General Electric Headquarters Address, CEO Email, Email Format, and Contact Details

General Electric Headquarters

General Electric is one of the largest business conglomerate, headquartered in Boston MA, United States of America. The stock of General Electric is being traded on NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) with ticker price GE. It is one of the diversified multinational companies, headquartered in the US. GE Healthcare, GE Aviation, Concept Laser GmbH, GE Digital, GE Capital, GE Additive, Bently Nevada, and a few others are subsidiaries of General Electric. These all companies have good presence all over the world.

They have good market share worldwide, thanks to their global image and brand. In last few decades, they have ruled the market in various product segment. To help all the visitors and customers, we have compiled this contact information of General Electric from official website only. Hence, you would get accurate and exact details as appears on the official website.

General Electric Headquarters
General Electric Headquarters

General Electric Corporate Headquarters Contact Details

GE Inc. is based in Boston MA. Full contact address of the company is given here. General Electric Headquarters Address: General Electric Company, 41 Farnsworth Street, Boston, MA 02210, United States. You can contact GE through the mail and several other ways.

To talk with head office staff of GE Inc., then please dial +1 617 443 3000 / +1 617 443 3029. Please call during working hours only!

General Electric Customer Support Numbers

If you are looking for customer care phone numbers for various products, then you are arrived at the right place.

For any query related to Home Generators of GE Inc., please dial +1 888 575 8226.

For any query related to GE Lighting Lighting, please dial Customer Service Number: +001 800 435 4448.

For any query related to Small Appliances/Housewares, please dial +1 877 207 0923 *, Telephones: +1 877 394 9775.

For any query related to Consumer Electronic Accessories, please dial +1 800 654 8483 *.

For any query related to GE Healthcare, please dial this phone number +1 262 544 3011.

For any query related to Cameras, please dial +1 800 730 6597 *.

For any query related to Verification of Employment, please dial this phone number +1 407 378 6203.

General Electric Investor Relations

The following is an important contacts of IR of General Electric Inc.

To send your query related to IR on email, then please note down GE IR email address: To get in touch with IR on telephone, please dial +1 617 443 3400 (Director Investor Communications).

If you are a member of Fixed Income Investors, please note down email address:

GE Inc. Transfer Agent (International Number)

The following is an important contact of transfer agent:

  • Phone: +1 800 786 2543, +1 651 450 4064
  • Address: EQ Shareowner Services, P.O. Box 64874, St Paul, MN 55164-0874

GE Inc. Media Contacts

If you are from media house (newspaper, news blog, news website, freelance journalist), please find below contacts:

  • Phone: 1-800-GECAREs or 1-800-432-2737
  • Email:

General Electric Corporate Contacts

If you are looking for corporate contacts, find it below with designation, work phone number and email address:

Mary Kate Mullaney (Nevin), GE Corporate
Work +1 202 304 6514

Steven Winoker, Investor Communications
Work +1 617 443 3400

Business Contacts

Perry Bradley, GE Aviation
Work +001 513 375 2597

Adam Tucker, GE Power
Work +1 518 227 2463

Todd Alhart, Global Research
Work +001 518 387 7914

Extended Industry Contacts, Deia Campanelli, Wabtec
Work +001 773 297 0482

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General Electric Email Format / Emails

If you are looking for email format of GE Inc., you can find here including format, example, and probable email IDs with that format:

  • first ‘.’ last, example, 87.5%
  • firstlast, example, 3.4%
  • last,, 2.3%
  • first_initial last,, 2.3%

Article Title: General Electric Headquarters Address, CEO Email, Email Format, and Contact Details
Article last re-published on August 26, 2020.

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6 thoughts on “General Electric Headquarters Address, CEO Email, Email Format, and Contact Details

  1. I need help I have been on hold for 2 hours plus at your consumer relations department regarding case number. I have ordered and had delivered 15k worth of appliances my refrigerator was shipped with the control panel dead and the side by side doors that don’t align up correctly had a service call they fixed the control panel never did a thing to the doors, I also had a beverage center that shipped without its handle and its been on order forever . You cannot get anybody live on hold for hours nobody picks up this is the absolute worst customer service I’ve ever experienced anywhere, I need help, please call me, please do not transfer me as everyone in your organization does then its off their desk and again nobody picks up.

  2. I just bought 1,000 new Christmas lights GE and we had the tree on 30 mins every single light went out! I’m so angry! Looking through some we found black bulbs . Never had this happen! What’s wrong with your lights?????

  3. Similar to Don’s comment, we have also been the victims of extremely poor GE customer service.

    Our P**93****ISS GE Profile 30″ Dual Fuel Slide-In Front Control Range has been inoperable since early September.

    After three separate service calls where they changed the display, module and a couple of wiring harnesses without ohming or testing anything, I tried to expedite the next round of parts in order to have an oven for Thanksgiving and to see if our service could be bumped up from the scheduled date of 11/24.

    Parts arrived in the mail before the 24th, but they were another display and another wiring harness. On the 24th, no one came for service, no one called, emailed…nothing. No one ever called back about expediting service before the 24th either.

    We had no oven for Thanksgiving.

    Since that time, no one from GE has notified us. I am tired of spending hours on the phone waiting for someone to answer.

    We had a local appliance repairman get involved and he ohmed out all of the wiring and determined that the circuit board in the back is the likely suspect. We can get it replaced through him, but after the horrible customer service that we have received, I think GE needs to replace this at no cost for a stove/oven that is less than 3 years old.

    I would never recommend another GE appliance based on this complete ineptitude of customer service that we have been subjected to…

    * Oven down since September
    * Techs that don’t appear qualified to repair their own product
    * Part orders mixed up
    * One hour+ long waits on the phone for customer service
    * Promised call-backs with expedited repairs not happening
    * Promised service on 11/24 with no show, no email or phone call
    * 12/4/20 and we still have not had a return call

    Case # for reference is: *******6.

  4. I purchased a GE washer and dryer. I spent over $1200. They are only 4 months old and are already failing. Had 2 techs out that supposedly fixed my problem, but did nothing. I have since contacted the corporate office only to be ignored for the last 2 days. Good bye GE forever, everything about this company has turned to crap like the washer and dryer. Going LG from now on…..

  5. It sickens me to read all the complaints about GE. I thought I did my homework. I too have had a washer less than 3 years old. Service came out ran testing on the machine , reset etc. I was told he needed to change a part but didn’t have it with him! Then a miracle I was ok without it? After looking up the GE on u tube I see tons of complaints. From machine starting on its own to not filling up etc. HE has left their product in China & it’s turned to crap. A no brainer would be to keep customers coming back, instead no one will ever buy HE AGAIN. going back to old school where no computers involved to do my laundry.

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