Lockheed Martin Headquarters Address, Media Inquiries Email Address, CEO Email Address, and More

Lockheed Martin is a large aerospace and defense manufacturing company, headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, United States. The company is lead by CEO Marillyn Hewson since January 2013. The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange with the stock name LMT. They have a good market share in defense manufacturing especially in the US and developing countries.

In this article, we have compiled headquarters contact information of Lockheed Martin, including head office address (corporate headquarters address), CEO contact, and more. So, let’s see!

Lockheed Martin Headquarters

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Lockheed Martin Corporate Headquarters Address

The company is based in Bethesda, MD. To send out any written communications, please use this corporate headquarters address of Lockheed Martin, 6801 Rockledge Drive Bethesda, MD 20817 United States. Please send only important and essential communication to the corporate headquarters.

CEO Email Address

Mr. Jim Taiclet is leading the company since June 2020. To send any feedback, suggestion, or questions, please use the CEO email address [email protected]. It is one of the best ways to get in touch with the company’s highest authority.

Personnel Contacts

The email address for careers is [email protected]. The Employee Service Center number for retirees is 1-866-LMC-2363. W-2 Information is As Above.

The contact number for Employees Benefits is 1-866-LMC-2363. The email address for Ethics Program is [email protected]. For Employment Verification, kindly call on 1-800-367-5690. For Employee Salary Key Call, please call on 1-800-367-288.

Customers Contacts

The email address of Lockheed Martin Supply Chain Services is [email protected].

General Contacts

IR Contacts

If you want to contact Greg Gardner, the Vice President, kindly call on 301.897.6584 or email at g[email protected]. To contact David Weston, Director, please call on 301.897.6455 or email at [email protected].

Press Contacts

In this section, you can get media contact of Lockheed Martin.

Corporate & International

Corporate Inquiries

Aircraft (Military & Commercial)

If you are looking for Aircraft inquiry, then you are at right place. Here you can get all possible contact number for Lockheed Martin Aircraft.

Fixed Wing General Inquiries Executive Interviews:

Rotary Wing (Sikorsky)

F-35 Lightning II

F-16, F-22, T-50, F-2

C-130J, LM-100J, C-5, P-3


Next Generation Air Dominance, X-59 QueSST, Hybrid Airship

Ground Vehicles

Ground Vehicles (ACV, AMAS, Common Vehicle, SMSS, Warrior)

Multi-Domain Operations, Cyber & C4ISR Contacts

You can get all possible contact details of Lockheed Martin multi-domain operations, C4ISR and cyber in this section.

Multi-Domain Operations

Open Systems Architecture, Advanced Battle Management System

Cyber Solutions

Electronic Warfare


Lockheed Martin Energy Contact (Press and Media Only)

The Lockheed Martin energy contact details for press and media is available in this section.

Energy Programs

Compact Fusion

Lockheed Martin Media Contacts for Missiles, Sensors, Guided Weapons, Missile Defense & Advanced Programs

General Topics

Advanced Programs

(ARGUS, Degraded Visual Environments, Exoskeletons – FORTIS, Open Architecture Processor, StratusRising)

Aegis BMD


Sensors & Global Sustainment
(F-35 EOTS, Gyrocam, Modernized Turret, INFIRNO, IRST21, Legion Pod, LONGBOW FCR, M-DSA, M-TADS/PNVS, Q-39, Sniper ATP/ATP-SE, TSS, MAPS, PDAS, Future Vertical Lift sensors)

Close Combat Systems (DAGR, JAGM, Javelin)

Precision-Guided Systems (DMLGB, Paragon, ELGTR, Paveway II Plus LGB, PMTS, Scalpel)

Integrated Air & Missile Defense (MHTK, PAC-3/MSE, THAAD)



Navy Projectiles (LRLAP, Navy 5-inch Projectile)

Missile Defense Targets, Kill Vehicles & Advanced Systems (Targets & Countermeasures; RKV, MOKV, THAAD Extended Range)

Situational Awareness and Radar Programs (Q-53, LRDR, HDR-H, APY-9, TPY-X, TPS-77 MRR, TPS-77, FPS 117, TPS-59)

Strike Systems (JASSM, JASSM-ER, LRASM, OASuW)

Space Based Early Warning (Next Gen OPIR, SBIRS)

Strategic Missiles & Nuclear Deterrence (Trident Fleet Ballistic Missile; ICBM; Prompt Global Strike)

Maritime Systems Media Contacts

General Inquiries, Executive Interviews

Vertical Launching Systems

Aviation Systems

Naval Combat Systems (Aegis)

Frigate (FFG(X))

Multi-Mission Surface Combatant

Littoral Combat Ship

Training, Logistics & Sustainment Contacts

Training & Logistics Solutions

Aeronautics Sustainment


Commercial Engine Solutions

Lockheed Martin Space (Media and Press Contacts)

General Inquiries
Executive Interviews
Mark Lewis [email protected]
Phone: +1 (408) 742-3516

Lori O’Donley lori.a.o’[email protected]
Phone: +1 (408) 756-1241

Space Innovation/Technology
Advanced Technology Center
Mark Lewis [email protected]
Phone: +1 (408) 742-3516

Commercial Space
Chris Pettigrew [email protected]
Phone: +1 (720) 607-9445

Planetary Exploration and Weather
(GOES-R, OSIRIS-REx, InSight, Lucy)
Dani Hauf
Phone: +1 (720) 842-6102 [email protected]

Space Fence
Rae Fulkerson
Phone: +1 (315) 708-9218 [email protected]

Gary Napier
Phone: +1 (720) 842-6102 [email protected]

Satellite Ground Systems and Applications
Chris Pettigrew
Phone: +1 (720) 607-9445 [email protected]

Military Space
Chip Eschenfelder
Phone: +1 (720) 842-6452 [email protected]

Autonomy, Unmanned Systems & Robotics

Melissa Dalton
Phone: +1 (661) 572-1130 [email protected]

Unmanned Aerial Systems, Manned/Unmanned Teaming,
Automatic Ground Collision Avoidance System
Erica Tierney
Phone: +1 (682) 215-4278 [email protected]

Autonomous Systems/Vehicles
Craig Vanbebber
Phone: +1 (972) 603-1615 [email protected]

Undersea Autonomous Systems
Maggie Mahla
Phone: +1 (202) 770-5303 [email protected]

Ground Control Stations and Data Analytics
(CDL Systems)
Heather Kelso
Phone: +1 (301) 272-7156 [email protected]

Stalker XE
Ananda Costa
Phone: +1 (661) 572-4821 [email protected]

Samantha Kupersmith
Phone: +1 (856) 792-9817 [email protected]

Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems
(Indago, Condor XEP)
Heather Kelso
Phone: +1 (301) 272-7156 [email protected]

Sikorsky Optionally Piloted Aircraft
Melissa Chadwick
Phone: +1 (202) 740-5997 [email protected]

Labs & Emerging Technologies

Advanced Aeronautics
Skunk Works® | Palmdale
Erica Tierney
Phone: +1 (682) 215-4278 [email protected]

Military and Commercial Lasers
Patty Apostolakes
Phone: +1 (607) 751-2352 [email protected]

Advanced Technology Laboratories
Samantha Kupersmith
Phone: +1 (856) 792-9817 [email protected]

Hypersonics, Directed Energy & Laser Weapon Systems
Lori O’Donley
Phone: +1 (408) 756-1241 lori.a.o’[email protected]

Advanced Technology Center
Space Innovation/Technology
Mark Lewis
Phone: +1 (408) 742-3516 [email protected]

Quick Contacts

Lockheed Martin Corporate Headquarters Address 6801 Rockledge Drive Bethesda, MD 20817 United States.
CEO Email Address [email protected]

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