Nike Contact Information, Email Format, and CEO Email Address

Nike Headquarters

Nike, Inc. is  America’s one of the most fast pacing sports product manufacturing multinational corporation headquartered at Oregon, US. Nike is not only a favorite brand of world famous athletes and sportsmen but also is a brand that is praised and welcomed by every household and sports institution.

The famous stretched ‘V’ logo of the company and the meaning of the word- ‘Goddess of Victory’ itself define the success and power of the brand. The company originally at the time of foundation in the year 1964 was called Blue Ribbon Sports and was officially announced as Nike, Inc. in 1971 and since then there is no looking back. See here all the contact related info of the company.

Nike Headquarters
Nike Headquarters

Corporate Headquarters

The corporate headquarters address of Nike is Nike World Headquarters, One Bowerman Drive, Beaverton, OR 97005 and phone number is 1-503-671-6453.

If you are looking for Nike European Headquarters contact details, kindly call on +31 35 6266453 and office address is Nike European Headquarters, Colosseum 1, 1213 NL Hilversum, The Netherlands.

The Nike Greater China Headquarters address is No. 99, Jiangwancheng Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai 200438 and contact number is +86-21-52882828.

MEDIA REQUESTS / Media Contacts

The media contact for Nike are given below.

  • U.S. and global 1-212-367-4447 or
  • U.K. and Europe +44 (0)207 578 0560 or
  • Africa
  • Converse: Phone (646) 563-7388 or Email:

Important Nike Inc. Contact Numbers

If you have query about products, orders, company info and other inquiries, then please call on given below contact details.

  • Products & Orders: 1-800-806-6453
  • Company Info & Inquiries: 1-800-344-6453
  • NRC & NTC: 1-800-379-6453


The Nike investor relations contact information and details are given below.

One Bowerman Drive – SC5
Beaverton, OR 97005-6453
Phone: 1-800-640-8007


The contact details of transfer agents of Nike are given below.

Computershare Trust Company, N.A.
P. O. Box 505000
Louisville, KY 40233
Phone: 1-800-756-8200 and 1-781-575-2726
Hearing Impaired # TDD: 1-800-952-9245

Social Media Accounts

Popular Brand Worldwide

From basic designing, implementing, manufacturing to worldwide promotions under its own brands like Nike Pro, Nike golf etc. through advertisements, endorsements, the company has been doing it under effective team work of Phil Knight (founder and chairman), Mark Parker (Executive Chairman and CEO John Donahoe. In fact, the company is also considered as the largest supplier of sportswear products all over the world.

Range of Products

The products of Nike which were once adored out of need are now a status symbol for many of us. So here let’s take a look at the range of products that company is manufacturing from years.

The company started with manufacture of running shoes but with time, success and demand of the brand is currently making a huge range of sports apparel and sports equipment like shoes, shorts, jerseys, athletic wear etc. keeping up a pace with latest trends, fashions and comfort preference.

Article last re-published on March 20, 2020.

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20 thoughts on “Nike Contact Information, Email Format, and CEO Email Address

  1. Please bring back mens celso sandals. The ones made like the current womens with a smooth footbed. The womens version do not have a good fit. The straps are too loose. Women feet are smaller than mens and yet the straps are even bigger than mens. Go figure. Do you think women want to wear dangerous ill fitting sandals?
    Even old thrashed mens sandals are bringing a premium on ebay. Theres definately a market for them.
    Please please.. my sandals are wearing out! I’ve found nothing to replace them and trust me.. I’ve looked.

    1. Nike virtue signals in US while in bed with the Chinese who imprison hundreds of thousands in concentration camps.

    1. I’m trying to have some air force 1. Black high top. With the black in white flag colors design on the sneaker but it’s been difficult trying to get someone to do it at your headquarters any help you can assist me with greatly appreciated thanks

  2. I’m a runner and a long time user of Nike gear but that ended today when I learned you refused to let a government health inspector into your Memphis facility to do her job. In this time of covid 19 I’d think everyone would be working to end this, not make it harder. In my eyes you failed in a BIG way Nike.

  3. I am a loyal customer for 28 years and I bought a pair of Nike flip flops from Dunhams in Threerivers,Mi and the flops broke after the second day and I’m very disappointed in this purchase.

  4. I just saw your commercial about racism and everyone knows black lives matter is at the lead with that ha ha, and as for George Floyd and most recently Rayshard Brooks both of there deaths were tragic but if you checked there past you can’t really say there innocent, I have found that obey the laws and you won’t find trouble, you have bowed down to a mob and good luck to you on not getting your factories and stores burned down by these people, who knows maybe that’s why you support them to prevent that from happening.

  5. just wondering why nike has not sued amazon for trademark infringement rights, because amazon’s trademark looks a hell of a lot like your SWOOSH.

  6. I am dying to find out about a NIKE DRESS SHOE I had bought years ago
    Seems no one at Nike knows this Nike shoe
    Someone please help
    I have a UPC#
    I have another number as well not sure what it is for #
    The date inside shoe is 5-10-2006

    all the hype and you can’t buy them anywhere unless you buy faux: Mercari, Ebay, Hype-On-Sports
    I spent 1 hour trying to get this info from NIKE.COM also chatting with an online rep

  8. I’m interested to know if any of your brand shoes that never made the market available for donations, if so could you reply and let me know that would be awesome 9.5 men’s

  9. I have never bought a pair of shoes that were not Nike in my entire life. I am currently in need of a new pair but I simply cannot purchase another pair knowing that there is a good chance they were made by slave Muslim labor in China. I love your shoes and wish I wouldn’t have to make this choice. There is another choice that all those who work at Nike need to make as well. Please stop, I understand that the purpose of a corporation is to make money but at some point ethics and moral responsibility need to be taken into account. Thanks

  10. I picked up a pair of Nikes used about 14-15 yrs. ago. Nike – Air-max. They’re on their last legs now, but probably the best sneakers I’ve ever had. At 82 & on S.S. I cant afford another pair. I used these for walking about 2 1/2 miles / day for about 10 yrs – & since for working in the yard. Keep up the good products!

  11. Good evening,
    I was in a Nike store at Premium Outlets in Limerick, PA. today, Thursday afternoon August 20, 2020. While I realize the importance of the pandemic safety and the store was in compliance, it was the entrance I question: The worker was allowing customers in as other customers exited not a real concern, it was how we were allowed to enter. If you were in line but your entire party was not there the employee allowed you in and also allowed you to call your party that was not in line to meet them at the front and when you came you could enter the store and not get in line. So, when you walked up, the employee let you based on the acknowledgement of your party that was in the store, all while others were in line—my CONCERN.
    My husband called me, I walked up and saw others who had been standing in line. The worker told me to wait until one person came out and then I could enter to be with my husband. I looked at the line and refused to enter which caused an argument with my husband. With the climate in today’s society, I did not want to make a scene so I walked away.
    Please let me know if this a practice as I did talk to the manager of the store (Tia) who was very nice. Please advise?

  12. I need an email, for someone in the corporate office. is no help, Nike app is no help. Calling Nike on the phone doesn’t help. I need corporates email.

  13. I would rate Nike online services a zero if I could. They. Are. Beyond awful. They are disrespectful in the sense I don’t get my questions asked. I ordered a pair of shoes on the 4th of August, they some home lost them on the way to FedEx… so they were going to send me a second pair for free with 2 day air shipping. That was on the 11th… still haven’t received the shoes. Then on the 12th they charged me yet again. So two charges on one pair of shoes that I ordered almost a month Ago!!! They sent an email saying they were sending a refund. Never got it. Then was on chat with someone today and they said there was never a refund put in. Since the 11th I’ve been disconnected 3 times from 3 different people and haven’t had any of my questions answered. I have screen shot’d the conversations with two of the individuals that were no help. One lady said she was going to talk to her “team” about my refund then the next message she sent was “have a great rest of your day and thanks for being a nine customer”…. More like just lost a customer after the rude inconsiderate Nike chat “team” I’ve had to deal with for a month. They’ve irritated me to the point I want to report them. Just do your job! And 2nd off their such a huge company they need to communicate better. And figure their stuff out and how to send a pair of shoes ON TIME, answer questions from customers, and follow through with things promised to those customers. That’s all… not freaking hard.

  14. Back in the mid 80s you made white shoes with the Nike trade mark in each with different color emblems or logos. It was a best seller you need to think about that again.

  15. I returned a pair of faulty Nike Air Trainers in May 2020. I have supplied every single bit of info Nike requested. All communication is now being ignored. So now Nike have my faulty pair of trainers, I’m left £100 out of pocket and my complaint still isn’t resolved. I will never ever purchased from Nike again and I have been shopping with your company for 30+ years. An absolute disgrace!

  16. Dear Nike,
    My name is Ilan Shoshani, and I am a 10 year old active boy. I have always loved Nike along with my brother because of the look and quality of your products. I have made it a tradition to get a new pair of Nike shoes every year for my birthday (I play a lot of basketball and the shoes are pretty worn out by that time). This year, like in years prior, I got a new pair of Future Court basketball shoes. I was VERY excited to use them! Only to get extremely disappointed as a month after I hardly wore them, one of the lace loops tore…TWICE. As now I am reluctant to wear them, I went back to the store in the hopes that they may be able to help me, but they said they could not. What can I do to regain my trust in Nike?

    Thank you for your help.


    Ilan shoshani

  17. I returned my cleats and it was approved by the inspector on the 28th of October. When I call them they say it needs to be approved by the claim manager. It is the forth time today that they have expedited my case and their hasn’t been any progress. I talk to their claims department and they have been telling me 3-5 business day since the 28th. Today it’s been a month and I have no progress been informed. They don’t even send us email or anything about being delayed until and unless I have to call them.

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