General Electric Headquarters Address, CEO Email, Email Format, and Contact Details

General Electric is one of the largest business conglomerate, headquartered in Boston MA, United States of America. The stock of General Electric is being traded on NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) with ticker price GE. It is one of the diversified multinational companies, headquartered in the US. GE Healthcare, GE Aviation, Concept Laser GmbH, GE Digital, GE Capital, GE Additive, Bently Nevada, and a few others are subsidiaries of General Electric. These all companies have good presence all over the world.

They have good market share worldwide, thanks to their global image and brand. In last few decades, they have ruled the market in various product segment. To help all the visitors and customers, we have compiled this contact information of General Electric from official website only. Hence, you would get accurate and exact details as appears on the official website.

General Electric Headquarters
General Electric Headquarters

General Electric Corporate Headquarters Contact Details

GE Inc. is based in Boston MA. Full contact address of the company is given here. General Electric Headquarters Address: General Electric Company, 41 Farnsworth Street, Boston, MA 02210, United States. You can contact GE through the mail and several other ways.

To talk with head office staff of GE Inc., then please dial +1 617 443 3000 / +1 617 443 3029. Please call during working hours only!

General Electric Customer Support Numbers

If you are looking for customer care phone numbers for various products, then you are arrived at the right place.

For any query related to Home Generators of GE Inc., please dial +1 888 575 8226.

For any query related to GE Lighting Lighting, please dial Customer Service Number: +001 800 435 4448.

For any query related to Small Appliances/Housewares, please dial +1 877 207 0923 *, Telephones: +1 877 394 9775.

For any query related to Consumer Electronic Accessories, please dial +1 800 654 8483 *.

For any query related to GE Healthcare, please dial this phone number +1 262 544 3011.

For any query related to Cameras, please dial +1 800 730 6597 *.

For any query related to Verification of Employment, please dial this phone number +1 407 378 6203.

General Electric Investor Relations

The following is an important contacts of IR of General Electric Inc.

To send your query related to IR on email, then please note down GE IR email address: To get in touch with IR on telephone, please dial +1 617 443 3400 (Director Investor Communications).

If you are a member of Fixed Income Investors, please note down email address:

GE Inc. Transfer Agent (International Number)

The following is an important contact of transfer agent:

  • Phone: +1 800 786 2543, +1 651 450 4064
  • Address: EQ Shareowner Services, P.O. Box 64874, St Paul, MN 55164-0874

GE Inc. Media Contacts

If you are from media house (newspaper, news blog, news website, freelance journalist), please find below contacts:

  • Phone: 1-800-GECAREs or 1-800-432-2737
  • Email:

General Electric Corporate Contacts

If you are looking for corporate contacts, find it below with designation, work phone number and email address:

Mary Kate Mullaney (Nevin), GE Corporate
Work +1 202 304 6514

Steven Winoker, Investor Communications
Work +1 617 443 3400

Business Contacts

Perry Bradley, GE Aviation
Work +001 513 375 2597

Adam Tucker, GE Power
Work +1 518 227 2463

Todd Alhart, Global Research
Work +001 518 387 7914

Extended Industry Contacts, Deia Campanelli, Wabtec
Work +001 773 297 0482

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General Electric Email Format / Emails

If you are looking for email format of GE Inc., you can find here including format, example, and probable email IDs with that format:

  • first ‘.’ last, example, 87.5%
  • firstlast, example, 3.4%
  • last,, 2.3%
  • first_initial last,, 2.3%

Article Title: General Electric Headquarters Address, CEO Email, Email Format, and Contact Details
Article last re-published on August 26, 2020.

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    • One of the most worse customer service. They put you on hold for one hour and no response. I bought brand new cook top from GE. It was a faulty cook top. One of the parts is not working. It is now more then one month I have not received parts for that brand new cook top. Never never I will buy GE product in my life.

      • Bought a Refrigerator/Freezer
        Model GTS 22KSNBRSS
        Serial RR850337
        Freezer does not freeze ice cream and other creamy stuff. They keep sending a technician to change things. Then they say nothing is wrong with the freezer. Most freezer the ice cream is kind of solid not mushy like mash potatoes!
        Very disappointing in GE.

  1. I need help I have been on hold for 2 hours plus at your consumer relations department regarding case number. I have ordered and had delivered 15k worth of appliances my refrigerator was shipped with the control panel dead and the side by side doors that don’t align up correctly had a service call they fixed the control panel never did a thing to the doors, I also had a beverage center that shipped without its handle and its been on order forever . You cannot get anybody live on hold for hours nobody picks up this is the absolute worst customer service I’ve ever experienced anywhere, I need help, please call me, please do not transfer me as everyone in your organization does then its off their desk and again nobody picks up.

  2. I just bought 1,000 new Christmas lights GE and we had the tree on 30 mins every single light went out! I’m so angry! Looking through some we found black bulbs . Never had this happen! What’s wrong with your lights?????

  3. Similar to Don’s comment, we have also been the victims of extremely poor GE customer service.

    Our P**93****ISS GE Profile 30″ Dual Fuel Slide-In Front Control Range has been inoperable since early September.

    After three separate service calls where they changed the display, module and a couple of wiring harnesses without ohming or testing anything, I tried to expedite the next round of parts in order to have an oven for Thanksgiving and to see if our service could be bumped up from the scheduled date of 11/24.

    Parts arrived in the mail before the 24th, but they were another display and another wiring harness. On the 24th, no one came for service, no one called, emailed…nothing. No one ever called back about expediting service before the 24th either.

    We had no oven for Thanksgiving.

    Since that time, no one from GE has notified us. I am tired of spending hours on the phone waiting for someone to answer.

    We had a local appliance repairman get involved and he ohmed out all of the wiring and determined that the circuit board in the back is the likely suspect. We can get it replaced through him, but after the horrible customer service that we have received, I think GE needs to replace this at no cost for a stove/oven that is less than 3 years old.

    I would never recommend another GE appliance based on this complete ineptitude of customer service that we have been subjected to…

    * Oven down since September
    * Techs that don’t appear qualified to repair their own product
    * Part orders mixed up
    * One hour+ long waits on the phone for customer service
    * Promised call-backs with expedited repairs not happening
    * Promised service on 11/24 with no show, no email or phone call
    * 12/4/20 and we still have not had a return call

    Case # for reference is: *******6.

  4. I purchased a GE washer and dryer. I spent over $1200. They are only 4 months old and are already failing. Had 2 techs out that supposedly fixed my problem, but did nothing. I have since contacted the corporate office only to be ignored for the last 2 days. Good bye GE forever, everything about this company has turned to crap like the washer and dryer. Going LG from now on…..

  5. It sickens me to read all the complaints about GE. I thought I did my homework. I too have had a washer less than 3 years old. Service came out ran testing on the machine , reset etc. I was told he needed to change a part but didn’t have it with him! Then a miracle I was ok without it? After looking up the GE on u tube I see tons of complaints. From machine starting on its own to not filling up etc. HE has left their product in China & it’s turned to crap. A no brainer would be to keep customers coming back, instead no one will ever buy HE AGAIN. going back to old school where no computers involved to do my laundry.

  6. We bought a GE washer in March of last year. We bought a five year extended warranty through Lowe’s. Washer quit working 14 February (water does not spin out). Called customer service on 16 FEB and promised by this service that we would receive a call back to schedule service call within 48hours. We checked with Lowe’s of BECKLEY WV and were told that the extended warranty did NOT kick in until a full year had passed from purchase date and that GE servicing would need to be used for this. Recontacted GE as we did not receive a call to schedule repair service and AGAIN promised on 19 February that we would definitely receive a call from service tech to schedule appointment for servicing and that a $99 fee plus parts and labor would apply as this was through GE and the extended service warranty DID NOT apply. So what are our options now? Technically we suppose the extended warranty means nothing or is NOT usable until full year has lapsed. Soo..we spent over $200 on two appliances (washer and dryer) for what? We have a washer that may not get fixed as we cannot get GE to respond. Simply tell us that it cannot be scheduled for fixing. IF A GE REP STATES WE CAN EXPECT A CALL TO SCHEDULE A REPAIR VISIT WITHIN 48 to 72 HOURS THEN SHOULD WE NOT EXPECT A CALL?

  7. I purchased a GE Over the Range Microwave Oven on Nov. 30, 2020. I installed it on Dec. 24, 2020. The product kept tripping my 15 Amp breaker. I replaced the breaker with a 20 Amp per the GE manual. The product blown a fuse. I called GE Service and a GE tech came out on Jan. 7, 2021. He was unable to repair the unit and had to order parts. On March 4, 2021, another GE tech came out and was unable to repair the unit due to the last tech ordered the wrong parts. I requested that the unit be replaced since GE is having problems finding repair parts. I have no choice but to seek legal action.

  8. As a GEAE retiree, 1999, I have received a onetime months payment and a more recently a $20/month increase. May I expect another increase in the near future,.

    VTY…..Michael Tyler…

  9. I ordered a freezer from Sears.. They have said I haven’t received my GE freezer due to you not being able to keep up with demand. I ordered my freezer Sept.2020. I would like to know Why! I cannot get a straight answer.

  10. I have spent over 12K on GE appliances for my new home and have been unable to even get a status on the 30 inch GE profile gas cooktop the builder ordered through your contracts dept. I have contacted customer service online provided them all the info they asked for including the order number, then instead of giving me some type of answer they just blew me off said “we will let you know if we find anything out”. At this point I would love to be able to just get rid of all of the GE appliances I have purchased and get just about any other brand, at least they would try to provide me an answer to were my cooktop is. By the way it was ordered months ago, and please save the Covid excuse, Home Depot, Lowes, Fergusons, and Best Buy all have it available and have it available. Someone in your home office needs to get involved and provide some status for me this unit was ordered months ago

  11. I bought 4 kitchen appliances In early December of 2020… 3 were delivered on two different dates. I’m still waiting for the fridge… I’m being told by PC Richards that now I “may” get it by May 21st 2021. This has been going on for 5 months.. Absurd… might actually be longer since every month they change the expected date…I called PC Richards to see what my options are. I was originally told that all appliances would be delivered no later than January of 2021. That was a LIE!.. Had I have been made of aware of this delay, I probably would not have purchased GE and prob would not have gone to PC Richards. SMH… I understand that we were/are in a pandemic but DAMN… Thx, just venting..LOL

  12. I bought hey washer in August 2020. It has already rusted out.. I called for service they sent somebody that they partner with to come take a look at my washer..He did not take it apart.. did not did not fix it.. I was told it was a surface issue… and to use winded.. magic eraser and barkeepers friend …. HE SAID THIS IS A KNOWN ISSUE WITH GE WASHERS……I asked last him how do I get the Chemical out of the halls he said he wouldn’t worry about that …still have a washer full of rust in it….. I called his office and complained about his service… Becky in the office said she would call him and find out about the service and call me back… Becky did call me back giving me the same instructions as the tech. So I informed her that I was disabled and that this was not going to be easy for me to do…I asked he so when I use the bar keeps friend , how do I get the Chemical out of the holes …. she told me to use a Q-tip…I called GE on Monday after their so-called partner left..I got out appointment date for Wednesday, April 14 between 8 AM and 12 PM nobody came nobody called.. so I called them back… I was told that they talked to the 3rd party that came out and was told that they serviced the washer.. I informed the lady that this was untrue.. and that I had appointment for April 14 between 8-12pm.. and no one has called or come out.. she said that I already had a technician out already and that the computer would not let her schedule another service for the washer..I then was so angry so I called their corporate office of course there was no one in.. so I called many of the corporate Number’s and was leaving my name and number on all of the voicemails… a woman by the name of Mary from Ky. Called me back this morning April 15,2021… I tried to explain my issues with the first tech and the appointment that never happened yesterday… Mary told me that I needed to mix all these chemicals together…. and to clean my washer and that it may take a several times to get it all cleaned…. I explained that I was disabled and that this was not going to be something that was going to be easy for me to do… she asked me what I wanted done… I told her that I wanted my washer fixed and cleaned up so I could do my laundry…. I WAS TOLD BY MARY THAT GE WAS NOT GOING TO FIX THE WASHER AND THEY WILL NOT CLEAN THE RUST OUT OF THE MACHINE… So I told Mary that I was going to see how well the news stations are going to feel about GE when I report this to them… she said go ahead….MY ADVICE TO ANYONE AND EVERYONE IS TO NEVER NEVER EVER BUY A GE WASHER OR PRODUCT…..

  13. Wow! Just reading through ALL the negative comments….. I SO regret my decision to buy GE appliances. I should’ve went with Whirlpool, or heck anything else besides GE!!!! I too have been on hold with “customer service” for way too long and then get cut off! My NEW washing machine imploded and ended up disconnecting from the outlet, dents in the washer AND the dryer because it hit the dryer…. FINALLY got the new washing machine (after about 4 weeks of waiting), got the dryer a week later, they didn’t check it before they left, and I didn’t think too… turned on the dryer and it sounded like I was drying bowling balls!!!!!!! I am so NOT happy!!!!!!!!!!! And…. still trying to get someone to contact me! All of this is under warranty!!!!! So much for a warranty if you can’t get anyone on the phone to help you!!!!!!!!

  14. A GE rep came to my home on April 15, 2021, diagnosed my washer and told me that he would expedite the part. I still haven’t received the part. He never ordered it. Lowe’s scheduled another company to come out. So more days / weeks of waiting. SMH

  15. Sounds like a class action suit! All complaints & products are still under warranty and GE is not honoring them. It’s a breach of contract. My dry is not starting after 1 year of purchase. I purchased additional 3 year warranty. I called for service & they stated . It’s was not in their “system”. Only the salesman who sold it to us can correct it, but he is no where to be found. I asked why the manager can’t just override this error? I did not get a straight answer! I still have a $700.00 paper weight. NEVER AGAIN will I purchase a GE product EVER. Meanwhile, the CEO is enjoying his million dollars salary and the customers are angry, frustrated, and all we want is for them to fix the appliances and get a straight answer. GE has a HORRIBLE customer service! I will report to the Consumer Protection Agency, BBB,& social media! All we want is to have the products fix. SIMPLE, why are they making so difficult!

  16. June 8, 2021
    I bought a GE Range on April 10, 2021 and was informed it would not be delivered until May 4, 2021 which it was. I used the oven one time a day or two later. The next time I tried to use the oven it wouldn’t work. Called for repairs a day or so later and was told a tech would not be available until May 21, 2021. Tech tested different parts and declared the mother board and the igniter were bad and he would have to order parts. The tech told me a woman from the electrician’s shop would call me in a day or two to let me know when the parts would be available to them and then we could set up another appointment. She did call saying parts would not be in until June 11, 2021. At this point I have been without an oven since early May…to June 11, 2021… FIVE WEEKS! I checked with the local tech and she checked with GE again and was told the NEW date for my parts’ arrival would not be until July 24, 2021 and that date was NOT FIRM. On July 24th I will have been without an oven for eleven weeks and possibly more. Throughout this fiasco I’ve called GE Customer Relations three times and the electrician twice. I feel after spending at least four hours on the phone, mostly on hold, and living without an oven for almost three months, our family should be offered restitution of some kind. I just need a usable oven.


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