Whirlpool Corporate Headquarters Info, Contact Details, CEO Email and More

Whirlpool or Whirlpool Corporation is a world famous home appliance company, headquartered in Benton Harbor, Michigan, United States. You can buy Whirlpool products online such as refrigerator, air-conditioner, washing machine, microwave oven, juicer, electric kettle, and more. You can buy home appliances on their official website too. You can also visit several e-commerce websites such as Amazon.com, BestBuy, Target, Wal-Mart, and more.

In this article, we have provided headquarters contact information of Whirlpool including CEO email address, corporate office phone number, and more. So, let’s see!

Whirlpool Global Headquarters
Whirlpool Global Headquarters

Whirlpool Global Headquarters Contact Information

The company is a market leader in washing machine and refrigerator business around the world. You can get in touch with their corporate headquarters. Please note down Whirlpool Corporate Headquarters Address: Princenhagelaan 11 Benton Harbor, MI 49022 United States of America. You can use corporate headquarters address as mailing address to raise your concern about products or anything.

To raise your concern or give product feedback or talk about general matters, please dial 1-269-923-5000.

Whirlpool Investor Relations Contacts

Are you an existing shareholder / investor in the company? Do you have anything to say to the company? Please get in touch with the company’s investor relations team, note down their email address investor_relations@whirlpool.com and phone number (269) 923-2641. You can also send your letter on fax, here is their fax number (269) 923-3525.

Whirlpool Media Relations Contacts

Do you have a media related question or query? The company enjoy good relations with most of the media houses. You can get in touch with the company if you are a media professional. Please note down their media relations phone number 269-923-7405 and email address media@whirlpool.com

Whirlpool CEO Email Address

You can also get in touch with the Chief Executive Officer of Whirlpool for your concern or query. Please do not get in touch with the CEO directly. If possible, try to solve your concern with the lower management and executives. You can share your concern on this email address Mark_Bitzer@Whirlpool.com

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Social Media Accounts and Pages

They have large fan base on various social media platforms and websites. Please like, and follow their social media accounts, here are their URLs: Facebook Page, and Twitter Handle.

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14 thoughts on “Whirlpool Corporate Headquarters Info, Contact Details, CEO Email and More”

  1. I am very frustrated with A & Z Appliance Repair and Whirlpool. My mom bought a whirlpool refrigerator from Bet Buy on Glenway Ave back in March during the Covid. They delivered it just to the driveway with I understood. Me and my brother brought it in the house and connected it. It was making a weird sound and A & Z Appliance came out 3 -4 times to fix it. They replaced the fan, condenser and other parts. Now the food in the refrigerator is freezing. I am not happy. Today I have sat on the phone from 8:00 until 10:00 talking to different people who have transferred me. I am tired of this whole experience. All I want is a replacement. I am now to the point I want a full refund and I will get my mom a different refrigerator. I would like a call from the CEO please.

    Donna Freese
    Shirley A. Freese

  2. I paid Whirlpool comps 150.00
    To replace my microwave over few months ago . I talked to the service company and they tell me whirlpool has not sent the replacement to them to install . Calling whirlpool on the phone us a nightmare . They keep you on hold for hours . The repair told me the same story . I’d like someone at whirlpool to call me or email when they are going to send the replacement product to me . This whole thing has very very disturbing and I can’t believe a big company can act like this .

  3. Whirlpools’ customer service is NON-EXISTENT. All you’ll get is lip service from some poor slept reading “patented answers” from a manual. Best suggestion – DON’T BUY ANYTHING WHIRLPOOL.

  4. A year ago in March 2020, I purchased 4 Whirlpool products. Kitchen range WFE775H0HZ, R92414517 has NEVER worked properly. Between Covid 19, different service agencies, and backordered parts, I HAVE BEEN WITHOUT A RANGE FOR ONE YEAR. To add insult to injury Whirlpool wants me to re-up my warranty. I would be happy if you would send someone to pick up the nonworking appliance and refund my money. I have spent HOURS on the phone and online with NO help. A year is TOO long to wait.

  5. To Whom It May Concern:

    I am writing to you in regards to a purchase I made on October 7, 2020 at Lowe’s in Warwick, RI store #01197. I purchased a top loading washing machine for $961.93. After 2 weeks and many tug of wars with the clothing upon completion of the washing cycle, I called the store to complain about my purchase. I mean these clothes would be so knotted that my husband and I would work together to remove them from the washer. The staff at Lowe’s were overworked and the store was extremely short staffed. The front desk would not handle the compliant due to the order was in the handled in the appliance department, only they couldn’t find it. At one point they insisted I did not purchase it in their store. I finally got my credit card statement to show them. It was all I purchased that day and it was their store number. Still they could not produce proof of purchase on their end. I was given the the service number for Whirlpool/Maytag and called over and over and over and over again. Many times holding for nearly an hour, but having to hang up to meet a client or go to a meeting. I called Lowe’s again expressing my frustration because at this point the washer is now leaking and went over the pan it sits in onto the floor. I am so angry to think I have spent nearly $1,000 on this washing machine and are having all these issues. Lowe’s finally sets up a service call to come look at it. It is now middle of February and I am completely disgusted. To make matters worst the local laundromat is closed and I am now sucking water out of the pan with a sharp vac to wash our clothes. I spent $1,000 to be this aggravated and can not connect with anyone to help resolve this matter. Rinfret appliance service comes to service the machine on 2/19/2021. I am feeling hopeful. He explains that 1. The knotting of the clothing is an issue with this machine and that your service department advised him to advise me to roll my dirty clothes in balls and place them around the agitator like a campfire so that they don’t knot (you seriously can not make this up) and 2. That there is a hole in the drain hose that needs to be replaced! I show him my hardwood floors, I have a beautiful 5,000 sq ft home and am using a sharp vac to suck water out of a pan in order to wash our clothing.

    On March 5th I called Rinfrets to see if the part was in. I was told it was still on backorder. I then called Lowe’s completely frustrated with this issue and spoke with the manager. Although sympathetic, the 30 days had passed and it was no longer her problem. She did offer to look to see if they had the part in stock, they did not. I called Maytag again, this time determined to stay on the phone for as long as it took to speak to a person. It was just under 2 hours on hold………TWO HOURS!!!!! The man I spoke to told me to hold on that he would check to see if they had the part and he said it was available. I am so annoyed that Rinfret’s didn’t called to get the part directly from you and ask why that wasn’t an option for them. He told me that service guys like to give business to locals that they know and don’t care that the consumer has to wait. He promised to ship it out same day and I would have it by the end of the week. I called to see if it was in, but it never came and still has not come. Rinfret’s assured me that called you directly and anyone they knew to get the part, but that it was back ordered until mid April. MID APRIL!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! I am seriously at the end of my rope. I called the manager at Lowe’s again today, She really wants to help, but said I needed to get a RA from you to replace the washing machine. I am calling the better business bureau. I am posting a short version of my complaint everywhere I can. I am contacting consumer reports. I am going to make sure that everyone in your company hears this compliant and that maybe someone will do something about it. I am done waiting. I have waited long enough and have been more than patient. I want this machine taken out of my home and replaced with a different model. I am filling out my claim for the wood floors that are now buckled due to the water damage. I am going to start a class-action lawsuit against your company.

    Here is where I can be reached. 5 months later I still can’t get this resolved.

    Thank you,

  6. this whirlpool range, was purchased from Ace Appliance, Florence, SC, delivered to my residence 9/27/2018. My residence is occupied by one individual. That individual spent 5 of 7 days, from 6 or 7 am until after lunch without use of stove. By late 2019, an area on top of the range near the components, the paint was peeling. Called the company, they sent an appliance company out, he noted the problem, ordered the part and replaced it July 2020. Late 2020, the stove starts to peel again in the same area!! For the last 55 plus years of my life, I’ve used Hotpoint and Jenn Air ranges without this type of issues. I am attributing this to poor craftsmanship and needing the assistance Quality Control Department.
    Because of this problem, I have over and over again, day after day, spent hours on hold to be told its not their department, then transferred to another. Then
    I’m placed on hold again, for hours. Absolutely unreal. I figured an effort to discourage. I’ve called 800/***-**** several times, 866/***-****; from Sumter, SC; Iris in Michigan; Robin, Ashley in Ala., Kim, Lee, Marlo, Steven, Susan in Tennessee, Mary, Rachel, Kim in North Carolina. After speaking to so many folks to tell me the coverage will not cover cosmetic issues and to transferred again and again. This is totally unacceptable. This issue goes far beyond cosmetic. This is a product flaw and I will not take the blame.
    This product is not properly prepared for final painting that’s why it keeps peeling. The stove is ugly and an eyesore with the paint continuing to peel. That part will require continuous replacement. The appliance company was going to charge me almost $500. to replace the part. This will be a problem as long as the company refuses to correct the problem. I need the stove removed and the money refunded

  7. I purchased a whirlpool washer and dryer
    June 19th 2020. The washer started squeeking real bad. So factory warranty is still good and
    I also bought an extended 2 year warranty. I have called lowes warrenty center so many times since
    January with no results. I am so sick of this. I called again march 24th was suppose to get a call back within 24 hours for service to be scheduled. Did i get a call back? No still waiting. I will never buy another appliance of any kind from
    Lowes whirlpool products

  8. Just sent a lengthy email to Mark_Bitz@whirlpool.com after contacting “customer service” at least 7 times regarding a defective over-the-range microwave. Too costly to repair and cannot find a Whirlpool product to replace because of smaller interior capacity and/or larger exterior measurements. Whirlpool Corporation has let me down and I cannot figure out how to proceed. UNACCEPTABLE!!!

  9. I bought an Maytag washing machine on 12/20/18. I started having problems with it in January of 2021. I had bought a 5 year warranty and called for repair on 1/12/21. The repair company ( Hudson Appliance) came on 1/27/21. Before they could return to make the repair from the first problem, the machine started screaming. I called again and the repair company responded on 2/08/21. They ordered more parts and responded on 2/17/21. The repairs they had to make were impossible because the bolt on the agitator was rusted solid. They ordered a new agitator and returned on 3/03/21. They replaced the dispenser drawer that day, even though I hadn’t been able to use the machine since their second call. They returned on 3/23/21 and replaced a “Gear Case’ which then was indicating E7-E5 ERROR. They responded today, 4/02/21 and installed a new Gear Case which is DEFECTIVE. Whirlpool keeps telling them to order each part. I am 77 years old with Spinal Stenosis, a bulging disc and a bone in my back out of place. My husband is also 77 years old has COPD and emphysema and has been bed ridden for two years. I can not continue to haul loads of laundry around and I have decided, since Whirlpool doesn’t seem to see a problem with one of their machines being broken down for this length of time, to get in touch with SOLVE IT SEVEN. They seem to be able to get these big companies to LISTEN. This file number has not helped a bit. Thank goodness we bought the machine from Percy’s in Worcester and they are trying to help. It doesn’t appear that they are getting any further with Whirlpool.

  10. Bought an allegedly high end Jennair Air oven2016. Gas cook top electric oven. The ovens electronic board died December 2020. As well as the hinges malfunctioning on the door. A very competent technician came to diagnose the problem and ordered the necessary parts. So here we are almost May 2021 with no parts, who ever is blaming it on co vid “you’ve got to blame some one other than yourself” right. I’ve had no oven functioning oven for five months through Christmas Easter probably thanksgiving. I’ve found out as well from the grape vine our model of stove is no longer being made. So for you environmentalists to take note Think of the land fill. I love baking and cooking. This company has left me in the” land fill”. I’m not poor ; but I’m not rich either. I just want to cook with what I thought was a reputable appliance. In frustration. Don’t know what to do…….would like to sue. Can anyone advise me. I’ll bake you an amazing dinner

  11. I can see that I am not the only one dealing with your product defects. Bought washer Sept 2020. Recieved washer Oct 2020. Stopped working.Feb 2021. Computer panel went out. no working washer for 10 weeks. same answer, waitng on parts. In our 60s. had to ward off an assault at a landromat a couple of days ago. If whirlpool would have shipped the parts 2 months ago and repaired the washer, we would not have been at the landromat. Talked with Whirlpool today May 4 2021 and they say 21 more days. Sad that I served America for 25 years in the Military and a American company can not take care of the people that protect them for the right to free enterprise. Going to buy another washer this weekend and handle this with the lemon law in our state. Paid $812.00 for something that does not work.

  12. Whirlpool refrigerator WRB322DMBM00 bought 10/2016. It needs a new computer board, they think a fan motor and they will attempt a badly needed top door adjustment (even though there is no defined way to adjust the door). It’s a piece of cheap junk.
    AND because of a cheap little plastic tube that fell off that they had TAPED onto the back of the fridge for drainage I HAVE TO REPLACE THE FLOORING, SUBFLOORING and JOISTS under the fridge! Never again.


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