Tesco Headquarters Address, CEO Email Address, HQ Phone Number, and Press Contacts

Tesco is a leading groceries and general merchandise retail chain in the world. Tesco headquarters are established in Hertfordshire in England, United Kingdom. Tesco is a public limited company and its stocks can be traded at London Stock Exchange (LSE) with ticker name TSCO, at The Irish Stock Exchange, ISEQ with stock symbol TCO and at Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE).

Tesco was founded in the year 1919 and has around 6800 stores in different countries all across the globe. Tesco is one of the most popular retail chains in the world, on the basis of revenue it stands at ninth position in the world. For your reference we are listing company’s total revenue generated for the year 2019 – £63.911 billion. Looking for Tesco Headquarters Contact Information? If yes, this section will suffice all your contact needs related to Tesco Company. Let’s take a look at the details!


Tesco Headquarters Address

Let’s take a look at the Tesco Headquarters Address and Phone Number information. The headquarters of Tesco are located in England, UK. Here are the complete address details of Tesco Headquarters Address: Shire Park Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire AL7TW, United Kingdom. The given address information can be used for mailing and also for your visits or personal appointments with Headquarters Staff.

HQ Phone Number

If you wish to call at Headquarters, please note down the Tesco Headquarters Phone Number: 44-1992-632-222.

CEO Email Address

For official meets or for other important approvals, you can send your request to Tesco CEO Ken Murphy on his Email Address: [email protected]. You can also mail at this alternate email address: [email protected]. Please avoid general inquiries or complaints on this email address (It is just our suggestion).

Press Contacts

If you’re a media person or journalist and looking for Tesco Media Relations Contacts, please call at Tesco Media Relations Telephone: +44 (0) 330 6780 639. Or send them an email at: [email protected]. We request you to use this contact information for media inquiries and related purposes only.

IR Contacts

Investors and shareholders of the company can get assistance regarding their account by contacting Tesco Investor Relations Team. Please send your investor related inquiries or requests to Tesco Investor Relations Email: [email protected]. You can also get in touch with Investor Relations Officers Chris Griffith or Sarah Titteringtonon on Tesco Investor Relations Telephone: +44 (0) 330 123 9928.

For Shareholder enquiries, please give a call at: +44 (0) 0371 384 2977.

Quick Contacts

Tesco Headquarters Address Shire Park Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire AL7TW, United Kingdom.
CEO Email Address [email protected]

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