Nvidia Headquarters Address, CEO Email Address, Investor Relations Email, Headquarters Email, and More

Nvidia is a global tech company based in America. It deals with manufacturing graphics processors, mobile technologies, and desktop computers. The company is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, United States. The company is famous for developing integrated circuits, which are frequently used in electronics design. Jen-Hsun Huang, Chris A. Malachowsky, and Curtis R. Priem established the company in 1993.

Nvidia is a listed public trading company and is registered with the stock name NVDA at the NASDAQ stock market. According to the updated data info submitted as of 2020, the total assets of this company were of value US$17.32 billion. CEO Jensen Huang heads the company since 1993. To get in touch with Nvidia Corporate Headquarters, Customer Support Contacts, CEO Email Address, please keep reading.

Nvidia Headquarters

Nvidia Headquarters, Photo Credit: Nvidia

Nvidia Headquarters Address

Nvidia is based in Santa Clara, California. Do you have any queries related to the business proposal or, are you in search of customer support from the high authorities? Here in this section, we are providing you with the headquarters address, 2788 San Tomas Expressway, Santa Clara, CA 95051. Here you can post your concerns or any queries regarding the Company that reaches directly to the high authorities.

Along with sharing your concerns by mail, you can also meet in person. To visit the corporate headquarters of Nvidia, please take a prior appointment for it, to ensure their availability and time.

Corporate Office Phone Number and Headquarters Email Address

In this section, we are providing a Corporate Office Phone Number and Headquarter Email Address of Nvidia. The email address and the contact number shared here can be used for all kinds of official correspondence as well as communication purposes. Please take a note of Nvidia Headquarters Phone Number: +1 (408) 486-2000 and the Email address: info@nvidia.com.

For in-person meetings, you may connect with Nvidia top-level executives or management via given emails or office phone numbers for prior appointments with the concerned person.

CEO Email Address

Mr. Jensen Huang is the current Chief Executive Officer of Nvidia. To connect with Nvidia CEO for any important and urgent issues, you can surely write an Email to him and send it to his official email address. Please take note of Nvidia CEO Email Address: jensen@nvidia.com. It would be a kind gesture if you use this email only for highly important issues and not for general inquiries.

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Investor Relations Email (through Online Form)

Are you an existing investor in Nvidia? OR Do you require support regarding your investments in Nvidia? If so, you may connect with the Nvidia Investor Relations team. For any query related to investor relations, please use this online form (only for IR). Please save the online link provided by the company for your sharing of your concerns https://investor.nvidia.com/investor-resources/contact-investor-relations/default.aspx.

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