Perkins Restaurant & Bakery Headquarters Address, Email Address and Information

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery or simply known as Perkins is a popular restaurant company headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, United States. The restaurant and bakery company is engaged in the business of casual dining, bakery, breakfast and more. They have presence across 290 locations (2021) and have more than 25K employees. Holiday Inn is the parent organization of the company.

In this article, we have provided headquarters information of Perkins Restaurant & Bakery, including corporate headquarters address, email address and more. So, let’s see!

Perkins Restaurant
Perkins Restaurant, Photo Credit: MBJ | JASON BOLTON

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery Headquarters Information

The company operates in more than 600 locations/places in the US. It is based in Memphis, United States. Do you have any specific query which is not resolved by the company’s customer support team? If yes, please note down their headquarters address, 6075 Poplar Avenue, Suite 800, Memphis, TN 38119-4708 USA.

Do not forget to note down their corporate office phone number (901) 766-6400 for any important query.

Customer Feedback/Send Online Complaint

They offer one of the best services in the US. Their bakery products are popular among the customers. If you are not happy with specific location or product, please contact the company’s customer support section. Please open this page and send your message to them.

CEO Email Address

Mr. Jeff Warne is leading the company as the chief executive officer of Perkins Restaurants Inc. Still unhappy with the resolution done by the customer support team? Please send your query with detailed explanation to the CEO on this email address

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Social Media Pages and Accounts

They are available on popular social networking websites Twitter and Facebook. Both are real accounts/pages as they are mentioned on the official website. Please note down their URLs, Facebook Page and Twitter Handle. However, please try to get in touch with the company’s customer support team instead of sending complaints on the social media handles (out suggestion only).

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6 thoughts on “Perkins Restaurant & Bakery Headquarters Address, Email Address and Information”

  1. My husband and I stop at the perkin restraunt. In momminee Michigan . The lady’s were kind. But they could not wait on customers because they were to busy wait on the people that deliver meals. We waited over 1 hour. To get are food . While we were waiting they lost 25 plus customers. Because they did not want to wait 50 mins to get to eat.i feel it is not fair for customers. And the staff. Waitress. Cook. . To have to forget. There paiding customers. And the waitress are losing tips. I hope they all walk off the job. Or you should change things. There. Make the hub drivers wait there turn

  2. To the headquarters. .My fiance myself my son and many others are very unhappy about items being taken off the menu here in Cheyenne, Wy
    We have dined here for years and came in this evening to eat and you no longer have the French dip sandwich, ham and cheese melt or strawberry crepes along with some other items. The French dip was one of the best in town and well as ham and cheese melt. Also found out other customers have quit coming here for changing items that worked! Hope you will reconsider these items as we won’t be coming back as often as we did!

  3. My name is Wanda Marshall. I was jipped of my hours at the Bismarck ND North Perkins store. I have proof I worked 56.06 hours with my clockout ticket. And their only trying to pay me for 40 hours for last week when I worked 56.06 hours and the week before 29.1 hours. That equals 85.7 hours of work these last 2 weeks. And that store is dirty. And the unsanitary conditions of the store I’m surprised their open. They have a Baker who does t wear gloves and licks the batter’s off his fingers than touches all the items. Theres a shortage of staff. So when I started 5 weeks ago I wasn’t expecting to be treated with such rude and disrespectful behaviors from the management team. I want what my money. I wanted to be paid the black and white proof I have right in front of me. Which will be 85.7 hours. If the health department went there they wouldn’t pass at all.

  4. Much of the carpet at the Perkins in Peoria, IL is BLACK . We won’t be back until this place is cleaned up. The staff does a nice job. We do not fault them. Perkins corporate needs to fix this.


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