HGTV Headquarters Address, Email Address, and Corporate Office Info

HGTV or as the full form of channel suggests Home & Garden Television is a popular American pay television channel. The headquarters of HGTV is located in Knoxville, Tennessee. HGTV was launched in the year 1994, HGTV is the subsidiary channel of Discovery, Inc. Some of the sister channels of HGTV include Discovery Channel, Destination America, Animal Planet, Cooking Channel, American Heroes Channel and more.

HGTV is one of the most popular channels in terms of its audience base. In the year 2018, HGTV bagged 4th rank on the basis of size of active audience. In this article we have compiled important contact information about HGTV including headquarters address, privacy contacts, ad sales contacts and more. So, let’s get to the contact details from here!


HGTV Show, Photo Credit: Dallas News

Corporate Headquarters Address

HGTV has a huge presence, it receives audience base of approximately 95,628,000 American households. It is broadcasted not just in US but also in Australia, Germany, UK, Canada, Indonesia, Germany, Poland, Canada, South Africa and Spain. In this section we have provided address of HGTV corporate headquarters for your use, please note down the details: 9721 Sherrill Blvd Knoxville, TN 37932.

The given address can be used for all kinds of important official communication with the corporate officials of HGTV.

Ad Sales Contacts

Do you wish to be a part of HGTV Ad Sales? If yes, this section is for you. For haring ideas  or inspirations regarding HGTV Programatic Ad Sales, Digital  or On- Air programs, please get in touch with the concerned team through the given form link. To contact HGTV Ad Sales, please click here: Contact Ad Sales.

For Privacy Policy Queries

If you have any concerns regarding HGTV Privacy policy, this section is for you. TO get in touch with HGTV for matters regarding privacy policy, please send an email at this address:

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HGTV is broadcasted on almost all major cable channels, satellite networks and live streaming media platforms. Some of the major Satellite Networks include Dish Network Channel 112, DirecTV on Channel 229 (SD/HD), DirecTV Caribbean Channel 250, C-Band – H2H/4DTV AMC 18 – Channel 207 (East).

On IPTV it is available on Verizon FiOS Channel 165 (SD) and Channel 665 (HD), AT&T U-verse on Channel 450 (SD) and Channel 1450 (HD), CHT MOD on Channel 268 (HD). TO watch HGTV through streaming media, it is available on Sling TV, YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV, Philo and AT&T TV.

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4 Responses

  1. Karen Plaza says:

    I am trying to find out how to get a mirror that was shown on the TV show beach battles from HGTV. Show was aired on July 19th it was the battle of the living rooms it was Tanya’s room it was the mirror above the mantle.. I really want to buy that mirror can you tell me where I can buy it from?

  2. KP says:

    Even if somewhat true, why is Tarek El Moussa allowed to verbally abuse his ex-wife on the HGTV set? When will HGTV execs
    stand up to him?

    Please share with him no one watches their show to see him. He needs serious anger management therapy. I hope the family court judge is paying attention.

  3. Angela says:

    Is Jenni Marr’s of fixer to Fabulous mother a racist? I just watched the episode where they renovated her parents house and the black adopted daughter was totally left out of the family scenes. Even at the reveal when the siblings and other grandchildren arrived, the grandmother was seen hugging the other children but the adopted daughter was again left out. What’s up with that. I would have to protest the show.

  4. JAC says:

    I am noticing that 99.9% of your shows feature young white people. Question: Whoever make the decisions on what shows get televised are they combing the street asking white people “do you want to be famous and get paid for it?” It’s one white designer show after the other. Now there some weird white woman who says that she is weird – she now have a show. Are there no people of color designers or is America so racist that you have to catered to what white people will look at? You guys get what you are doing but as the saying went “Let’s Make America Great Again” Actually meant “Let’s Make America All About White People Again?

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