NFL Headquarters Address


National Football League Headquarters Address

Here is the NFL headquarters address is 345 Park Avenue 5th Floor New York, NY 10154 United States.

How do I Contact National Football League Headquarters?

NFL is a world-famous American professional sports league. They offer various services including tickets, news, games, scores, teams, and other important services. Do you wish to contact NFL Headquarters? Have a query, concern, or complaint that requires NFL higher management? If yes, you can get in touch with NFL through the NFL headquarters address, please note it down: 345 Park Avenue 5th Floor New York, NY 10154 United States. Please take a prior appointment to meet someone at the corporate office of the National Football League in New York.

NFL Headquarters

NFL Headquarters, Image Credit: Eric Laignel

NFL Headquarters Phone Number

Please call +1-212-450-2000 to share your thoughts and messages about the National Football League. It is one of the best ways to get in touch with the NFL to share important messages quickly.

Privacy Policy Email Address

Do you have any inquiries, issues, or questions about the privacy policy of the NFL and its websites? Please do share your issue at the customer support email address, Please share your privacy-related concerns only.

NFL Email Format, Emails

Are you looking for an email format for If yes, you have arrived at the right place. Please note down the email format of NFL below:

  • Format: firstname’.’ Example: (92.8% percentage use)

NFL Commissioner

Roger Goodell is the current Commissioner of the National Football League. To send your thoughts, feedback, and suggestion about the NFL, please use his business email address aka NFL Commissioner Email Address Please do not send any normal messages to him. As a good fan, please send your valuable inputs and suggestions only.

Please do share your thoughts, and reviews about the National Football League aka NFL.

Quick Contacts

NFL Headquarters Address 345 Park Avenue 5th Floor New York, NY 10154 United States.
Headquarters Phone Number +1-212-450-2000

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The National Football League is a world-famous American professional football league headquartered in New York, NY. The league has 32 teams and is greatly popular among viewers in the US. To watch the live streaming of NFL matches on TV, and mobile phones, please visit the official website of the NFL. They have good popularity among NFL fans around the US and other countries.

Green Bay Packers is the most championship in the league. Let’s see the headquarters information of NFL including the corporate office address, corporate office phone number, email address, and more.


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14 Responses

  1. Josh Young says:

    I wanna buy my football team like i said i was as a kid now i contacted rodger goodell even have money for a new stadium everything so number is 440789**** been trying to get in touch with chicago bears i show no act of war no act of duty no act of failure as my stuff all defense as to i can only be the only owner next after the chicago bears die as it would lead to endangering society as well i have em in check mate the other ones so i know im getting my football team so need the numbers to contact messageing emails way better or in person then phone call have a broken cheek bone right now due to their fruad scam case bs going on so get back to me

    • Gary Adams says:

      It’s nothing but a scam every game the odds make her come within a half a point sucking up the poor peoples money it’s a scam if the mafia is behind it I don’t know anymore but the commissioner of the NFL should go to jail he is the biggest scammer I’ve ever seen in my life

  2. Dee Malenke says:

    Why not get semi pro football teams and women’s football teams

  3. Dee Malenke says:

    Why not get all the semi pro football teams and women’s professional football leagues and the cfl and lfa and go over the North America

  4. Gary Adams says:

    How is it possible that this could go on this is totally ridiculous even the quarterback talks about downing at the 1 yard line not to cover the spread. All of the referees are in it there’s videos online that one of the players asked the referee how much do you have on the game because you threw the flag and the referee laughed and said quite a bit.
    The commissioner should go straight to jail I would love to get a respond from anybody in the NFL because I am thinking of filing a lawsuit and with social media behind it it could get big

  5. Kevin D. Smith says:

    You really need to look at the San Francisco Cleveland game. Too many missed penalties and confusion by the referees. Unacceptable. I would be reprimanded if my performance was as such.

  6. Tom says:

    The NFL cheats with their refs. Coaches need to be able to challenge penalties period. This shit has gone on to long.

  7. Tom says:

    The NFL cheats with their refs. Coaches need to be able to challenge penalties period. This shit has gone on to long. Aka 49’er Cleveland game today such crap

  8. Val Heim says:

    Hello, I have an opinion that Terrell Davis should be on the NFL commercial showing the great running backs of NFL history.


  9. Cheri Perry says:

    The referee’s in Fins/ Eagles game was atrocious! And you know it! We can send you the pictures if you need us to. This cannot continue in this sport. It was obvious the no calls. These refs need to be removed from the game

  10. Billy says:

    Yeah as someone who actually goes to live games the Colts-Cleveland, and the way the Colts were stripped of a victory makes me second guess paying hundreds of dollars to attend. I can see that crap for free on TV. Until they start holding refs accountable for mistakes I’m done paying on Sunday. Yes I am a Colts fan but I’m also a football fan living in Florida. Ive been to Jags games, Bucs games and Fins. I’m done for a while un till there is progress in accountability for poor referring.

  11. Joe W. Grace 88 A real NFL honest Fan who sees says:

    Rodger all I can say browns won but with those the Steelers got very bad referees ans aboutg seven very bad no calls
    from this crew of referees. You have FIXED so many Breownas they shouild be 3-7. What the sports woirld did to
    Pete Rose was a real mis carriage of justgice. You should be put in prison for life for all the currupt doings in fix games in The NFL which you are responsible for doing. I,m a Cleveland resident and the honest Steelers lostg because you
    wantto see Cleveland in thr Super Bow,.l. The remainder of 2023 season will tell thr truth about Rodger Godell

  12. Alfred P OMeara says:

    Hello, at this point, all NFL teams should be publicly owned companies and traded on the New York Stock Exchange , so everybody can buys shares of a team and be part owners of every team.

  13. Trish McWhorter says:

    Dear Mr. GodellI am a very strong football fan for most of my 76 years and I am a woman. How on earth did these refs. and judges get their position? I suggest that they should be fired if they continue to show special treatment to teams by ignoring obvious penalties. The Buffalo Bills have been humiliated by the officials who show preferential treatment to an opposing team. It appears that someone has made some kind of negotiation to favor another team, in this case The Eagles. How can this be allowed to go on. Every person who watched the game agrees that this is an obvious call. Please consider an investigation to the officials that may be getting “paid off”.

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