Travelers Headquarters Address


Travelers Headquarters Address

The Travelers corporate headquarters address is 485 Lexington Ave., New York, NY, 10017, United States. Hartford is the city where the company’s largest office is based. The corporate headquarters of the Travelers Companies is available to everyone dissatisfied with the customer support team.

Phone Number for Individuals

If you want to get a quote for travel insurance, call on 1.866.662.4027. For Roadside Assistance, kindly call on 1.800.252.4633 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year). For Billing and Policy Service Questions, call on 1.800.842.5075.

You can contact MyTravelers® Technical Assistance through a call on 1.877.754.0481. To Report a Claim, kindly call on 1.800.252.4633. To Check Status of a claim, please call on 1.800.252.4633.

Phone Number For Business

If you have a question regarding Billing, kindly call on 1.800.252.2268. For Roadside Assistance, please call on 1.800.238.6225. To Report a Claim, kindly call on 1.800.238.6225.

You can contact Travelers Premium Audit through a call on 1.800.842.4271. To Check Status of a Claim, kindly call on 1.800.238.6225.

Payment Addresses 

Are you looking for the payment addresses of Travelers Companies? Please find all the mailing address and payment addresses (payoff addresses) for Travelers are given below:

The payment address of Personal Insurance payments is: Travelers Personal Insurance, PO BOX 660307, Dallas, TX 75266-0307.

For Consumer Affairs (Complaints), take note of mailing address, Travelers, Attn: Consumer Affairs, One Tower Square, Hartford, CT 06183.

For Business Insurance payments, take note of mailing address, Travelers CL Remittance Center, PO BOX 660317
Dallas, TX 75266-0317.

IR Contacts

For Investor Relations queries, save this mailing address, Travelers, Attn: Shareholder Services, sOne Tower Square, Hartford, CT 06183.

Customer Advocacy Contacts

The Company Directory Phone number is 1.800.328.2189 and the Retiree Services Phone number is 1.800.441.4378.

Press Contacts

All possible media contacts of Travelers insurance are given below.

Corporate and Financial
Patrick Linehan: 917.778.6267
Courtney Garro: 860.277.8719
Matt Bordonaro: 860.277.7014

  • Business Insurance, Kate Thermansen: 860.954.1789
  • Claim, Matt Bordonaro: 860.277.7014
  • Auto and Homeowners Insurance, Sperry Mylott: 860.277.5075
  • Non-U.S. Operations, Patrick Linehan: 917.778.6267
  • Bond & Specialty Insurance, Mike Whitmer: 860.277.2010
  • Community Relations, Courtney Garro: 860.277.8719

Service Center Home Contacts

The Travelers service center home Mailing Address is Travelers, P.O. Box 5600, Hartford, CT 06102-5600 and phone number is 800.842.9346. The email address of Travelers service center home is and fax number is 877.634.3710.

Contacts Commercial Accounts (For Business)

All contact details for commercial accounts for business are given below.

  • Central – Northern IL, WI: 630.961.8142
  • South Central – LA, TX: 214.570.6362
  • Great Lakes – IN, KY, MI, OH, PA, WV: 215.274.1591
  • Metro – NJ, NYC: 973.631.7001
  • Northeast – CT, MA, ME, NH, Upstate NY, RI, VT: 860.277.8955
  • Midwest – AR, KS, MO, OK, Southern Illinois: 314.579.8202
  • Northwest – AK, Northern CA, HI, ID, MT, OR, WA: 925.945.4137
  • Southwest – AZ, CO, NM, NV, UT, WY: 720.200.8103
  • Upper Midwest – IA, MN, ND, NE, SD: 651.310.7968
  • Southern – AL, GA, FL, MS: 678.317.7800
  • Mid-Atlantic – NC, SC, TN, VA, MD, DC, DE: 704.540.3101
  • S. California: 714.620.0892

General Contacts

  • Application Process for Job:
  • Accessibility Email:
  • Small Business Insurance Service Center Phone: 1-888-661-3938

Community Relations Contacts

Find all Travelers insurance community relations contact details in this section.

Marlene Ibsen, Vice President, Community Relations
CEO & President, Travelers Foundation
Phone: 860.277.9039

Roxanne Ringuette, Coordinator, Community Relations
Phone: 860.277.4506

Tara N. Spain, Second Vice President, Community Relations
Vice President & COO, Travelers Foundation
Phone: 860.277.7015

Lisa Colaninno, Manager, Technology, Operations & Analytics, Community Relations
Phone: 860.277.3761

Rita Ortiz, Director, Community Relations
Senior Program Officer, Travelers Foundation
Phone: 860.277.8646

Media Contact:
Courtney Garro, Senior Communications Specialist, Corporate Communications
Phone: 860.277.8719

Erin Haberman, Director, Community Relations
Senior Program Officer, Travelers Foundation
Phone: 860.277.3617

Quick Contacts

Travelers Headquarters Address  485 Lexington Ave., New York, NY, 10017, United States
Phone Number 1.866.662.4027


Travelers, or fully known as The Travelers Companies Inc., is a world-famous insurance company headquartered in New York, NY. They have several subsidiary companies, such as Fidelity & Guaranty Insurance Co., Travelers Insurance Group, Standard Fire Insurance Co., Zensurance Inc., Simply Business, Travelers (Bermuda) Ltd., St. Paul Protective Insurance Co., and more. The company offers car insurance, home insurance, property insurance, and other insurance products.

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