Waffle House Headquarters Address, Media Inquiries Email, Customer Service Email and More

Waffle House, Inc. is a well known restaurant chain based out of United States. The headquarters of Waffle House, Inc. is located in Georgia. Waffle House, Inc. is a pretty popular restaurant chain in US, currently it has about 2100 store locations in about 25 states in United States and mostly in Southern United States.

Waffle House, Inc. was founded in the year 1955 and is currently under excellent leadership and execution of its CEO and President Walter G. Ehmer. Let’s get to the important contact information of Waffle House, Inc. including its headquarters address, phone number, media relations contacts, customer service support, catering service contacts, merchandise and gift card support and more. So let’s see!

Waffle House
Waffle House | Photo Credit: Waffle House

Waffle House Headquarters Address and Phone Number

For communication with Waffle House, Inc., you can send your mails or other official documentation at the Waffle House, Inc. Headquarters Address. Please note down the details: 5986 Financial Drive Norcross, GA 30071, United States.

You may also contact Waffle House, Inc. Officials on the corporate phone line, please note it down: 1-877-992-3353.

Media Inquiries Email and Phone

For Media Inquiries or requests, please contact Waffle House, Inc. Media Relations team through the given Email Address: media@wafflehouse.com.

You can also contact Waffle House, Inc.  Media Relations team on phone, please dial: 1-770-729-5842. Please note that the given contact info is for use of Media Professionals only.

Catering Services Email and Phone

To get in touch with Waffle House, Inc. Catering Services, please you’re your query to their Email: catering@wafflehouse.com  or call at the given phone number: 770-954-6024.

Merchandise Help Email and Phone

For support regarding Waffle House, Inc. Merchandise, please email your request at Merchandise Help team Email Address: WHwebstore@cgpconnect.com. You can also call at the official Merchandise Help team phone line: 1-800-874-0472.

Gift Cards Help Email and Phone

For support regarding Gift Cards, please send your query to Waffle House, Inc. Gift Cards Help team through this email: giftcards@wafflehouse.com or call them at their phone: 1-866-204-5393.

Customer Service Email

Looking for Waffle House, Inc. Customer Support Contacts? You can contact Waffle House, Inc. Customer Service team  through this online form. Please click here: Customer Service Email.


Some of the famous serves of Waffle House includes Waffles, Pancakes, soups, sandwiches and other breakfast food. You can visit any of the store location close to your home if planning to go out with your family for food.

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  1. My name is Sherry, I went to the waffle house, Rocky top waffles 506, in Lenoir city tn today and had a less than enjoyable visit. My order was not prepared how I ordered it, the whites of my eggs were slimy and runny, the meat was under cooked & the toast was soggy. I asked for another order of eggs and was brought back eggs cooked hard and with a foreign taste, the only bite I took had a taste of either soap or perfume I’m not sure what it was but I left my food ,did not eat any of it. I got my check which was not correct, I was charged $26.60 . I went with check in hand to the front. The waitress walked over, grabbed the check while talking to another waitress about their plans for later and rang me up I said excuse me but I left my food on the table because I could not eat it, she looked at me said OK started talking again to her coworker ran my card and handed me the slip to sign. I’m very disappointed and hope this issue will be addressed.

  2. I visited the Waffle House at 7025 Dumbarton Drive, Horn Lake, MS on Sunday morning at about 9 am. The employees were playing loud music on the jukebox. I do not enjoy loud music at 9am when I am eating breakfast. I asked Brittany to turn it down, please. She replied that they had lost the remote. I asked if it could turned off. She said it would have to be unplugged but didn’t offer to do that. There were only three customers in the restaurant at the time. It was obvious that the music was for the enjoyment of the employees. Two employees were moving to the music. At one time the music was “screeching” and I literally put my hands over my ears. I have had the same experience with most of the Waffle House Restaurants in my area. I like the food at this restaurant and the service is good. Please do something about the music. It also causes the servers to yell the orders so they can be heard. Please…Stop the music early in the morning.


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