Duke Energy Headquarters Address, Contact Details, and Email Format

Duke Energy is an American electric power holding company, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States of America. They have good market share in electric power sector in the US. The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange with stock name DUK. They have more than 28K employees based on 2016 report. Progress Energy Inc., REC Solar, Duke Energy Indiana LLC, Piedmont Natural Gas, Duke Energy International Geracao Paranapanema SA, and more are some of the subsidiary companies of Duke Energy.

In this article, we have provided headquarters contact information of Duke Energy including headquarters address, corporate office phone number, HR email, and more. So, let’s see!

Duke Energy Headquarters
Duke Energy Headquarters

Duke Energy Headquarters Address and Phone Number

The company is a large electric power holding company, headquartered in Charlotte, NC. Please note down Duke Energy Headquarters Address: 550 South Tryon Street Charlotte, NC 28202 United States of America. You can get in touch with head office staff by getting proper appointment. Please get an appointment by calling the following corporate office phone number: 1-704-382-3853.

Duke Energy IR Contacts

If you are an investor in Duke Energy and looking for their email address and phone number, you are arrived at the right place. Please note down Duke Energy Investor Relations Phone Number: 800.488.3853 (toll-free) and 704.382-3853 (outside U.S. or Canada). To email your concern related to IR, please visit this link.

Duke Energy Media Contact

If you are a journalist, reporter or newspaper employee, please note down Duke Energy Media Phone Number (24-hour media contact information): 800.559.3853 (DUKE). Please quote your media house name and other important details to get in touch with particular media person on the given number.

Duke Energy Customer Service Numbers

If you are an existing customer or new one, please note down important customer services phone number. For Carolina, here is customer service number for Carolinas: 800.777.9898. Other important customer services contact numbers are also given below:

  • Florida: 800.700.8744
  • Carolinas (Progress): 800.452.2777
  • Ohio/Kentucky: 800.544.6900
  • Indiana: 800.521.2232

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Social Media Accounts and Pages

Do you want to follow, and like social media accounts of Duke Energy? Then please note down their profile and page URLs (verified only): Twitter Handle, Instagram Page, Facebook Page, and YouTube Channel (Not Verified).

Article Title: Duke Energy Headquarters Address, Contact Details, and Email Format
Article first published on August 15, 2020.

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9 thoughts on “Duke Energy Headquarters Address, Contact Details, and Email Format”

  1. I recently received a new phone number that is attached to one of your clients I am receiving UNWANTED HARRASSING CALLS about lack of payment. I called customer service and was told the old client needs to fix this. This is my number and I will NIT TOLERATE Duke energy wasting my texts. Take this number off or I will be forced to cont the FCC about the harassment. The number is ***-670-****. Delete it from your files.

  2. I am disabled and terminal. When I was recently hospitalized I sent you a message asking for an extension because i did not have my debit card with and I was very ill. Now my electricity has been cut off. I’m cold. I can’t use my nebulizer. I can’t fix scrambled eggs. I NEED electricity! My life depends upon it. My bill is paid. I’m going to a lawyer AND the press. Shame on you guys!

  3. On November 26 I had to call my AT&T provider to come and repair the fiber line that your technicians cut while repairing a loss of power to my home. AT&T has charged my account 99.00 for the service call. Their transaction number is . The Agent I spoke with is Jill whose ID number is.

    She told me that I had to have Duke file a report and that Duke would then reimburse me my $99.00. I would appreciate it if you would please expedite this process.

    If you have any questions you may contact me at my attached email address.

    G Della-Croce

  4. Why are you not customer friendly? I have tried to reach you for a billing question 2 days in a row. Both times high call volume (which is any time you try to call Duke) I held the phone for one hr the first day and when the rep answered she said she couldn’t hear me and hung up! Oddly I called 4 other companies same afternoon and not one had trouble hearing me. So now I’m on my second day waiting my hour! It is a standard wait and NOT customer friendly. You changed my meter at a 10 yr mark I get my bill and all the fees and delivery charges etc have doubled…I want an explanation as to why. And I’d like that before I pay my bill. But since we have to get service thru you, you don’t have to answer your phone I guess??? It’s like you have no regard for your customers time! Piss poor! You charge enough to answer your phone! No matter when, what time of day etc it is always at least an hour wait.

  5. I have been seeing travel coming in recently in our area (Owings Mills/Baltimore) from Egencia agency and wanted to present our hotel as an option for any of your travelers. I’m not absolutely sure, but I think the travel is for Duke Energy. We can offer excellent rates in order to have your travelers stay with us. Can you tell me who I can speak to with your office to present our hotel as an option? We welcome your travelers!!! Thank you.

  6. In transferring my deceased Mother’s account into my name, Duke has erroneously connected an entirely unrelated account in Wilmington, NC to me. I have spent over 7 hours on the phone trying to resolve this (Duke’s error) and this unknown account is STILL showing up connected to my account!!!! This is causing me undue stress and aggravation. I do not know what to do!!!!! I have called repeatedly, been cut off repeatedly, waited endlessly, talked with repeated representatives. I have been told the problem would be corrected and yet the damn account is still showing up connected to mine!!!!! What do I need to do to get Duke to correct the problem it is causing me?

  7. I have same house and same 7 years old system heating /cooling but last 3 month my used of energy went up 8 times, I need your help please. I did invited two local licensed AC companies to inspect system and all they found- wrong way hoe w my filter installed, I did rebuild it. Bills still high, I need your inspection, please, thanks.

  8. I moved out of my house on 4/1/21 and I have not been able to remove power from the house using the website. I have called every day being on hold for well over an hour at a time and has not been able to talk with an customer rep. I still have power on at a house I no longer live at.

  9. Why is it impossible to talk to someone about issues. 25 min. to even speak to a human. Very poor service.

    No way to talk to the corporate office.


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