DISH Network Headquarters Address

Dish Network Headquarters

Dish Network Headquarters, Photo Credit: Dish Network


DISH Network Headquarters Address

Are you looking for DISH Headquarters contact details? The complete address of DISH Network Corporate Headquarters Address is here: 9601 South Meridian Blvd Englewood, CO 80112, United States. You may use this address for mailing purposes and official visits.

HQ Phone Number

We also have information about DISH Network Corporate Headquarters Corporate Telephone, note down the number: 1-888-656-2461. You may call the corporate line during working hours of the Headquarters Officials.

CEO Email Address

Are you looking for the email address of CEO Mr. W. Erik Carlson? You can contact him through his business email address. Please note down DISH Network CEO Email Address: We request you to send messages or mails only regarding high-priority matters. You can also file a complaint with him if not satisfied with the customer support department.

Press Contacts

Media professionals looking for media content related to the company’s products and services or employees interviews may get in touch with the DISH Network Media Contacts team at the below listed contact information:

  • For Media Relations General Corporate Communications call at 720-514-5351 or email:
  • For Corporate Affairs, call Caroline Krause on phone: 303-723-1318 or email at:
  • For DISH & Sling TV Brand/Technology, call Emma Brandeis on phone: 303-723-1337 or email:
  • For Dish Cares, get in touch with Caitlen Curtis on email:
  • For Dish Latino, call Karen Modlin on 303-723-1850 or email:

IR Contacts

If you are a registered stockholder or investor and have a query or need assistance regarding your account or holdings, please contact DISH Network IR and the transfer agent on the toll-free line at 877-437-8901. Call on the 1+781-575-4247 (If you are outside the United States, Canada, or Puerto Rico).

Customer Support Contacts

An existing customer may contact Dish Network Customer Support on this number 1-800-333-3474. If you are not a customer and planning to buy DISH Services, call the representative at 1-888-490-6589.

Quick Contacts

DISH Network Headquarters Address: 9601 South Meridian Blvd Englewood, CO 80112, United States
CEO Email Address:


Dish Network is the US-based leading broadcasting and television network company. The company headquarters is in Englewood, Colorado. The company offers a selection of as good as 270 international channels in 28 different languages. The company is under the efficient execution of President and CEO Erik Carlson and Chairman Charlie Ergen.

If you are interested to purchase television networking services, the company may be a choice worth considering. You can call the company’s representative for details. For your ease, we have listed the related contact numbers in the coming sections. The company is listed on NASDAQ with the stock name DISH.

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2 Responses

  1. Keith Keltner says:

    Attention Mr. Clayton,

    I need to bring to your attention a horrendous series of service failures by your company, DISH Network.

    After researching various cable options, I chose to go with DISH. I am quickly growing to regret this decision.

    Yesterday, the installer hooked everything up for my two TVs. He made sure everything was working correctly. He even said that my universal remote needed to be programed to turn on the DISH but that he couldn’t do that. I didn’t find any problem with this and vowed to work on the issue. The installer assured me that the DISH remote would override everything else and come on or off as the DISH remote signaled. He even demonstrated the fact and it worked great. Even on the second TV everything worked well. I was able to program a handful of shows to record.

    One hour after the installer left, we went to turn on DISH and it didn’t work. We tried everything we could think of, and nothing worked. We went to the second TV, and it also would not turn on DISH.

    I have spent all morning and most of this afternoon trying to get this matter resolved without any glimmer of hope.

    I sincerely doubt your “chat” representatives’ ability to fix any technical issue since they passed me back and forth between three reps and then a fourth rep came on and said that the previous rep had accidently disconnected himself from the ongoing chat. After repeating my issue no less than five separate times, I begged the rep to send a tech to the house to get the system up and running.

    They refused.

    They insisted that they could fix the issue and started asking me all type of technical questions about which port HDMJ or HDIM I was using and what my “port address” was and if I was on AS01 or AS02, etc… Listen, I am not a cable technician! That’s your job, isn’t it?

    As a last resort, I asked for an email address where I could send my concerns locally. I was told DISH didn’t have time to read emails from customers about service-related issues.

    I am now to the point that I believe DISH doesn’t have coverage here and is intentionally running me in circles to obfuscate the problem.

    I now need either someone from DISH to come here and get your equipment operating as it is supposed to function OR send someone here to remove all of this non-functioning equipment and refund all of my money that I paid for the service promised but failed to be delivered by DISH.

    I strongly advise you review your company’s ability to deliver functioning equipment and empathetic customer service.


  2. Ann Copeland says:

    For 2 1/2 hours I have tried to reach a person at Dish to cancel my subscription. I finally got a person to talk to and she stated that she could not cancel but would transfer me. I was told there was a 6 -10 minute wait time but it has been 35 minutes! It is oblivious Dish has a plan not to accommodate my request as they only want the customer to go on hold, get frustrated, angry, and hang up. Of course this means they MUST keep the Dish Nerwork.

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