Liberty Mutual Insurance Group Headquarters Address, and Office Location Contact Information

Liberty Mutual Group Inc. is a Boston based private insurance company with its head quarters located at Massachusetts, US. The company is one of the leading insurance companies in US offering all kinds of property and casualty insurance services worldwide.

The company is lead by CEO David H. Long and is consistently sitting holding the slot on list of Fortune 500 magazine list from last 25 years and with the recent booming success of the company for financial years 2017 and 2018, company is on rank 68 with revenue generation of US$ 39409 million.

Liberty Mutual Insurance Group Headquarters
Liberty Mutual Insurance Group Headquarters

Corporate ​Headquarters

The corporate headquarters address ofLiberty Mutual Insurance Group is Liberty Mutual Insurance, 175 Berkeley Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02116 and contact number is 617-357-9500.

Customer Service

The customer service phone number is 1-800-290-8206. The contact number for Claims is 1-800-2CLAIMS (1-800-225-2467). For Sales Phone number, please call at 1-888-323-4487.

The Roadside Assistance ​Phone number is 1-800-426-9898 (24/7). For Policyholder Services Phone number, please call on 1-800-451-7065.

The Mailing Address for customer service is ​Liberty Life Assurance Company of Boston, 100 Liberty Way, Dover, NH 03820. The email address for Report Fraud is

Investor contact:

The office address of investor relations of Liberty Mutual Insurance Group is Edward Peña, Director, Investor Relations, Liberty Mutual Insurance, 175 Berkeley St. M/S M04D, Boston, MA 02116. The investor relations telephone number is (857) 224-6655.

Media contact:

The office address of Liberty Mutual Insurance Group is Richard Angevine, Public Relations Consultant, Liberty Mutual Insurance, 175 Berkeley St. M/S M09G, Boston, MA 02116 and telephone number is (617) 574-6638.

Liberty Specialty Markets

The liberty specialty markets office address is 20 Fenchurch Street, London, EC3M 3AW, Main Reception – Level 21 and telephone number is +44 (0)20 3758 0000.

Liberty Mutual Surety

  • Address: Liberty Mutual Surety, 2200 Renaissance Blvd., Suite 400, King of Prussia, PA 19406
  • Phone: (610) 832-8240
  • Fax: (866) 547-4880

Liberty International Underwriters

  • Address: 18th Floor, 55 Water Street, New York, NY 10041
  • Tel: (212) 208-4100
  • Email:

LIU Latin America

  • Address: Suite 820, 1221 Brickell Avenue, Miami, FL 33131
  • Tel: (786) 437-8520
  • Fax: (786) 437-8520
  • Email:

Products and Services

The major insurance products can be sourced in three categories – Auto/Vehicle, Property and Other insurance. Here we are listing these major categories with further classification. Take a look at some of the insurance products of the company under their respective heads.

  • Auto/Vehicle – this category involves all kind of motor insurance including Umbrella covers, Car, Watercraft or boats, Two wheelers, Vintage cars etc.
  • Property – this category of insurance services include insurance for Renters, Landlords, Homeowners, Umbrella covers etc.
  • Other Insurance – this category of insurance services includes insurance for Life, Critical Illness, Pet insurance, Accident insurance etc.


The company owns various other insurance company in many countries. Take a look at some of the major subsidiaries of the company other than Safeco insurance in different countries all over the world- Ohio Security and Casualty, Ironshores, West American, Peerless Insurance etc.

Article last re-published on March 19, 2020.

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12 thoughts on “Liberty Mutual Insurance Group Headquarters Address, and Office Location Contact Information”

  1. It is precisely because of your repetitive, never ending, on all the time, stupid TV commercials (especially your latest magician one) that I will NEVER buy your products.

    • I absolutely.concur with all the rest—regardless that LM unfairly dropped us because we had a manufactured home that was insured by LM through my credit union for years without any claims — and then moronically sends us a letter saying ” we dont know why you left us, but we’d like you to come back”—–your commercials are insultingly stupid and you need to find another ad agency that has people with a less idiotic approach.

  2. Get rid of Doug and that stupid looking emu bird in your commercials. Your ads have become really irritating. I would never consider buying any of your Insurance products since your commercials appear to be only targeting moronic customers. Show better respect to your viewing audience with a better professional marketing approach.

  3. I have been a Liberty Mutual Insurance Co. for 55 years. I’ve paid over $100,000. in premiums for insurance on my autos, apartment in New York, home in Hampton Bays New York and umbrella Liability policy.

    Ive always felt that all insurance companies are money sucking entities which love to take your money and screw you when its time to make a claim.

    Thankfully during the 55 years I was insured by Liberty Mutual I only hade one claim due to an auto accident after which my premium was increased by 30%/.

    For my 80th birthday I received a form letter that my homeowners policy of 27 years in Hampton Bays will not be renewed due my policy’s Contribution to the Growth of Catastrophic Risk in my Geographic Area.

    Its a sad day when companies like Liberty Mutual can screw the little guy after 55 years of loyalty as a customer. I hope Liberty Muutal Goes Bankrupt and I will do all in my power to spread the word on what a rotten company it is.

  4. Dear LM, your tv commercials really are annoying. I change the channel every time a LM commercial comes on. I stopped using Liberty Mutual back in the 80’s. With every bull I received, my salesman (Tom Barille NJ) would alswys send me his card and ask me to pass it on to friends. I did, and probably gave him about 15 new accounts but not once did he ever contact me to thank me for the business. I had an accident but Liberty Mutual defaulted on the claim, the state had to pick up the claim and it now paying my Dr bills over 35 years later. That’s not right, Lib Mutual sucks!!!😡

  5. Please tell us how many times must we be annoyed by the stupidity you but on TV as your commercials, it’s a shame that we must pay for cable to see this annoyance not once but 2, 3 and 4 times within one hour. Try lowering our insurance bill and get ride of the brainless commercials. Thank you

  6. Well, you apparently have no concern either for your image or for the messages your unthinking TV commercials send to your audience. You are still running the ad where the petulant young boy kicks his Christmas gift, a bicycle, and stalks from the room, after which his apparent mother gives the audience an “isn’t he cute?” smile. It conveys the wrong message to young people and, frankly, pisses off adult parents who try to teach their children good manners and appreciation for the generosity of others. PULL THE DAMN COMMERCIAL!!!!!

  7. I need help with an underwriting problem. We had a tree blow down and into a neighbors yard in 2019. I contacted Liberty mutual and was told not to worry. I would have no liability. As a good neighbor, I repaired the fence and removed all debris at my expense. No claim or payment was made against Liberty mutual. Now in 2021, I find out that you have indeed lodged a claim against the property. This contradicts the assurances I was given at the time of my call.
    Now my insurance rates have doubled. I need to have this report removed from your insurance records.

  8. The commercial where one boy gets liberty mutual and the brother gets a bike and is upset while the mother gives a look? That is such a sad ad. One son is favored over another and the mother is proudly smirking.
    It is the statement your company puts forth representing itself is the statement that will keep me far away from your company’s business.
    Shameful on so many levels.

  9. I’m reading other comments on your TV commercials. I especially don’t like your Christmas commercial that appears non-stop, many times per show. Children can’t purchase insurance. A box of insurance versus a bike. What? Then, the end of the commercial with the smirky woman. Again, what?
    When will companies just sell their product without stupid addons? I like to hear and or see product information so I can make an informed decision as to purchase or not to purchase.

  10. The “Christmas gift” commercial is unpardonable. Every time it comes on I quickly mute it because it makes me so upset. Do you know how many children would have loved to get a bike for Christmas and whose parents couldn’t afford it? Can you imagine how they feel when a child is DISAPPOINTED to get a bike? That commercial is one of the single most insensitive commercials I’ve ever heard and I cannot listen to it. With this view in your publicity I would never buy any insurance from your company. While GEICO had great success with its humor with the gecko, but most of the time they didn’t make children cry!

  11. Hello Liberty Mutual: I was considering getting insurance through your company until I heard you sponsor Dave Ross on CBS Radio News. Mr. Ross is clearly a leftwing political hack, therefore, in clear conscious, I will stay with where I am. If you ever decide to drop Mr. Ross please let know.

    Sincerely, Hal Rosendahl


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