NFL Headquarters Address, Email Address, Corporate Office Phone Number, and More

The National Football League is a world-famous American professional football league headquartered in New York, NY. The league has 32 teams and greatly popular among the viewers in the US. To watch the live streaming of NFL matches on TV, and mobile phone, please visit the official website of the NFL. They have good popularity among NFL fans around the US and other countries.

Green Bay Packers is the most championship in the league. Let’s see the headquarters information of NFL including corporate office address, corporate office phone number, email address, and more.

NFL Headquarters

NFL Headquarters, Image Credit: Eric Laignel

National Football League Headquarters Contact Info

NFL is a world-famous American professional sports league. They offer various services including tickets, news, games, scores, teams, and other important services. NFL headquarters address is 345 Park Avenue 5th Floor New York, NY 10154 United States. Please take a prior appointment to meet someone at the corporate office of the National Football League in New York.

Please call +1-212-450-2000 to share your thoughts and messages about the National Football League. It is one of the best ways to get in touch with the NFL to share important messages quickly.

Privacy Policy Email Address

Do you have any inquiries, issues, or questions about the privacy policy of the NFL and its websites? Please do share your issue at the customer support email address, Please share your privacy-related concerns only.

National Football League Email Format, Emails

Are you looking for an email format for If yes, you have arrived at the right place. Please note down the email format of NFL below:

  • Format: firstname’.’ Example: (92.8% percentage use)

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NFL Commissioner

Roger Goodell is the current Commissioner of the National Football League. To send your thoughts, feedback, and suggestion about the NFL, please use his business email address aka NFL Commissioner Email Address Please do not send any normal messages to him. As a good fan, please send your valuable inputs and suggestions only.

Please do share your thoughts, and reviews about the National Football League aka NFL.

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17 Responses

  1. Tjitse Van Leeuwen says:

    Covid-19 and Cole Beasley

    If the arrogant comments of Cole Beasley stand unchallenged and therefore reflects the NFL stance on COVID 19 ,
    I’ll never watch an other game again.

  2. Douglas Parton says:

    Mr Godell, your remark about the player that came that was he was gay is crazy. All he needs is to get right wit God and he would change his mind, of course then you would kick him out of the league .If I played in the NFL & came out that I was a Christian you would kick me out of the league. Tks. Douglas Parton.

  3. David Osterfund says:

    Dear commissioner, it appears that the NFL is going to be WOKE, for another season. Sports should not have anything to do with politics. I and my family will not watch any sports that pander to the Marxists of Black Lives Matter or any other WOKE politics. We did not watch ONE game last season or purchase ANY NFL merchandise. Sad to say we will not be watching the NFL this season either.

    • Ron Martin says:

      I agree … to quote Yogi Berra … It’s De Ja Vu all over again. :WOKE ruined baseball when they pulled the all star game from Atlanta. Wake up! Stop the Woke.

    • David Baldwin says:

      I could not have said this any better. Totally right on!!!!!!!! Never will I watch NFL woke ball

  4. Brian says:

    It just shows how really stupid you are Goodell. BLM only gives a crap about when a white cop shoots a black person CRIMINAL. It does nothing for poor black children losing there lives because of gang violence in the inner city. You disgust me in everyway 80% of the black race has nothing to do with BLM. I quit watching football last year and I now know I never will again since you want to keep this racist nonsense up. White people are not racist and this will come back to haunt all of you in the long run. Biden and BLM are using the black race as pawns and my black friends hate this propaganda and are insulted by you and your woke poor oppressed rich black athletes. You have destroyed the game even more now and will lose many more fans over this. You will be remembered as the COMMISSIONER WHO DESTROYED FOOTBALL. YOU CAN GO STRAIGHT TO HELL.

  5. Jude says:

    The pandering has got to stop. You are in the process of destroying the NFL and the enjoyment of watching football.
    You are so WOKE that you have forgotten that a country may have only one NATIONAL
    We have endured the past years of the NFL showing so much disrespect to this country and its citizens…it’s time for my family to end ii!!!!! …………by
    Simply turning off anything to do with the NFL

  6. John says:

    Once again, the NFL is pushing politics into the great game of football. Why can’t the fans just watch a great game of football, without politics, being pushed down our throats? Disappointed and didn’t watch a single game last year, and this year seems to be the same. Good luck paying those big salaries without fan support. No politics in any sports! It’s supposed to be entertainment, and take your mind off the real world problems.

  7. Janet says:

    I am so disgusted how the NFL is destroying themselves by playing politics my family watched football all their lives but no longer you need to take an example from hockey it is such a pleasure to watch the games the fans and players are very patriotic and give people a break from all that is going on in this country PLEASE STOP and let people enjoy the game

  8. bob schilling says:

    The NFL should get their unpatriotic players to stand for the National Anthem . The disrespect shown our flag and the men and women who gave their lives fighting for it is disgraceful. Our great country has one National Anthem and that is the only one that should be played at games. The Commissioners pandering to the players and far left radical politicians doesn’t belong in sports. I will not again watch or attend NFL games for the second year because of the decisions made by players and league officials

  9. fm says:

    What country is the “Black National Anthem” the anthem of – the land of Black”? Maybe the nitwits who promote this idiocy can move there , and stop trying to screw up our nation. There is ONLY ONE national Anthem in the USA ! No one wants to hear this bullshit while watching a game. if you insist upon it, you should play an anthem for every ethnic group in the country. I’m sure every little group can also invent a “national anthem”. When you “woke” up this morning it is clear you didn’t wake up!

  10. S.C itizen says:

    To: Roger Goodell NFL Commrade

    America has only ONE anthem The AMERICAN one!!!!!!!!!!

    ANYTHING NFL is on our CANCEL list!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. John Collins says:

    Thank you Roger Goodell for RUINING the NFL. You are a complete douche nugget for allowing politics into the sport. Thanks to you I will not be watching or paying for NFL Sunday ticket ever again. And FYI: you can shove your black National Anthem up your ass you lowlife piece of trash

  12. Norman says:

    I am very very disappointed with the decision the play a “national anthem “ that does not exist. I will probably stop watching and will not go to a game that plays this idiotic anthem.

  13. Jan says:

    Dear commissioner
    I think everyone that has responded this far has given you the same response.
    Please keep pilitics out of sports. Those that try to impose politics gets suspended.
    America needs some strong backbone for truth and decency.
    Please help us remain proud of the NFL
    Instead of swaying with the silly whims that culture tries to change to gayness or whatever it might think this week.
    Thank you

  14. john doe says:

    with all due respect making an experimental drug that is not proven to work mandatory on anybody is a disgrace. To single out non vaccinated players is racist. the media is putting out so much false news and peopel are eating it alive. THE VACCINE DOES NOT WORK. i have family members that had both doses and still got covid and still ended up in the hospital. im not vaccinated and had covid and i was fine. please people stop being sheep.

  15. Stephen Crotwell says:

    You are a true idiot. Americans have the right to choose what to do with their bodies. The theoretical vaccine is killing Americans. You have no legal authority to force an unapproved dangerous vaccine whose total effects are not known and being covered up by our government and social media.

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