Aldi Headquarters Address

Aldi Headquarters

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Aldi US Headquarters Address

The headquarters of Aldi are established in Illinois, USA. You can get in touch with Aldi Headquarters officials by visiting them or writing to them. Please take a note of Aldi US Headquarters Address: 1200 North Kirk Road Batavia, IL 60510, United States. You can use the given US headquarters address for both the above stated purposes, however we suggest an official appointment in prior if you are planning to visit the headquarters.

Headquarters Phone Number

You can also share your concern with Headquarters staff by calling them. Please take a note of Aldi US Headquarters Phone Number: 1-630-879-8100.

Aldi USA CEO Email Address

If you have concern or suggestion to share with CEO of the company or if you need CEO’s approval or discretion over certain matter, you can contact by email. Currently the position of CEO of the company is held by Jason Hart. You can write your concern to him on his official email address, please note down Aldi USA CEO Email Address:

Press Contacts (US)

If you are looking for Media Content, fresh news or more related updates, you can contact Aldi Media Inquiries (US) by email. You can mail your media request at this email address:

Aldi US Customer Support Email and Phone Number

Have you purchased from Aldi Stores or have any issue with Aldi products or its services, you can contact Aldi US Customer Support at these Email Addresses: /

You can also get in touch with Aldi US Customer Support team on phone. Please note down the contact numbers:

  • Call at the main line: (630) 879-8100
  • Speak to Customer Service Team at: (855) 955-2534
  • send your complaint or request by fax, send it to Fax: (630) 879-8152/8114.

Quick Contacts

Aldi US Headquarters Address1200 North Kirk Road Batavia, IL 60510, United States.
Aldi USA CEO Email


Aldi is a famous supermarket chain. The headquarters of Aldi are located in Headquartered in Batavia, Illinois. If you are to buy household goods, groceries or more related consumer goods, you can visit Aldi supermarket stores. Currently in US, Aldi has approximately over 2000 stores located in 36 different states.

In collaboration with farmers and other producers Aldi offers a range of grocery products, well tested in their own test kitchen. You can buy Aldi exclusive products range along with a wide range of season fresh produces like organic vegetables and fruits. If you are looking for Aldi US headquarters, this section includes all the contact information of Aldi like headquarters info- address and phone number, customer support contacts and more. Let’s get to the contact details!

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