Qurate Retail Headquarters Address, HQ Phone Number, and Press Contact


How do I Contact Qurate Retail Headquarters?

The officers at Quarate Retail Headquarters can be reached by mail through Qurate Retail Corporate Headquarters Address. Qurate Retail Corporate Headquarters Address is 1200 Wilson Drive, West Chester PA 19380. The aforementioned details can be used for all kinds of official communication as well as for documentation.

Qurate Retail Group

Qurate Retail Group, Image Credit: Qurate Retail Group

Qurate Retail Headquarters Address

The company has a huge presence, currently, it has reached about  218 million homes globally through its 14 Television Networks, streaming service, mobile apps, social pages, websites etc. Are you looking for contacts of top management of Qurate Retail? If yes, this section is for you.

In this section, we have provided the address of Quarate Corporate Headquarters. You can use the address information to share your concern with top management at Qurate. Please note down the Qurate Retail Corporate Headquarters Address: 1200 Wilson Drive, West Chester PA 19380.

HQ Phone Number

You may also connect with the authorities at Qurate Retail Headquarters on phone. Please take note of the Qurate Retail Corporate Headquarters Phone Number: 484.701.1000.

Press Inquiries

Press members or journalists looking for media news or updates may get in touch with Qurate Retail Media Relations team. Here we have provided the official phone line for contacting Qurate Retail Media Relations, please note it down, Phone: 484.701.1647.

Media Professionals may also get in touch with Media Relations team of Qurate through Email, please send your media inquiries at this email: media.relations@qvc.com.

Please note that above mentioned contact info is for use of Media people only, non media inquiries may not get any response.

Community Affairs

If you have a concern to share with Qurate Retail Community Affairs, this section is for you. You may share your matter with Qurate Retail dedicated team at this email: QRGGiving@qurateretail.com.

Quick Contacts

Qurate Retail Headquarters Address 1200 Wilson Drive, West Chester PA 19380
HQ Phone Number 484.701.1000

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Qurate Retail Group is a leading media holding company. The headquarters of Qurate Retail is located in Pennsylvania. The company was previously known as Liberty Interactive Corporation, the major controlling rights of Qurate Retail Group lies with John C. Malone who is an American Businessman and Philanthropist.

Qurate Retail Group is publicly traded company and is listed with Nasdaq. If you are interested in Qurate Retail Group stocks, you can find its listing under stock name QRTEA in series A and stock name QRTEB in series B. In this article, you can find Qurate Retail Group Headquarters Address, Phone, Media Relations Contacts, Community Affairs Email and more.

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