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How do I Contact Signal Headquarters?

If you wish to share your concerns or complaints with the Signal senior authorities, you can contact the headquarters. However, for complaints, reaching customer support is the best resort to get quick response. However, if you are not satisfied with the resolution provided, you may take it forward through the headquarters address. The address can also be used for sharing important matters and concerns with higher management. Signal Headquarters Address is 650 Castro Street, Suite 120-223, Mountain View, CA.

Signal Messenger App

Signal Messenger App, Photo Credit: Signal

Signal Headquarters Address and Phone Number

Signal Headquarters base is established in California. To share your suggestions, feedback or concerns with Signal Headquarters, you may use the mentioned address details here. Please take note of the Signal Headquarters Address: 650 Castro Street, Suite 120-223, Mountain View, CA.

Please do not hesitate to post your mails or other important official correspondence at the given address details. We have taken the address information from the official website of the company.

CEO Email Address

Currently, we do not have an update about CEO’s official email address. We request you to keep in touch with our page for updates.

Media Inquiry Email

Are you from Press or any other media group? If yes, you can get in touch with Signal Media Relations team by email. Here is the email address for Signal Media Relations team: Please note that only emails related to Media or from media persons will be entertained on this email address.

Quick Contacts

Signal Messenger Headquarters Address650 Castro Street, Suite 120-223, Mountain View, CA
Media Inquiry

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Signal is a fast pacing cross-platform messaging service. Signal messenger facilitates group messaging, one to one messaging, voice calls and video calls and if you are using an Android version you can also use the Signal app as SMS app. Signal offers a centralized encrypted messaging service, the app was designed and developed by Signal Technology Foundation and Signal Messenger LLC.

You can easily download the Signal Messenger app from your play store and register with your personal mobile phone. The app is getting popular at a very fast pace; it has recorded about 20 million of active users on the monthly basis as per the updated info filed as on December 2020.

You can easily download the Signal app on your mobile from play store to enjoy free messaging through the internet. All messages and communication at Signal messenger are supported by end-to-end encryption.

Here we have provided the information about Updated release version of Signal Messenger App. The updated version of app on Android was released 5.2.3 on January 2021. On iOS 5.2.1 it was released on 18 January 2012. For Desktop 1.39.6, it was released on 19 January 2021.

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