YouTube Corporate Office Address, Media Inquiries Email, and Headquarters Info

YouTube is a popular online video-sharing portal with headquarters based in California, United States, and founded in 2005. YouTube is currently one of the most viewed social media platforms and online video portal sharing platforms in the world. Approx. one billion hours of videos are watched on YouTube daily.

What kinds of videos can you find on YouTube? YouTube offers a wide genre of videos like short movies, feature films, music videos, promotional videos, Vlogs, sponsored movies, documentaries, and live streaming programs. YouTube is owned and managed by Google. In this article, you can find the address of YouTube Corporate Headquarters, Media Relations Contacts, CEO Email address, YouTube email format, and more. So, let’s see!

YouTube Headquarters

YouTube Headquarters, Image Credit: Travis Wise/Flickr

Corporate Headquarters Address and Fax

YouTube is one of the trendiest internet cultures in these modern times, it has a worldwide presence. Do you wish to know more about YouTube or its AdSense program or have a concern to mention to the founders or higher management of YouTube? If yes, this section is all you need.

You may connect with the higher authorities at YouTube through Corporate Headquarters. Please take note of YouTube Headquarters Address: Google LLC, D/B/A YouTube, 901 Cherry Ave., San Bruno, CA 94066, United States.

You can use the above-mentioned address for all sorts of communication with the corporate employees or the higher management. You may also send in your request or concern through fax, please note down the Fax Number: +1 650-253-000.

Media Inquiries Email Address

Do you have media inquiries or requests? Are you a media professional like a journalist, a reporter, etc.? If yes, please connect with YouTube Media Relations Team through Email. Share your media requests with the concerned team through this email address:

CEO Email Address

To share your important matters or concerns with YouTube CEO, please use the official email address of the CEO given here. Susan Wojcicki is the chief executive officer of CEO. Please note down the official email address: We suggest that only send matters which are of high priority natures only.

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YouTube Email Format | Emails

In this section, we have provided the preferred email formats used by YouTube. Please find below in the table the email format followed by examples and percentage usage.

 Email Format Example Percentage
first_initial last 46.4%
first 22.7%
first last 17.5%
first last_initial 9.3%
last 4.1%
last first_initial
first ‘.’ last
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