Coca-Cola Headquarters Info, Email Format, and HR Phone Number

Coca-Cola Headquarters

The Coca-Cola or sometime known as Cola is a popular American soft drink company, headquartered in Atlanta, GA, United States of America. They own popular variants and products, such as Caffeine-Free Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Vanilla, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, and much more. In few countries, they were in controversy due to some reasons. They are market leader in soft drink in the US and other countries. In developed countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, France, and so on, they have good market share. In developing countries, they are facing good competition from the local brands.

The Coca-Cola is headquartered in their iconic One Coca-Cola Plaza located in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America. So, let’s see contact information of Coca-Cola including their headquarters address, phone number, and more.

Coca-Cola Headquarters
Coca-Cola Headquarters

The Coca-Cola Corporate Headquarters

The Coca-Cola corporate headquarters address is One Coca-Cola Plaza, Atlanta GA 30313 and phone number is 404-676-2121.

Consumer Relations Contacts

If you are looking for consumer relations contacts, please try to reach through call at 1.800.GET.COKE (1.800.438.2653) or email at

Media Relations Contact Info

If you are from media house, including newspaper, magazine, news portal, independent journalist, freelance journalist or related to it, you can be call on +1 (404) 676.2683 or email at

Investor Relations / Coca-Cola IR Contacts

If you want to contact investor relation of Coca-Cola, please call the Vice President and Officer of Investor Relationsthrough call on 404-676-7563.

Transfer Agent Contact Details

The mailing address of Coca-Cola transfer agent is Computershare Trust Company, N.A., P.O. Box 505000, Louisville, KY 40233. You can also contact Coca-Cola transfer agent through call on 781-575-2653 or email at

Social Media Accounts and Pages

The Coca-Cola company is a global leader in foods and beverages business. They have verified social media accounts on various platforms, exact links are given below:

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List of Popular Products of the Coca-Cola

The following products are much popular among the consumers in the United States and few other countries:

  • Coke-Zero Sugar, Coca-Cola Energy Cherry
  • Coca-Cola Energy Cherry Zero Sugar
  • Coca-Cola Cherry Vanilla
  • Cherry Coke, Cherry Coke Zero
  • Coca-Cola Energy
  • Vanilla Coke, Vanilla Coke Zero

Note: Please note that, the above mentioned contact information of Coca-Cola is obtained from the official source / official website only.

Article last re-published on March 24, 2020.

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27 thoughts on “Coca-Cola Headquarters Info, Email Format, and HR Phone Number

  1. What has happen to the Coke Life? I went into my local Kroger and they said, they no longer stock Coke Life. The same held true with Walmart. These were in the red/green labels and not just the green. This has been real upsetting for me, along side other customers. For alot of us folks, we are limited on our sugar intake and like diet coke, We are highly sensitive and allergic to it’s artificial sweeteners. I can find from places like Amazon, but good grief, the price is doubled or tripled. I hope you can shed some light on this product And what has happen to it. I finally find that perfect product and “poof” it’s gone. I deeply
    appreciate your response. Thank you, for your time and producing a product In hopes I can find again.

    1. Are you aware that Coco Cola Corp. gives money to the Hate America BLM group?
      Buy another brand. BLM is a Communist bunch that hate America and want to take our
      Country down. Is that what you want? Wake up.

      1. Coke supports BML a terrorist group. Buy private label brands . Cheaper and better. Our family and friends stopped BUYING coke products. Coke can go to hell!!!

  2. I have been drinking coke cola since about 1975 but not any more when any company choices to black mail a co to block a constitutional rights to free speech i can no longer use your products hate speech is made up by political correctness not reality we have freedom of speech weither you like it or not it’s the first amendment of constitution check it out

  3. To whom it may concern,
    I have drank Coke most of my like, literally an addict. But I do like Pepsi when Coke isn’t available.
    You are based in Atlanta and as we all know, Georgia is putting up all manner of roadblocks to reduce voter turnout. If we do not hear of your Corporate efforts in the news to bring pressure to bare on Georgian officials for free and fair elections, we will be moving forward with a boycott of Coke products. Your very employees in Georgia, who are voters, will suffer as well from Georgian lawmakers and you must, and all large corporations must, use their power to restore the right to vote in Georgia. America would appreciate your efforts to be good corporate citizens.

  4. I want present a new type of packing of coke by that reduces plastic waste ,
    I tried from one year to connect right person in coke but i didn’t connect.
    Suggest me how and were i contact.

  5. I am so upset you haven’t had my caffeine free coke. I mostly shop Kroger in Willis Texas. What has happen I looked at Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens. You have diet caffeine free but not just plain caffeine free coke. Please I can’t have caffeine and I love my coke’s.

  6. I live in Virginia and have not been ale to fine Caffeine Free Cokes for a month. Have checked every store and none available. Due to health issues I have to have caffeine free and cannot drink the diet caffeine free due to allergies. What is up with supplying the regular caffeine free coca colas?

    1. We cannot find any caffeine free Diet Coke in cans in our London, Kentucky area. Wonder what’s going on? I drank two Diet Pepsi caffeine free cans and got a UTI so that’s no longer a substitute. Weird that the lack of started when the China Virus hit.

  7. Please bring TaB back into production. It is no longer available in MA & RI. I am willing to pay a premium and or shipping .

  8. My Grandfather, Warren J. Obert and my Uncle, David G. Obert worked at G and Erie barn in Philadelphia, Pa. for Coco Cola Co. for a combined 65 years. Our family have supported your products all of our lives, I’m 75 years old. I just found out that your CEO is committing your companies support for a group of criminals who have destroyed human life both physical and financially, have destroyed public and private property to the tune of Billions of dollars. The BLM origination’s isn’t concerned with black lives, they haven’t spent one dime of their fortune to help black live, instead they spent money busing their storm troopers bent on destruction from city to city. Our families support of your products ended when I heard about your support of this group of criminals, we will spread the word of your choice to do so to all who will listen, I doubt that this will effect your bottom line, but we pray to GOD that you will cease to back this support.

    1. George, you are 100% correct. I think Coke is actually scared to death of what will happen to their company if they do not support this Communist bunch. Coke has no balls and can’t stick up for America and help put a stop to this
      crazy bunch of idiots. For me NO MORE COKE EVER.

    2. You are not alone. We stopped drinking coke 4 months ago. They are blocking other people from sending emails like yours. But we are here to support Americans like you. Coke is the real enemy to the black family.


  10. I have been a loyal coke customer for over 65 years. Recently i contacted consumer and coke customers. I had a problem. I bought twelve cans of Coke Zero. Six of the cans were so distorted on the top, they could not be opened. As requested from coke i sent the UPC code
    Along with all the info from the bottom of the can. It has been three weeks and i have heard nothing. I have recent the requested info multiple times with out one word back from coke.

  11. Please we need all plastics placing an environment impact unfriendly toxic chemicals materials please we need to Immediately remove all the plastics big and small bottles of plastics bottles we urgently need to see all glassware with aluminium tops please in all supermarkets stores chain stores plus all convenience stores in the UK and around the please this plastics materials is placing an big impact on our lands plus in the ocean sea water please we need to be an plastics materials free from now on this cannot be completely left with plastics materials still it all glassware materials with aluminium tops please no more plastics it an killing our planet it not sustainable it not helping our environment not an bits please help us it now we need all this has to be Immediately changed at once thanks you

  12. please have all your diet PepsiCo to be zero sugars please we have types two diabetes health problems in the UK and around the globe we need all cold soft drinks to zero sugars calories from now on please this is our that is going down the toilet please help us to have all your products to completely change adap

  13. I am very disturbed that I can no longer find Tab at any of the usual grocery stores that always sold it since about a month ago. There is a very large Tab drinking faction out there and we want our Tab! If you can distribute all of the other Coca-cola products, why not Tab?! The company doesn’t even need to advertise it. The sales remain the same as always even since discontinuing the advertising. I am not going to switch to Diet coke or Zero sugar. Please bring it back!!!

  14. When I was in High school I used to work at an original Candy and malt shop that was started way back in the late 1940’s. I have a home soda machine, not one of those nasty Soda Toy ones but a real 12 unit bag-N-box setup. What I am looking for is a link to get the “Original” “Sweetheart Cherry Flavor” that we used to make and use to create our Cherry Cokes. I have tried all the popular flavors that all the other people and sites have raved and claimed were the same. Sorry but they just plain are nasty, are not the same. Either tastes like Nasty Cold/Cough Medication or have a metallic tastes. I can’t beleive how many sites claim that what they are selling is the real or original “Cherry Coke” flavor and its not even made the same or even close to being in the same neighborhood at the original flavor or taste. Since Coke use to sell Cherry Cokes out of their Stores, and Soda Fountains at the Atlanta site I hope that you have the records of the suppliers and can hepl. I have the recipe memorized I used to have to make 40 gal’s ever 3 days at work so I know it very, very well, used to have to be very careful not to get it on my white shirts and pants. I just can’t find a listing for the Company that we used to buy the flavoring from. If I remember correctly it was out of Chicago IL, and was made by the Sweetheart Company. It used to come in a tan or light paper envelope 100 to a box or more, the envelope only held about 2-4oz of red powder that had a very, very strong cherry smell. It also had the direction written on the it, but our recipe was a little different coming from the old days as a Malt and Soda shop and made it even taste better. Can you point me in the correct direction to find the Sweetheart Flavor Company, when I search Google all I gt is trash from Great Value to Coffee flavors that don’t even come close are way over priced given what is really in them. I want to be able to make and have my own Cherry Cokes, Green Rivers, and Other Items like we used to have back when I worked at the Sweet Shop back some 30 years or so ago. Thanks in advance for any help.

  15. I want to know why you all don’t make sprite zero in cans I buy them all the time and at Food City in Weber City Va. there is all kinds of Sprites and they don’t sell them. They say you have a shortage in cans if you put some in I will buy all of them

  16. I am disappointed there is no Diet Coke in mini cans available at the stores I shop in. I live in San Diego, California . What is the problem?!!!!

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