Spotify Headquarters Address, HQ Email Address, and IR Contact

Spotify is a popular Music Streaming Service Company. The headquarters of Spotify is based out of Sweden. It is one of the fastest growing and largest audio streaming and media services providers.  Spotify was founded in the year 2006. The streaming services of Spotify is available not in US but many parts of Europe, Oceania, Africa, Mauritius and Asia.

Spotify is a public company. If you are looking for stocks of Spotify, you can follow stock symbol SPOT at New York Stock Exchange. Moving to important contact information about Spotify, Find in this article contact information about Spotify Headquarters Address, Global Headquarters Address, Investor Relations Contacts, Media Contacts and more. Let’s head to the details from here!

Spotify Global Headquarters

Spotify Global Headquarters, Photo Credit: Spotify

Spotify Headquarters Address

Spotify is a popular name in Music Streaming Industry, with worldwide presence. Are you searching for Spotify US Headquarters Address? If yes, please refer the contact address mentioned here.

To get in touch with Spotify US Headquarters employees, you may use the given address of Spotify US Corporate Headquarters, please note it down: Spotify USA Inc, 4 World Trade Center, 150 Greenwich Street, 62nd Floor, New York NY 10007, USA. You may use the address given here for communication purposes.

HQ Email Address

You may also get in touch with US headquarters through email. Here is the official Email Address of US Corporate Headquarters: [email protected].

Global Headquarters Address

Currently, Spotify has more than 356 million monthly active users. The given number is inclusive of free users and active 158 million paid subscribers. To get in touch with Spotify Global Headquarters, you can share your concern or important matters with the higher authorities at this address.

Please take a note of the Spotify Global Headquarters Address: Spotify AB, Regeringsgatan 19, SE-111 53 Stockholm, Sweden. The address given here can be used for all kinds of important official communication.

IR Contacts

If you are an investor of Spotify and need assistance regarding your investments in the company, please refer this section. You may get in touch with Spotify Investor Relations team through email, please use this email address to forward your investment related request or inquiries: [email protected]

Press Contacts

Are you a Journalist or member of any Media Edition? To connect with Spotify Media Relations please click on the given inquiry link: Media Contact Form.

Please note that given link is only for use of Media Professionals, non media inquiries will not be reverted back through this link.

Quick Contacts

Spotify Headquarters Address Spotify USA Inc, 4 World Trade Center, 150 Greenwich Street, 62nd Floor, New York NY 10007, USA
HQ Email Address [email protected]

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