Progressive Corporation Headquarters Info, Email Format, and HR Phone Number

Progressive Corporation is one of the largest car insurance providers in the United States. The company is headquartered in Mayfield, OH, United States. It is lead by CEO Tricia Griffith since July 2016. They have several subsidiary companies, such as Progressive Insurance Agency Inc., ARX Holding Corpo., Progressive Capital Management, Progressive Vehicle Service Company and more. Overall, they have good market share in insuring vehicles including commercial vehicles, motorcycles, RVs, boats, and sometime home insurance by select companies.

When you buy any vehicle, Progressive is most suggested insurance company for vehicle insurance. In this article, we have provided important contact information of Progressive Corporation including their corporate headquarters, mailing addresses, contacts, and more. So, let’s see!

Progressive Headquarters
Progressive Headquarters

Progressive Corporation General Enquiry Numbers

The Progressive Commercial Customer Service number is 1-888-240-9839 and General Fax number is 1-877-280-5587. To Report Fraud or Identity Theft, kindly call on 1-888-288-0770. For General Customer Service 24×7, please call on 1-888-671-4405. Your Policy Helpline Number is 1-800-776-4737.

Progressive Corporation Corporate Headquarters

The Progressive corporations corporate headqaurters address is The Progressive Corporation, 6300 Wilson Mills Rd., Mayfield Village, Ohio 44143.

Investor Relations / IR Contacts

The Progressive Corporation Investor Relations contact address is 6300 Wilson Mills Road, Box W33 Mayfield Village, Ohio 44143 and email address is

Report Fraud

To Report claims or other insurance fraud, kindly email at To Claims Fraud Reporting, please call on 1-888-288-0770. To contact National Insurance Crime Bureau, please call on 1-800-TEL-NICB (1-800-835-6422).

The Progressive Security Email address is The Reporting Suspicious Email Messages is

Progressive Corp. Media Contacts

The Progressive corporations media contact are given below.

Mailing Address
Progressive Insurance
300 N. Commons Blvd.
Mayfield, OH 44143

Phone Number and Email
Jeff E Sibel, Associate Manager Public Relations
Phone: 440.395.0803

Social Media Accounts and Pages

The following social media accounts, pages, and handles are verified with proper verification tick mark. These links are also mentioned in the official website of the company.

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The above mentioned contact information of Progressive Corporation is obtained from the official source only.

List of Vehicle and Recreational Insurance Services Offered by Progressive

The following commercial vehicles and recreational things can be insured by the company:

  • ATV/UTV, Motorcycle
  • Auto, Golf Cart
  • Boat, Classic Car
  • PWC, Snowmobile
  • RV / Trailer, Segway

Home & Property Insurance Services offered by Progressive

The following types of properties insurance services offered by Progressive:

  • Condo, Renters
  • Flood, Mobile Home
  • Homeowners, and Homeshare

Article last re-published on March 22, 2020.

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  2. Progressive or their client, Tracy L Everley, Policy #, (whom I notified the agent who initially took the claim reaked of alcohol), or both, are trying to LIE ON RECORD which I believe constitutes FRAUD, and say that the claim I reported on May 16th, 2020, was false. They’re trying to say the accident was caused by a drunken Ms. Everley and I BOTH BACKING UP at the same time. Keeping in mind I have Timestamped pictures prove my case. I mean she was so drunk in one picture she couldn’t even spell her own first name right, and the picture she apparently sent in of me backing up, if you check the time it was received, it’s when I’m on the phone with a Progressive Claims agent already reporting the accident. It was also confirmed with me verbally, by the Progressive agent that she had called and notified them as well that she had caused an accident and that it was 100% HER FAULT. I want the transcripts pulled from both of our initial calls. A first year Law student could prove this. So obviously, my reaction to hearing this accusation was: “ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!” I was nice enough to not the police in which case she would’ve gotten a DUI, and then the try to slander me. It’s almost as if Progressive, Inc., is begging to get sued for slander and libel, which I guarantee will cost a lot more than telling the TRUTH.

    • Progressive is the worst insurance company. I’m very much looking forward to switching back to Erie.
      I have a claim for an accident and I’m being told “we’ll probably need to just pay the party suing you” because of a bogus lawsuit that was filed after the fact. It does NOT align with the police report, and no one from Progressive even went to see this “damage” or costs for “storage” that I and another party are being sued for. The most entertaining piece of this is that the owner of the car had no collision insurance and I pay 500-600 per month! The accident occurred when a speeding driver rear ended my daughter causing her car to hit the car in front of her. Our car was totaled. The other party’s car was also totaled and everyone went to the hospital. But not the boy in his minimally insured 2002 vehicle. He claimed to be fine and drove off. Later he changed his story because conveniently his mommy does something with insurance. Progressive is not doing a good job of proving that this is bogus. Although they record their calls (supposedly) and each person I have spoken with there has outwardly admitted that this kid is a liar and changed his story. They did not use those words. But they said he lied and changed his story. I’m calling him a liar. I’m calling Progressive out and letting them and everyone know that they do not fulfill their responsibility and I do not recommend using them. I’m fact, I’m switching myself, my children, my father, and I’m alerting my family members friends and coworkers to switch from Progressive, and I will continue to do so until my voice is heard.

  3. Mary henselman, in your fraud dept,1st says DA must say my car theft meets definition,DA has sent itto a judge for preliminary hearing,so hes bringing charges to court ,by doing so he is saying it was stolen,Mary has been lying ,falsely accused me of fraud,and is now stalling,you will be used I promise

  4. OMG one more Flo or motocross commercial…shoot me now!!! Flo singingDanny boy is one of the most offensive and making me consider changing companies because I don’t want to support this crap!

  5. I have NEVER been so disappointed in a company as I am in Progressive Insurance. I would like to speak to someone ASAP in the corporate headquarters, preferably NOT a manager or supervisor regarding my claim# ********* at your earliest convenience.
    Thank you

  6. Progressive has extorted money from me for which I did not owe but because they are bullies with the ability to ruin you I had to pay for something I did not get.because I am paid up I never want to hear from progressive again or I will consider it harassment.

  7. Progressive said they paid $854.02 on hospital bills. I contacted the hospital and was told those services/billing dates don’t exist. They’re forcing me to pay them that money. Total scammers!!!!

  8. Need somebody to contact me about an existing claim. I have called several times and nobody has helped me. Super unprofessional. I thought I was paying every month to get good customer service, but all ive been getting is trash. NO good customer service, they never respond to you and its been a month that ive been driving a car with a super cracked windshield, no sensors working thanks to the people progressive sent me. they ended up destroying it and now they don’t want to be responsible for this. this is just a piece of you know what!!!!! shitty work. I totally agree it should be shut down.

    • I’m GOING THROUGH THE EXACT SAME THING RIGHT NOW . However I hired a lawyer
      This is terrible. My safety is at risk at this point.

  9. I am very Unhappy with my services through progressive I have been trying for over a week to get a hold of them after waiting for two weeks to hear back from them to finally getting my settlement breakdown sheet which they gave my Gap Insurance incorrect documentation stating they covered the complete amount and they did not even tho I have full coverage!! and I am still unable to get a hold of anyone at the Davenport office I have been trying for over three weeks and I’ve only heard back from them once saying I will call you back we will will notify you whenever I call I never get a person I always get a voicemail I asked to be called back and still no one ever calls you back

  10. I’ve been with Progressive for a few years now, and all I want to know is why is it that Stephanie Courtney (Flo) was in an car accident driving drunk with no insurance is still the spokesperson for Progressive Insurance. My personal though on this is how can y’all use her for a spokesperson after she has broken the law driving drunk and no insurance. This should make her a bad representative for your company. I guess when you’re a big star, you can get away with anything and keep your job representing one of the biggest insurance companies in the country.

  11. Who gives a crap who they hire to star in their commercials. It’s just a freaking commercial. You DO realize she is just an actress, don’t you? Flo is a fictional character. Not a real person. What matters is my REAL recent claim and the incredible incompetence of the REAL claims rep and, by all appearances, the entire North Vegas claims dept. Is it too much to expect the claims reps of a huge corporation like Progressive to have the barest minimum of skills required to communicate with technology like email & text? Seriously, I get no response to any text or email I’ve sent to my claims rep (Chris Forkin). Not even when he, himself gives instructions on his voicemail to contact via email or sends an email instructing me DIRECTLY to send photos of documents via text before I mail them. Basically offering to tell me whether or not I filled out the notarized document correctly AFTER the fact- but never responding when I complete these instructions. What happened to Progressive customer service? I’ve been with Progressive for 20 years and never had a problem with their service. But now, the level of incompetence and negligence is absolute – and mindblowingly OBSCENE. I’ve set a dozen emails and texts attempting to get assistance and/or prompting him to progress through the claims process. In 2 months he has sent a total of 3 very brief and unhelpful emails. that are weeks over-due (as a response to any inquiry) and contain no indication that he ever read any of my emails – None appear to be a “response” because they don’t attempt to address the content of messages I have sent to him. If you are looking for someone to replace this useless claims rep. I would be happy to take on that “work from home” position and can guarantee my performance would be a 100% improvement in communication (the primary function of a claims rep)

  12. Progressive insurance is not pro military. My son has deployed, we moved his car back home to keep it safe instead of sitting uncared for on base for 6 months and 2500 miles away.
    In our wisdom we told progressive this and they cancelled his policy. Even though he gave permission for me to make changes to his account and they confirmed that was enough they won’t allow me to do anything they say they need to talk to him. I’m not sure they understand what being deployed means, maybe they think it’s an extended vacation. His car will return to base when he does so the registration needs to be kept.
    Apparently snow birds are regarded more favorably than the military when moving vehicles for a few months or that’s what they told me.
    Way to screw over our military personnel progressive.


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