Victoria’s Secret Headquarters Address, CEO Email and Contact Info

Victoria’s Secret is one of the most popular lingerie, clothing, and beauty retailers in the world and especially in United States. Victoria’s Secret Headquarters is located in Columbus, Ohio. The brand is extremely famous and often appears in popular fashion magazine catalog. It is also one of the most looked after brands in Fashion world and launches its new creations through annual shows.

Victoria Secret was founded in the year 1977 and is considered as one of largest lingerie retailer in the United States. You can find its product range in three divisions- Pink (Victoria’s Secret), Victoria’s Secret Beauty, Victoria’s Secret Lingerie. In this section further, we have provided Victoria’s Secret Headquarters Address, Customer Care Contacts, Credit Cards & Rewards Support numbers, Online Customer Care Support Contacts and more.

Victoria's Secret
Victoria’s Secret, Photo Credit: Retail Gazette UK

Victoria’s Secret Headquarters Address and Phone Number

You can contact Victoria’s Secret high level officials at the Corporate Headquarters Address, please note down the complete address details of Victoria’s Secret Headquarters in Ohio: Victoria’s Secret, 4 Limited Parkway East, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068. You can use this address to get in touch with officials for important suggestions or matters regarding its services or more. For general inquiries, please contact Customer Support team, we have provided the details in coming sections.

To post your concerns by mail or for sending other official correspondence, please use the given Victoria’s Secret Mailing Address: Victoria’s Secret, North American Office, P.O. Box 16589, Columbus, Ohio 43216-6589 U.S.A.

You can also contact Victoria’s Secret Headquarters Officials on phone, please note down the Corporate Office Phone: (800)411-5116.

Customer Care Number

For queries, concerns or complaints regarding Victoria’s Secret Credit Card, you can contact the concerned Customer Care Support at: 800-695-9478.


To know about your Victoria’s Secret Credit Card reward points and for related info, please call the Victoria’s Secret Credit Cards & Rewards Automated Phone Line: 1-800-695-1788 (You can call at the given phone line between 8am-9pm (EST) from Monday to Saturday, if looking for Representative support). Assistance and Support of Automated system is available 24 hours/7.

Also, we have provided Victoria’s Secret Credit Cards & Rewards TDD/TTY Numbers: 1-800-695-1788.


To get in ouch with Online Customer Care Support team, you can call at the given phone numbers. Please refer here:
For United States & Canada, please call at: 1-800-411-5116 (between 8a-2a EST). For Spanish, please call at: 1-800-474-7834 (between 9a-8:30p EST from Monday to Friday and On Saturdays between 9:30a-6p).

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To contact Stores Customer Care team for your concerns or queries, please call at United States Phone Line: 1-855-866-5810 (between 8a-12a EST).

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  1. If Victoria Secret is so popular, why are they trying to unload it? Because they do not want to keep an unpreforming division, and they have failed to change its financial position. I for one have quit shopping at Victoria’s Secret and their other brands since finding out VS dark secrets.

  2. Got a new email begging my wife to come back today, she has not bought anything in the past 4 years. Even with my 6K limit VS card my wife used to torch often. Why? First was the “Pink” blaring music that ran her out. That seems to have stopped but they never have stock on common size bras and panties, if they have one they will not have the matching piece. Always “we can order it for you”. Now with the new email the news they have paid a million dollar PC blackmail payment to the ************YZ crowd and the company’s position on “pronouns” to kiss some left wing activists and allow men in the dressing area she has zero desire to go back. Just what the ‘ell makes them think people will introduce themselves as “Hi, my name is Ann, pronounced ANN, I prefer she or her because I am a WOMAN stupid”! Which is why they keep losing money. The people that use to drop $50-$100 on a bra are disappearing and the $12 made in China “bralette” buyers are the new losing money normal and the new top seller, LOL! I’m sure the new plus plus plus size stuff and male size lingerie will make up the losses. NOT. Sadly we own L Brand stock.

  3. I find it disgraceful and disgusting that you will be using transgender models for your lingerie. It is sickening that you are contributing to further encourage these very sick people by putting them on display. They have been brainwashed by a sick society and you major companies are fanning the flames. I will never, ever buy one thing form your company ever again

  4. Probably done with Victoria Secret. I will no longer order online after I have been to Bloomington In. Store for years. It’s just not the same. 😢


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