State Farm Insurance Contact Details, Email Address, and Headquarters Address

State Farm Insurance company is one of the largest insurance and financial services companies in the US. To buy insurance in the US, Star Farm is considered one of the best options. It is headquartered in Bloomington, IL, United States. They have several offices in the US and other locations. The current Chief Executive Officer of State Farm Insurance is Michael L Tipsord who was appointed in September 2015. They deal in insurance, mutual funds, and banking.

Star Farm offers liability insurance, personal injury protection, uninsured/underinsured motorist, comprehensive insurance, and collision insurance. Besides car insurance, the company also offers health insurance for all types of needs including families, individuals, and senior citizens.

State Farm Insurance Headquarters
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State Farm Insurance Corporate Headquarters Address

The corporate headquarters address of State Farm Insurance is State Farm Insurance, One State Farm Plaza, Bloomington, IL 61710. The company is eager to receive your feedback through mail.

Insurance Claims Contacts

If you want to claims your insurance for Auto, Home, Property, please call on 800-SF-CLAIM (800) 732-5246. For Auto Glass Only claims, kindly call on 888-624-4410.

If you are searching for Health claims contact number, then please call on 866-855-1212. For Life claims, kindly call on 877-292-0398.

Hearing or Speech Impaired?

For hearing or speech impaired please dial 711.

Emergency Road Service

Are you searching for 24/7 Phone Line number? Kindly note down emergency road service phone 877-627-5757.

Community Offers

For community offers, please call on 888-559-1922.

Pay Insurance

The Mailing Address of State Farm Insurance is State Farm Insurance Companies, Insurance Support Center – East, P.O. Box 588002, North Metro, GA 30029. The 24/7 phone number is 800-440-0998.

Technical Issues (Includes help accessing your account online.)

If you have any technical issued, then please call on 888-559-1922. If possible, please share your issue as simple as possible.

Banking and Investments

If you have query about State Farm Insurance Bank Accounts, kindly call on 877-734-2265 and State Farm Insurance Credit Cards query, please call on 877-734-8472.

General Inquiries

If you have general inquiries of State Farm Insurance like Comments or Questions, kindly use 800-STATE-FARM (800-782-8332) phone line. It is one of the best ways to get in touch with the company.

HR Email/Webpage

For HR contact, please use email address. For more details, please use official website of State Farm Insurance.

Reporting Fraudulent Activity

For Federal Trade Commission Contact, kindly call on 877-IDTHEFT (877-438-4338).

Enhanced Customer Verification Process

If you are unable to pass the quiz, please call on 888-559-1922 for US address only. If you are a customers with a Non-U.S. address (State Farm Bank®), kindly call on 877-SF4-BANK (877-734-2265) or 00+1+309-994-6170 Call when you are unable to verify your identity.

Retirees Directory

The contact number is Agency Sales Resource is 877-889-2294. For U.S. Discount Program / Good Neighbor Perks, kindly call on 877-272-1999 Human Resources Shared Services (HRSS).

You can contact State Farm® Benefits Center through call on 866-935-4015 Mon–Fri 7AM–6PM CT. For Social Security, please call on 800-772-1213.

You can contact State Farm Benefits Center COBRA (Active Participants) through call on 866-935-4015. If you have questions regarding to Mutual Funds, kindly call on 800-447-0740.

To contact State Farm Federal Credit Union, please call on 888-521-5209. For Long-Term Care (LTC), kindly call John Hancock on 800-858-4933.

If you have query about Good Neighbor Grants, Matching Gifts, and Scholarships, then please call on 866-604-5480 for Good Neighbor Grant and 877-369-0872 for the Matching Gift Program. For Accolade – Personal Health Assistant, kindly call on 1-844-287-3859.

Securities issued by State Farm

For Securities issued by State Farm VP Management Corp. For more information, please call on 800-447-0740.

Media Contacts

You can contact Media Specialist Michal Brower for FL, NC, SC through email at and through call on 863-318-3088 or 863-307-8559. To contact Media Specialist Sevag Sarkissian for AK, CA, HI, NV, please email at or call on 510-596-1639 or 510-512-2811.

Missy Dundov is a Media Specialist for CT, IN, MA, ME, MI, NH, RI, VT, You can contact Missy Dundov through email at or through call on 309-766-7087 or 312-914-0857.

Gina Morss-Fischer is a Media Specialist for IL and Corporate headquarters, You can contact Gina Morss-Fischer through email at or through call on 309-766-0084 or 309-533-6501.

You can contact Media Specialist Angie Harrier for NM, OR, UT, TX-Dallas Hub, AZ-Phoenix Hub through email at or through call on 269-207-8006. If you want to contact Roszell Gadson the Media Specialist for AL, AR, GA-Atlanta Hub, KY, LA, MS, TN, please email at or call on 678-731-1955 or 770-243‐9049.

Benjamin Palmer is a Media Specialist for CO, IA, KS, MN, MO, NE, ND, OK, SD, WA, ID, WI, WY. You can contact Benjamin Palmer through call on 480-293-6036 or 480-298-6070 or email at To contact Media Specialist for DE, DC, MD, NJ, NY, OH, PA, VA, DC, WV, kindly email at or call on 202-263-4404 or 202-674-9374.

StateFarm Public Affairs Contacts

You can contact Public Affairs Specialist (WI, MN) Holly Anderson through call on 309-735-7745/309-846-0811 (mobile) or email at To contact Public Affairs Specialist (CA) Kailey Burton Miller, kindly call on 858-226-6458 or email at

If you want to contact Public Affairs Specialist Kate Beadle for WV, VA, please email at or call on 434-872-2930. To contact Public Affairs Specialist for AR, OK & Central/North LA, please email at or call through 918-770-3439.

You can contact Public Affairs Specialist Kim Conyers for NC, SC) through call on 919-789-3841 or email at Lisa Cooper is a Public Affairs Specialist for Chicago. you can contact Lisa Cooper through email at or call on 630-743-2755.

The contact details of Ty Cordova is and 253-912-7252, who is Public Affairs Specialist for AK, AZ, WA). You can contact Public Affairs Specialist Benjamin Justice for VA, WV, OH through email at or through call on 207-712-6369.

To contact Kevin Gamble, Public Affairs Specialist (KS, MO), kindly call on 573-499-2184 or email at To contact Brodie HurtadoPublic Affairs Specialist for ID, MT, OR, please email at or call on 480-293-6092.

Article last re-published on March 29, 2021.

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6 thoughts on “State Farm Insurance Contact Details, Email Address, and Headquarters Address”

  1. I need to know what is going on with your Crossett, AR 71635 Agent, Amanda Fredman, our entire family’s Insurance has screwed up for months now ?

  2. I have a very issue with my policy i am with state farm since 2013 , i ask the state farm agent i was to change me to Diane , they changed to Diane on july 10 2020 for some reason they sent my request to marty that take month to know which agent i was and they cancelled my policy please i want my policy back

  3. I am trying to contact someone really the CEO to end hate and discrimination as I was a very loyal customer to State Farm Bank. Never missed payments on my hom or the two vehicles I purchased paid my F150 off earlier. During the recession never was behind, never borrowed or did anything with God I made it an I can’t get My title released not even to DMV I did all that was asked the address it was sent to I sold at Gallatin,Tn 37066 the homeowner I sold to an ex brother in law she his wife said at first she mailed it back the real truth was she was angry that it was mailed to this address and finally told the truth she though it away- just because I was the sister to her husband’s ex wife. I really try doing what’s right an I pray an repent before I lay my head down to sleep asking God to forgive me of anything that’s not of him that I may have said and done wrong. I want peace and love for all that maybe one – probably not here but in the the Kingdom since this pandemic the people in the world everywhere have lose respect for others. I came from flying in for a funeral 96 she was and her beauty for living long was love. I say this I went to the DMV as I was told call the Customer Service at least 8 times over an over again I was told that the lien of release paper would be faxed so that a new one would be printed 11 dollars that I had to burrow I don’t have a job, a home to look forward to, food I may get, it’s been one tragic after another, an even with spelling out and crying in frustration I still never got that fax release to the DMV I’ve never experience such cruelty as if I did something wrong. Maybe like I said to last young man who was black that if they do me this way and don’t even understand my feelings then who’s next I’m first God’s child 2 I’m someone’s mother and grandmother who gives respect to those who give it the others were white women and white guy who’s name was Eric as I recall the other’s never said who they were I need my title before I leave Tn so I can sale over 31000 an I never thought I would say this but I will never do anymore business with this company. But as long as I got Jesus Christ that’s enough. God bless your company that not even you own it’s just burrowed for a time nobody knows how long because it all belongs to God not even the breath of air belongs to us it to one day will be cut off so I say this, be careful how you speak to people and who your hire in because one bad experience will be just as bad an if you don’t stop the fire it could get out of control.

  4. Oh an I meant to tell you Alice Ford F-150 white 2013 purchase I 2014 address.
    My son out of California called and the guy Eric said the title could not be replaced because it was only 1 one lady told me if I didn’t do what she said to do go to the DMV and file for one that if I didn’t, I just wouldn’t get one one said it was the mail and there was two addresses on my paperwork the 446 Hall street and when the Portland Tn 37148 is where my book and they sent 1.57 cent a check they say that was all for overpayment I guess it was right really I wouldn’t ever know that hopefully you are being truthful because of an adits they have the fax number for the DMV maybe you will do what’s right and get to the bottom of this situation, thanks again.

  5. I’ve been with State Farm for 37 years , I’m 54 now , I’ve owned my home for 22 years . I insure my home and my cars with State Farm all these years , never had a claim on my house till last spring , we had a wind storm come through , tore our roof up. So, I open a claim , I live in Ohio , a guy from Texas for State Farm , inspects roof without getting on the roof , says he’s gonna write it up as a repair , but when all done we will get a new roof. At that time had estimate of $7600 from roofing company , I would pay my $1000 deductible. So months go by clear thru summer and fall , now roofer says too late to do it and he walks away. So , I get a better roofing company , their bid is $8400 and I pay $1000 deductible. Now claims adjuster says they are only paying for minimal repairs , no new roof , this after 2 companies say roof is to dangerous to repair , that I need a whole new roof. So , we have a phone conference with claims and my agents office , claims says get contractor to do write up on roof and take pictures. So contractors takes picture and sends in write up and pics , now State Farm claims woman , says we are just trying to get a new roof and says roofers out to make money. Now she has another young man come out , he actually gets on my roof , here 10 minutes , calls me instead of knocking on door to tell me , how nice a view I have from up on my roof , says nothing he can do for me. So , we have a second phone conference with State Farm claims and my local agents office , even the local office thinks this is ridiculous how I’m being treated. So , at this point , my roofs still a mess , a year later. As of now , I’m trying to find someone in State Farm that cares about their customers , I’ve been loyal to this company for 37 years and my parents before me. When my dad had storm damage many years ago , his local agent looked at roof , wrote check out right there. Now , it seems like I’m just paying for no protection , the claims lady said no your paying in case your house burns down , what a thing to say to a customer. VERY UPSET IN OHIO , Robert L. Gault Jr.

  6. I have been trying to get through to someone who can help me. Four days I have been shuffled around from person to person. State farm is reporting on my insurance credit report that there are two claims that never happened. Please help. I am not able to get insurance on my current house due to this.


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