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Walmart Headquarters Address

The main office of Wal-Mart is located in Bentonville, and the full corporate headquarters address is given here: 702 S.W. Eighth St., Bentonville, AR 72716. Please do get in touch with the corporate headquarters only for significant matters. For any customer query or feedback, please get in touch with the customer support team.

A complaint/feedback letter should contain your brief information with proper things to get a response.

It is quite difficult for many shopping lovers to find important contact details of Wal-Mart from their official website. To help them, we have compiled this information from the official website only. So, don’t worry about wrong information or wrong phone numbers. Our information about contacts of Wal-Mart is very much accurate. So, let’s see!

Corporate Office Phone Number

Do you have any queries or are not satisfied with the customer support team/customer support department? Please dial 1-800-925-6278 (1-800-WALMART) to talk with the headquarters staff. For normal product complaints, get in touch with customer support.

Customer Feedback

If you have any feedback about your shopping experience, do not forget to make it through the following number:

  • Contact our Customer Service team to provide a comment or ask a question about your local store or our corporate headquarters Call 1-800-925-6278 (1-800-WALMART)

Financial Help Center

Find important customer service phone numbers for Walmart credit cards, MoneyCards and gift cards.

If you are looking for card related support, call the following numbers based on your plan and card.

  • Capital One Walmart Rewards Mastercard Customer Service: 877-860-1250
  • Walmart Rewards Card Customer Service: 877-860-1250
  • Walmart MoneyCard Customer Service: 877-937-4098
  • Walmart Visa Gift Card Customer Service: 866-633-9096
  • Bluebird American Express Debit Card: 866-545-7847
  • Vanilla Visa Gift Card: 800-571-1376

Stock Transfer Agent Contacts

If you are an investor of the company and looking for some queries solved, contact investor relations and transfer agent by dialing this number 1-800-438-6278 (Walmart’s transfer agent: Computershare).

Press Contacts

If you are from a media house, or online reporter, or news channel reporter, contact the below phone numbers or link to get in touch with the company’s media relations section.

Walmart CEO Email Address

Mr. Doug McMillon is leading the company in the best way. Are you an unhappy customer and not satisfied with the company’s customer support department’s resolution? If yes, please explain your situation to the chief executive officer. He or his team might help you in the matter. Please note down a CEO email address,

Ethics Contacts

To send information through an email, here is their ethics email address: Please also note down their Global Ethics Helpline: 1-800-963-8442. Please also note down more contact numbers below:

  • W-2 Hotline: 1-800-996-7566
  • Attendance Hotline: 1-800-775-5944
  • Customer Escalations: 1-855-315-2743
  • Wage & Hour and Open Door HelpLine: 1-800-530-9929
  • Walmart One and Benefits: 1-800-421-1362
  • Resources for Living: 1-800-825-3555
  • Contact Number: 1-800-WM-ETHIC
  • Walmart Customer Service: 1-800-WALMART

Board of Directors

The following people are in the board of directors of Wal-Mart:

  • Gregory B. Penner – Chairman of the Walmart Inc. Board of Directors and General Partner of Madrone Capital Partners
  • Steuart Walton – Founder and Chairman, RZC Investments, LLC
  • Cesar Conde – Chairman of NBCUniversal News Group
  • S. Robson ‘Rob’ Walton – Retired Chairman of the Board of Directors of Walmart Inc.
  • Timothy P. Flynn – Retired Chairman and CEO of KPMG International
  • Randall Stephenson – Retired Executive Chairman and CEO of AT&T Inc.
  • Sarah Friar – CEO of Nextdoor Holdings, Inc. (Nextdoor)
  • Doug McMillon – President and CEO, Walmart Inc.
  • Carla A. Harris – Senior Client Advisor at Morgan Stanley
  • Marissa A. Mayer – Co-founder and CEO of Sunshine Products, Inc. (formerly Lumi Labs, Inc.), and Former President and CEO of Yahoo!, Inc.
  • Tom Horton – Lead Independent Director, Walmart; Partner, Global Infrastructure Partners, and Retired Chairman and CEO of American Airlines.

How do I complaint to Walmart Corporate Office?

To make a complaint to Walmart’s corporate office, please prepare a good explanation letter addressed to the corporate office, and send it to corporate office at Walmart Corporate Office, 702 S.W. Eighth St., Bentonville, AR 72716.

Quick Contacts

Walmart Headquarters Address 702 S.W. Eighth St., Bentonville, AR 72716
CEO Email Address


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