UNICEF Headquarters Address


UNICEF Headquarters

The organization is currently having one of the largest supply warehouses that can ship emergency supplies to any location across the globe within the time span of 3 days i.e. 72 hours approximately. Are you trying to contact UNICEF headquarters for certain important matter or concern? If yes, here in this section we have provided the complete headquarters address for your use, please take a note of the UNICEF Headquarters Address: 125 Maiden Lane, New York, NY 10038. The given headquarters info can be used for all kinds of important and official communication.

UNICEF is currently present in about 190 countries and some of the tough regions or terrains across the globe offering and facilitating all kinds of aids for poor, needy or distressed youngsters or children. Moving back to important contact information, find in the coming sections UNICEF headquarters address, phone number, email address, media inquiry emails, contacts and more. So, let’s see!

UNICEF Headquarters Phone

You may also contact the higher authorities at UNICEF over the phone for all kinds of important communication or for urgent matters. Please take note of the UNICEF Headquarters Phone: (800) 367-5437.

UNICEF Headquarters Email

If you wish to share your concern or matter with the UNICEF team by email, here is the link to UNICEF Email Contact Form for you. You may use the link directly from here or by posting or saving it your browser favorites for future reference as well.

Click here: Send Email to UNICEF Headquarters

Or paste this in your browser:  https://www.unicefusa.org/about/contact/email

UNICEF Media Relations

This section is meant for the use and reference of Media people like journalists, reporters looking for media updates or assistance regarding media requests. Here we have included the contact information about Media Relations at UNICEF Global Headquarters. You may contact any of the following team member for your media inquiries or requests:

  • Contact Kurtis Cooper, Communication Specialist over office phone: +1 212 824 6575 or Mobile: +1 917 476 1435.
  • Contact Joe English, Communication Specialist over office phone: +1 212 303 7984 or Mobile: +1 917 893 0692.
  • Contact Georgina Diallo, Communication Specialist over office phone: +1 917 265 4524 or Mobile: +1 917 238 1559.
  • Contact Helen Wylie, Communication Specialist over Phone: +1 917 244 2215.
  • Contact Matias Lindemann, Communication Officer over Phone: +1 917 547 2846.
  • Contact Sara Alhattab, Communication Officer over Phone: +1 917 957 6536.

You may also contact the Head of Multimedia by email foe inquiries regarding Videos by email, please send your inquiries to this email address: tturkovich@unicef.org.

To share your inquiries regarding photography, please use the given email address: photo@unicef.org.

UNICEF Careers

If you are looking for job opportunities at UNICEF or wish to serve as volunteer, you may contact he concerned team through the given webpage link. Please click here: UNICEF CAREERS

or paste this link in your browser: https://www.unicefusa.org/about/people/jobs


United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund or UNICEF as the organization is most popular with its abbreviated name is an organization that offers human and developmental aid to children in need or distress from all over the world. The headquarters of UNICEF is based out of New York. You can also refer to the complete contact details of UNICEF’s headquarters in the coming sections of this article along with other important contact info.

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