Waste Management Inc. Headquarters Address and Contact Information

Waste Management, Inc. is leading comprehensive waste management company. The company headquarters is located in Houston, Texas. Waste Management, Inc. is a public company and is listed with NYSE with stock symbol WM. The company was founded in the year 1968. Currently, the company has 293 landfill disposal sites and recycling plants, 111 landfill gas projects, six independent power production plants and 346 transfer Stations.

The services of Waste Management Company are for residential, industrial, commercial and municipal customers in United States, the count is about 21 million of customers. In this article, you can find Waste Management, Inc. headquarters address, phone number, Stock transfer agent contacts, CEO Email, Investor Relations contacts and more. Let’s see!

Waste Management Inc. Headquarters
Waste Management Inc. Headquarters | Photo Credit: Headism

Waste Management Inc. Headquarters Address and Phone

The headquarters of Waste Management Inc. is located in Houston, Texas, USA. To get in touch with top level executive for help regarding your concerns you can send them you mails at e company’s corporate headquarters, please note down the details of Waste Management Inc. Corporate Headquarters Address, 1001 Fannin Street Houston, Texas 77002.

You can also reach out to them for your queries on phone. Here is Waste Management Inc. Corporate Office Phone Number: (713) 512-6200.

Stock Transfer Agent Contacts (Shareholder Services)

For queries and requests regarding shares and stocks or your shareholding account, please get in touch with Stock Transfer Agent at their mailing address, Computershare P.O. BOX 505000 Louisville, KY 40233.

For overnight letters, please mail at Overnight correspondence address: Computershare 462 South 4th Street, Suite 1600 Louisville, KY 40202.

Investor Relations Email and Phone

To get in touch with Waste Management Inc. Investor Relations for your investment related queries or requests, please call at Investor Relations Phone Number: (713) 265-1656. You can also send your Investor Relation queries through email, please note down the Investor Relations Email Address: eegl@wm.com.

How do I contact Waste Management Inc. CEO?

Mr. James C. Fish is currently serving as CEO of Waste Management Inc. You can get in touch with him through Email. Please note down the business email address Of CEO James C Fish: jfish@wm.com.

Important Contact Numbers and Email

Here we have provided some more Important contact details of Waste Management Inc. Please note down:

  • To contact Waste Management Inc. Corporate Customer Care, call at Phone Number:  713-512-6345
  • To get in touch with Waste Management Inc. Senior Director, please call at Phone Number:  (713) 265-1656
  • To contact Waste Management Inc. Senior Financial Analyst at Phone Number: (713) 265-1507. You can also share your matters with Senior Financial Analyst on this email address: hmiller3@wm.com
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3 thoughts on “Waste Management Inc. Headquarters Address and Contact Information”

  1. So I don’t know who to go to, I live in Springfield, La. In Carter Plantation. I was also a sheriffs deputy for many years before moving here. We moved here in March and setup service at our new address. Waiting on a bill (that never came, neither electronically or in the mail) our service was abruptly interrupted without notice. I’ve been a customer of waste management for YEARS. I called, found out that our service was suspended for non payment. I pay every three months for service and we had switched service not even a month and a half ago. So they lady I talked to was VERY nice, respectful and helpful, I would send her a gift card if I could. So she put in an emergency pickup because of the mix up, I paid another three months after getting everything straight. Then nobody shows up! So then today we call again, this time reaching someone who apparently is just mad at life and not wanting to deal with it. He even told us that everything we said had happened was TRUE. Then went on to say we were just outta luck and they should have never said they were agreeing to pick up anything! Asked to talk to his supervisor, which then was placed on a 33 minute hold while he “supposedly” tried to get his supervisor. When he picked back up he said “hello, you still there” when we said yes, he paused and said “well he’s gonna have to call you, and we will not be picking up your trash this week”. So basically just kept saying it over and over again sarcastically that we were just screwed. So first off, VERY unprofessional and should be working somewhere where customer service is not needed, secondly, no one ever contacted us after talking to him which was around 11:30am. So I don’t even know if the supervisor ever heard! In the meantime, I have about 30lbs of crawfish in my garbage stinking up a golf course community, which is full of Waste Management customers. So BELIEVE me when I say yall are about to lose a whole lot of business in this town and subdivision of about 400 homes. Waste Pro is already coming in and there about to get a whole lot more business. It’s quite the double standard that the sheriff who lives about an eighth of a mile away can get his trash picked up when there’s a mishap immediately the next day, but we cannot. I expect a phone call ASAP and this matter to be rectified. In the meantime while everyone is asking why our trash is still out by the road, they will all know what happened until its taken care of. AND I will call every number possible until I get to the top if I have to.

    • Exact same thing happened to me here in Colorado Springs!!
      I drove to the facility yesterday after leaving multiple messages over the past few weeks and no return call, I was assured that my trash would be picked up today. It’s still out front. I called and was told to hold why the contacted dispatch. Forever went byyl and the rep came back and said she would call me back one the dispatch lady returned. It’s 6:20 p.m. and NO RETURN CALL!! You don’t send correct bills from the conversion, you don’t pick up trash, and then you don’t have customer service. Many have canceled in my city and another one will be added to the list!!

  2. So I’m not the only one with service problems! It seems like every other week (I have kept track), I have to call and ask why my trash was not picked up. I have been given different excuses- the one I loved was the driver couldn’t get down my road and even had a picture of my supposed toad which was not even my road, and that I tried to prove but basically got blown off. They sometimes send me an email that my trash pick up will be the next day- it is always 2 days later. I live in the country so it sitting outside for the animals to get into is not ideal. I’m just tired of having to call to get the service I was promised and pay for. I guess you get what you pay for- they are the cheapest around and it is now showing. And- when I check my account online- it has said information not available for the past few months. I’m beyond frustrated- I only started having problems in the past 6 months or so- I have been a customer for many years. Calling myths local office hasn’t gotten me anywhere, who do I contact now to get this problem solved?


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