Shakil Thasariya Co-Founder and Consumer Enthusiast

Shakil Thasariya


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Consumer enthusiasist with many years of responsible experience of consumer complaints, finding headquarters information, helping consumers to reach out the CEO, enable consumers to solve their complaints easily and quickly.

Currently working for HeadquartersOf and writes about reaching out to the headquarters and filing complaints with the General Motors, Walmart, Home Depot, Apple Inc., Amazon, Best Buy, Western Union, Expedia, Booking, Hilton, Dell, GoDaddy, Dollar General, USAA, Coca-Cola, Social Security Administration, Starbucks, etc.


Shakil Thasariya is a professional blogger who has also put together comprehensive research after spending time for consumers queries. He builds/writes about complaints, headquarters information, how to reach out to the CEO, and more.

Shakil also provides expert information regarding how to contact the corporate office, how to file a complaint with the corporate office, how to contact the CEO of a company, and other key information for consumer queries and q&a.


Shakil has a degree of BCA, M.Sc.(IT & CA).