Animal Planet Headquarters Address, Advertising Contact, and HQ Phone Number


How do I Contact Animal Planet Headquarters?

To reach out to Animal Planet officials, you can contact them through their headquarters. Animal Planet Channel Corporate Headquarters Address is 401 North Michigan Avenue Suite 3000 Chicago, IL 60611 United States. This address can be used for mailing your concerns or complaints as well as other important official correspondence. Consider an appointment if you are thinking of visiting the headquarters.

Animal Planet Headquarters

Animal Planet Headquarters, Image Credit: JOANNE S. LAWTON

Animal Planet Headquarters Address 

The channel is quite popular and is viewed in almost all countries across the globe through several networks. To contact Animal Planet Headquarters for important issues, you can send your request by mail.

Please take a note of the Animal Planet Channel Corporate Headquarters Full Address Information: 401 North Michigan Avenue Suite 3000 Chicago, IL 60611 United States.

You can also get in touch with the Corporate Officials at Headquarters through visit. We suggest seeking an advance appointment with the concerned authorities.

HQ Phone Number

To connect with Animal Planet Headquarters Officers or to get quick response to your concerns, you can also call on phone, please note down the Corporate Phone Number: 1-312-946-0909.

Advertising Contact

To share your concerns, ideas and suggestions  regarding Programatic Ad Sales, Digital Advertising or On Air Advertising or related matters you can get in touch with Animal Planet Advertising team through Online Contact Form. Here is the link for you: Animal Planet Online Advertising Contact Form Link.

You may also use the given link by pasting it your browser address bar.

Online Closed Captioning

To share your queries, concerns or complaints related to closed captioning of video programming, you can connect with Vice President, Legal, Discovery, Inc. Mr.  Leah C. Montesano at this address: 8403 Colesville Road, Silver Spring, MD 20910.

You can also connect with the dedicated team on phone, please note down the official telephone: (240) 662-3801. To send your queries and concerns through  email, please send it to:

Quick Contacts

Animal Planet Headquarters Address 401 North Michigan Avenue Suite 3000 Chicago, IL 60611 United States
HQ Phone Number 1-312-946-0909

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Animal Planet is a famous multinational pay television channel. The headquarters of Animal Planet Channel is located in Chicago, United States. Find full contact details in the coming sections of this article. Animal Planet Channel was launched in the year 1996. You can watch the channel on Cable Networks, Satellite Network, and Streaming Media Platforms like YouTube TV, Fubo TV, etc.

Animal Planet Channel showcases interesting series and documentaries based on animals (wild and domestic). Find in this article all the important contact information of Animal Planet including Headquarters Address, Phone Number, Advertising Contacts, Closed Captioning contacts, and more.

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  1. D says:

    I HATE your Sunday Morning programming.
    What does one of the roughest prisons in the US have to do with Animal Planet?????
    I was harrassed for an entire summer in 1995 by an inmate at Angola Prison..
    The phone company made me take the obscene calls so that they could eventually block his calls.
    So EVERY time I see the program or see the advertizing for that program, I get sick to my stomach.
    What I may do next is monitor your advertizers for that program and refuse to purchase their product(s).

    Your programming is getting worse..

    Ani,al planet with tree houses, swimming pools and prison life is not about

  2. Suzi Patrick says:

    I’m desperately looking for some animal planet are curved footage of one of the Houston dog shows personal interest pieces that involved myself and my special needs son. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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