Starbucks Headquarters Information, Contact Details, and Email Format

Starbucks Headquarters

Starbucks is a world famous coffee house company, headquartered in Seattle, Washington, United States. You can buy coffee but do not able to coffee atmosphere. To provide this beautiful and amazing atmosphere, Starbucks offer world famous coffee culture and amazing environment to enjoy delicious and variety of coffee. You can not able to buy delicious coffee like as Starbuck anywhere in the world. They are popular for their outlet and delicious coffee.

Starbucks is listed on NASDAQ with stock name SBUX. The company was founded by Zev Siegl, Gordon Bowker, and Jerry Baldwin. They have several subsidiary companies such as Evolution Fresh, Teavana, Seattle’s Best Coffee, and more. They employs thousands of people around the world.

Starbucks Headquarters
Starbucks Headquarters

Starbucks Corporate Headquarters Contact Information

It is a world famous coffee brand and headquartered in Seattle, United States. The company offer world famous coffee to its outlets. Please note down Starbucks headquarters address: 2401 Utah Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98134, United States of America.

To talk with Starbuck corporate headquarters, please use this headquarters phone number: 800-Starbuc (800-782-7282). Please call only between 5am to 8pm (PT), 7 days a week.

Starbuck Investor Relations / IR Contacts, and Share Transfer Agent Contact Details

If you are an investor in the company and looking for IR contact to solve your query, please find their contact information here. Here is their mailing address: Investor Relations Contact, Starbucks Coffee Company, Investor Relations Department, 2401 Utah Avenue South, Mailstop EX-4, Seattle, WA 98134. You can talk with IR contact at Starbucks company, here is their phone number 206-318-7118. Please note down their email address:

It is a global brand listed on US stock market. To contact transfer agent, please find their mailing address here: Computershare, P.O. Box 30170, College Station, TX 77842-3170. You can talk with transfer agent on this phone number: 1-888-835-2866 (US and Canada).

Starbucks Press Contact / Media Team Contact Info

If you are looking for stories, news updates and wanna something other information, please reach to Starbucks Stories media team at their email address: You can submit your query to this email ID about stories only. For further media inquiries, please find phone numbers and email address below:

  • U.S. and Canada,¬†Phone: 206 318 7100
  • Email:

Starbucks Social Media Presence and Accounts

They have good fan following over various social media accounts and platforms. You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram to get latest updates, news, announcements, and offers. Please note down their social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Channel and Instagram. These are their verified accounts / pages.

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Article first published on May 4, 2020.

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  1. Hi, I was in the Rio Can Starbucks at 599 Taylor Kidd Blvd, #6, in Kingston Ontario. I wear my mask below
    my nose as I have a disability. We are not obligated to tell what our disability is as
    stated by the human rights of Ontario. The employee said to me to wear the mask
    above my nose and i told her i had a disability. She goes okay. then the other girl
    comes and says to me then you have to wait outside and we will bring your drink.
    i said i will go elsewhere and i will not be going to Starbucks again. i was treated poorly
    meanwhile the employees touch the lids while putting on the cups and touching
    everything in sight but to say i had to wait outside in order to get a drink is low.
    if you’re going to tell someone to wait outside to get a drink but you are not wearing
    gloves and touching everything and the lid you put on my cup, there is something
    wrong with that situation. i go into our Starbucks and stores and i have never been
    told to wait outside because of my disability.
    i am so ashamed of that employee at Starbucks and i would like to know what Starbucks
    is going to do about this situation. i was embarrassed by the employees saying that
    to me while other patrons were in the store.

  2. You people are a joke!
    Unable to process a return on my credit card BUT you will gladly put it on my Starbucks card AND NO COMPENSATION FOR THE HEADACHE YOU CAUSED.
    I can’t believe that you folks a ripoff corporation!

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