How to Contact Home Depot: Get Headquarters Address and CEO Email

The Home Depot company is the largest home improvement retailer in the US with revenue of billions of dollars. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America. To buy home improvement products in the US, customers prefer Home Depot as their one stop destination. In the US, they have covered most of important cities with their retail stores.

The Home Depot is listed on New York Stock Exchange with ticket name HD. As on December 10, 2019, their stock price is US$215.90 when writing this article. Most of people would love to buy home improvement products from this store only.

Home Depot Headquarters
Home Depot Headquarters

Home Depot Corporate Headquarters Information

The company’s corporate headquarters (head office) is located in Atlanta, GA, United States. Please take prior appointment when you visit corporate headquarters. Home Depot Corporate Headquarters Address: 2455 Paces Ferry Road Atlanta, GA 30339 United States.

Do you want to talk with headquarters staff of Home Depot? If yes, then please dial 1-770-433-8211.

Home Depot Investor Relations Contact Details

If you are looking for Home Depot IR contacts, please find here.

If your question is related to Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP), please note down their phone number 1-800-843-2150 (Computershare).

Do you have any question related to Stock Administration team? Then please dial 1-800-654-0688 Ext 13777.

Do you have any question related to Direct Stock Purchase Plan (DSPP)? Then please dial 1-800-577-0177 (Computershare Trust Company).

If your question or query is related to The Home Depot Investor Relations department, please note down their phone number 770-384-2871.

You can also reach out to Investor Relations on this Email ID

Home Depot Contact Details and Important Numbers

If you are looking for general enquiry numbers of Home Depot Inc., please find it below:

  • Major Appliances Support: 1-877-946-9843
  • Online Order Support: 1-800-430-3376
  • Customer Care Store Specialist: 1-800-553-3199 (Queries Related to Stores)
  • Online Order Support: Text at 38698 (Standard carrier rates apply)
  • Applicant Questions Contact: 1-866-698-4347
  • Customer Questions Helpline Number: 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (1-800-466-3337)

Home Depot Media Inquiries Contact Numbers

Do you have media inquiries? If yes, then please dial 770-384-4646 to talk with media team of Home Depot. Do not forget to reach out at following contact numbers for media enquiries:

Home Depot In-Store Purchase Support

If you are looking for in-store purchase support, try to solve your issue with the below support numbers and email address.

  • Primary Customer Service: 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (466-3337)
  • Email ID:
  • Official Portal:

Home Depot Consumer & Commercial Credit Customer Service

If you are looking for consumer and commercial credit section customer support, find below numbers:

  • Commercial Revolving Canada Phone: 1-800-668-5336
  • Consumer Account U.S. Phone: 1-800-677-0232
  • Commercial Accounts U.S. Phone: 1-800-395-7363
  • Commercial Revolving Cards U.S. Phone: 1-800-685-6691
  • Consumer Account Canada Phone: 1-800-747-3787
  • Commercial Accounts Canada Phone: 1-888-308-5080

Home Depot Newsroom

Looking for new stories for your news portal or newspaper, or magazine? If you are from online news website, newspaper, or magazine, contact the media contact email at below:

  • Email:

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Home Depot Email Format and Emails

If you are planning to contact any of the employee, executive or top level management, you should consider the following email address formats.

  • Format: first ‘_’, Example:, Used  85%
  • Format:, Example:, Used 3.8%
  • Format:, Example:, Used 3.8%

Article last re-published on September 3, 2020.

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43 thoughts on “How to Contact Home Depot: Get Headquarters Address and CEO Email”

  1. Hello, I’m not one who normally e-mails business with complaints but the events that occurred today warrants a communication. My name is Richard Farah and I must admit I primarily shop Lowes. But my wife and I thought we would give the Home Depot a try this time. I went on line and purchased flooring and underlayment. My order came to just above $1000. To you probably not a lot of money but to a family on a fixed budget it is a big deal. So when I was fished with my order and sent it I noticed on the print receipt that it had my wrong address. I immediately contacted my local Home Depot in Butler, PA and informed the customer service person of my dilemma. Her reply was there was nothing they could do, call Home Depot .com. Not the answer I was looking for. I asked to speak with management. DAN got on the phone and again I explained what had happened and he also said sorry he couldn’t help me. I find this very hard to believe that a manager of a one of the largest corporation in American would tell a customer that he could not be helped. So I ask DAN if he had a last name or an employee number. He said no. So I ask him so when I call the corporate office to tell them that DAN was unable to help me they would know who DAN from Butler is? Dan hung up on me, that’s right. One of the people you that you trust to represent you company, your goals, your mission not to mention your name, hung up on a customer. What DAN from Butler doesn’t seem to understand is I don’t need to shop at Home Depot, Home Depot needs me to shop there.
    So as you may surmise by now I was pretty hot. So I looked up the Home Depot Corporate Office number and called customer service. Heidi answered the phone and ask how she could help me. I told her the first 2 minutes of this conversation would determine weather I canceled my order and never shop and Home Depot again or would I get the help I believe I should have got from the Butler Store.
    I will tell you that as mad as I was when I made that call, I was 3 times happier when I was finished. There is actually people left out there that understand customer service. Heidi was very apologetic for the way I was treated. She defused me like a explosive specialist. She was very charming and took care of the problem within minutes. She had me feeling that I actually matter to her and wanted to ensure that I would stay a Home Depot customer. You need to find more Heidi’s, individuals who truly care about the people that help pay their checks. Without her I would have been gone and never stepped into one of your stores the rest of my life. I hope that someone, somewhere will read this and let your staff and Mr. Menear know Heidi probably saved someone’s job today.

    Best Wishes.

    • Order # WM********

      I was delivered a very damaged vanity.
      I called and told them l wanted a replacement.

      They said they would not do this.
      I said l want my money back .

      They said as soon as the damaged one is picked up – they would refund me the money.

      They delivered it and sat it in e driveway and that was so tacky and unprofessional l wasn’t even told it was going to be delivered that day – there no nothing of a notification that it was coming that week.  I was at work and there it was when l came home.

      Next  about October 18 2020 it’s gone- they picked it up. Again I wasn’t give any information- it was gone. The neighbor said a truck picked it up.

      There was no paperwork- nothing.

      I have been back and forth with your locals at Home Depot. They will not refund my money.

      I am the customer- l wanted the vanity and l paid for it. Your business delivered it broken, cracked marble top and busted wood cabinet- it appeared to been dropped, the box was damaged too.

      I should NEVER be going thru this ordeal.

      I have no vanity and l have no refund.  Home Depot thinks they are funny – but this is not funny.

      Please fix this issue ASAP. It’s going on 5 weeks now and nothing is being done about it.

      This is terrible service and they just keep kicking the can down the road and nobody with authority will acknowledge this problem. Makes me sick.

    • How in the world were you able to order something off there website? it takes 5min for each page to load. You can’t even browse products. God help you if your checking store availability of a product. Calling or even driving to the store to check, is actually quicker then there website. Just by using there website should be a red flag warning of the compnys mismanagement and incompetence.

    • I am also a Lowe’s shopper. Been to Home Depot twice this month and both times I left without the items I planned to purchase. In the space of 5 minutes I came across 4 shoppers NOT WEARING MASKS!! It is mandated in Sierra Vista, AZ, but this store doesn’t care. Even the employees are without masks at times. I’ll never shop at HD again! I’m on oxygen, have four lung issues, and am handicapped. Not how I want to die.

  2. RE: Order # ******** – On 7/20/2020 I made an online purchase of a $169.00 Ryobi 19 Volt Battery String Trimmer. On 7/23/2020 I received an email from Home Depot indicating that the item I had recently viewed online had dropped in price to $139.00. I tried contacting customer service via telephone and was unable to get through to a live person on several occasions. Please advise as to what type of policy Home Depot has in place regarding sales after a purchase has been made in just days? Thank you.

  3. **** I attempted to email this to an email address given to me from Customer Service (, but I keep getting error notices that it will no go through, so I cannot attach the pictures here.

    Dear Customer Service:

    Attached for your information is the condition of the package and the damaged range that I purchased on July 20, 2020 (order number **********) that was delivered to me on July 29, 2020 by Estes Level2 Logistics.

    The condition of the carton was a bit of a shock, it was dirty, smudged, caved in in several places, had leaves and other debris on the box as if it was left outside and in a few spots, it looked like some black spray paint. When I opened the carton and saw that the back of the range was caved in and unusable, I also notice that the damaged metal had black fingerprint smudges on it. Someone went through a great effort to damage this appliance.

    On Friday, July 31, 2020, I called Home Depot and had some difficulty trying to rectify the problem. I spoke to “Cindy” in home delivery. When I explained the issue, she asked me to hold and transferred me back to the main menu where I had to sit through the prompts until I reached another human and then spoke to “Travis” when I again explained the issue, he hung up on me. When I called back,instead of the prompt for an order already placed, I used the prompt for making a new order and my call was answered immediately by “Lauren”. Lauren was very pleasant, had a care about my issue. She was compassionate, efficient and assisted me in facilitating the return of the damage range.

    I understand that the damage issue is out the control of Home Depot, however I am very disappointed in my experience and will not place another order with Home Depot. The delay in having to return this and order a new range is costly and extremely inconvenient. This particular item was meant for a tenant who has moved in on August 1st and now does not have a stove.

    I sealed the carton back up as best I could, hauled it back down a flight of stairs in 90 degree weather and have placed it on my front porch with a tarp over it. I highly suggest you reevaluate your relationship with Estes Level2 Logistic.

    Kindly send me an email to advise when my refund in the amount of $907.24 will issue.

    Thank you.

    Ann-Marie Ellis

  4. Does a first grade teacher need permission to use the Home Depot logo in a distant learning classroom to demonstrate to her students that they will be building their classroom together?

  5. Hello,

    I recently visited a Home Depot in South Southington CT. I have been a lifelong shopper at Home Depot and was very disappointed with my recent experience at this location. I was shocked to see multiple employees and customers not wearing masks. There are signs at the entrance reporting a face covering must be worn but several employees either had the masks around their neck or no face covering in sight at all. In addition, multiple customers were allowed to enter with no face coverings.

    This is bad enough but then I called to let a store manager know – I spoke with “manager” Crystal at approximately 1130 am on Sunday 8/30/20 and let her know what I witnessed. Instead of thanking me or acknowledging she will work on improvements she stated “well we can’t require people to wear masks” and then she HUNG UP the phone on me. I do understand this is a challenging time for all and it is hard to control other people however I do expect store employees to be wearing masks at all time when serving customers and I do expect employees to be able to enforce the rules posted on the doors.

    As a physician seeing COVID patients on a daily basis I can guarantee that masks save lives – both customers and healthcare workers who have to care for victims of this pandemic.

    I unfortunately will NOT be returning to your stores until I can be assured your employees and managers are able to abide by rules set forward by the CT health department. This is such a loss for me as I have been making 1-2 stops by Home Depot weekly as I am doing major renovations at my home currently, the local LOWES is farther from me but will have to suffice until you guys can ensure me a safe environment to shop in.

    Happy to discuss further at any time.

    South Southington CT Home Depot

  6. I would to take this opportunity to bring to your attention the outstanding service provided by John Groves of your East Wareham, Mass. store.

    We had purchased furniture that was delivered without the hardware to assemble it. All we had was a part list all in metric. We spent ten minutes looking and then John came to help. He was focused, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. He found all thirty parts in metric sizes that we needed. He kept looking until we had everything.

    We return the following week for other items and again John helped us make informed purchases. John Groves is an outstanding employee.

    Victor Cabrera

  7. On Friday 5 Sept. I went to my local Home Depot Store here in Morristown, TN I was in search of white framed lattes that was shown on the Home Depot website. When I got to Home Depot they were out of this type of Lattes I was in search of, but the lady at the store said they have 30 sheets of it in the Sevierville, TN store and that I could pay for it here and pick it up there. The following day I went to the Sevierville Home Depot to pick up my awaiting order, well when I finished with the ladies at the service counter they instructed me to go down to the Pro section and someone will bring me my order, everything was going great up to this point. When the young man brought me my order not only was it NOT what I paid for it wasn’t even close, so him and myself went back to where the lattes was stored, and they not only didn’t have what was listed on there webpage it was the wrong product all together. What I was looking for was the white 1-1/8″ diamond framed privacy Store SKU # 100387 at $34.78 each, what they had on hand was the white lattes “NON FRAMED” Store SKU # 536763 $21.48 BUT this product was listed and priced as the “FRAMED lattes”. When to two guys who were helping me realized that someone had inadvertently checked in SKU # 536763 as the SKU # 100387 the price was not $21.48 but $34.78. So he called the east Knoxville Home Depot and had him on speaker so I could hear what was being said, he asked the guy on the other end if in fact they had the white framed lattes and he repeated “it does in fact have the white frame around it?” The guy said YES IT DOES, so I make the drive to the east Knoxville store to HOPEFULLY pick up the correct order, once I arrived I found the two sheets of UNFRAMED lattes work on a cart. Needless to say I was very upset at this point, so I walked back to where the lattes was at and found a shelf full of SKU# 536763 being passed off as SKU # 100387 and was priced at $34.78 where it SHOULD have been priced at $21.48. I will continue my search for SKU # 100387 BUT when they tell me “YES WE HAVE IT” I want to have them send me a photo of it so I don’t waste any more time and gas chasing what I need.

  8. On August 24 I placed on line ordered for 11 kitchen cabinets. On August 26 I called customer service to cancel the order but was told that the order was in the system and could be canceled only after I receive notification that the order has been shipped. On 9/8 I received such notification and 9/10 called customer service to cancel the order. The lady was really polite and confirmed that she canceled order of all 11 cabinets. However when I received confirmation email the order of 2 cabinets were still not canceled. At once I called again but the customer service representative said that she can’t canceled the order of these two cabinets because the first person probably accidently pressed the “re-order” button and now I have to wait for a new email notifying that the order has been shipped. Unbelievable!!!

  9. My Maytag washer and dryer both need service. I called and set an appointment up three times. I’ve called five times, and talk to two managers. No one helps or does anything. ONe repair man called about six weeks ago, maybe longer and said he would order a part and be back to install it. Never heard from him again. also called Home Depot extended warranty people about repair to dryer. No one ever came out. My uncle bought me this set and bought a five year extended warranty, he is wondering if he wasted his money. I have never seen Service this bad anywhere in my life. I will be spreading the word about this terrible service also.

  10. I just purchased a 5 pieces patio set online. Sept. 20-2020. i only received the seats covered. Nothing else. Nobody responded about my case. I have been calling costumer service nothing, i even went 2 times at home depot in Chantilly and costumer service was terrible. They responded was : Call your Bank and dispute… Seriously ???
    This is how your solve issues???
    Were are talking about Patio furniture expensive. The home depot already charged.

    I just want my money back.


  11. I purchased a shed online through Home Depot in May of 2020. The short story is that the Driver called indicating the merchandise was damaged and wanted to know if we still wanted him to make the delivery. He sent us pictures and there was enough damage (more than a couple boards), that we decided to refuse the delivery over the phone with the Driver. It is now October, and many, many phone calls, emails, and letters later, and Home Depot has refused my disputed claim indicating that I received the merchandise. The only evidence they could provide was a box marked “signature – yes”. I provided 4 pages of contact names, phone numbers, dates that I spoke with someone, and a brief summary of the conversation, along with the order number, tracking number, and my account number. Unfortunately, I paid my bill in full, and in advance, and now I’m fighting to get my money back. I need to go above somebody beyond a Supervisor at the Customer Service Call Center to find help.

  12. My wife and I have just gone through an ordeal with installation services at our local Lodi store. While this transaction did not work out, the cancellation that they agreed on was satisfactory to us. This is not a comment to show my indignation, as much as a learning experience for all involved. Let me first describe out experience.

    We noticed our dishwasher was leaking, and that the glue from our linoleum was coming up through the cracks. We decided that this was a good time to refurbish our kitchen and nook area. We decided to accomplish four things, (These improvements spiral don’t they). We wanted to replace the dishwasher, replace the counter tops, replace the linoleum with tile, and install a backsplash. We ordered a new Whirlpool Dishwasher from Home Depot, which did take a long time to receive, but I believe this was more of a whirlpool problem than a Home Depot one. We went through installation services for a new Corian countertop. The service was great the whole job through, and your contractor was excellent, (Block Top Counters I believe). The flooring and back splash was another matter. We ordered the job, and someone came to measure, and we paid for the job on Sep 1. Several weeks went by, and we did not hear from the contractor when the installation would begin. We finally called the local Home Depot store, who told us to call the contractor ourselves to work out the problem. That should have been our first red flag. We did this and got a date on Oct 7. It was longer than we wanted, but we were flexible, so we waited. We prepared the area, and the contractor arrived in the early afternoon, apparently, he had to finish another job and was later than he first said. Again, things happen, and we were flexible. He started removing the linoleum, and under it the floor was damp, and mixed with the glue it was quite slippery. A larger area than I would expect was damp, so there was a concern. He believed there was a leak in the slab, and could not proceed, and basically left. So far, they removed the linoleum and base board. We immediately called a plumber that specialized in slab leak repairs and got an appointment the next morning. We notified the contractor that someone was going to come in and inspect it, and that the installer should come so they could all talk about the issue. In the meantime, we put down a dehumidifier, and the floor was dry that evening. We turned it off that night, to see if the floor remained dry. The next morning the floor was dry, and the plumbers reported that there was not leak. No tile contractors arrived that day. We called them on Thursday and reported the status and didn’t hear back from them this day. Friday, we got a call from the contractor saying that since we had a problem, we were taken off the schedule. The next opening was November 30. At this point the appliances are all removed from the room, and this was not acceptable to us at all. She apologized and said there was nothing she could do. We went to Home depot on Saturday to discuss the problem and talked with a flooring representative. We asked for one of the following to remedy the problem, (1. Get an earlier date from the contractor, 2. Get another contractor, 3. Cancel the order). A manager assured us that he would call the contractor on Monday, since they were closed on the weekends, and follow up on Monday. We agreed. Monday came, and we did not hear anything from Home Depot, so we called the store at around 11 AM. It took a while to contact someone who could help us, but what we were asking for got shorter, (1. Get another contractor, 2. Cancel the order). That manger said he’d work on that, and we decided to wait till Wednesday to check up on the progress. Wednesday came, and that contact was off that day, so we asked for the cancelation. The Rep said she would have to ask another manager for permission. A few hours later we started getting calls and text messages from the contractor, moving up the schedule, and letting us know they would be delivering the material that presumably was still at Home Depot. By this time, we had already gone to one of your competitors, who we have had lots of success with in past jobs, and started the process over again. All we wanted to do at this point is cancel the order. This morning we replied to the contractor text, saying we asked home depot to cancel the job, and that we did not want them to deliver the material. About an hour later Home Depot called us, and we again said to cancel the job, and it seems that this is what they are doing now.

    I’m the kind of person who does not like to complain unless you can provide a fix. I’m not really upset, and the cancellation was not the outcome that was the best, but I’m not unhappy and feel like we potentially dodged greater problems if we proceeded. I offer these suggestions:

    1. Home Depot should be the manager of the process. Maybe that is your policy now, and we ran into some rogue people who do not understand that. Like when the Home Depot person wanted us to contact the contractor. It would have been better if Home Depot called, and it would have been a higher position of power to negotiate your expectations. So, I’m suggesting a department that specialized in this. I can see expecting a customer facing person at a store, maybe cannot give the kind of time for installation services to be successful. It Wouldn’t have to be one in every store, but regionalized, and people dedicated to check the progress and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

    2. It was really annoying going through your phone tree and was bounced back to customer service many times in every phone call. That should be improved. See number one, so that the customer can call the installation services rep right away.

    3. I assume that you vet your contractors, but in the event that the one you use is busy, maybe having some others in reserve would fill the gaps, or at least use contractors from nearby stores. Again, if you have someone dedicated to looking into these issues, it could be gaged if a contractor is too busy to send additional work, that would ultimately reflect badly on Home Depot.

    I hope these suggestions are found to be useful. I don’t wish Home Depot any ill will, but there were many things that could have been done where this could have been a success. Follow through is high on the list for both the contractor and Home Depot.

  13. I purchased two doors — an exterior door and a storm door. That was back in July. Every time I call the store I get the COVID-19 response about installation vendors not being able to find anyone to install the doors or the orders not getting fulfilled because of COVID. My delivery date on one of the doors is pushed further and further every time I call. I just called this morning and now the date is October 22. I will never order another thing from Home Depot. If it’s not in the store, I won’t be buying it. I understand COVID has messed up a lot of things, but 3 months for doors is ridiculous.

  14. On Oct. 16, 2020, I called Home Depot , Riverstone, Canton GA. spoke to Sara in the appliance dept. with questions about my freezer which is about 8-9 years old. I bought it from Home Depot. I would like to tell you that I could not have had a nicer , more helpful person. The questions she asked me I did not know, she guided me where to find the information I needed for her to further help me and call her back , which I did. She gave me the phone number of Frigidaire if I needed more information . If I need to purchase a new appliance I would definately request Sara, she is a asset to HOME DEPOT. Thank you

  15. I was at the Bulverde, TX store, 128 Bulverde Crossing at about 4:45PM this afternoon, November 4, 2020. I was trying to buy a DeWalt tool on sale for $199 and if you bought that tool, you had your pick of any of the free tools listed on the billboard flier above the tools. When the young lady went to ring this up at the self service checkout, it did not give me the free tool. She was trying to figure out why and had the floor person who had to unlock the security devices in the first place try to help her. They came back and told me that the free tool was not on the list, that I had to select something else. I went right back over to the display and pointed it out to her and the IDIOT on the floor showing exactly that it WAS! The IDIOT then proceeded to try to tell me that the free tool had to be on the same line as the purchased tool. Both myself and another customer tried to point out to him that there were 3 tools for purchase and 4 lines of the free tools – that his argument didn’t make sense. The IDIOT didn’t have the mental capacity to grasp the obvious. The floor person then became belligerent and loud. Before I lost my temper, I told them to keep their damned tools, they had lost my business, and I left the store. This not how you treat Veterans – and the staff knew I was a Vet because they had to key that into the self-service register!

    This is not the first run-in I’ve had with piss poor customer service at this store. I’m done with Home Depot!! All across the country! I’ll drive 26 miles each way to Lowe’s in New Braunfels for any little thing I need. I no longer have confidence in Home Depot as a company if you cannot properly train your employees in customer service. I intend to spread this message as far and as wide as I can, to include on my YouTube channel.

  16. Where: Home Depot Store #6303 – 3501 S Dixie Hwy, Pinecrest, FL 33156
    Hi my name is Evans Russell on October 19, 2020 I received an email from home depot in reference to scheduling a interview with them. I went on ahead and did just that. My interview was scheduled for October 22,2020 at 12:00pm. I showed up for the interview and was eventually seen. I felt very comfortable during the interview explaining to “Mike” Home Depot’s GM (General Manager) of 15 years My experience in retail, pass job history and thinking critically in certain situations. I was very clear and vocal from start to finish during the interview. “Mike” Home Depot’s GM (General Manager) of 15 years had said to me he was still “iffy / skeptical on proceeding to the next phase pertaining to the job, he has my number, he will continue to interview other candidates and will contact me if a decision is made to hire me. I got up and said ok. A week and a half went by…. No call. I received another email from Home Depot on October 30,2020 in reference to scheduling another interview (Hiring Process). I scheduled another interview for 11/2/2020 at the 8pm. I went to the interview on 11/2/2020 at 8pm walking through the store lookin for the hiring manager. I was told that the manager that I needed to see was on vacation. I was told to call the next morning the store’s phone number (305-254-8765) EXT.077. I did just that…. No answer. On 11/4/2020 at 8:53 am I received a call from Home Depot from a lady (cant remember her name) asking can she speak to Me (Evans Russell) I replied “this is me” she said we would like to schedule an interview with you, today (11/4/2020) I thought to myself maybe tomorrow or another day. She proceeded to say we don’t have anything for 3pm or 3:30pm. What about 5:30pm? I was like “ok”. I told the supervisor on the jobsite that I would be leaving early because I have a interview at Home Depot at 5:30pm on 11/4/2020. He said that it was ok. I left my Job at 4:00pm forgoing overtime hours etc. I arrived at home depot a little before 5:30pm I went in the room in which I waited before I was interviewed the very 1st time, seen 1 of the store associates and asked is Mike here? She said that he was in his office. Upon walking to Mike’s office, I had seen A guy sitting in a chair waiting to be seen by Mike and another Female sitting in Mike’s office with the door close. Mike glanced at me and told me to wait in the room in which I waited to be seen for the 1st interview, I sat down at 5:30pm and waited patiently 5:30pm eventually became 6:30pm. I got up at 6:30m went back by Mike’s office, he wasn’t there. I started asking other store associates did they see Mike. Some said that he had already left, some said he was in the front of the store. I proceeded to the front of the store I asked one of the cashiers did they see Mike? She said she’ll try to call… no answer. She then spotted him and told me he was over there. As I started to approach Mike he spotted me comin and then changed his direction as if he didn’t want to see me. The more I got closer he would just keep switchin directions as if he’s not trying to see me. So I didn’t fully approach him I left the store. ***Have them run the store camera’s on 11/4/2020 6pm*** to see what im talking about. His question for me was “why should we hire you?” My question to him is “why should I work for you after this workplace treatment?”

  17. After seeing people post online for a box of solar lights, the price dropped from $9.88 to $5.02, I went to home depot in emeryville CA store yesterday night to look for it. I was lucky to find 5 boxes of them but when I went to self checkout to purchase them, the lady working at self checkout helped me to scan the barcode and the price shown in the system to be 1 cent. She called another lady named Rosy to take a look at the situation. Rosy came over and cancelled all items in the system scanned by barcode and manually selected a price tag of $39.99 in the system without item photos but only home depot logo and added 5 of them to the checkout page. Then she asked me to pay for it. She said, your total is $39.99 times 5 plus tax. I was surprised to be told I have to pay $39.99 for each box which is 4 times of the original price for each box. Of course I will not pay for a price she selected just by her own and not even matching with the item’s description of the product in my shopping cart. After I refuse to pay $39.99×5+tax. She became angry and started yelling at me very loud. Rosy said: I will not sell you for 1 cent, you have to pay for this price on the screen now. Or you have to leave. Because she was so loud and people around us were all watching the show.  One of the other associates came over to ask her if she needs any help. She said, “let me handle it” and pushed the other associate away. I asked her if I can speak to the manager to confirm the price. Rosy said, “I am the manager, I am in charge. You either pay for this price, or leave!” So I told her I decided to pull my shopping car away from the self checkout area and wait on the side to see if I can talk to anybody else who can help me. All of the sudden,she stopped me and robbed my shopping cart from my hands and told me she cannot sell those boxes to me and took the boxes from me and asked me to leave. Since I am 2 weeks away from my baby due day, in order to protect my baby in my dummy away from her tough behavior, I released my hands to let her took the cart in case she has further life threatening movements. I am wondering if a manager in home depot was trained to treat a customer with this rudeness or it’s just her, bully a pregnant woman like me, cannot take any action or movement with baby safety concern. 
    Rosy’s gruff manner made me very angry, I would like someone to help me understand why I was treated this way and what’s the pricing rule in home depot when item price change. Could a manger decide what price I pay by her manually selecting a price 3 times higher than the original price for me? I would like to get answers from someone who cares.

  18. On September 10, 2020, I made a purchase at the Home Depot in Longview, TX (store 6545). My order consisted of a refrigerator, dishwasher, washer, and a dryer. Originally the items were supposed to have been delivered by 11/10. Then because of the fact that a couple of the items were backordered, the whole purchase delivery date was changed to December 10. Knowing that something could have been done so that I could get the items allocated and available for delivery now, no one I spoke to offered the option but until my third or fourth call trying to figure out my options.

    After finishing that ordeal of getting the order split (half of which I ended up canceling), I finally got a schedule date for delivery of the fridge and the dishwasher. I was supposed to get a call the day before the delivery date so that I could be provided a 4-hour window of the delivery. Well, that turned into an ordeal as well. I called the 877 number and they tell me there is nothing in the system and that I should call the HD where I purchased the appliances. I called the HD in Longview where I purchased the appliances and they communicated to me that since they contract out the delivery of a appliances and the contractor has not put any notes in the system, they could not give me any information. And on top of everything, they could not reach the third party vendor because the third party vendor is closed on Sundays.

    I understand the stores are dealing with this once in a lifetime pandemic that have created chaos all around. Trust me, I am an administrator of hospitals and I know first hand the challenges that this pandemic has put upon us, however, the pandemic should not be an excuse. I would think the HD has very talented people that can support customers like me, even during this pandemic, in any way they can besides passing the buck to the next person and/or business. I know that appliances are not a matter of life and death but I would sure hate the staff and management at that store to be the leaders of any of my hospital, as I’m not sure many of my patients would make it out alive based on how they have managed my simple delivery of a dishwasher and a refrigerator.

  19. I placed an order for some slate tile. I purchased a pallet of it, however, all was not needed. I tried to return the remainder just to find out that they could not accept my return unless it was the same as purchased (the whole pallet). Before placing the order, no where on the site did it mention that it was unreturnable unless it was returned as the whole unit. If this was the case, I feel that it should’ve been stated somewhere on the site, because, if I would’ve known that, I wouldn’t have purchased. I think this is unfair, I now have several unused cases that I have no need for. Needless to say, I’ll be thinking twice about purchasing from Home Depot for my further projects!!

  20. Rheem Hybrid water heater sku#
    Larry Ross
    To whom it may concern . This was suppose to be my veteran day gift. On November 10, 2020, I purchased a Rheem Hybrid Water heater on my veterans discount from the Home Depot located at Jansen beach , 1728 tomahawk island dr. Portland Oregon 97217. 503-289-9200.

    On the date of purchase I was instructed to call the phone number on the side of the water heater box to arrange for installation. The instructions state , installation would be the same day. I called the number and was quoted $400 on the first call and $800 on my second call. The gentleman on the phone was rude when I asked him about the price change. I informed him that I would have to speak with my wife and call him back. I called a local company to arrange for a quote on installation. They quoted me $1200. I couldn’t understand why it would cost me a little over $1800 to in stall a water heater. I called back to the Home Depot installation,phone number 1 800 466 3337. I spoke with Andrew Pearson on November 12, 2020. He asked me to send him the information on my current water heater and the new water heater. He also asked if my breaker was a 20 or 30 amp. He wanted to know the dimensions of my old water heater and where was it located. What type of wall was it next to, brick , cement, or wood.

    On November 13, 2020 I followed up with an email inquiring if there was any further information needed. There was no response from Mr. Pearson.

    On November 16, 2020, I sent another email informing Mr. Pearson that i was still waiting on a response to my request to get my water heater installed. Was the information he requested enough for the quote for installation. Was there someone else I need to get in contact with. Please let me know. I also called 1 800 466 3337 and left a message for Mr. Pearson. I was told that he was on another call and would give me a call back. I told them that if i did not hear a response by the end of the day, i was returning the water heater.

    I returned the water heater today. I really would like to have had it in stalled. Heard good reviews on it. I never got the chance to see. I am a retired veteran from the US Army. I did my job. I did what was requested of me. I also retired from the federal government. Did my job for 20 years. I know about following orders. I was considered a public servant for over 40 years. My point is all I want was my water heater installed. I am disappointed at the customer’s service. The same day installation slogan should not be printed on the box. I will not recommend this to no one at this time. I hope this will ensure that the next person receives better service than I.

  21. I am very disappointed with Home Depot. I have in the past had great results with the Home Depot design service for bathrooms and kitchens. The designers helped to design tile work or granite etc. and order the appropriate quantities and schedule a contractor to complete the work. However, Home Depot no longer has bathroom designers and they referred to a company called, “American Home Remodeling”. They came out and were so hard sell and wanted to use their products not Home Depot products. The guy said if we did not sign that moment the price went up 1500-2K the minute he left. The experience was awful and a big waste of time. Home Depot your designers helped sell your product and ensured your customers project was a success. I am sorry you don’t offer the service any longer.

  22. I spoke with Jessy at the home depot customer care department 770-433-8211 #5 she was a great help and made my experience with home depot a pleasant one.
    We purchased a washer and dryer at full price on 11/1, I saw that it was on sale 11/7 I was told by 2 different sales associates several ways on how to get the sales price either cancel or call back once it was delivered. We went into labor on 11/8 the day we were going to cancel. so we decided to wait until the 11/11 when the washer and dryer was delivered and we were home with the baby to call to get the adjustment. However the sr.tore manger up in store # 6225 Erica denied the price adjustment something about we could not get the sale price it was after the original purchase date.
    spoke with Jesse with home depot she listen and understood the situation and made a call to the store and was able to save us 240.00. Thank you Jessy I hope you have a great holiday.

  23. Need to speak to something about the store on Northern Blvd Long Island City NY about the racing in the parking lot when they close. These people race all night in the parking lot with no regard for people sleeping they keep everyone up all night nothing is being done!!


  25. Gosh! My story seems so unworthy of publishing, but here goes.
    December 04-2020 I placed an online order to the Hickory, NC store and was told it would be ready in the morning. I called the next morning Dec 05,2020 to verify the order was ready. Yes, I was told it was ready. About an hour later that morning I got a call from the Hickory Home Depot store. They could not find the main items I needed. ( bead board paneling). I told them to cancel the order and I would drive to Gastonia Home Depot store as they assured me they had everything in stock. I drove the extra 35 miles, purchased the items, and tried to check out. Ah-ha! They could not find my name or account, so I spent an extra 90 minutes at the pro desk waiting to get checked out. Day is now shot. I’m shot and ready to hit restart for the day. Statement came last week with both orders charged to my account. Could not access my account because they had entered the wrong last four digits of my s s number. Today I called lots of times to try to get this straightened out. After five transfers earlier in the day about noon and not getting any help I quit for a while. I decided to try again at 3:50 pm December 28, 2020. Ten minutes later I quit again. At 4:02 I tried again for four minutes then quit again. At 5:02 tried again. At 5:38 I tried one more time before quitting for the day. After being transferred five times I spoke with Chad Bennett with CityBank in Johnson City, Tennessee. He DID GET IT RESOLVED,
    No thanks to the inept, don’t care can’t be bothered, gone to lunch, non-managers. I’m glad your company didn’t help run my business!

  26. I have been a customer for a long time and have always assumed I could put my trust in this company to do the right thing and when I bought new pergo for my living room, installed in a new condo 2 years ago, I assumed that I could trust you picked the right people for your installs.

    The people you sent to install my flooring added oversized quarter round molding on the wood of the current molding. I was not asked and when I saw it, I wasn’t thrilled, but it was done and I assumed one day I would take it off and redo my molding. That day came this week as my brother in law, a former floor installer, pulled up the pieces to determine molding specifications. He was stunned to find almost 1 1/4 inch gap. I attached photos of this when I email you. An email that has been ignored. Such a crappy job was done when your contractors installed this. The gap is huge and I will not be able to find molding that would fill that gap. I have no choice now but to leave any molding as is…and keep the quarter round molding on there since even that coming off shows gap.

    I feel someone needs to make this right in some way.

    Yes it has been some time since this install was done but I had NO way of knowing this is the shoddy work that was hiding there. I wish I had known. Not exactly being knowledgable on these things I thought I could trust that it would be done well.

    I have sent an email yet it was ignored. I called customer service but wasn’t much help. In their defense I don’t think they knew what to do either.

    I spend a lot of money are your store (not to you though I’m sure) and I think after being ignored on this issue I will be shopping at Lowes from now on.

  27. I have some products that I would like to present to the competent administration. May I know where the relevant place is

  28. I must let you know, that you have a incredibly down to earth , caring individual working through text a pro , his name is Brandon whorten . Let me share my story, it may seem over the top or extreme but it’s real and he care and helped .. I mean really cared. So I made a large purchase that I’ve saved for a very long time for , I’m 51 and never had a new washer machine, yes I’m sure u might be on your 5 set but it’s true just a dream for me until last week after much research I decided to bu through Home Depot for reasons being the time frame to receive and price and variety, plus my husband is there 2 to 3 times a week for product . I ordered a lg all in one machine for $1800.00 I was so excited I couldn’t stand it . Finally it’s the day its arriving today is wed last Friday afternoon it was delivered and set up great trucking great staff The second they left I was back there sending photos of this stainless Steal smart WiFi machine to family, they were laughing at me and enjoyed right alone with me so I read manual start a load and seen water dripping from door and the door appeared to be off center I was immediately dick saying no please . Well it was happening do I called and said what was happening and researched how to return a large washer and began seeing it’s not returnable and was the staring of my holiday weekend of pure rudeness and confusion, we were on the phone reaching out to managers lg customer service numbers research on internet and reading story after story about the nightmare experience with Home Depot and appliances returns , I was sick I was told someone will be out to look at it but I could not return the gal on phone said it’s my fault it’s under category customer remorse I was like what?? Had no idea this was true Home Depot has always said they will return or exchange at anytime with receipt and whatever time frame so I didn’t know wash machine aren’t in that category I didn’t see that online when I ordered and paid over 2000 with delivery hoses and set up so Friday until today I end up in tears and I was sick like no thus isn’t real I didn’t do anything wrong I laid in full and don’t want a 1800 washer that has even a small problem I waited to many years for that do today is Wednesday so 4 days of trying and crying and feeling so incredibly tricked confused mad . My husband was so over me crying he couldn’t get a help either so today I researched and looked and seen text a specialist, with not one thought this is going to get me answers or help I think due to via text I just laid it out and was defeated Brandon responded and read every and preoluch agreed and confirmed what I was told for 4 days then he said hold on and said he needed sometime to check a few things and if he could do anything to help I stayed with him because at least he was nice and caring unlike the others via phone in customer service di I just felt better being heard totally did not expect this man to spend 45 mins with me and resolving this I was like is this real ? I was so thankful and told him he had no idea what he had done , one person can everything in a moment , it’s not a usually tjiyu run into now a days he told me sorry he told me he will take care of this and again said dirty it should not have cake to this ,, yes he did ever said please know that things are different in each home , a large purchase is a huge deal here and we were crushed and defeated Thank Home Depot angel I no longer hate Home Depot lol I seriously was over Home Depot not anymore because of Brandon ill continue but I will share this story to lift spirits and say hey anything is possible

  29. In November, I chose two entrance doors in the home depot store. The first appointment for installation was in December. The installer said that there was a problem with the size of the door and I needed to make another appointment. A few days later, I received a call saying that I need to pay an additional $2,000. This has seriously exceeded my budget. In the end I paid an extra $595 to choose another door. The second scheduled installation is scheduled for January 20th. It was cancelled because of the light rain in the morning. The third appointment for installation is February 1st. I waited all morning and got a call saying that the door was broken and could not be installed! Have to wait! It has been three months from the purchase to now…Is this the service of home depot?

  30. On January 28, 2021, I purchased the LG Electronics 5.2 cu.ft. High Efficiency Mega Capacity Front Load Washer with Steam and TurboWash and companion 9.0 cu.ft. Dryer, and both pedestals online. We spent $4,043.09. Within a day or two we found the same twin set on sale for $802 less, total for both. Each piece had been $1,499 and was now $1,099. Our pair was not delivered until 9 days later through no fault of our own. Pandemic apparently has thrown delivery times off understandably. We received them today, February 6. I waited to call because I found out Home Depot’s Price Match service was for 30 days, so I waited until after delivery on purpose. After delivery today, 9 days after purchase, I called the store and after the customer service rep talked to her manager I was told appliances only had a 7 day price match guarantee. I’m still shaking from anger that, during these times, a customer would miss getting the benefit of Home Depot’s vaulted service of matching prices through no fault of our own. Internet reviews I read were all about how friendly and great Home Depot’s 30-day price match service was. (What OTHER items are NOT included in the Price-Match Guarantee? Maybe it’s a big farce?). I just didn’t know who to send this to but found this option and hope someone who matters sees it and can see the fallacy of that “appliance” rule. Thanks.

  31. The evening of February 7, 2021. There was a theft attempt after I returned from lunch at store 6548 in Keller, Texas. The hardware department locked cabinet for high dollar batteries was removed. I reported this to several employees, and store management, and they said they would send a message to someone on day shift to replace the lock. This is not the first occurrence. It is difficult to have time, or a computer available at work.

  32. What seems to be home depots problem with their website. 3 weeks and it still isn’t fix. Cannot look up any item on their website. When clicking onto item keep getting a temporary technical error.

  33. I went to the Home Depot number 3661 in Hillsboro North Carolina to purchase a zero turn mower. Showed my military ID for discount and was told by Jean store manager they could not give me a discount because it was Easter Holiday and they could not accept my id on a holiday and i would have to pay full price. I served in holidays! He was very rude and would not discuss it with me. I will never go to that store or probably any Home Depot. I am in process of remodeling my home and will get my supplies from another supplier! I still need over $20,000 in material and i am sure someone wants my business.

  34. Very disappointed that Home Depot would take a position on the new voting laws in Georgia.
    The main issue in the voting law is the requirement of an id to vote. A high majority of Americans are in favor of this including over 70% of minorities.
    Home Depot requires an id for many issues including customer pickup and ordering using a charge card.
    Why would you be hypocritical in condemning the State of Georgia to demand voter id to vote which is the biggest right an individual has in the State of Georgia.
    Home Depot spend millions in advertising to attract customers yet you take a policy stand that will result in you losing millions of sales. This is a slap in the face to stockholders who expect Home Depot to have as high as sales as possible. I respect your opinion and you are entitle to it but why say anything? Just stay out of it.
    Will be shopping at Lowes in the future.


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