How to Contact Home Depot: Get Headquarters Address and CEO Email

The Home Depot company is the largest home improvement retailer in the US with revenue of billions of dollars. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America. To buy home improvement products in the US, customers prefer Home Depot as their one stop destination. In the US, they have covered most of important cities with their retail stores.

The Home Depot is listed on New York Stock Exchange with ticket name HD. As on December 10, 2019, their stock price is US$215.90 when writing this article. Most of people would love to buy home improvement products from this store only.

Home Depot Headquarters
Home Depot Headquarters

Home Depot Corporate Headquarters Information

The company’s corporate headquarters (head office) is located in Atlanta, GA, United States. Please take prior appointment when you visit corporate headquarters. Home Depot Corporate Headquarters Address: 2455 Paces Ferry Road Atlanta, GA 30339 United States.

Do you want to talk with headquarters staff of Home Depot? If yes, then please dial 1-770-433-8211.

Home Depot Investor Relations Contact Details

If you are looking for Home Depot IR contacts, please find here.

If your question is related to Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP), please note down their phone number 1-800-843-2150 (Computershare).

Do you have any question related to Stock Administration team? Then please dial 1-800-654-0688 Ext 13777.

Do you have any question related to Direct Stock Purchase Plan (DSPP)? Then please dial 1-800-577-0177 (Computershare Trust Company).

If your question or query is related to The Home Depot Investor Relations department, please note down their phone number 770-384-2871.

You can also reach out to Investor Relations on this Email ID

Home Depot Contact Details and Important Numbers

If you are looking for general enquiry numbers of Home Depot Inc., please find it below:

  • Major Appliances Support: 1-877-946-9843
  • Online Order Support: 1-800-430-3376
  • Customer Care Store Specialist: 1-800-553-3199 (Queries Related to Stores)
  • Online Order Support: Text at 38698 (Standard carrier rates apply)
  • Applicant Questions Contact: 1-866-698-4347
  • Customer Questions Helpline Number: 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (1-800-466-3337)

Home Depot Media Inquiries Contact Numbers

Do you have media inquiries? If yes, then please dial 770-384-4646 to talk with media team of Home Depot. Do not forget to reach out at following contact numbers for media enquiries:

Home Depot In-Store Purchase Support

If you are looking for in-store purchase support, try to solve your issue with the below support numbers and email address.

  • Primary Customer Service: 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (466-3337)
  • Email ID:
  • Official Portal:

Home Depot Consumer & Commercial Credit Customer Service

If you are looking for consumer and commercial credit section customer support, find below numbers:

  • Commercial Revolving Canada Phone: 1-800-668-5336
  • Consumer Account U.S. Phone: 1-800-677-0232
  • Commercial Accounts U.S. Phone: 1-800-395-7363
  • Commercial Revolving Cards U.S. Phone: 1-800-685-6691
  • Consumer Account Canada Phone: 1-800-747-3787
  • Commercial Accounts Canada Phone: 1-888-308-5080

Home Depot Newsroom

Looking for new stories for your news portal or newspaper, or magazine? If you are from online news website, newspaper, or magazine, contact the media contact email at below:

  • Email:

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Home Depot Email Format and Emails

If you are planning to contact any of the employee, executive or top level management, you should consider the following email address formats.

  • Format: first ‘_’, Example:, Used  85%
  • Format:, Example:, Used 3.8%
  • Format:, Example:, Used 3.8%

Article last re-published on September 3, 2020.

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52 thoughts on “How to Contact Home Depot: Get Headquarters Address and CEO Email”

  1. I am very disappointed with Home Depot. I have in the past had great results with the Home Depot design service for bathrooms and kitchens. The designers helped to design tile work or granite etc. and order the appropriate quantities and schedule a contractor to complete the work. However, Home Depot no longer has bathroom designers and they referred to a company called, “American Home Remodeling”. They came out and were so hard sell and wanted to use their products not Home Depot products. The guy said if we did not sign that moment the price went up 1500-2K the minute he left. The experience was awful and a big waste of time. Home Depot your designers helped sell your product and ensured your customers project was a success. I am sorry you don’t offer the service any longer.

  2. I spoke with Jessy at the home depot customer care department 770-433-8211 #5 she was a great help and made my experience with home depot a pleasant one.
    We purchased a washer and dryer at full price on 11/1, I saw that it was on sale 11/7 I was told by 2 different sales associates several ways on how to get the sales price either cancel or call back once it was delivered. We went into labor on 11/8 the day we were going to cancel. so we decided to wait until the 11/11 when the washer and dryer was delivered and we were home with the baby to call to get the adjustment. However the sr.tore manger up in store # 6225 Erica denied the price adjustment something about we could not get the sale price it was after the original purchase date.
    spoke with Jesse with home depot she listen and understood the situation and made a call to the store and was able to save us 240.00. Thank you Jessy I hope you have a great holiday.

  3. Need to speak to something about the store on Northern Blvd Long Island City NY about the racing in the parking lot when they close. These people race all night in the parking lot with no regard for people sleeping they keep everyone up all night nothing is being done!!


  5. I am also a Lowe’s shopper. Been to Home Depot twice this month and both times I left without the items I planned to purchase. In the space of 5 minutes I came across 4 shoppers NOT WEARING MASKS!! It is mandated in Sierra Vista, AZ, but this store doesn’t care. Even the employees are without masks at times. I’ll never shop at HD again! I’m on oxygen, have four lung issues, and am handicapped. Not how I want to die.

    • Bonnie, it is called LIFE. If you are too scared to go outside to LIVE, then fuck off and die in your little space. DO NOT go out in the real world and have expectations now, when the past centuries it was irrelevant? Not only you are dumb and need to die off this planet, but you have others like yourself. Yes, people like you that does not allow people like me to live!! I have to deal with stupid people like that allow others to make decisions for you, but you cannot for yourself? Who the fuck are you to say that the people that fought and die for our country did it in vein, because BONNIE is being told what to do and what to say? Do you even know why you have to wear a mask? Plain and simple, because there is more STUPID people that do not know how to sneeze and cough; such as covering your mouth!
      In your case, you are on your deathbed and should not be going outside when you need to a fucking oxygen tank!! THIS IS YOUR REASON ON WHY YOU TOOK YOUR TIME TO MAKE A COMPLAINT BASED ON YOUR INCOMPETENCE??

      • You should be called Dr. Ulrich and you should not go see a doctor when you are very sick because that is your LIFE. lol

      • Bonnie,
        God Bless you,
        I too have so many auto immune and genetic issues (Ehlers-Danlos) it should be called “A-E.D.S-Z” because with Ehlers-Danlos you get everything from A-to-Z with it so when I read your comment forgive me, I chuckled. You have a sense of humor only a person in pain all day but to stubborn to given in has. A fellow Zebra in a heard of horse. I salute your bravery.

      • Over half million people are dead Paul, Its not political or religious issue to or not to wear a mask in public its a life saving measure for now, not always. You have to wear clothes when you go to the store, you have to carry your drivers license with you when you drive, you have to pay taxes and pay your bills every month. Do you complain about doing these task Paul? Yet not one of them will save a life and wearing a mask will. Why would you not want to. Do you have your state’s covid19 tracker on your phone? its like a phone tree and every time you pass someone who passed someone else who came close to someone else with covid it will show point of contact. Me and My son have EDS and or whole household got fully vaccinated yet still wearing mask to protect others like you Paul. Please look up the words ELDERS. its clear you missed that lesson some point in your childhood. Its important to respect elders. You speak of people who served our country, I know you have not due to the disrespectful you showed Ms Bonnie. My Husband and Myself both served in the Navy . He retired and I am a Veteran.
        I have a painful illness as does Ms Bonnie. I live everyday in pain you I pray you and ever one never knows. Telling anyone to kill themselves is horriable in itself but can open you up to liability if someone follows through your instructions. To call a Lady the C word reflects poorly on your mothers ability to teach you as 2 words should never be spoken if you are raised correctly. The C word and the N word.
        Ms. Bonnie living in a free country has a right to make a complaint. She did so without malicious intent with a real concern that was her right to do so as an American . Paul please pray and read over what you really wrote to her and with your heart you should be a Man of God and or at least decency and apologize

  6. Gosh! My story seems so unworthy of publishing, but here goes.
    December 04-2020 I placed an online order to the Hickory, NC store and was told it would be ready in the morning. I called the next morning Dec 05,2020 to verify the order was ready. Yes, I was told it was ready. About an hour later that morning I got a call from the Hickory Home Depot store. They could not find the main items I needed. ( bead board paneling). I told them to cancel the order and I would drive to Gastonia Home Depot store as they assured me they had everything in stock. I drove the extra 35 miles, purchased the items, and tried to check out. Ah-ha! They could not find my name or account, so I spent an extra 90 minutes at the pro desk waiting to get checked out. Day is now shot. I’m shot and ready to hit restart for the day. Statement came last week with both orders charged to my account. Could not access my account because they had entered the wrong last four digits of my s s number. Today I called lots of times to try to get this straightened out. After five transfers earlier in the day about noon and not getting any help I quit for a while. I decided to try again at 3:50 pm December 28, 2020. Ten minutes later I quit again. At 4:02 I tried again for four minutes then quit again. At 5:02 tried again. At 5:38 I tried one more time before quitting for the day. After being transferred five times I spoke with Chad Bennett with CityBank in Johnson City, Tennessee. He DID GET IT RESOLVED,
    No thanks to the inept, don’t care can’t be bothered, gone to lunch, non-managers. I’m glad your company didn’t help run my business!

  7. I have been a customer for a long time and have always assumed I could put my trust in this company to do the right thing and when I bought new pergo for my living room, installed in a new condo 2 years ago, I assumed that I could trust you picked the right people for your installs.

    The people you sent to install my flooring added oversized quarter round molding on the wood of the current molding. I was not asked and when I saw it, I wasn’t thrilled, but it was done and I assumed one day I would take it off and redo my molding. That day came this week as my brother in law, a former floor installer, pulled up the pieces to determine molding specifications. He was stunned to find almost 1 1/4 inch gap. I attached photos of this when I email you. An email that has been ignored. Such a crappy job was done when your contractors installed this. The gap is huge and I will not be able to find molding that would fill that gap. I have no choice now but to leave any molding as is…and keep the quarter round molding on there since even that coming off shows gap.

    I feel someone needs to make this right in some way.

    Yes it has been some time since this install was done but I had NO way of knowing this is the shoddy work that was hiding there. I wish I had known. Not exactly being knowledgable on these things I thought I could trust that it would be done well.

    I have sent an email yet it was ignored. I called customer service but wasn’t much help. In their defense I don’t think they knew what to do either.

    I spend a lot of money are your store (not to you though I’m sure) and I think after being ignored on this issue I will be shopping at Lowes from now on.

  8. I have some products that I would like to present to the competent administration. May I know where the relevant place is

  9. I must let you know, that you have a incredibly down to earth , caring individual working through text a pro , his name is Brandon whorten . Let me share my story, it may seem over the top or extreme but it’s real and he care and helped .. I mean really cared. So I made a large purchase that I’ve saved for a very long time for , I’m 51 and never had a new washer machine, yes I’m sure u might be on your 5 set but it’s true just a dream for me until last week after much research I decided to bu through Home Depot for reasons being the time frame to receive and price and variety, plus my husband is there 2 to 3 times a week for product . I ordered a lg all in one machine for $1800.00 I was so excited I couldn’t stand it . Finally it’s the day its arriving today is wed last Friday afternoon it was delivered and set up great trucking great staff The second they left I was back there sending photos of this stainless Steal smart WiFi machine to family, they were laughing at me and enjoyed right alone with me so I read manual start a load and seen water dripping from door and the door appeared to be off center I was immediately dick saying no please . Well it was happening do I called and said what was happening and researched how to return a large washer and began seeing it’s not returnable and was the staring of my holiday weekend of pure rudeness and confusion, we were on the phone reaching out to managers lg customer service numbers research on internet and reading story after story about the nightmare experience with Home Depot and appliances returns , I was sick I was told someone will be out to look at it but I could not return the gal on phone said it’s my fault it’s under category customer remorse I was like what?? Had no idea this was true Home Depot has always said they will return or exchange at anytime with receipt and whatever time frame so I didn’t know wash machine aren’t in that category I didn’t see that online when I ordered and paid over 2000 with delivery hoses and set up so Friday until today I end up in tears and I was sick like no thus isn’t real I didn’t do anything wrong I laid in full and don’t want a 1800 washer that has even a small problem I waited to many years for that do today is Wednesday so 4 days of trying and crying and feeling so incredibly tricked confused mad . My husband was so over me crying he couldn’t get a help either so today I researched and looked and seen text a specialist, with not one thought this is going to get me answers or help I think due to via text I just laid it out and was defeated Brandon responded and read every and preoluch agreed and confirmed what I was told for 4 days then he said hold on and said he needed sometime to check a few things and if he could do anything to help I stayed with him because at least he was nice and caring unlike the others via phone in customer service di I just felt better being heard totally did not expect this man to spend 45 mins with me and resolving this I was like is this real ? I was so thankful and told him he had no idea what he had done , one person can everything in a moment , it’s not a usually tjiyu run into now a days he told me sorry he told me he will take care of this and again said dirty it should not have cake to this ,, yes he did ever said please know that things are different in each home , a large purchase is a huge deal here and we were crushed and defeated Thank Home Depot angel I no longer hate Home Depot lol I seriously was over Home Depot not anymore because of Brandon ill continue but I will share this story to lift spirits and say hey anything is possible

  10. In November, I chose two entrance doors in the home depot store. The first appointment for installation was in December. The installer said that there was a problem with the size of the door and I needed to make another appointment. A few days later, I received a call saying that I need to pay an additional $2,000. This has seriously exceeded my budget. In the end I paid an extra $595 to choose another door. The second scheduled installation is scheduled for January 20th. It was cancelled because of the light rain in the morning. The third appointment for installation is February 1st. I waited all morning and got a call saying that the door was broken and could not be installed! Have to wait! It has been three months from the purchase to now…Is this the service of home depot?

  11. On January 28, 2021, I purchased the LG Electronics 5.2 cu.ft. High Efficiency Mega Capacity Front Load Washer with Steam and TurboWash and companion 9.0 cu.ft. Dryer, and both pedestals online. We spent $4,043.09. Within a day or two we found the same twin set on sale for $802 less, total for both. Each piece had been $1,499 and was now $1,099. Our pair was not delivered until 9 days later through no fault of our own. Pandemic apparently has thrown delivery times off understandably. We received them today, February 6. I waited to call because I found out Home Depot’s Price Match service was for 30 days, so I waited until after delivery on purpose. After delivery today, 9 days after purchase, I called the store and after the customer service rep talked to her manager I was told appliances only had a 7 day price match guarantee. I’m still shaking from anger that, during these times, a customer would miss getting the benefit of Home Depot’s vaulted service of matching prices through no fault of our own. Internet reviews I read were all about how friendly and great Home Depot’s 30-day price match service was. (What OTHER items are NOT included in the Price-Match Guarantee? Maybe it’s a big farce?). I just didn’t know who to send this to but found this option and hope someone who matters sees it and can see the fallacy of that “appliance” rule. Thanks.

  12. The evening of February 7, 2021. There was a theft attempt after I returned from lunch at store 6548 in Keller, Texas. The hardware department locked cabinet for high dollar batteries was removed. I reported this to several employees, and store management, and they said they would send a message to someone on day shift to replace the lock. This is not the first occurrence. It is difficult to have time, or a computer available at work.

  13. What seems to be home depots problem with their website. 3 weeks and it still isn’t fix. Cannot look up any item on their website. When clicking onto item keep getting a temporary technical error.

  14. I went to the Home Depot number 3661 in Hillsboro North Carolina to purchase a zero turn mower. Showed my military ID for discount and was told by Jean store manager they could not give me a discount because it was Easter Holiday and they could not accept my id on a holiday and i would have to pay full price. I served in holidays! He was very rude and would not discuss it with me. I will never go to that store or probably any Home Depot. I am in process of remodeling my home and will get my supplies from another supplier! I still need over $20,000 in material and i am sure someone wants my business.

  15. Very disappointed that Home Depot would take a position on the new voting laws in Georgia.
    The main issue in the voting law is the requirement of an id to vote. A high majority of Americans are in favor of this including over 70% of minorities.
    Home Depot requires an id for many issues including customer pickup and ordering using a charge card.
    Why would you be hypocritical in condemning the State of Georgia to demand voter id to vote which is the biggest right an individual has in the State of Georgia.
    Home Depot spend millions in advertising to attract customers yet you take a policy stand that will result in you losing millions of sales. This is a slap in the face to stockholders who expect Home Depot to have as high as sales as possible. I respect your opinion and you are entitle to it but why say anything? Just stay out of it.
    Will be shopping at Lowes in the future.

    • They make you fill out a lot of paperwork and show you driver’s license and DD214 to prove that you’re a veteran to get their meager 10% discount on certain items.

  16. I ordered a Steves & Sons 64 in. x 80 in. Savannah Clear 6 Lite RHIS Mahogany Stained Wood Prehung Front Door with Double 12 in. Sidelites on 4/17/2021. Originally it gave me a date of arrival as 5/20/2021. Now it has changed to and I quote “Arrives by Wednesday, April 21” even provides a tracking number. Yesterday the date was 4/20/2021. I called Fastmile, the shipping service, gave them my tracking number and they have no record of it. So I texted with customer service this morning and she stated that I needed to go with the date I was emailed. I told her, why would I do that when I get an arrival date and tracking number. She stated this was a glitch in the system. Very frustrating ordering a $2800 door and having a glitch in the system to say it was on its way with a tracking number and it wasn’t. I now have to contact my installer and cancel until some time in May. Home Depot, fix this so it doesn’t happen again!

    • Have been going through the same thing, Ordered May 9, May 11th they took the money, said it would be delivered May 15th, then it was May 20th, then May 25th and still says that. However ONLY a shipping label has been created and no items actually shipped. Customer service line cost me a whole day of being told “well it’s not scheduled to arrive until May 25th” and could not get any of them to comprehend it was already May 28th then on hold for an hour each time to subsequently be hung up on and transferred to the survey. Their web site and Texting options say to use the LiveChat, well, they don’t even have livechat. I attempted to cancel the order and get my money refunded and it gets denied saying I have to call customer service or use Livechat (they don’t even have LiveChat) So, I filed a dispute and requested a refund from Paypal, and before it completes, it lists the customer service number and a customer service E-Mail to submit complaints to. So, I also sent the complaint to the e-mail address and subsequently received back a “thank you for your contact, “this e-mail is not monitored, please call our customer service number”. Seriously??? I have written to the distributor and NO response. I wrote a bad review on the product about the customer service of the companies and everyone has been rejected as “a shipping issue”. I have now begun doing all my home renovations through Lowes. That $1300. I spent last night will at least be appreciated by Lowes.

  17. Monday April 19, 2021

    Home Depot, Incorporated
    2455 Paces Ferry Rd. NW
    Atlanta, GA 30339

    Re: Flooring installation services
    To Whom it May Concern:
    This letter is to notify you about a problem I am having with our entire flooring installation process that we purchased through The Home Depot at 25650 N Lake Pleasant Parkway in Peoria, AZ.
    I am dissatisfied with your services for several reasons which I have listed below:
    • From the start, the communication has been subpar, at best. The only way we’ve been able to get any answers or clarification is by going to the store directly. Most of the time, when we call the store, no one can help us. They take a message and promise to have someone call, only to be left hanging. The contact center has been all but completely useless in answering any of our questions at all.
    • The very first bid we received was an email containing about four estimates; none of which matched. I had to scroll through each one to figure out the most recent bid in order to review it.
    • We finally went directly to the store and had an associate go line by line through the bid and told us exactly what to have removed when we called the contact center the next day. I had the bid revised, removing these exact things, and then paid for my products and service.
    o When the product arrived, they delivered extra baseboards as well as product (1/4 round) we specifically had removed. When we went back into the store, we were told that we were, in fact, charged for the items we had removed.
     I contacted the store again and was told that I would need to return it to the store in order to receive a refund. Trying to be helpful, I attempted to load it into my husband’s truck, only to find that it was way too heavy and long. I scratched his truck and bruised my entire left shoulder and arm.
     Before we had a chance to tell the installers not to, they installed white ¼ round under all of our cabinets. Our cabinets are cherry colored. I am happy to send the photos for you to review and tell me if you would approve of white ¼ round under cherry cabinets. Not to mention the fact that they should have never been at my house in the first place.
    • We were also charged for other things that were either not delivered or not used:
    o Charged for 7 transition strips-zero used
    o Charged for reducers-zero delivered/used
    • No one informed us that we would need to purchase baseboard corners, so when the installers asked us where they were, we had no idea what they were talking about. My husband had to leave his job to go hunting for corners to match our baseboards. The installers told us that if they had to stay longer, they would be pulled off of their next paying job to stay at ours and not be paid for additional time or labor.
    • When the carpet installers were nearly finished in our bedrooms, my husband asked if they would be installing the baseboards and was told, “No we don’t do that.” Now we are left with three bedrooms that have no baseboards. We have not returned the furniture to these rooms, knowing we will need to move it all again to replace the baseboards. Our house is a complete disaster and has been for over a week.
    • The bid indicated that all the nail holes would be filled on the baseboards that were installed and they were not.
    I have already attempted to resolve this problem by calling and going directly to the store several times. Each time I have been told that someone would be in contact, and each time no one has responded. One such time, my husband went to look for corners and ran into Cheryl who said to him, “Oh, you’re the one I was supposed to call about the ¼ round.” This was a week after she was supposed to reach out to us. My husband called and spoke to Nick, a manager, who had Kevin call back, and he informed us that he would be contacting us within 24 hours with a game plan as to how this would be rectified. Honestly, I am not optimistic that any suggestion will remedy the unsatisfactory experience we have had with Home Depot. We paid nearly $13,000 for a job that was poorly managed, poorly executed, and incomplete. We are very dissatisfied, given the amount of money we paid.
    Unfortunately, at present, the problem remains unresolved. I am requesting that you:
    1. Pick up and refund the items that were unused or wrongfully delivered/charged.
    2. Credit us for our personal time that we have devoted to rectifying these issues. The time my husband and I have spent on the phone or going back and forth to the store in search of product or assistance with getting the services we paid for. We have spent over 5 hours of our own time dealing with things we shouldn’t have had to deal with. At $39.00 and $19.23 an hour, respectively, that’s approximately $291.00.
    3. Send out a technician to install the remaining baseboards, as well as putty the nail holes.
    a. My husband contacted both USIG and Home Depot regarding this issue. ETA is Wednesday April 21st.
    4. Remove ¼ round under all cabinets and replace with proper/matching moulding at no cost.
    Please contact me within 48 hours of receipt to confirm that you will honor our request. We have prepared a complaint for submission to the proper agencies for investigation. We will not file the complaint if you can help to resolve the problem within the time period indicated.
    Please contact me at 602-327-**** or j***** or my husband, Justin, at 480-467-****.
    We await your response.
    Jamie and Justin Yingling

  18. Store manager at Home Depot won’t fix a problem, and won’t answer the phone. Always someone saying he’s in a meeting, or gone to lunch, or……

    Is he even really there?

    I spend a lot of money each year at home depot but if this is the best they can do now may have to go across the street to Lowe’s and spend hundreds of thousands instead of in Home Depot, shame I have been doing business in this store since it opened.

  19. i congratulate HD administration for their stand to support the GA law which requires voter ID.

    i am so proud of you that i went to my local HD and bought a new toilet from you and not another store!

  20. Very annoyed by her false warning where she tells me: SPEND $ 300 AND WE WILL DISCOUNT YOU $ 50 IF YOU APPLY FOR THE CREDIT CARD because I SPENT a little more than $ 300 and applied and they gave me the card but they never sent me the discount code I went to the store to Pick up my purchase and I told the cashier what happened and she told me that she would return the purchase and she would help me. But then he said he couldn’t talk to the credit card and I spoke to a couple of people and they didn’t provide me with a code or say hello to me at all, it seems very bad service on their part, I’m so upset that I’m never going to use that card or buy n as gives in homedepod and I am starting to remodel my whole house starting with my bathroom and thus continue with all the bad k for such bad service they missed a good purchase

  21. I was just in the Beavercreek Ohio store and purchased a Hampton bay patio set. It was out of stock so I purchased it on will call. Computer says they are in order and due to come in tomorrow. Well as a 20 year retail manager. Retired now. For furrow bldg. materials I am familiar with how the buisness works. There were 2 couples wanting the same set. A lady walked up and told us all that even though the system says they are in order. That does not mean that they will ever come in. 2 couples walked away with their wallets in their hands. I looked at the lady and said I spent 20 years in this industry and if she worked for me I would have fired her on the spot for that. The people were willing to wait on the set and she basically told them they are not coming at all. Blew me away. Today is May 4,2021. We haven’t even hit summer yet and she’s telling people they are not getting anymore patio sets. Unbelievable! A simple call to the buyer would answer that question.

  22. We understand! Home Depot’s service it terrible and they don’t care if you come in again or not! The customer is always right but they are getting a worst reputation than they have already! Sorry you are another customer that got taken advantage of! We brought a riding lawn mower and it was delivered today with the manual to the tractor soaking wet ! I called the store in Bennington Vermont and the assistant manager Ben was so rude! And of course would not give his last name! But I guess they don’t care with this pandemic going on if they have business or not! Tractor going back!,

  23. Is Home Depot going out of business because they don’t seem to want to provide good customer services. We have heard SO many complaints about them it has us wondering! They don’t seem to care about there services.

  24. On May 3, 2021, I went to SouthCenter, WA store for 1x3x8′ (60pcs) and 1x4x16′ (12pcs). Computer said there are 52 for the 1×3, but found only 5. Know it will no be enough anyway, I speeded to Kent, WA (about 5 miles away) and checked. Computer said 102, but I found none. So I talked to the cashier, since it is closing, should I return in the morning since I couldn’t find anyone to help me. The cashier manager said :”yeah, it is better in the morning for that size of order.” I bought some other items without using my 10% discount coupon.

    The very next morning, I returned to the Kent store, and omg, both items shot up 16% overnight. even if I use my 10% coupon, I still end up paying 6% more. I ended up using the 10% coupon for some other stuffs and hope I can talk to the manager later.

    1x3x8′ was $7.63@
    1x4x16′ was $19.19@
    60 x $7.63 = 457.80
    12 x $19.19 = 230.28
    Total $688.08 on May 3 and was shot up to $798.18

    Tonight, May 5, 2021, I finally got my chance to talk to the manager. He simply said why didn’t you place the order that night, and he was not the one who control the price, I can only get a 10% off or $50, asked me which one do I want. After arguing for 2 more minutes, the store manager talked like I am stealing their money, I simply walked away.

    I was just employed by HD last week, I was told how important is customer satisfaction meant to the company, but I have to tell you all here, I am super disappointed after this incident.

    If they have the exact (or close to) number in the store as from the computer, I don’t have to go thru this ordeal with a “Store Manager” who dare to ask me what to choose: $50 off or 10% plus I can’t use my 10% coupon. I think this guy failed his math class very often.

    Not sure if I will work for them anymore, so disappointed.

  25. Cedar city home depot sucks as*. And one of there managers named mary speaks very unprofessional to there customer’s. Bought $14,000 worth of hickory cabinets. Eveyone of them was warped and cracked. They replaced 2 afyer 2 months of waiting. Bought brand new washer and dryer. Hooked them up. The washer flooded my basement. Fi ed the problem on all these myself. No use in talking with any manager at the cedar city home depot because they act like none of these problems are theres only yours. I bought from home depot not the manufacture they bought my items from. Tried out one more time paid in full for new oad and carpet. Im told will be installed in 2 weeks. Get a call 2 days later saying soonest they can install the carpet is almost 7 weeks out. These people suck at this store. Especially the managers. Also i have bought everything to build a new home from this shitty store and they still treat you like shi*. Maybe thats by they all make $12 a hr.

  26. Let me start by saying that I am a former retail manager of 20 years. I understand things go wrong and things happen unexpectedly and I rarely complain. But my experience with Home Depot over the past week and a half has been horrible. I ordered a Maytag electric dryer online and was given the delivery date. On the date of delivery I was unable to track the order even though I got an email stating that I could. When I called the 800 number I was informed that one of the numbers was incorrect on my phone number. The rep who is very helpful call the delivery company and the warehouse to give them my correct phone number and I was told that it wasn’t an issue and that the delivery company was about to be on the way to me. They never showed up. I called again this time I got a gentleman who is very friendly and called the warehouse and the delivery company and was unable to get a hold of anyone. I was told that he could reschedule my delivery for two weeks out. I told him that would not work for me and I was advised That someone from the warehouse would call me in the morning. No one called. I took it upon myself to call the 800 number again and spoke to a different person and explain the situation for a third time. I was put on hold for about 10 minutes, when the representative returned he said he spoke to the warehouse and that they had no idea what had happened but I would be able to get my delivery four days later. The dryer was delivered today. My mother had to be in the house since I had to work. They brought the dryer in and hooked it up my mother then informed them that the dryer duct is attached through the crawlspace of my house. The gentleman told her that they are leaving my old dryer duct on because it is in good condition, I know this is not true because when I move the dryer a week ago I noticed a hole in the duct .They then stated that the duct that they brought was too short and they couldn’t do it anyway and besides they “don’t do crawlspaces” they left my house and left the tape still adhered to the dryer. I called customer service and explained the situation and the best they could do is refund the duct that I had purchased. Nowhere on the delivery instructions and preparation’s for delivery day did it say anything about crawlspace’s being prohibited and that your dryer would not be set up. So here I am with a new dryer trying to pull the tape off of the back of the dryer and I now have to purchase A new vent duct and try to find someone to help me put it through the crawlspace since I have an injured back. After this past week I will definitely no longer shop at Home Depot . I know that nothing will come from this except another apology that will sound like “ too bad, so sad”. So much for customer service.

  27. They probably fired John for being such an efficient and caring employee. H-D is just TOO big and I suppose they think they can ‘get by” with anything.
    I am dealing with a problem now, but I’m betting many dollars NOTHING will come of my complaint and reasons for the actions they have taken to treat me so badly…Tom

  28. On April 20 I went in and talked to Jack in appliances in the Bothell Washington home depot store he was very young and I was shocked at his knowledge and professionalism when it came to his job truly and asset to your business went back the next day and bought LG W/D tower with home depot cc very excited to be able to do larger items at my airbnb and not go to laundry a couple times a week as my small whirlpool was fine for my daughter and I but not for all washing that needs to done with covid restrictions …but then at delivery all the non sense started ….said I had a evening delivery on Tuesday blocked out my airbnb for the Tuesday only delivery date on 5/11/2021 got text it was coming between 330 and 700 pm at 630 was called and said were not going to make it the guy broke his leg ( a lie) i feel…can’t do it next day before guests check in but said they could 5/13/ at noon so wouldn’t be waking my people up at an early time and could get them lunch …so I get a call at 630 saying they were on their way at 745 which won’t work for my situation and dispatch was suppose to call me after an hour I start calling again….talked to Cory and Joe at tempco and explain what this has cost me because they can’t seem to communicate with each other about noon delivery then speak to Dan ie manager who basically says there is nothing they can do and calls me and agitated customer and insults me I drop R bomb and he hangs up on me ….so I call Bothell store and speak to Don they only guy answering the phones there after 3 calls he gets me in touch with Aaron assistant manager and he is at least helpful acts like he gives a crap and then Les calls me back and is working on this … I am leaving town Saturday for 2 weeks now my cleaners don’t have a way to do linen in my absence and I am less than happy with all the run around I have gotten this dispatch company is a detriment to you company by the way and are unprofessional to say the least…I will probably cancel the whole order and get my appliances somewhere else in the future as I did the refrigerator last year I guess I learned my lesson for good this time never again will I buy anything of any value that has to be delivered again ..1 unreliable 2 rude 3 not convenient 4 and too time consuming and costly I blocked my airbnb for 2 days for this 3 weeks in advance at a cost of 500 to me with no appliances showing up wow no compensation nothing but lies and the okey dokey am waiting for Les to get back to me will keep you posted.

  29. Why do all the people here leave comments for Home Depot like this is their website? Does NO ONE understand it is for comments on **how to contact** the actual Home Depot? Like “I called this number, pressed 4, and got the abc department” 🤦‍♂️

  30. I purchased a dishwasher online for deliver and installation including warranty and old appliance pickup April 7th of 2021. The entire experience dealing with home depot has been a fiasco. We live in a very rural area where cell service does not work regularly. When the initial delivery attempt was scheduled on April 21st, we informed the scheduled that a house phone number needed to be contacted not the cell phone on the order. The delivery driver only called the cell number and of course did not find the address. Again I contacted scheduling to have the number on the order updated. Today we have our 3rd delivery attempt scheduled between 9 and 1. Now 2:42 and no delivery. So far I have called to update the phone number 6 different times. 2nd time delivery was attempted drivers arrived with a machine so damaged it could not be installed due to seal issues. Today 4th scheduled appt and 3rd attempted delivery we called for status and were told we were 2nd delivery on the truck and it should have already delivered. Scheduling contacted driver who said they were only a couple of mikes from us but were broken down. The driver could not give us location of broken down vehicle. At this point we have zero idea of delivery status and I am ready to cancel my entire order under the name of Phillip Johnson in Rock Cave WV 26234. Product paid for in full on April 7th. Now is May 21st with no product. I am completely disgusted with home depot and their delivery service. I would like someone to contact me with regard to resolution.

  31. I just visited your Rock Springs, WY Home Depot at 8:30 am on May 24, 2021. We needed two items. The first was in the paint area where a very nice lady immediately asked us if we needed assistance and quickly showed us where the item we were looking for was located. The second was in plumbing.

    We were looking for a shower head with a pause button. We saw one, but it had a large shower head and this is going in a a travel trailer so we were hoping for something a bit smaller. When I couldn’t find what we were looking for I walked over where three men were (appeared to be) stocking the shelves. None appeared to be in a hurry to assist me so I walked up to one and asked him if he worked there. He pointed to his Home Depot shirt and said, “I guess so”. It took everything in me to refrain from telling him that he was seriously overpaid then. Instead I asked him if he could assist me with a shower head. He walked up to the display pointed and said, “these are all we have”.

    I said that I was looking for a shower head with a pause button and asked if he knew of any available. He said that there were none. I said that was odd because I found one and it is too large. I was looking for something smaller. He then asked what I was looking for. I told him again and showed him the one that I found. He then told me that was the only one you had, if there were more there would be a button on them.

    Your display is quite high and I am not that tall so I can reach all of them to look and clearly your employee couldn’t be bothered with looking so I told him never mind I would order it from Amazon. I won’t have it today, but I would have it in two days.

    I have not bothered to take the time to write a store about lousy customer service in a very long time, but this employee’s condescending, couldn’t be bothered attitude was unacceptable. I realize that during the pandemic employees have been under a lot of stress, especially those in retail, but this guy was just cocky. I’m not sure if it was for my benefit or the other two men who didn’t bother to rush to my assistance, but he appeared to be quite amused with himself. I was not.

    I have tried to shop in stores as much as possible so that folks remain employed, but I can order almost anything I need or want from Amazon without some sneering, arrogant man treating me like I am some ignorant little female. You can keep your shower heads and I will keep my money!

  32. I was shopping yesterday for Garden Stakes. On your website they were advertised for $32.70 for a pack of 25. I tried to purchase these, and at check out they rang up like $60. I showed the cashier my phone with the price and was told they dont sell them in a pack of 25. I ask for a manager and got a similar response. So I walked out angry, then decided to go to the front and ask to speak to a manager. She explained to me that they did not sell them at store level in a pack of 25. Only Online. Even though I could order online for store pick up , or have them delivered to my home for free. There should have been a sign explaining this. Long story short the manager gave me the online price. I believe the employees should be made aware of this, so there will be no more misunderstandings. I wasted alot of time with this process. You almost lost a customer over this. I just spent$550 dollars in the last week or so. I almost boxed everything back up and returned it, vowing to never shop Home Depot again. My GPS may take me to Lowes next time. I am less than 1 mile from your store. Just disappointed.

  33. Recently I purchased two Patio chairs (SKU #) with the intent of buying 4 more to complete my patio set. After I got them home, I realized that it had rained overnight, and although it was later on a hot day, the accumulated rain still was sitting in the folds of the chairs. Apparently I must put the chairs inside if there is a chance of rain.
    I would think that outdoor chairs would be able to dry out (and not retain water for several days). I live in Massachusetts (not Arizona), and we are susceptible to overnight showers. I was planning to purchase 4 more of these matching chairs to complete my set, but the “water retention problem” is giving me second thoughts. Short of moving the chairs under cover every time we use them, do you have any suggestion how to avoid this “water” problem?

  34. HALLELUJAHHHHHHHHHHH ! And THANK YOU for this . I purchased a storm door from them and I have a nightmare going on with a manger and installer . Home Depot Dundalk Baltimore Maryland. I am in the process of contacting corporate. Like you I want these person ‘s to be outed because of there sorry work ethics and slothful representation of the company that employs them . Thanks for your service for country and a senior citizen.

    • Linda, it is not just the Home Depot brick and mortar stores, it is even items you buy off! I purchased something from their website on May 19, 2021 and delivery was shown as June 7th or sooner, which was long but OK. On May 21st, the HD site showed ita s “shipped” and confirmed June 7th or sooner delivery. HOWEVER, the UPS tracking number showed the label for the shipment was created, but the package was NOT picked up by UPS. This staus continued to show SHIPPED on but “label created: on UPS tracking. Over the past 6 days I have called HD “Customer Care (less)” and poked all the keys to their digital answering machine and speaking to people with no brains or ambition….not one of them offerd any help. In fact, one CC rep told ME to call THEIR supplier and ask where my order was!!! I went total ballistic on that…HD now has “do-it-yourself customer service”?? So, I did find their supplier and contacted them, and I did get some answers – my product never shipped “because the label must have fallen off” so they said tehy would re-ship it. I asked if it could be sent a faster method as I have waited so long and dealt with all this nonsense. The supplier rep said HD needs to approve expedited shipping. So I called HD “Customer Care (less)”, requested expedited shipping due to the 3 week delay, and was told NO because it would take longer to get it approved! How abouta HD Gift Card to make up for my frustration and time? NO. I buy from HD and refer Clients to them, but from now on I will never, ever refer anyone to HD. They have a total lack of Customer Care and a complete lack in transparency to their customers, may their stock crash and let them file for bankruptcy because i do not care for companies that abandon and lie to consumers/customers.

  35. I’m doubtful this will be read any time soon, much less acted on. But it does help release my own frustration with Home Depot. For starters, I’ve ALWAYS been an HD patron vs. Lowes. No issues with HD EVER…..until now. The problem is not with product. It’s with lack of communication, lack of customer service, not doing what they SAY they will do, spending HOURS on the phone just trying to get to a LIVE person, disconnects, inaudible staff and front-line people who couldn’t care less about solving customer problems.
    This all began when I placed an online order for a Patio Set with Fire Pit and Sunbrella fabric. The chairs arrived with on May 27th without cushion covers and no fire pit, rendering the entire set useless. I was told the covers would arrive “in a few days”. Two weeks have passed and still no covers. It’s taken several hours of multiple calls and an endless series of recordings just to get to a LIVE person and establish a case number. I was told I’d receive a response within 72 hours. Never happened. I finally called once again and was told “they forgot to send an update”. Still no word on the missing items. HD has now fallen far from grace as far as reliability is concerned. Nobody DOES what they say they will do…..other than immediately charge my card for the purchase price. As I said earlier, the worse part is lack of communication. It’s as if the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. Everyone points fingers at everyone else and then makes excuses. I could go on and on but it will just crank me up instead of releasing my frustration. You guys spend millions on advertising just to win over some customers but will destroy a customer relationship over lack of communication, not to mention a $2000 charge . What a waste! I realize I’m just one in a sea of millions of customers. But if you don’t start addressing the problem now, that “sea” will become less and less.

  36. I writing this knowing that nothing will be done and of course no real apology will be offered but we’ve been loyal customers of Home Depot for many years and wouldn’t consider going anywhere else for help with home projects. Well that has changed! We wanted to have new flooring put into one of our three bathrooms. Actually, this would have been the last bathroom to be done by Home Depot. We also had new flooring put in our kitchen and family room and had been very satisfied with the process and results. This last project, however, has been a nightmare! After arranging for the installation, we get a email that the sub-contractor wants us to get an asbestos check of our home. Our home was built in 1985 and the previous flooring for this bathroom had been removed by my husband. I explained this to these folks and couldn’t understand why I needed to have this test, at my expense, done when there had been no problems before. Our last project, the family room floor, had been done just one month before this and this issue had not come up at all. After speaking with someone, my fault for not getting a name, the young lady agreed there was no need for the test and another date for installation was set. Of course, by this time it had been almost two months since the initial contact with Home Depot about this project, but okay. Since we had been through this process before we expected a call regarding the delivery of the material for the installation. No call so I telephone about a week before and was told they’d get back to me that day. Well, late Thursday afternoon we’re told they will deliver tomorrow, Friday. Okay, by 5 p.m. no word no call and we had dinner plans with family. So my husband stayed home. I telephoned about 5:30 p.m. to be told oh, the folks delivering the material had a car accident at 3 p.m. and would not be delivering after all but would deliver the next day Saturday. Of course, we had plans that we then cancelled. A telephone call at 11 a.m. informed us that the driver had called in sick that day so now delivery would be on Monday. Okay! Upset and really frustrated but at least this will be over soon. Around 3 p.m. my husband goes out to bring our trash can in off the curb and what does he see but all of the material in front of our garage door and it’s raining so this material is wet and getting wetter. No one rang our doorbell or called to say the material had been delivered. Of course, we’re very upset and let the Home Depot store manger know but all he said to me was ‘what do you want me to do’. Really! Again, okay this will soon be completely over. The day before the scheduled installation we get another email stating that since we had not had the asbestos test the installation date had been moved again! I telephoned Home Depot and was told that they’d call me back after they contacted the sub-contractor. Well, that call never came. So I called and said ‘I’m Done!’. Please cancel our order, come pick up your material and refund us our money. The schedule pick up was on a week away. No one ever arrived! So my husband goes to the store and arranges for the pick-up which was to happen yesterday. Again, no one has arrived nor have we received a telephone call! What are we to do! I can’t get a refund until this material is picked up and no one seems to care. This is a very poor way to do business and we don’t seem to have any recourse.


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