Caterpillar Headquarters Address and Corporate Office Information

Caterpillar Headquarters

Caterpillar Inc. or also simply known as CAT is a world famous machinery and equipment manufacturing companies in the world. The company is also engaged in offering products insurances to the customers via their worldwide dealership network. CAT is the largest construction equipment manufacturer in the world, headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois, United States. To buy heavy machinery for construction, think about CAT and their world-class products.

So, let’s see important headquarters contact information of Caterpillar Inc. including head office phone number, email address, and more.

Caterpillar Headquarters
Caterpillar Headquarters

Corporate Headquarters Contact Info

If you are searching for Caterpillar headquarters contact details, then you are at right place. The headquarters address of Caterpillar is Caterpillar Corporate Contact Center, 501 Southwest Jefferson Avenue, Peoria, IL, 61630.

You can contact Caterpillar headquarters office through call on +1 (309) 675-2337. The Toll Free number of Caterpillar corporate headquarters is +1 (888) 614-4328.

Caterpillar Media Contacts

  • (Deerfield, Illinois)
  • (Based in Brussels)
  • Elina (Lyna) Davydova: (Based in Moscow)
  • Penny Wu: (Based in Beijing)
  • Bridget Young: (Based in Peoria, Illinois)
  • Budi Irianto: (Based in Jakarta)
  • Lisa Miller: (Based in Peoria, Illinois)
  • Devyani Rana: (Based in Bangalore)
  • Janice Walters: (Based in Peoria, Illinois)
  • Megumi Tsukamoto: (Based in Tokyo)
  • Kate Young: (Based in Deerfield, Illinois)
  • Migel Toro Hernandez: (Based in Mexico City)
  • Sara Weitz: (Based in Deerfield, Illinois)
  • Renato Sanchez: (Based in Piracicaba)
  • Kristen Smith: (Based in Washington D.C.)
  • Sarah Ricciardi: (Based in Deerfield, Illinois)
  • Sharon Holling: (Based in Peoria, Illinois)
  • Johanna Kelly: (Based in Peoria, Illinois)
  • Francine Shore: (Based in Desford, UK)
  • Other media-related inquiries, contact email:


The Caterpillar Individual shareholders contact address is Shareholder Services, 100 NE Adams Street, Peoria, IL 61629-7310. For contact Caterpillar shareholders, kindly call on 309.675.4619 or fax on 309.675.6620 or email at

The Caterpillar Institutional shareholders or security analysts contact address is Attn: Travis Weaver, Investor Relations, 510 Lake Cook Road, Deerfield, IL 60015. You can contact Institutional shareholders or security analysts through call on 309.675.4549 or fax on 309.675.4457 or email at

High Level

Jim is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the company



The following persons are in the team of executive officers of the company:

  • WILLIAM P. AINSWORTH – Group President of Caterpillar Inc.
  • ANDREW R.J. BONFIELD – Chief Financial Officer
  • RAMIN YOUNESSI – Group President
  • CHERYL H. JOHNSON – Chief Human Resources Officer
  • SUZETTE M. LONG – Chief Legal Officer, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
  • DENISE C. JOHNSON – Group President
  • BOB DE LANGE – Group President

Article last re-published on March 17, 2020.

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    For you record my company had buy units of Backhoe 416F Chasis Number CAT0***FCLWT***** Year 2012 and CAT****FVLWT00*** Year 2016 at 11st October 2020.

    Unfortunately the backhoe CAT0416FVLWT000777 had a leaking Break Pump on 25th October 2020. We had waiting for 3 days for your pomen and more then one week for your spare-part.

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    I would like to complain for the waiting time for the spare-parts. I had lost about RM5400.00, equal USD1350.00 for my waiting time.

    I would to use the goods from Caterpiller because this brand had a good reputation. but I’m very sad for my lost because your spare part service.

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