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Energy Transfer Partners is a world-famous pipeline transportation (natural gas) company, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, United States. The Chief Executive Officer Kelcy Warren is leading the company since August 2007. The company is listed on the world’s largest stock exchange, NYSE. Energy Transfer was founded by Ray Davis, and Kelcy Warren in 1995.

Susser Holdings Corporation, ETC Riger Pipeline LLC, Energy Transfer Equity, Heritage Holdings Inc., LGM LLC, ETC Northeast Pipeline LLC, and Stripes Convenience Stores are some of the most popular subsidiary companies of Energy Transfer Partners. Let’s see headquarters information of Energy Transfer Partners.

Energy Transfer Headquarters

Energy Transfer Headquarters, Image Credit: Energy Transfer

Corporate Headquarters Contact Details

The head office of the company is located in Dallas, TX, full contact address is Energy Transfer, 8111 Westchester Drive, Dallas, TX 75225. The corporate headquarters of Energy Transfer Partners can be contacted for any important queries/questions.

The corporate headquarters contact number is 214-981-0700 and fax number is 214-981-0703.

Energy Transfer Emergency Contact Details

The energy transfer emergency contact number for Bayou Bridge Pipeline is 1-800-753-5531. For Trunkline Gas Company emergency contact, kindly call on 1-800-225-3913.

The contact number for Dakota Access Pipeline, please call on 1-800-753-5531. You can contact Florida Gas Transmission Company through call on 1-800-238-5066.

If you want to contact Lone Star Geismar Chalmette, please call on 1-888-294-3940. For Permian Express Pipeline, you can be call on 1-800-753-5531.

You can contact Sunoco Pipeline Refined Products & Natural Gas Liquids, through call on 1-800-786-7440. For Fayetteville Express Pipeline, kindly call on 1-888-844-8030.

You can contact ETC Tiger through call on 1-888-844-3735. For Energy Transfer Gas in Houston, please call on 1-800-392-1965. For ETCO Pipeline, kindly call on 1-800-753-5531.

If you are searching for Rover Pipeline number, then please use 1-800-225-3913. For Energy Transfer Liquids, kindly call on 1-888-844-8134.

The emergency contact number for Energy Transfer Gas is 1-877-404-2730. To contact Sea Robin Pipeline, please call on 1-800-225-3913. For Lone Star NGL, please call on 1-877-839-7473.

The emergency contact number for Panhandle Eastern Pipeline is 1-800-225-3913. For contact Transwestern Pipeline, please call on 1-866-999-8975. For Mid-Valley Pipeline, kindly call on 1-800-753-5531.

You can contact Gulf States through call on 1-888-844-3735. For Sunoco Pipeline Crude Oil, you can be contact on 1-800-753-5531. To contact Energy Transfer Gas in San Antonio, please call on 1-800-375-5702.

Energy Transfer Investor Relations

If you are an investor in the company and want some guidance, and support related to IR, please contact through call on 214-981-0795 or email at The contact address of investor relation is 8111 Westchester Drive, Dallas, TX 75225.

Royalty Hotline Contact

If you want to contact Energy Transfer royalty hotline, then you can be call on 713-989-4900 and fax on 855-752-2645. The mailing address of royalty hotline of Energy Transfer is P.O. Box 4933, Houston, TX 77210 and email address is

Energy Transfer Media Contact / Press Contacts

The Energy Transfer media inquiries office phone number is 214-840-5820 and email address is The official website of Energy Transfer is

K-1 Tax Support Center

  • ETP K-1 Tax Support Center: 800-792-7904
  • ETE K-1 Tax Support Center: 800-617-7736

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Transfer Agent Contact Info

Please note down the contact information of transfer agent for stock related queries/questions:

American Stock Transfer & Trust
Phone: (888) 257-7340

American Stock Transfer & Trust
Attn: Shareholder Services
6201 15th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11219

Article last re-published on May 13, 2021.

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