eBay Headquarters Address


eBay Headquarters Address

Here is eBay headquarters address, eBay Headquarters, 2025 Hamilton Avenue, San Jose, California 95125, US.

How do I Contact eBay Headquarters?

eBay is a customer-centric company, and they love to hear from you. Do you have a question; How do I get to eBay corporate office for queries? You may contact the authorities by mail. Please take note of eBay headquarters address, eBay Headquarters, 2025 Hamilton Avenue, San Jose, California 95125, US. It’s a good thing to book a prior appointment if you are planning to visit the place. You can use the phone numbers given in the coming section for further communication.

eBay Headquarters

eBay Headquarters, Photo Credit: ESI Design

General Inquiry Phone Number

For any general inquiry as a customer, please dial 1-408-376-7400.

CEO Email Address

Have a suggestion or concern? Please take note of the CEO’s Email Address jiannone@ebay.com. You can connect with CEO Jamie Iannone on this email id. Only high-priority matters are raised directly with the chief executive officer.

Feel free to connect with the eBay customer support team for ordinary and low-priority matters and concerns.

Press Contacts

To connect with eBay Media Relations, send your media request at Media Relations Email at, press@ebay.com. Media professionals may also connect with the Media Relations team on this email address: prclassifieds@ebay.com.

It’s suggested to send only media-related inquiries or requests to these email addresses. For general information, contact the customer care team directly through the eBay app or the official website.

IR Contacts

Investor and Existing shareholders may get in touch with eBay Transfer Agent by sending their request at this address: Computershare, P.O. Box 43006, Providence, RI 02940-3006. Please send the regular mails to this mailing address.

If you are looking for Overnight deliveries, please send your mails to Computershare, 250 Royall Street, Canton, MA 02021. You can contact the transfer agent for shareholder services and account modifications like address change, dividend info, and more.

You can also connect with eBay Transfer Agent Services for your stocks and shareholdings-related queries or account modifications on the Phone, please note down eBay Transfer Agent Services Phone Number: 800-305-4605.

Quick Contacts

eBay Headquarters Address eBay Headquarters, 2025 Hamilton Avenue, San Jose, California 95125, US
CEO Email Address jiannone@ebay.com

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eBay is a leading online market platform in the United States. The headquarters of booming e-commerce company is located in San Jose, CA. Does Shopify integrate with eBay? According to the official blog of Shopify, it’s possible to connect your eBay account to your Shopify account. eBay is a famous platform to buy and sell all types of products. eBay is also a good place to buy products, such as Dell.

To get a good discount and deals, apply for a credit card “eBay MasterCard” to earn reward points with every purchase.


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    It is really sad what ebay has become at this point , people are allowed to make an add for a product with a part number then sell you something completely different. as well as all the products coming from california , car parts mostly, will not contact you back for warrany issues with failing products. These products claim to have one year warranties or lifetime warrany on starters or altrnators, etc. when it comes time that the product only lasted two or three months and needs warrantied out they will not contact you. even though you gave them excellent feedback for their product and five star rating?????? They will drop ship your product from china but say they have it in stock, 14 day shipping from california to colorado????????? You take time to call ebay and they wont help you anymore, they side with the company ripping you off??????? Now it is impossible to find a number to call unless it is in the 7 days after the purchase period. Moving ahead how do you expect your customer to keep buying on ebay when they are being burned, lied to about actual product details and ripped off from your sellers with no consequence. Somewhere in your company has to be someone who cares about the customers because without them your nothing……………

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    Yes my name is Nalemn Hasley A manager or representative just stole $350. Name Roger Luce I was trying to order some shoes and I really need to talk to someone about this matter can someone please contact me

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