need to be remeasured? I don’t know either. The number she left me was 866-744-4829. I did not even call her back at first. I was bewildered at this point.

    June 23- I called Hometown myself and spoke with a young man who confirmed for me that my door had in fact been reordered on the 4th of June ( at this point, I needed to be sure of that). He said he saw in his notes that Marissa was going to call me on June 24th, then next day. I said ok.

    June 24- Marissa did not call me. I called Hometown myself and spoke with Susan. Susan told me she can see in her notes that Marissa said everything was ready with my door and work order was in place and that I was ready for install setup. I was like ok cool. Can I set up my install date with you and by the way, I got a call from Ashley two days back saying I needed re measurement. I mentioned that call because I didn’t want any confusion between what I was actually being scheduled for. Susan said according to Marissa I was ready for door install. I said ok. I was then told to call Ashley back and schedule the door install. I said ok thank you.

    When I hung up with Susan, I called the other number I had for Hometown to scheduled my actual door install. I spoke with Madison who locked in my install date of Friday June 26th between 1:30 and 2:00pm. I said ok thank you.

    June 25- I spoke to a lady at the Lowe’s store who said there were six doors in stock. I updated her with the information I was given by Marissa. Nothing was lining up and I felt at this point I was being run a round. No one knew what the other was doing.

    June 26- The day of the install I received a call from an installer with a jumbled voicemail saying he had been to my house and re measured my door. I had not been home at that moment. Um, why was my door re measured? Which door was measured also because here’s the thing, the door I was having installed was a back door. The only access to that door would be to come inside my home. I was not home so how was it measured anyway? I never got the answer to that unsettling question. I had no number to call him back so I called Hometown and spoke again with Madison who confirmed that the installer would be back to install my door at 1:30. Something wasn’t adding up but I said ok thank you.

    The installer had not shown up to my home nor did I received a call back as to what happened.
    I called Hometown again and spoke to Ashley. She said the installer was only supposed to measure my door. What was going on in my head at that moment was unreal. I confirmed I had a door install scheduled for June 26 at 1:30. I confirmed that with Hometown(Madison). See dates above. I asked Ashley how I was confirmed for the door install but only had unnecessary measurements done. She could not answer that question and I was floored. She said she would contact the installer and get them back out there the same day to put the door in and she would call me back. There was no install that day nor a call back. When I called her back, it went to voicemail. Ok.

    June 27- I wanted to give all the miscommunication and both stores benefits of the doubts. I called Lowe’s on two notch and I told her what happened. It was a young woman at the install station I spoke to. She said to me and I quote, “There are no doors in stock at the store, nor the distribution center and there is no ETA on anything. Well, that was my last ditch effort. I went to the store after that and spoke with Rob ( a manager I believe) and told him what had happened up to that point and I requested my refund.

    I will say that every associate I encountered and spoke with was very nice to me and I appreciate that, and I in no way am looking to get anyone fired.

    I just needed you all to know that because of poor communication between departments I never received my door. It was the first major purchase I had ever made with Lowe’s and unfortunately it did not work out in my favor. They received my 300 dollars in the middle of May and I had no door to show for it buy June 26. I was so very very patient throughout the whole process because I really wanted that door. I never had a screen door before and I am a first time new homeowner and I wanted to treat myself. I am disappointed and a little hurt that I did not achieve my desire.

    The take away I need you all to get from this is retraining of departments. Training to properly research the customer’s orders and training to know about re orders in reference to inventory and out of stock purchases. Communication between departments in reference to, for example, why one person at Hometown said there were no doors in stock and the next person in the same department said my work order for the door install was ready, yet the next person in the same department was saying I needed re measurement and the next person in the same department scheduled me and reconfirmed my door install date and time all in the same departments. I am a manager so I know a lot about what I am saying. Not to be condescending at all. Just helpful.

    Please pass this along to the store manager at Lowe’s as well. David Pawluk. I am quite sure he does not know about my experience.

    I will shop at Lowe’s in the future, but I will not be making any large orders that are not physically in the stores.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  8. Are Lowe’s customer-serving staff regularly tested for COVID-19? I hope so.
    This morning in the Millsboro, Delaware Lowe’s, I was assisted by a staff person who was–as required by state law–wearing a face mask, but not properly, i.e. covering mouth but not nose. I’m pushing 80, so among the “vulnerable,” and was made VERY uncomfortable by this risky behavior. Please ensure that staff are regularly tested for COVID-19 and that they wear facemasks properly, This pandemic is no joke.

  9. I have been a long time customer of Lowes. I would of send a letter directly to the CEO, but unable to find the address. Much to my surprise I found out that my Lowes credit card was closed. Not for non payment but for not using it. I did call the service center and spoke to an representative and was told Lowes closed my account for non usage. I ask her why I was not notify that my account was being closed. She had NO answer for me. The other of this is they will report on my credit that THEY closed my account. Strike again me. I ask her could she address this with a manager and she said all our call are monitored. End of conversation. So I’m the wrong person in this situation.

  10. Is it common for Lowes employee to yell at customers? An employee that works at Chicago Brickyard lowes store few weeks ago horribly yelled at me.Whole store could hear her. i complained to a store manager Adrian but he flatly refused to do anything. He said Lowes doesn’t punish its employees. WOW. I’m speechless. So basically by doing nothing Lowes encourages employees do what they please. There is no any form to file complaint or any email adress. How do I file complaint? Clearly Lowes doesn’t give a damn thing about customers

  11. 12 years wih lowes with a credit card BOOM…… they cancel the card and try to take entire payment out of my bank with out my authazation and only by the grace of god and my bank I was not left with a zero balance because of lowes bank theft….. fk lowes hight teck bank robbers……

  12. It would be great for Joe McFarland III, EVP of Lowes stores, to see this comment. Ordered a particular type of drywall to be delivered on June 1 (online order #********0). That drywall costs $55+/sheet. What was delivered (at $14/sheet) was not what was ordered and paid for. Am on my 9th attempt at reaching someone from the store shown on the invoice and the separate store that apparently behind the scenes fulfilled the order. I now know way too much about Lowes IVR system and order systems. Have spent way too many hours attempting to get a resolution. After 4 days of trying to resolve – still don’t have a resolution. My advice to other consumers – don’t buy from Lowes if you can possibly help it. Any post sale support is non-existent!


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